We have moved our chat from IRC to Discord. You may join using the invite here: https://discord.gg/V5NJ5GE

Chat rules

  • NO fluff will be tolerated here. If you are wondering what fluff is, then look in the definitions.
  • Keep it polite and at a PG-13 level. Keep swearing to a minimum.
  • Do not ask us to prove that psionics is real. We are NOT here in the capacity of a circus.
  • Do NOT harass anyone on the basis of religion, nationality or anything else. Trying to convert another person to your religion will not be tolerated.
  • Use normal English; if it doesn't belong in a dictionary, it doesn't belong here. Typos are tolerated in moderation.
  • This is the social club; no practicing or sparring on channel (those and seminars occur in PSC_Annex).
  • Don't nag people to scan you; ask politely. If no one answers or the answer is no, then drop the subject.
  • Spamming, intentional flooding, unauthorized clones or bots will not be accepted.
  • Do not ask, beg or demand to become an OP. If we need more OPs, we will ask people we think fit the role.
  • If you plan to idle for long periods of time, do not be surprised if you return to find you've been kicked.
  • Do not advertise or refer people to psionic-related web pages that are not linked from the links section of this page.
    • Exceptions are OPs and teachers referring to pages relating to the topic they are teaching. If you have a good link that isn't in the links section that you would like to refer people to please ask permission from an OP first.
  • OPs can make rules up on the spot if they feel that it is necessary.
  • An OP's decision can be appealed by sending a PM to an OP, but an OP's decision will not be changed without great reason.

Additional rules for the practice and class channels

  • NO psionic combat.
  • Keep it safe. No dangerous practice without the permission and supervision of an experienced psion.
  • The OPs say who is experienced enough to supervise dangerous practice.
  • No tampering with other people, their fields or shields.
  • If an OP tells you to stop what you are doing - STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!
  • If there isn't an OP in the room, please practice only the basics (pinging, non-invasive scans, telepathic sending and receiving).
  • Do NOT idle in the practice channel.
  • Do not run a class without permission from an OP.
  • If you come in and there's a class already in progress, please leave (or, if previous permission to be late was granted, don't draw attention to yourself).
  • If you are going to participate in class, be on time and stay for the whole class. Exceptions are made if something unforeseen happens.
  • If you know you have to leave early, but you still want to attend class while you can, please ask the teacher if this is alright.
  • When in a class or discussion, please hold questions until the moderator or instructor asks for questions. This will help the flow of the class. We recommend jotting your questions down or typing them in Notepad and copying them into the chat when questions are requested.

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