We have moved our chat from IRC to Discord.

Chat rules

1) PSC is a social space for serious psionicists and magic users. We’re not a public organization: moderator actions are what they are. Polite appeals might be considered but there is no “mod abuse” because there is no requirement for mods to justify themselves. We’re a private club–there is no democratic process. You don’t have a “right” to be here, but we’re happy to have you.

2) We’re not a place of fluff. PSC’s history dates back to the turn of the century and it has always been a place for more serious, scientific or academically based, or at least experientially supported stuff.

2a) What is or is not fluff is subject to moderator opinion or consensus. See 1.

3) All roles–including student and endorsed teacher roles–are strictly at the whim of the moderators based on whatever criteria we see fit. See 1.

4) Use normal, proper English: if it doesn’t belong in a dictionary, it doesn’t belong here. Typos, common chatspeak, and abbreviations are tolerated in moderation, but sloppy grammar and spelling are not.

4a) If requested to take more care in your speaking, be it by a moderator or not, do so.

4b) Deleting messages pertinent to a conversation will be met with a ban.

5) Keep content generally clean and tasteful. Don’t act like you’re an anonymous nerd on the Internet–just be a human being in a place.

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