Below are some generally accepted psionic terms, general science terms, and some additional definitions.

Generally accepted psionic terms:

Clairvoyance – Psychical perception of a person, place or thing…or event, separated from the percipient by distance or some other obstacle….can also include precog and retrocognition, if you include “passage of time” in the “obstacle” category.

Cryokinesis – Slang for a variety of small-scale pk effects causing the cooling of an object by transfering the heat to something else or speeding the radiation and convection of the heat.

Empathy – Sensing, projecting, and/or transmission of emotions between two or more minds, without the use of the conventionally-recognized senses. Often considered a sub-set of telepathy.

Engineering – The application of Physics.

MicroPK – Psychokinetic effects requiring statistical analysis to see the results, such as altering rolls of dice. Also known as “probability alteration”.

Physics – The study of energy.

PK – Short for psychokinesis.

Poltergeist – (Literally “noisy ghost”, from the German) Random and uncontrolled psychokinetic activity.

Precog – Short for “precognition”, sometimes also used to refer to someone who has that ability.

Precognition – Psychically “knowing” something before it happens. The time between the knowing and the happening can range from a matter of seconds to a matter of decades.

Psi – Second-to-last letter in the Greek alphabet, used to denote “the unknown” in scientific circles. By extension, used to denote the central mechanism, currently thought to be some sort of particle or substance associated with nervous function, used in producing psionic effects such as telepathy and psychokinesis.

Psion – Same as “psionicist”; also used, sometimes, to describe the hypothetical particle which is suspected of being the central mechanism of psionics.

Psionicist – Someone who practices psionics.

Psychokinesis – Using the mind to alter, move, or affect physical matter, without using conventionally-recognized methods. Includes such things as spoon-bending, mental healing, floating of objects.

Pyrokinesis – More properly, pyrological psychokinesis. A variety of small-scale pk effects causing heat and ignition. “Lighting candles with your mind” is one example.

Remote Viewing – Use of psychic abilities within any of several “protocols” to gather data.

Telekinesis – Same as psychokinesis, but not used much in technical literature.

TK – Short for telekinesis.

Telepathy – Communication of thoughts, emotions, or other data between two or more minds, without the use of the conventionally-recognized senses.

Visualization – “Picturing something in one’s head”, often used to communicate intentions to one’s subconscious.


General science terms:

(We know, this is stuff that everyone should know, but it seems from recent events that some people are highly confused on certain points of these definitions, so here goes… These definitions are from the book “Biology; the Study of Life” by Schaer and Stoltze.)

Genetics – The branch of biology concerned with the ways in which hereditary information is transmitted from parents to offspring.

Hypothesis – A possible explanation of an observed set of facts.

Scientific Method – A universal approach to solving problems, in which a problem is defined, a hypothesis is formed about the cause, and an experiment is designed and carried out to prove or disprove the hypothesis.

Theory – An explanation that applies to a broad range of phenomena.


Misc definitions:

(Definitions provided by Rainsong)

Fluffbunny – A moron in serious need of a clue, especially when clues are readily available; a moron studying hard to become an idiot, and failing the course.

Fluffy – Of or befitting a fluffbunny; Stupid, moronic or F’ed up.

Fluff – Short form of “Fluffbunny”.


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