Radionics Q & A

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: April 6, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Radionics- Saturday, 6 April 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong– Search LECTURE69

Rainsong: Hiho. Anyone around?

Chirotractor: o/

Rainsong: Hi, Chiro

Rainsong: Looks like you might be the only one here tonight. Do you have any questions or commentary about radionics? Or would you prefer a different topic?

Chirotractor: I’m honestly only barely here.

Eclipse: Im here sorry.

Rainsong: Not a problem, Chiro.

Eclipse: Got caught up in something.

Chirotractor: just figured someone would show up late XP

Rainsong: How about you, Elipse? Any questions or commentary? Or prefer a different topic?

Flux: I’m also around. Just got here.

Eclipse: Got anything on nontraditional radionics? Without the machines but kind of same principle of distracting the mind. The way I had explained the machines just sort of distract you consciously while your subconscious goes through with the intent?

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Projecting Energy & Constructs

Instructor: Wayfarer
Date: March 30, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Projecting Energy / Constructs – Saturday, 30 March 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Wayfarer– Search LECTURE68

Wayfarer: @here I randomly walked in here and noticed what time it is! Hello Internet. LECTURE68 starts here.

Goatmistress: Hi

Chirotractor: Hello!

Eclipse: hello

Wayfarer: I had equal votes for continuing the program thing and a derail about radionics. The other topic will be done in…one? Two weeks? Next time I’m teaching. Of people who are here, strong preferences?

Wayfarer: This is gonna be a to the point thing, my family is here and also, Sekiro is a stupidly fun and challenging game, and I miiiight be playing that a bit.

Chirotractor: I’m just here because I like words

Wayfarer: Boy have you come to the right place! I mostly use words!

Goatmistress: haha

Wayfarer: Right, so, last time I taught a lecture thing, I was talking about moving and sensing energy inside the body, grounding, centering, and some other energy-manipulation focused things within one’s own energetic body.

Wayfarer: The next step is pushing the energy outside the body. And the first bit is going to be the … psiball. Wow! Amazing.

Chirotractor: gasp

Wayfarer: Now, the psiball is something we’ve done about a billion times. A lot of people struggle with it early on. I think that most of these problems come from poorly formed ideas about what exactly we’re doing, or a lack of connection between visualization and actual direction of energy.

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Telepathy Q & A

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 23, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: telepathy – Saturday, 23 March 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: tbd– Search LECTURE67

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

Rainsong: Welcome to another seminar here at the social club.

Rainsong: As usual, we will be discussing real-world psionics, so if that is likely to weird you out, you might want to find a tamer server.

Rainsong: Our topic for the evening is Telepathy, prompted by questions being floated in the social hall yesterday.

Rainsong: It may be useful to start it off as a question-and-answer format… and then we’ll see how it goes from there.

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“So you’ve learned telepathy. Here’s how to not be a goddamn asshole about it.”

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 9, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic:so you’ve learned telepathy. Here’s how to not be a goddamn asshole about it (Chiro’s idea) – Saturday, 9 March 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE65

Rainsong: Soooโ€ฆ any requests?

Chirotractor: ummm

Rainsong: It’s looking unlikely, eh?

Chirotractor: I got nothing thered be much utility in going over

Chirotractor: umm

Chirotractor: maybe something like ‘so you’ve learned telepathy. Here’s how to not be a goddamn asshole about it’

Rainsong: Hahaha. That could make for a fun discussion. Let’s run with it

Rainsong: Ya know, there are quite a few ways to be an asshole with or regarding telepathy…

Chirotractor: I know a few of them ๐Ÿ˜›

Rainsong: ๐Ÿ™‚

Rainsong: For example, attending a performance of a “mentalist” and messing up his/her results by thinking things at him/her loudly “Rutabaga!”

Rainsong: Or doing the same with political speeches, class presentations, livestreams… the possibilities beggar the imagination

Rainsong: Of course, the idea here is how not to be an asshole, so… ehemโ€ฆ yea, don’t do that ๐Ÿ˜›

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Grounding, Centering, and Directing Energy

Instructor: Wayfarer
Date: March 2, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: grounding, centering, and directing energy – Saturday, 2 March 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Wayfarer– Search LECTURE64

Wayfarer: Hello, greetings, Internet friends. Tonight we’re gonna cover some topics related to what we discussed last night. I’m gonna go pretty fast and free this evening. Feel free, as always, to toss a question out and I’ll try to hit it up.

Wayfarer: As a little context, this is part of a series of lectures I’m running essentially as practice, as a benefit to you and to me both, and as a gift to this community for something like 18 years of continual support for me and my work. Most of the content here is going to be part of a commercial course I hope to launch later this year.

dannerz: commercial course?

Froopy: Ooh that’s really cool. Hope you have luck with launching that.

Wayfarer: Thanks. Dannerz: I’ve spent the last year in grad school researching and developing a system of psi ability development that works more reliably than reading a bunch of articles on the Internet or even buying a book. It will include video lecture, reading material, and class based personal instruction. Because I can’t guarantee success to anyone, I also include a substantial amount of parapsychological education so that nobody leaves empty handed. But that’s not tonight.

Wayfarer: The organization of that is what my lecture sequence here since January has been based on.

Wayfarer: I appreciate your patience with the little commercial part there. If you’ll indulge me a little more, I also have a re-release of my current book with much additional material and refinement, as well as a new book on hauntings and working with spirits in a psychic paradigm. Look for these in the next few weeks. People who have previously bought Subtle Energy can message me and receive an electronic copy of the updated version.

Wayfarer: And that’s that part.

Wayfarer: So, speaking of the organization of that course, last week we talked about imprinting. We’re now a little of the way into what constitutes the second “course” of the broader program. Prior to this we’ve covered meditation in both calm-abiding and “just noticing” formats, note-taking, the energy body, and psychometry. Part two started with imprinting.

Wayfarer: Last week, we talked about visualization (extremely important stuff) and imprinting, which is putting our own “stuff” on energy.

Wayfarer: We talked about how we all do this unconsciously automatically because of the interaction of energy fields – the same interaction that enables psychometry. Essentially, we read impressions and create impressions through interacting with things via our energy field (and, by extension, our consciousness and so on)

Wayfarer: This week, we are talking about applications of that, and about directing energy. We’re going to be looking at grounding and centering as our primary topics. We’re not just going to use them as stand-alone “do it and forget it” stuff, however, and I’m also not including them as elements of a “energetic hygiene” section meant to be left alone.

Scelana: sorry that i’m late to the lecture, kinda had a late start today

Wayfarer: Grounding and centering are both foundational techniques for keeping our fields clean and health, yes. They’re also excellent things to practice, and something we can practice pretty often.

Wayfarer: Ultimately, moving energy around and shaping the intent of energy is a skill. We develop it not by reading about it, but by actually practicing it. And we don’t just want to practice it until we successfully do it once and then move on to something else.

Wayfarer: Grounding and centering help us not only get better at grounding and centering and keeping our field clean, they also help us with moving energy around inside our body, and importantly, they help us put our visualization practice into action.

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Visualization and Imprinting Energy

Instructor: Wayfarer
Date: February 23, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Visualization and Imprinting Energy – Saturday, 23 February, 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Wayfarer– Search LECTURE63

Wayfarer: So, let’s chit chat a bit about the order in which we learn to do things! We’re scheduled to talk mainly about visualization and imprinting energy. But this is all part of a kind of broader project and the sequencing here matters and I want to explain why I’m choosing to do it this way and so on.

Wayfarer: So, we started off with meditation. Then we did some psychometry stuff, with a nice detour into the energy body, and how all that stuff works together.

Wayfarer: I think normally at this point most people would do exactly one psiball then proceed immediately to making glistening castles in the astral protected by sentient construct servitors and etc

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Troubleshooting Fireside

Instructor: Wayfarer
Date: February 16, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: uhhh, stuff – Saturday, 16 February, 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Wayfarer — Search LECTURE62

Wayfarer: Since I’m mostly going to troubleshoot people’s stuff and give advice about how to practice certain things, we can’t really title it well until afterwards, I reckon.

Wayfarer: Fantastic. So, first I’m gonna riff a bit based on @borblezorb ‘s request about sigils earlier, and just generally kinda talk about how to learn skills, magic, psychic stuff, etc.

Wayfarer: Because we’re usually self starting, right? You might be very fortunate and live in a time hopefully 6 months from now where there is a dependable and well researched commercial training platform available for a reasonable price from a guy who is kind of well known to a very specific niche of people, right? shameless plug

Rose Cinderfall: if i could afford that by then, then yes ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Wayfarer: But for the most part, there aren’t predetermined curricula for this kind of learning. We’re mostly on our own.

Wayfarer: So, when we’re trying to learn, we have a few questions to ask ourselves I think before we go approaching anyone else for help.

Rose Cinderfall: i mean… didn’t we use many of the same resources? i.e. PsiPog

Wayfarer: And some of the important things we have to think of for ourselves (or, when evaluating a commercial product where someone else has spent countless hours, years even, doing this thinking for you) are: 1) why are we doing what we’re trying to do? 2) how does what we’re trying to do get us there? 3) what are the specific steps and processes to doing that thing? and 4) how do those steps add up to solving question 1.

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The Energy Body and Psychometry

Instructor: Wayfarer
Date: February 9, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: The Energy Body and Psychometry – Saturday, 9 February, 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Wayfarer — Search LECTURE61

Wayfarer: Right, so, some bits on the energy body, psychometry, how these relate, and how that relationship is the basis for all the other bits.

Wayfarer: We’ll be informal because Discord narcs on all the people playing games and boy are there a lot of them.

Chirotractor: Come on people :\ this is an interesting topic that hasn’t been rehashed a thousand times!

Wayfarer: lmao

Wayfarer: I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.

Rose Cinderfall: … well i’m too sleepy to follow along. i’m not there for this one. you, chiro?..

Wayfarer: lmao Chiro bout to get the real good personal lesson that I would charge someone in the wild 50 American dollars for.

Rainsong: Waves

Wayfarer: Rainsong I guess the same except she’d get the friends discount.

Chirotractor: I’m offended that you don’t consider us friends after the 78 words we’ve exchanged!

Wayfarer: But for real were you being sarcastic? For what it’s worth I’m alpha testing stuff for an approach that is, I hope, fresh and new and better reasoned out than a lot of the rote repetition about psychic stuffs on the Internet.

Chirotractor: it is actually neat. Like the link is obvious once you think about it but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it stated before

Rose Cinderfall: … i’m really interested but today is a day where no information sticks due to emotional overload and intense events over the past few days. I guess i’ll read it afterwards… i should be going to bed soon.

Wayfarer: Because good lord are there a lot of tutorials out there that are not only tired rehashes of everything but also just … really not well done. So okay, great.

Wayfarer: That is more or less what I wanted to hear, because it is a connection that I think is sort of… well, overlooked? Understated? Both? etc.

Rose Cinderfall: enjoy, everyone

Rainsong: Be well, Rose

Rose Cinderfall: thank you, Rainsong \:)

Scelana: I hope you sleep well Rose

Wayfarer: So, let’s start at the beginning. Energy body. It’s something we’ve got, and there are a lot of different models for it. These models range from “wow it’s a blob of energy around your body” to “these are the 1700 different energy centers that comprise the anatomy of….”

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Aeon Trinity Series: Legion Conference: Psychokinesis Part 2

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: February 2, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: rescheduled — “Aeon Trinity” Series – Legion Conference – PK – Part 2 – rescheduled – heating and cooling stuff (real world psionics, in spite of the game-inspired topic) -Saturday, 2 February 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Rescheduled from lecture54 … Search LECTURE60

Rainsong: Cool. Welcome to tonight’s seminar.

Rainsong: Our topic for the evening is “using PK to heat and cool things,” the re-scheduled Part 2 of the Aeon Legion Conference.

Rainsong: In spite of the reference to Aeon Trinity, we’re talking about real-world psionics, and not the rpg

Rainsong: Do you have any questions and/or comments, as we get started?

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Meditation as a Foundation Fireside

Instructor: Wayfarer
Date: January 26, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Meditation as a Foundation Fireside – Saturday, 26(?) January, 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Wayfarer — Search LECTURE59

Wayfarer: Your lecturer today may be just a few moments delayed, I welcome you to enjoy hors d’oeuvres that you can provide yourself if you’re at home.

Goatmistress: I have pizza.

Rainsong: That works, too. I’ll be right back ๐Ÿ™‚

Kate Embers: Am here ๐Ÿ˜€

Rose Cinderfall: am here

Wayfarer: Okay, behold, I am here also.

Rose Cinderfall: beholds with her eyes the return of the Instructor

Wayfarer: Oh! That’s quite a pleasant surprise, actually. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rose Cinderfall: …thank @Chirotractor for me being here tonight

Wayfarer: Okay, so, tonight we’re talkin’ us some of that meditation.

Chirotractor: Allo

Wayfarer: It’s been a bit of a crazy day so forgive me if I go fast or cut short. Meditation is nice to do. But why are we talking about meditation?

Wayfarer: Specifically the topic talks about meditation as a foundation. While I am all about extolling the virtues of, for example, calm-abiding meditation in helping us find inner peace and truths and so on, it’s not really why we want to talk about it.

Wayfarer: There’s a conception I think generally that meditation is something we want to practice in order to gain focus so that we can use more of our brains. But the whole “we only use 10% of our minds” thing is a dumb oversimplification, and it’s not like there’s an upper limit on how much we can focus on something. So, meditation as a foundation.

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