“Vibes” Stuck to Stuff

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: January 4, 2020 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: “Vibes” stuck to stuff — Saturday, 4 January, 2020 (Happy New Year!) at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE111

Rainsong: Hello

Rainsong: Any requests tonight?

Chirotractor: I got a few wonderments but no clue how to phrase them as something you could do a seminar on

Rainsong: Are you able to articulate them at all, or are they still percolating in there?

Chirotractor: something like ‘how does the vibe of something form develop and change’

Rainsong: Ahhh, okay.

Chirotractor: Had a conversation easlier today on that general… tone

Rainsong: With the huge caveat that this is a model rather than a definitive description of the physics of it (because we do not know the physics of how this works)…

Rainsong: Humans aren’t the only things that have “fields”.

Rainsong: Pretty much everything does.

Rainsong: Animate, inanimate, non-corporeal….

Rainsong: There’s considerable debate about what the field is made of, and expounding on one of the ideas of what it might be is probably a good way to start a bar fight at a psychic convention

Rainsong: Whatever it is, though, stuff sticks to it.

Rainsong: One of the kinds of stuff that sticks to it is emotion and the “left-overs” as emotion dissipates

Rainsong: For example, many people can feel it if they enter a room fifteen or twenty minutes after a heated argument took place in it

Rainsong: The emotional stuff from the argument sticks to the carpet, and the uphostery, and the walls, and the decorative rocks and the cutlery they were throwing at each other

Kate Embers: Animals are particularly sensitive to that. So am I :sweatsmile: :joy:

Rainsong: If you were to pick up a rock from the spot on the road over which President Kennedy was shot, assuming the rock had been there since the assassination, the impressions of shock and horror from the First Lady and the Secret Service people would still be there

Rainsong: Of course, this kind of “stuff” can be stuck to things intentionally. We call this charging.

Rainsong: And if you’re bored, charging random rocks or crystals on the ground where a psychic meet-up is about to happen can provide entertainment…

Rainsong: Hi, Kate 🙂

Chirotractor: would you be bored then? presumably you’d be involved in the planning of the meetup

Rainsong: Now, if we go back to that room where the argument happened, you can clean the room the same way you can clean your own field. This is handy if the dogs are freaking out

Rainsong: Only if you’re involved in the meet-up, rather than watching it

Rainsong: Cleaning the “vibes” from something changes it, obviously

Rainsong: So does the addition of more emotion, if for example, the couple who had the fight decides to “kiss and make up” cough cough

Rainsong: Eventually, the emotion stuff degrades – it might be minutes or it might be decades or more – and then as it dissintegrates, the impressions get corrupted and increasingly unreadable

Rainsong: Likewise, if something comes along to eat the stuff attached to a field, the act of eating the stuff changes the “vibe” of the field

Rainsong: There are a number of “critters” who eat that stuff

Rainsong: Also, there’s something like an exchange between the palnts and the animals. Plants -or at least most of them – appear to be able to use the discarded emotional stuff animals like us give off. And we animal types appear to benefit from plants’ excess plant-stuff

Rainsong: Sit by a pine tree sometime and notice how it feels

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Chirotractor: Specifically the conversation earlier was about collective vibes

Chirotractor: like how a basketball team kinda feels different from any member

Rainsong: That’s kind of like a cat colony combining their scent marks on their territory posts

Rainsong: Each member of the team has their own field, but the stuff from the emotional part of team-stuff (cheers, comeradarie, team-building shit) rubs some of the stuff off onto the other members, so they “share a scent”

Rainsong: If one or two members have a stronger kind of “Stuff” on their field, they will tend to affect the rest of the team more than the rest of the team affects them

Rainsong: Have you ever been at a really big sports meet, like a marathon or a national tournament of a popular sport (cricket, football, hockey, etc)?

Chirotractor: Not that I recall actually

Rainsong: A number of years ago, I went to watch Kitsune (one of the original members of the community) run in a marathon. The amount of emotional oomph eminating from the crowd of runners just before the race started was a dense clump that extended tens of meters beyond them

Rainsong: And at the “popular” tournaments, there is often some kind of cheerleading, whether cheerleaders at an American footballl game or the rink organisti or dj at a hockey game, and their main purpose is to get the fans “involved”

Rainsong: All that excited fan stuff changes the feel of the arena/stadium/pitch/whatever

Rainsong: Counter-example is in the theatre. The first night “jitters” tends to make the first performance more “alive”… and then subsequent nights are often lacking the “magic” unless the performers know how to regain their intensity in the subsequent days.

Chirotractor: I’ve been using something similar to explain why in online games it goes better as long as someone is talking in voice chat

Rainsong: Pro-tip: clean your field and the field of any items you have with you, when you get off a plane, or out of the airport, because the stuff that accumulates in aircraft is pretty gross

Rainsong: Easier than explaining how to puff an appropriate emotion to your teammates through the internet connection?

Chirotractor: Well I think it more just focuses everyone on the game and facilitates the unconcious sharing that would normally be blocked

Rainsong: There’s something to that, too

Rainsong: It’s easier to “multi-task” (do other stuff when your teammates are expecting you to be paying attention to the raid) when it’s just text chat, than voice

Rainsong: With concentration, text chat can accomplish the same rapport

Rainsong: Of course, if you really want to deliberately establish such a rapport with your teammates, listening to and mirroring their breathing patterns will assist in that

Rainsong: Hi, Patches

Chirotractor: I’m pretty sure if they catch on to that it’ll do the opposite

Rainsong: So don’t let them catch on?

Rainsong: As long as you’re not breathing strangely heavily, most people won’t notice

PatchesTheCoydog: 1. If one or two members have a stronger kind of “Stuff” on their field, they will tend to affect the rest of the team more than the rest of the team affects them” Receptivity als affects this… if someone is particularly receptive and has relatively strong influence they can ‘resonate’ with even relatively weaker influence and then pass it along. Same mechanism as feedback loops between empaths being a pain. 2. Lts of this is same sort of thing you deliberately try toinduce for at least some kinds of shared magical workings, creating a shared ‘field’ between participants to do the work in(direct linking can also be done, sometimes some of both and sometimes line between a direct link and a shared field is blurry)

PatchesTheCoydog: and… hi. Hope all well

Rainsong: Good points there. 🙂 (All is well enough. Hoping it is for you, also)

Rainsong: Any other questions or commentary?

Chirotractor: I thiiiink I’m good

Rainsong: Cool. Thanks for suggesting the topic 🙂

Rainsong: Reminder: Next week is a Journal Club seminar. Be aware that the actual writing of the paper is relatively poor and may be a bit of a slow read. It’s not very long, though.

Rainsong: Also, is anyone close to using up the RV targets? (That is to say, how much of a hurry is there for me to post more of them?)

Chirotractor: journal club?

Rainsong: A discussion of an academic article, presupposing that people read it in advance of the discussion.

Rainsong: Dowsing can be interfered with by radio frequency radiation Paavo Huttunen, Ahti Niinimaa, Risto Myllyla Pathophysiology 19 (2012) 89-94

Chirotractor: oooooh

Rainsong: The flaws in academic writing can probably be attributed to the fact that they were writing in a foreign language

Rainsong: Thanks for participating, everyone

Rainsong: 🙂

Chirotractor: :thumbsup:

PatchesTheCoydog: Thanks for lecture(and I’m doing well)

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