Discussion of Phasing

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: December 29, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Discussion of Phasing — Sunday, 29 December, 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE110

shadowsword: May I suggest item translocation if you could talk about that some?

Rainsong: “Translocation”?

shadowsword: Might be “phasing” because it’s basically “phasing” objects through other objects

shadowsword: Not sure what kind of phasing you mean

Rainsong: Yes, solid objects passing through each other

Chirotractor: checks through their catalog of interests

Chirotractor: nope I ain’t got no useful suggestions

shadowsword: Ooh.

Rainsong: So, good evening, ladies and gentlemen

Rainsong: Welcome to another psionics seminar here at the social club

Rainsong: Looks like we’re discussing Phasing tonight, lacking a counter-suggestion

Chirotractor: hasn’t been covered in a while anyway

Rainsong: True enough.

Rainsong: As mentioned, by way of friendly definition, “phasing” refers to passing a solid object through a second solid object.

Rainsong: For example, if you were to walk or fall through a brick wall, with neither door nor breech

Rainsong: It’s observed sometimes after tornadoes that objects thrown by the wind have passed partially through other objects. Most stories involve minor objects like pieces of straw or hay through pieces of wood or glass

Chirotractor: glasstonishing!

Rainsong: hahahaha

Rainsong: Tornadoes are amazingly powerful, so I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that they can cause some pretty weird things to happen, aside from just tossing stuff around rather violently. Those of you into elemental magic probably know better than to try channeling them

Chirotractor: how do you know they didn’t tore through dos things though? a bit of straw is basically a spear after all.

Rainsong: Excellent question.

Rainsong: But a tipless spear flung against another more-solid object will crush, rather than breaking the heavier thing.

Rainsong: It’d be like an aluminum aircraft wing breaking through steel construction girders in a Looney-Tunes-like cutout…

Chirotractor: sometimes the physics of materials works different at different energy levels though

Chirotractor: like oobleck

Rainsong: In any event, I readily confess that I’ve merely read about the tornado stuff, and could very easily be wrong about that

Rainsong: When I ran into phasing ‘difficulties’, a friend suggested I look into the sum-over-paths theory and the tornado bits. At the time, the Internet was a bit more primitive.

Chirotractor: nodnod

Wayfarer: takes note “Rainsong has not personally experienced being impaled by a tornado-thrown object”

Rainsong: It’s true. We don’t have many tornadoes in this part of the world

Chirotractor: oh well then why should we even listen then :\

Rainsong: Note the “discussion” part of the seminar topic, rather than “lecture”

Chirotractor: Oh… shoulda paid more attention

Rainsong: Hahaha

Rainsong: As far as energy-work goes, it appears that messing about with the two objects’ fields can allow them to merge or pass through. Sort of puffing them out.

Chirotractor: Well the closest thing I’ve had to phasing experience is losing my keys and then finding them exactly where I first looked

Rainsong: Keys are sneaky that way.

Chirotractor: keysy to lose

Rainsong: Yep 🙂

Rainsong: If you decide to play around with phasing objects, I suggest puffing the fields of two smallish (preferably cheap) solid inanimate objects…

Rainsong: … as opposed to, say, your hand

Chirotractor: instructions unclear. Dick caught through toaster

Rainsong: Heh, exactly

Rainsong: If you think back to high school chemistry class, you may recall that even solid objects are mostly empty space.

Rainsong: So, if you want to try this, try thinking of ‘lining up’ the rotations/spins of the particles of the objects so they can just slip between each other, like the wolrd’s most complicated game of skipping “Double Dutch”

Rainsong: In case you’re wondering what that game is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI46rsQR83k

Rainsong: Commentary? (Or questions, for that matter?)

Chirotractor: A decent grasp of PK would seem to be a prequisite

Rainsong: Probably so

Chirotractor: adds this to the ‘things to worry about in a hundred years’ pile

Rainsong: And more of a “fine detail” kind of skill than strength as such

Chirotractor: think it relates to teleportation?

Rainsong: Possibly. The time I seemed to slip between “realities” gave rise to a speculation that it could be used for teleportation… just come out in a different “reality” than the one you slipped from.

Rainsong: The trick would be in figuring out how to force the right reality to slip into

Chirotractor: that sounds like something I wouldn’t want to try

Rainsong: I had help, to (apparently) return to the one I’d apparently left

Rainsong: I say ‘apparently’ because it’s possible that the whole incident was a shared hallucination

Chirotractor: that’s the sort of thing that sounds pretty goddamn unprovable

Rainsong: Yep

Rainsong: In any case, yea, phasing is terribly risky. All sorts of things can go wrong, and it can be exceedingly painful. Not something I’d recommend as a hobby except to hard-core masochists

Chirotractor: or super stealth ninjas!

Rainsong: A Venn diagram of those two groups would probably overlap

Chirotractor: nod

Rainsong: Questions? Comments?

Chirotractor: Nope I’m good

Rainsong: Thanks for participating 🙂

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