How to do a Rudimentary Energy Healing

I think I now have a new favourite method for basic long-distance healing. It has been useful on several occasions this summer, it is pretty simple, and it is vaguely based on an approach from Stephen Co’s book Your Hands Can Heal You. There’ll be a mini-review of the book on this blog sometime.

As for the method, focus by “pretending” the person is right in front of you. The pretend version can be full-size or cat-size…doesn’t really seem to matter, except as far as convenience in some places. It is easier to do cat-size at your desk at work.

Tense the hands a bit and spread the fingers. “Rake” downwards through where the pretend-person’s field would be. Down the front, then turn ‘em around and do the back, and then the sides.

There may be a feeling of pressure/resistance against the hands, or general icky feeling. Repeat. If there’s any pressure or ickiness on the second run, repeat for a third run. Or if you weren’t sure if you “felt” anything the first time, do a third one for good measure.

Then, if it seems like a good idea, gently send some general energy/oomph/stuff into the person’s field. You might notice that this is very similar to rudimentary field cleaning. There really isn’t much difference in approach, but so far it seems to have more “oomph” for dealing with an assortment of symptoms.

The usual warnings apply, of course. If you’re working on a diabetic symptom, for example, check your blood sugar frequently. So far, I haven’t seen any interference with medications, but such interference could still occur.

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