Musings on the nature of…reality? Dude! Philosophy!

As some of you know from the PsiPog days, I’ve had a few strange experiences over the years. Recently, I’d been discussing one of these with a friend. She’s a novelist, and she wanted a good description for something one of her characters was doing in a particular scene. (When the book is published, I’ll let you know.)

The experience in question was mentioned in one of my Phasing articles on Pog. I seemed to fade away, and while “faded” I saw a bunch of apparently-parallel realities all at the same time. There are speculative descriptions of parallel universes that seem to be similar in concept.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, the friend and I are fully aware that what I experienced could be nothing more than a vivid hallucination. Yes, sure, there were witnesses, but I’m a telepath: it wouldn’t be the first time that other people had seen my hallucinations.

Now, to the musing part…

Let’s pretend for the moment that what happened to me was real. Let’s pretend it was real, and I was actually physically in subspace looking “out” at the nearest versions of reality. If that is real, which –if any- of the “nearest versions of reality” were real? Are they all equally real? Are some more real than others? What would have happened if I’d come “back” into the wrong one? None of them particularly pulled me. Instead, I had some help from a friend at the time.

So, is this what philosophers do with their time?

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