Protecting Electronics

Some people have a small problem with electronics: such devices tend to break or malfunction when these people are around.

Wearing a watch on the wrist is a sure way to destroy the thing in a matter of hours or days, unless it is one of the old-fashioned wind-up types. Wind-up watches with no electrical parts are increasingly difficult to come by.

Computers, cell phones, mp3 players, CVC players, television sets, electronic pH-testers, Geiger counters…you name it, and if it has an electronic component, some psionicist somewhere has probably destroyed one of them by coming too close to it.

This topic had come up in the chatroom a week or two back, but we didn’t discuss it in much detail at the time. Therefore, a short blog post is in order.

If you have problems with electronics, consider adding a layer to your Shields. (You do maintain Shielding, don’t you?) There are several options for the format of this layer, but a basic bubble or buffer Shield should be fine. It doesn’t need to be fancy. The intention to program into it is a clear separation between your field and the electromagnetic field of the device. A psychic firewall, if you will. For this Shield, density is your friend.

For some people, it is sufficient to construct the Shield only around your hands or the head. For others, it is better to just put the thing around your entire body. If you tend to project from your belly, for example, you’ll want to go with the full-body Shield.

It is also possible to set a Shield or Ward around the electronic item itself. This is a good choice if more than one person uses the device. The only real difference between Shielding the device and Shielding your person is that it is important to make a “port” for the device’s plug to go through. That way, you won’t be as likely to cut off the device’s power and communications. Likewise, if it needs to communicate with a wireless connection of any kind, add a port or antenna or the like for that purpose.

As always, Shielding is shiny.

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