Quick-and-Dirty Symbolic Radionic Machine

Here’s a quick-and-dirty approach to symbolic radionic machines. Those of you who have read Uncle Chuckie’s works and G. Harry Stine’s book will recognize the idea, of course.

Shoe boxes and decorative gift-boxes make good bases for symbolic machines. In a pinch, a piece of cardstock or cardboard will do. If you’re using the latter, substitute brads for sewing pins and/or pushpins.

Draw three circles (or one, or nine, or however many you feel is an appropriate number of dials for your purposes). Subdivide the circles into wedges for ten sections. There could be ten equal wedges, or ten wedges plus a divider wedge at the bottom. In my experience, there doesn’t seem to be much difference, except for how you get the drawing done. For ten exact wedges, you’ll probably need a protractor and compass. For ten+plus+divider, you can fudge with a wedge stencil.

The pointers may be constructed out of large pushpins with a line drawn on one side. Push the pin through the centre of the circle, and the line on the side becomes the pointer. Or, cut a triangle from cardstock or the plastic top from a food tub (the kind that sour cream and cottage cheese are sold in), and stick a sewing pin through it to pin it to the circle. Repeat for as many circles as you have.

In my early attempts, I simply pinned the witness to the witness area, which was just another circle on the box top. You have several options, ranging from pasting a small can or box in the appropriate spot to actually wrapping a jar in copper wire and dropping it into a hole cut in the box-top.

For the stickpad, cut a piece of food-tub top or cardboard, and wrap in foil. If you have some rubber cement handy, cement the foil to the top of the shape, and then wrap the edges once the cement is dry.

Draw the “wiring” on the underside of the box top in India Ink. Various metallic inks also work well, including some in felt-tip markers, so those of you who are not comfortable with a dip pen need not despair. 🙂

In fact, I’ve had some success with these, even without the fake wiring. It’s even possible to make these pretty, although my earliest attempts were far from beautiful.

Why not give one a try?

(For the record, I have cross-posted this, with very minor edits, on another forum at BerkanaPath.com.)

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