Book Review – How to Make ESP Work for You

Title: How to Make ESP Work for You
Author: Harold Sherman
Publisher: Fawcett Publications
City: Greenwich, Conn.
Year: 1964
Format: Paperback

Harold Sherman’s the guy who conducted a scientific experiment in telepathy with the arctic explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins back in the 1930s. His experiment turned out to be more like outbounding RV than pure telepathy as such, but, either way, it was well-documented and reasonably successful.

The title of the book implies that it covers clairvoyance, along with possibly telepathy and/or precognition. Mr. Sherman also lumps pk and healing under this category, and he does a pretty good job of explaining how to make the stuff work.

Modern readers might find his writing style a bit on the formal side, but that was the way things were done fifty years ago…particularly when describing one’s own endeavors.

This book is long since out of print, but if you can find a copy, it is worthwhile for the how-to information as well as the historical curiosity.

Definitely a thumbs-up.

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