Basic Gel Shield Tutorial

Written by Eyilwrass

This tutorial is simple, and is intended for beginners, but can be used as a basis for more advanced works. As such, it will be brief, without any embellishment.

  1. Focus, and center yourself.
  2. Create a psi-ball. This will be the basis of your shield, and the greater amount of energy put into it, the stronger it is.
  3. Push the intent for this energy to be protective into it, using any visualisation needed.
  4. Cause the energy to move over you, flowing over you like a thick gel.
  5. Once it has encompassed you, push the intent for it to set and harden into it, again, using whatever visualisation needed.

Basic, simple, five min shield. First tutorial I wrote up, first shield I used. Still use the base concept.

Notes from channel discussion about the shield:

Azarea: that is actually way shorter than I was expecting lol

Azarea: also this is interesting because it’s the first shield I see that uses a second skin type model instead of a sphereish thing

Eyilwrass: Heard that before, I’ve found it works better for stealth type stuff myself, but everyone works differently

Eyilwrass: Oddly enough… The sphere type shields make me feel somewhat claustrophobic, but that design doesn’t.

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