Grounding and Centering

Instructor: Mistyck
Date: July 6, 2003 (Sunday)

<Mistyck> ok, is everyone ready for class to start?

<Mistyck> ok, as most of you know, Grounding and Centering are practiced by many folks…not all of them in terms of psionics

<Mistyck> but today we are concentrating on the psi aspects of grounding and centering

<Mistyck> to me, grounding simply means “getting rid of the psionic “clutter” that has built up in you and your field”

<Mistyck> one explanation of grounding is: releasing excess psi energy back to the earth…

<Mistyck> another is: bringing yourself back into the circuit so that all energies currently in action complete their flow and become still….

<Mistyck> the 2nd definition is courtesy of a fellow chatter

<Mistyck> ok, do any of you have definitions of your own for grounding?

<Mistyck> or, rather, what does grounding mean to you?

<Eebie376> I think of it as meaning the first presented definition

<B_Raven> getting rid of unwanted energy.

<Kitsune> I kinda like the first, but sometimes non-psi energy, too.

<RainTurtle> *nods* and related things such as excess of emotion…

<Mistyck> any questions so far?

<Kitsune> none here.

<B_Raven> none from me.

<RainTurtle> *shakes head*

CICILianRapture eats peanuts

<Andy_Hock> Nope.

<Mistyck> ok, then…

<Mistyck> getting into the nitty gritty

<Mistyck> how many of you have done some type of grounding before?

<B_Raven> a few times.

Kitsune has.

CICILianRapture has partially

<RainTurtle> mmhmm

<Eebie376> I have

<Mistyck> ok, since Cicil isn’t too familiar with it, I will go thru the entire process to get you to a state where you are ready to begin the grounding process

<Mistyck> ok…to begin the grounding process….

<Mistyck> everyone take a deep breath and slowly let it out

<Mistyck> now, do this again and let your mind still…that means trying to not let random thoughts enter…concentrate on feeling calm

<Mistyck> ok, sound off when you get to that calm feeling

<RainTurtle> 🙂

<CICILianRapture> 🙂

<Andy_Hock> I’m there.

<rycool20> *sounds off*

<B_Raven> *nods*

<Kitsune> yeah.

<Mistyck> ok…now…picture the psi energy centered in your belly….

<Mistyck> it should feel like it is a pool of energy

<Mistyck> now, let it course thru your body….upper body like chest, shoulders, arms, and lower body like your waist, thighs, legs, toes….feel the psi running thru all your body parts like it is a river of water

<Mistyck> now, let that river of water go to your neck and head also

<Mistyck> do not let it run thru your nerves though…just thru the muscles and bones

<Mistyck> now, ground your hands and or feet to something that reaches the floor….

<Mistyck> a wall, a desk, putting feet on the ground

<Mistyck> and now think about the river of psi water removing the stones/debris from your body and sending it to the ground

<Mistyck> do this until you can “feel/see” your body and shield/field clear of “debris”

<Mistyck> after you have cleansed the debris, slowly take some deep breaths and release them, feeling revitalized and cleansed

<Mistyck> ok, how does everyone feel?

<rycool20> Refreshed

<Kitsune> less manic. Brief moment of pain when I sent psi through my head, though.

<B_Raven> *shrugs* good.

<Andy_Hock> I feel . . . well . . . centered.

<RainTurtle> calm and “flat”…

<Andy_Hock> . . . and grounded.

<Mistyck> Andy, you’ve taken it to the next level already

<Mistyck> and this of course brings us to centering….

<Mistyck> ok…now that everyone has released the excess psi, we are going to center and focus the “good” psi

<Mistyck> centering is basically just an advanced form of grounding…

<Mistyck> Centering is a sorting out of thoughts and emotions, sometimes done as part of a trance…according to one definition

<Mistyck> to me, centering is focusing my psi energy to useful purposes

<Mistyck> any questions so far?

<B_Raven> nope

<Kitsune> none here.

<RainTurtle> uh-uh

<Mistyck> ok, then

<Mistyck> for centering we are going to focus on that pool of psi energy in the belly again….

<Mistyck> but this time, instead of having it course thru the body to find and get rid of excess/bad debris, we are going to have it concentrate in the hand…left or right, is your choice

<Mistyck> feel the flow of the psi from your belly to your palm…

<Mistyck> feel it concentrate there….

<Mistyck> now, feed that psi to the other hand…and feel it concentrate there

<Mistyck> you should feel the psi coursing thru one side to the other…

<RainTurtle> Across the gap, or back through the arms?

<Mistyck> either way

<Mistyck> now, let it settle back into your belly….

<Mistyck> you should feel even more calmer than before

<Mistyck> and the pool of psi in your belly should be feeling like it is “charged and ready to go” where you direct it

<Mistyck> any questions?

<B_Raven> none here

<RainTurtle> no

<Kitsune> nope.

<Mistyck> ok…now, to dissipate the psi…either you can build a small construct or ground out the energy…for those of you who haven’t experimented with psi too much, I suggest grounding it using the technique taught today

<Mistyck> once you have dissipated the psi, you are done…

<Mistyck> any questions?

<B_Raven> nope.

<RainTurtle> no

<Kitsune> nope.

<RainTurtle> Thanks….nicely done

<Mistyck> this concludes our class for tonight

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