Wards and Warding

Instructor: Mistyck
Date: November 9, 2003 (Sunday)

Mistyck Welcome to the class on Wards and Warding

Mistyck Wards have been used by many cultures over history. Although each culture/tradition varies in what the wards are made from, their purpose is usually the same.

Mistyck To keep out unwanted entities and things from an area.

Mistyck For those who are familiar with Katherine Kurtz’ Deryni series, you know that she made the wards as black and white dice-like cubes.

Mistyck However, Wards can other things as well. I have seen Wards being made using candles or even pure psi.

Mistyck Wards are usually set at North, South, East and West points of the area you are trying to protect

Mistyck I like to use pure psi as it doesn’t require any prior preparation like having candles on hand, etc.

Mistyck any questions?

Aphanas raises hand…

Mistyck yes Aphanas?

Aphanas Why N, S, E, W on the points of the ward?

Mistyck I like to have it get full coverage and sending the psi to those points first makes it easier for (atleast me) remembering which part of the room I’ve sent the psi to so far

Aphanas Ahh… OK. Makes sense.

Aphanas Why do we use specific points on a ward, but only define the edge boundaries when creating a shield? Are the points merely a focus point to help with the boundaries, or do they have another purpose?

Mistyck They start out as focus points on wards, as you will see as we go thru constructing one.

Aphanas OK, thanks.

Mistyck Many people like to use the symbology of the four archangels: Raphael for East, Gabriel for West, Michael for South and Uriel for North. Many cultures also use Air, Water, Fire and Earth also.

Mistyck One can also stick with just North, South, East, West. I don’t think it makes any difference as long as all four points are covered

Mistyck As with everything we do, grounding and centering are required before you start to set up your wards.

Mistyck I am going to cover what I call the “straight psi” method. This is where you don’t have candles or cubes but need to set up wards rather quickly.

Mistyck Start out by grounding and centering and having a pool of psi gathered in your belly area.

Mistyck Transfer some psi to your palm. You can shape it like a ball if you like.

Mistyck You can also color it if you like.

Mistyck Now turn and face the East. Send the psi in your palm to a point on your eastern wall near the ceiling

Mistyck once you can see/feel the psi at/near your eastern wall, you can turn to the South and do the same.

Mistyck then West and then North.

Mistyck once you are reasonably sure you have the psi on all 4 walls/ceiling, you are ready for the next part.

Mistyck now comes the part that requires focus and concentration.

Jael I have one…does the order make a difference?

Mistyck no, Jael, it doesn’t

Mistyck To make the Wards protect the room/area you need to have it cover the entire room. You can do this by adding some more psi (like a thread) and connecting the 4 major psi areas.

Mistyck once the psi is all connected, you “stretch” it out

Mistyck I do this by pulling gently on the “balls” and making a thin veil that covers the ceiling.

Mistyck depending on how elaborate you want the Wards to be, you can have the veil cover the walls and floor also.

Aphanas If the veil is just covering the ceiling, will it actually only keep things out that try coming in from above?

Mistyck not necessarily. It should protect the entire area (I usually see it as raindrops falling from my ceiling veil protecting the area underneath it)

Aphanas OK, that visual helps. Thanks.

Mistyck however, it is sometimes easier to go ahead and have the veil cover walls and floor also

Mistyck if you have the time that is.

Mistyck you can have this set permanently if you like. It should only require a minimum amount to psi to maintain the ward once it is set.

Mistyck it can also be set “situationally” and dismantled once it is no longer needed or you are no longer going to be in the same area.

Mistyck to dismantle the Ward, you can “pierce” the veil by gently slashing it with your hand and removing it (like pulling back a curtain) or bringing it down by visualizing its disintegration

Aphanas Do we need to program specific effects into the ward area, or is there an inherent “keep *xyz* things out” meaning in the concept of building a ward?

Mistyck I have made mine a generic “keep out things that want to harm me” and some specific “keep out xyz” also. It depends on the situation

Jael I have a question: Is a ward would be the same as a shield, only ‘bound’ to a physical location rather than a person?

Mistyck sort of, except with the ward you can shield more than one person in the area. It can also be outdoors as well as indoors.

Mistyck If outdoors, try to choose the points at certain set intervals (10 feet away and 10 feet above my head, etc.)

Mistyck this is just so they are all at the same distance from you

Mistyck by the way, they don’t necessarily have to be an equal distance but I just find it easier to “weave” the veil if they are

Mistyck then, that is all for today’s class. I hope everyone found it informative

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