Telepathic Projection

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: December 04, 2003 (Thursday)

RainTurtle Topic for this evening is “telepathic projection”

RainTurtle Are there any questions before we start?

Jael I have a couple questions, but I suspect you may answer them as you go.

RainTurtle Jael: go ahead…

Jael (sorry…not written out already)

RainTurtle (It’s a very broad topic, so if there are specific questions, might as well “hear” them at the start 🙂 )

Jael This may be part of the definition, but my question is if telepathic projection is used in things like sermons and singing (similar to empathetic projection).

RainTurtle It can be, but is not always used in those situations

Jael okay. thanks

RainTurtle no problem 🙂

RainTurtle In a nutshell, telepathic projection includes any data psionically Sent from one mind to another

RainTurtle It normally implies deliberate Sending, but projection is done accidentally, too…..quite often by people who don’t even regard telepathy as a possibility

RainTurtle Notice _any data_ sent mind to mind. It includes empathic sending, as well

RainTurtle Therefore, the range of activity under consideration is from Pings and broadcasting, through sending an emotion, to forcing an hallucination or making an illusion

Aphanas raises hand…

RainTurtle And, of course, it also includes the basic Sending….telepathically transmitting verbage

RainTurtle Aphanas?

Aphanas What are some of the more common types of accidental projection?

RainTurtle A regular Joe-on-the-street stewing over the fight he just had with his fiancee will Send out both the anger and humiliation, _and_ an assortment of the words he is saying to himself

Aphanas was wondering about two people having an argument… 🙂

RainTurtle hehe

Jael raises her eyebrows…

RainTurtle That will project, and it is not uncommon for their anger to “feed” off each other, but they are unlikely to be in a state of mnd conducive to catching what the other person is Saying

Aphanas I was also wondering if that’s why women label some guys as “creeps,” unconscious projection on the creep’s part…

RainTurtle *nods* It is so, in at least some cases…..and traditionally, women are “permitted” to act on their intuition more than men are, so it is more “socially acceptable”…..even though, sometimes –frequently even– it isn’t intuition at all. The poor guy just happens to remind the woman’s sub-c of some moron she used to date in high-school

Yumper sucks to be him

Aphanas That makes sense. Any other common unconscious projections?

RainTurtle Any of you remember the morning of 11 September, 2001? Pain and terror –as with most intense feelings and emotions– add oomph to the transmission. Even here, in a different country, I was literally floored by the projections from the unfortunate people trapped in the Towers, and caught up in the chaos below, bless their souls….

Aphanas Yep… I remember that. My whole campus was subdued and projecting shock.

Yumper I also remember, I felt really low

RainTurtle On a less serious note, some people who seem to “enjoy” being sad (or maybe it’s the sympathy they are seeking, more likely)…they spread doom and gloom without even saying a word (and add to it by discussing only depressing stuff)

RainTurtle Some of them are alleged to do the “psychic vampire” thing and pull “energy” from other people’s fields. In a lot of cases though, they are simply projecting empathic impressions

Yumper raises hand

RainTurtle Yumper?

Yumper So if someone walks into a room, and you pick up a different ‘vibe’ from them, they are telepathically projecting?

RainTurtle Yes

Aphanas raises hand…

RainTurtle And, for the record, if you are driving a car, you would hope that none of your passengers are telepaths who have taken a medication known as Gravol….or you’re likely to end up seeing their hallucinations

RainTurtle Aphanas?

Aphanas Erk… on the Gravol part….

Aphanas If it’s someone that you know, how do you tell the difference between them projecting and you unconsciously scanning them?

RainTurtle That depends how much control you have on the activities of your own mind.

Aphanas Heh… so if your skill is rather low, you can’t tell? 🙂

RainTurtle Mess about with different Shield settings, programming to keep things in, sometimes, and sometimes to keep things out. Trial and error

Jael raises hand

Aphanas OK, that makes sense. Thanks.

RainTurtle There is so much overlap among the various psionic modes of perception, professionals can’t always tell the difference between telepathy and clairvoyance….much less subdivisions within telepathy

RainTurtle Jael?

Jael Is it possible for a projection to be at a place rather than from a person?

Jael mm…anchored to a place…

RainTurtle Telepathic equivalent to an answering-machine recording?

RainTurtle Yes, it is possible

Jael Can they be unconsciously placed as well as intentionally placed?

Yumper When My grandpa was in the hospital, I visited him and the entire wing of the place gave off a ‘depression’ vibe

RainTurtle Yes, and often are, most often when intense emotions are involved…I am told, for example, that the rocks from a certain “plaza” in Texas still hold the psychic imprint from Kennedy’s assassination, forty years past

RainTurtle Yumper: *nods* hospitals often have a lot of unhappy emotional imprints

Aphanas Beverly Jaegers used to use those rocks for psychometry…

RainTurtle Yup

Jael okay…that’s impressive…thanks.

Aphanas Or for that matter, visit a homeless shelter… gives off hopelessness in waves. 🙁

RainTurtle 🙁

Aphanas Course the opposite tends to be true for places like wedding chapels… 🙂

RainTurtle Now that we’ve spent a half hour discussing it, having sent our newbie away in sheer boredom, how about we get to the more practical question of “how”

Yumper excellent!

Aphanas Oops… *Aphanas will stay quiet now* :p

RainTurtle lol

RainTurtle Any of you who have taken course with me will be unsurprised that we are going to start with rude gestures

RainTurtle Or, the psionic equivalent thereof

Aphanas lol

Jael lol

RainTurtle I believe all of you have tried the “drawing on the palm of the hand” exercise already? Yes?

Yumper yep

Jael yep 🙂

Mannen Yes.

Aphanas Yep.

RainTurtle (note to anyone reading the logs: check the beginning of the class-series logs)

RainTurtle *shrugs* If we are logging these, might as well cross-reference these things

RainTurtle ehem….that said

RainTurtle You’ve sent a bit of oomph from one finger to the palm. I’d like you to try to do the same with a bit of oomph sent from one shoulder to the opposite palm.

RainTurtle There will be two ways to try this:

RainTurtle 1) tense the shoulder muscles and “pretend” to toss some psi to the palm

RainTurtle 2) send an instruction to the shoulder to “flick” forward, as though trying to dislodge an insect perched there, then over-ride the command before the muscles react. Warning: It will feel weird….but it generally works better than plan a

RainTurtle Try both then report any results (“zilch” is a perfectly acceptable result), or report that you are not taking part

RainTurtle A distance of 30cm/12“ is a reasonable palm-to-shoulder separation, but exact distance doesn’t matter much

Yumper 1 – Felt waves pass through my palm, they didn’t seem to stop or reflect, 2 – stronger sensation felt almost solid

Mannen No results with the first method, as I felt my shoulder more than my palm. Some warmth in the palm with method #2. Still more sensitive in left hand, than right.

RainTurtle Very good

Jael hmmm…the first one seemed to work better for me…just a bit in the hand on the first one, nothing on the second one.

RainTurtle Alright. 🙂

RainTurtle (That’s why we try both….)

Aphanas #2 was easier for me… both seemed to send waves pushing into palm.

Aphanas Sends a shiver up the spine too…

RainTurtle 🙂

RainTurtle Any of you _not_ know what a “one-finger salute” is?

RainTurtle ok…Whichever flick worked better for you, try it again while thinking the sort of things you’d associate with that kind of gesture

RainTurtle Notice any difference in the feel of it?

Yumper That left my hand tingly and warmer

Mannen There’s a difference, but it’s hard to pin-point. Feels a lot warmer, and not as “concentrated on one spot”.

RainTurtle 🙂

Aphanas Mine was actually much colder… and there was a different feeling on impact at the hand. Hard to describe…

Jael It felt stronger, and I could actually feel the second method that way, though it was an extremely vague feeling even then.

RainTurtle Good stuff. Well done, all of you 

Yumper thanks

RainTurtle Now being a most improper mother-hen type, I am going to be so bold as to suggest using that mental gesture next time you feel the urge to say something rude to someone…

RainTurtle Good practice in elementary Sending, and it also helps you keep your cool 😀

Aphanas Heh…

RainTurtle Would any of you be interested in a follow-up class in this topic, same time next week?

Mannen Yes.

Jael *nods*

Aphanas Sure.

Dan would be interested!

RainTurtle Alright. Next week’s seminar, part 2 of this topic, then

Jael raises hand

RainTurtle Jael?

RainTurtle 🙂

Jael Do you have another way of describing the feeling for instructing your brain to move the muscles, but stopping them before they move? I have a hard time getting my brain to do that…

Jael wonders if it’s just practice…

RainTurtle It isn’t as easy as it sounds like it sound be. Try with your hand, first. Hold one of them down, palm downward….

RainTurtle Send the message to curl the fingers, and then send a message to keep them out straight

RainTurtle Try it a few times, and see what happens

Aphanas raises hand…

RainTurtle Aphanas?

Aphanas What exactly does flicking the shoulder like that do? Is it a device to practice and cool off when you’re pissed at someone, or does it also project something to them as well?

RainTurtle It “generates” some psi/oomph (or at least appears to do so), and the movement that was over-ridden is conveyed in the Sending. It may be conveyed rather weakly at this stage, but it’s there

RainTurtle The flicking itself is from video-game usage….the same mental “movement” is used to launch a kind of missile in a couple of flight sims….

RainTurtle (A buddy of mine uses it in some sci-fi writing, too…. :-))

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