Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 16, 2004

RainTurtle Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this week’s psionics seminar.

RainTurtle If you are looking for an RPG, you might want to go to a different channel before you get too freaked out. This seminar concerns real-life psionics, not the gaming sort

RainTurtle That said, I have no intention of “proving psi” nor will I entertain questions on that subject. Deal with it.

Graelb =D

RainTurtle Tonight’s seminar will have a different format than usual. It will be a discussion, rather than a lecture….or perhaps more along the lines of question-and-answer. Even so, please type “ /me raises hand ”

RainTurtle before speaking, so things don’t get too out of hand

RainTurtle As in the main room, fluffiness will get you kicked…although I usually warn first

RainTurtle Questions?

Jael none here

Aphanas *shakes head*

DancingGypsy nope

Nuke no

tohferr nay

Raven none from me

* Dan shakes head negative.

Graelb none here

RainTurtle In itself, Visualisation is not a psionic skill. It _is_ useful for learning psionic skills, however

RainTurtle Visualisation in the strict sense, is calling to mind a visual image….imagining a picture in your mind

RainTurtle More loosely, it is calling to mind sounds, tastes, textures, and smells, as well

RainTurtle One of the more useful purposes for visualisation is to tell your subconscious what you want it to do.

RainTurtle The sub-c doesn’t go in for words, much

RainTurtle Fluffy methods of psionics (and spell-casting, too) tend to rely entirely on visualisation, and give the impression that the visual itself will accomplish your goal

RainTurtle Without oomph behind it, it is “daydreaming”

Dan 🙂

RainTurtle Any questions so far?

Raven none here

* tohferr raises hand

Aphanas None here at the moment.

Graelb None here

DancingGypsy nope

Jael none here yet either

RainTurtle Tohferr?

Nuke nopr

tohferr could this “oomph” be compared to intent in shamanism

RainTurtle “Intent” is part of it, but not all. There needs to be a workable mechanism as well. In psionics, we refer to the mechanism as “psi”, but the actual mechanics are not understood

* tohferr nods

RainTurtle If you are in need of practice of basic visualisation, get a colouring book and some crayons. Pick a picture, and examine it closely. Close your eyes and “see” it in your mind. You might need to pretend to draw it bit by bit.

RainTurtle then add colour to the imagined picture. Colour the real picture, and repeat.

RainTurtle Also, roll a ball across your desk a few times. Watch it carefully. Then close your eyes and imagine that scene.

RainTurtle Ok?

Aphanas *nods*

Dan *nods*

Jael *nods*

DancingGypsy *nods*

Nuke *nods*

Graelb Yeap

tohferr got it

RainTurtle The main idea for tonight was to discuss specific visualisations for specific uses….such as instructing your subconscious to add a “dimmer switch” to an effect

RainTurtle For example, Dan has sometimes suggested using the image of a faucet to limit the amount of “stuff” going through a Shield

Graelb *nods*

RainTurtle If you are familiar with how polarisation works, you can use that visual impression for the same purpose. Or dial indicator and a floodgate…..or a set of switches and lights

RainTurtle You get the idea….

* Dan will brb

RainTurtle Now the question part….are there bits of your workings that are looking for a new approach? Perhaps we can come up with a “visual” to get the idea through to your sub-c

Graelb *raises hand*

RainTurtle Graelb?

* Dan is now known as Dan_Snow

Graelb How about Blocking out or dimming empathic projections from other people?

Dan_Snow The faucet might work there…

Dan_Snow Also, you could try “polarizing” Sunglasses…

Dan_Snow Or Ear-muffs.

* tohferr thought of that^

tohferr also

Graelb *nods*

RainTurtle Also a puffy cocoon outer-layer, perhaps of “cobweb”, in which the incoming signals get stuck

* DancingGypsy raises hand.

RainTurtle Gypsy?

Dan_Snow *nods* Or a Screen door.

Graelb hehe i love them… will have to try ’em out tommorow

RainTurtle 🙂

DancingGypsy I marked a line on my pin wheel and have been counting 100 turns clockwise and 100 turns counter clockwise at each practice, but I can’t get anything else to move (pens, straws, etc)

* tohferr cant even get the pin wheel to move

RainTurtle Hmmmm That might be better served with something other than a visualisation, Gypsy. Try a second pinwheel (not at th same time, just a different one) to get your sub-c used to moving something else. Then a bigger pinwheel, or one made of a different material….

* PSC_Bot hmms too

RainTurtle then try a piece of a straw….nice and light

* tohferr raises hand

RainTurtle Tohferr?

DancingGypsy I tried the different pin wheels, and made them out of different colored paper. And when I couldn’t get the straw to move, I cut a 1 inch piece of straw and can’t get it to move either.

tohferr it is difficult for me to visualize psi. what could be the most effective method?

RainTurtle Gypsy: try pushing it with pulses of “oomph” rather than a stream of it

tohferr i have tried water, light..etc

DancingGypsy ok, will try.

RainTurtle “Most effective” is variable, person to person. Have you tried the “steepled fingers” exercise?

tohferr i have not

RainTurtle Facing away from any light sources if possible, steeple your fingers (the way Mr Burnes does, on _the Simpsons_ when he purrs “Exxxcellent”)…

RainTurtle Watching the point where the fingertips met, slowly move your hands away from each other. Remember to blink though; we don’t want illusions from eye-strain

tohferr hehehe

RainTurtle Admittedly, for some folks, nothing happens at all. But if you see or feel anything between your fingers when you do this, use that was your visual (or tactile) for “psi”

RainTurtle Anyone else have a question?

DancingGypsy Not yet.

* Aphanas raises hand…

RainTurtle Aphanas?

Aphanas I have a comment, and then a question, both on shielding…

Aphanas Comment: If anyone is a fan of the Terminator movies, I’ve found the “liquid metal” image in Terminator 2 useful for creating programming for a self-repairing shield layer.

DancingGypsy Ooh, good idea!

RainTurtle Very clever 🙂

Aphanas Question: I’m looking for a way to build a better shield layer for things that attempt to bypass normal/basic shield layers, or for things trying to move through something other than three-dimensional space to get inside shields (aka – a warping kinds of effect). Sort of a “block everything trying to sneak in” idea. Any imagery suggestions?

RainTurtle This is one of the areas where I’d suggest “polarised sunglass” effects as the first attempt

Aphanas *nods* Polarized to filter anything sneaking in?

RainTurtle If you are “familiar” with Quantum Physics, making one of the Shields in that weird donut shape might help, too

RainTurtle Yes

Aphanas Ooh… good idea. I way playing with creating my own sub-space that couldn’t be reached through, but that didn’t work in testing the other night. 😛

Aphanas Thanks. 🙂

RainTurtle No prob 🙂

RainTurtle Anyone else?

Graelb *blinks* Hehe Donut shape?

DancingGypsy Nope.

tohferr negative

RainTurtle The name of the shape eludes me….it left a couple minutes ago

* Aphanas isn’t thinking of it either…

RainTurtle Torus? something like that

tohferr ^ thats it

Graelb Ahh… i guess i’d need to know more about Quantum Physics to know why that’d help eh?

RainTurtle yes

RainTurtle I suggest Dr Brian Greene’s _The Elegant Universe_….it’s nicely readable

* Jael raises hand

Raven a three dimensional shape spun across a fourth dimension?

RainTurtle Aphanas: you could also try a sci-fi-inspired “incoming-warp scanner” and X-wing fighters to intercept

RainTurtle Jael?

Jael When I practice RV, I tend to get non-physical “general” impressions, and I wouldn’t guess that what I see is anywhere close to what the target actually is. I finally started getting physical impressions, but these tend to be of teeny sections of the pictures…not parts that actually help me identify the image. Any images that will help me not feel like I’m repeatedly beating my sub-c’s head against a wall?

RainTurtle Raven: yes

RainTurtle Not sure that images will help there, other than an imagined ice-pack for the File-Clerk Dude’s head….However,….

Jael hehe

Raven a zooming out effect?

RainTurtle If those are the kinds of impressions you are getting, at this stage, it means you are doing it right

RainTurtle Bear in mind that the pros had/have half a year or more of intense training….it takes time before folks generally get coherent data….just bits and snippets from the picture

RainTurtle Try real-time targets, instead of pictures.

Jael That’s encouraging. I will try zooming away from the picture and see if that helps.

Jael Real time targets?

Jael oh…like a friend’s table with objects set on it, that type of thing?

RainTurtle Instead of a picture of a target…or, more accurately, picture as target….use things, events, and people as targets

Jael Okay. Thanks 🙂

RainTurtle Adjectives are shiny. Avoid nouns

RainTurtle 🙂

* Aphanas has another question…

RainTurtle Go for it 🙂

Aphanas I was also wondering if there was an image that could help when convincing the sub-c to step up your precog accuracy? I’ve tried creating several images to increase accuracy (looking at a past memory from the future, looking at the “pathways” of probability from the present, etc.). Any common mental images for telling the sub-c to increase your precog accuracy?

* tohferr has noticed chess helps with that 🙂

RainTurtle Have you tried using a “television news” image, for that?

Aphanas *shakes head* Hadn’t tried that one.

RainTurtle Visualise the tv, turn it on, have the broadcaster announce the time and date, and read the news with pictures in the backdrop…or going to “on the scene” pics

RainTurtle As with the efficacy of any ability, it will still be limited to what your sub-c can come up with, but your FCD probably still has some data that he hasn’t sent through yet 😉

* tohferr raises hand

DancingGypsy FCD?

Raven File Clerk Dude

DancingGypsy ok

Raven *clerk

RainTurtle FCD = File clerk dude….local slang for the subconscious

RainTurtle Tohferr?

Aphanas Thanks, Rain.

RainTurtle 🙂

tohferr could visualization be effective enough to where one could practice something (for instance, juggling) and see improvement?

Dan_Snow *nods* If you visualize performance CORRECTLY.

tohferr right

RainTurtle Yes. That works. You must pay very careful attention to the details, and repeat it often.

RainTurtle Generally, you’d want to visualise in first person, for that. As opposed to third person, where it looks like you’re watching someone else

* Dan_Snow is now known as Dan

RainTurtle Any other questions?

Aphanas *nods* Seems to also work for related results other than skill improvements (increased physical fitness due to imagining exercises, for instance).

tohferr does it?

RainTurtle This is true. For that one you have to relax your body. don’t let the muscles tense

Jael No more questions here.

tohferr one could actually build muscle mass through visualization??

* Aphanas has yet another followup question… 🙂

RainTurtle Tohferr: yes. In at least one study, the difference between the visualised and “real” exercise was only about 2%

RainTurtle Aphanas?

tohferr ha. who needs a gym…

Aphanas On the TV precog imagery… I’d expect that would work well when actually practicing precog. Would similar “daydream” visualizations work when not practicing (but wanting your sub-c to work on a perspective shift on your precog accuracy)?

RainTurtle It takes time, still, though, Tohferr

* Dan could use one – as long as it came with a couple extra hours in a day…

RainTurtle Aphanas: yes

Aphanas OK, thanks. 🙂

RainTurtle Anyone else? 🙂

Aphanas No more here.

Aphanas Thanks very much for the seminar tonight, Rain. Was very interesting.

RainTurtle Thanks for participating

Dan 🙂

tohferr nice one rain

Raven none from me. thanks for the seminar regn.

Jael Yes, it was very interesting. Thanks 🙂

RainTurtle Thank you all….I think we’ll have to do this sort more often. 🙂

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