Oomph – or Getting results from Psionics (Class 2)

Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: April 24, 2004 (Tuesday)

<BlueSprite> funnel cloud been seen just heard running out of the room

<RainTurtle> thanks, Bester

<BlueSprite> taking lap top but will be afk

<RainTurtle> be well

<Jael> take care

<RainTurtle> Stay safe, ya hear?

<Aphanas> *nods* Stay safe, Sprite

<RainTurtle> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

<RainTurtle> Looking at the list of attendees tonight, I will presume that you are aware of the psionics seminar this evening

*tinny nods


<Aphanas> Yup.

<BlueSprite> ok Im in a “safe location” atm

<BlueSprite> might get cutt off if the power dies

<BlueSprite> *cut

<RainTurtle> As long as you’re safe, “power” is a distantly secondary concern

<BlueSprite> yup Im very safe and underground

<RainTurtle> 🙂

<RainTurtle> Alright, the topic for this evening was listed simply as “Oomph”, to save space on the topic line on the main chatroom

<RainTurtle> The matter at hand is very rudimentary: actually getting stuff to work

<RainTurtle> All too often, the descriptions of “how to do” stuff make it look as though visualisation alone will accomplish a psionic effect

<RainTurtle> Alone, with no other mechanism, visualisation is “daydreaming”

<RainTurtle> I expect you’ve all seen a newbie in a chatroom or message board ask “I tried (insert skill here) and it didn’t work. What was wrong with my visualisation?”

<Dan> *nods*

<Aphanas> *nods*

<RainTurtle> In fact, it’s possible that you yourself asked such a question when you were a newbie. Being a newbie is nothing to be ashamed of, and someone who’d read only some of the instructions, or instructions from certain fanciful sites or books, would be led to believe that visualisation itself will accomplish psionics (or magic of whatever kind, if they got their initial instruction from a fluff-witch site)

<RainTurtle> Can any of you tell me what “psi” is?

<tinny> Psi is energy created in your body, often times seen as a biproduct of the nervous system.

*Sparke raises hand

<BlueSprite> I have a guess, but am not sure of it

<RainTurtle> Tinny: that is one of the models of it

<RainTurtle> Sparke?

*Dan raises hand.

*BlueSprite raises hand

<RainTurtle> (Tinny: good answer, but there is more too it )

<Sparke> Isn’t it the “unknown” force that effects different things in all aspects of life?

<BlueSprite> It is usually the energy which is put off by any body IE living organisms, planets or any other sort of energetic field which can be shared or altered by any other body

<tinny> :p

<Sparke> It took me a while to word that and it still isn’t great (:

<RainTurtle> Not bad, but still not there

<BlueSprite> sorry if I spoke out of turn

<RainTurtle> Dan?

<Dan> Psi is a greek letter.

*Dan has also heard other theories on the psionic aspect of “psi”.

*Jael raises her hand

<Aphanas> lol

<Jael> hehe, Dan

<RainTurtle> BlueSprite: not to worry. I was calling on folks in the order that their initial replies appear on my screen, which is not necessarily the order they appear on yours

<RainTurtle> Dan: quite so

<RainTurtle> Jael?

*BlueSprite raises hand

<Jael> The mechanism that is used when performing things like PK, telepathy, RV, and other “psionic” skills.

<RainTurtle> Jael: yep, that’s it

<Aphanas> Or mechanisms…

<RainTurtle> Blue?

<RainTurtle> Aphanas: quite so

<BlueSprite> Was curious, about the letter Psi, does it have any relation to the phenomena or how it derived its name in any way?

<RainTurtle> Excellent question. Yes, indeed, it does.

<RainTurtle> THe letter was used as a variable, in the mid-20th-century in the USA, to designate whatever mechanism allows pk and telepathy to occur…….

<RainTurtle> The mechanism in question was almost-entirely unknown, but the effects were known to happen (contrary to some claims, the fact of telepathy’s existance was established

<RainTurtle> “Psi” was used as a variable to denote an “unknown”

<RainTurtle> Further “psi” became part of the word “psionics” coined at the time to parallel such terms as “electronics”, to denote the use of that mechanism to produce effects

<RainTurtle> ie, yes there is a direct correlation between the letter and the word

<RainTurtle> Questions?

<tinny> None here

<Aphanas> *shakes head*

<Jael> none here

<BlueSprite> I’ve a question of earlier

<Sparke> Nope, not yet

<RainTurtle> Go ahead…

<BlueSprite> You’d mentioned visualization, how does that work in relation to the use of energy?

<BlueSprite> sorry about my wording

<RainTurtle> Such evidence as we have so far (and it has been under investigation for a considerable time)….

<BlueSprite> what is the mechanism that supports it then? Or that fulfills the other part?

<RainTurtle> ….indicates that the subconscious does most or all of the work in psionic applications, which in part explains why many of the early formal uses of psionics were conducted under hypnosis

<BlueSprite> ah

<RainTurtle> Visualisation is one method to relay the “request for action” to the subconscious in such a way that it can understand the instruction

<RainTurtle> The mechanism is still undetermined, last I heard. And, it may be more than one (almost certainly is). If you can do pk or telepathy with it, it is, in fact, “psi”

<RainTurtle> It is not electromagnetic, as far as current understanding of electromagnatism goes, but shares several characteristics

<RainTurtle> In any case, this brings us to the “meat” of the matter tonight

<RainTurtle> Those of you who wish to participate, and are new to this forum, we have a couple of simple groundrules:

<RainTurtle> 1) if you feel tired or dizzy, or if something hurts, stop doing it

<RainTurtle> 2) snacks are good things, preferably something sugary, and if it has some potassium, even better = Orange juice is your friend

<RainTurtle> Obviously, if you are diabetic, modify #2 according to your needs

*tinny distributes cookies and orange juice to everyone

<BlueSprite> cocacola, cake and cookies present and accounted for :p

<RainTurtle> #3 is related to #1: you are not required to participate in any exercises in any class, with the exception of discussion

<Dan> Broccoli is your friend!

<RainTurtle> Questions?

<tinny> none here

<Jael> *shakes head*

<BlueSprite> In most cases when it can be helped would fruits in general be usefull?

<Aphanas> Not at the moment.

<BlueSprite> Or would they be to much of a simple carbohydrate type thing

<Sparke> No questions

<RainTurtle> Simple carbohydrates are the idea here, because they are digested quickly. Psionic activity can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar. Such sudden drops can be bad

<RainTurtle> Fruit = good

<RainTurtle> Now, that said….

<RainTurtle> Very, very rudimentary exercise to “generate” the kind of psi Tinny was talking about

<RainTurtle> It is a workable model, and one of the easiest to use

<RainTurtle> First of all, please make a fist, with your dominant hand, and observe what it feels like to do so

<RainTurtle> For our purposes, your “dominant” hand is whichever one you wrote with most recently

<RainTurtle> When you have done that, send the same message to your hand, to make a fist, and then immediately send a second message cancelling the first one….so that the hand doesn’t move.

<RainTurtle> Do you notice anything?

<BlueSprite> It seems to gather energy or at least the sensation of it

<BlueSprite> like the heat building up

<tinny> felt a contraction of energy, or.. biofeedbacking of the same feeling I got with a closed fist

<Sparke> I feel some sensations…

<RainTurtle> Alright

<RainTurtle> Now repeat the same thing several times.

<tinny> sensations increasing… neat :p

<RainTurtle> Does it feel like anything is around the forearm? Static electricity, warmth, cold, tingling, or whatever? “No” is a perfectly legitimate answer, by the way

<Dan> No

<tinny> in my wrist, but no, not in my forearm

<BlueSprite> not quite sure to be honest

<Sparke> Actually, yes

<Aphanas> Warm static electricity is probably the closest description for me.

<RainTurtle> Fair enough…..those that do, use the other hand to “push” it downward toward your hand as though you were scraping off cobwebs

<Jael> I do…more in the wrist, but a teeny bit in the forearm.

<RainTurtle> Dan, you too…“pretend” there are cobwebs, there….we already know you can move the stuff around.

<BlueSprite> is the other hand supposed to get tingly as a result?

<BlueSprite> my left is heavy and my right is odd feeling after doint that

<RainTurtle> It might do so, and isn’t a problem, other than the tingling being annoying

<Sparke> It is odd, I keep getting this feeling that I built up the energy to move it, but then stopped so the energy just pooled

<RainTurtle> Once you’ve scraped it off, use both hands to form it into a (sticky) ball.

<BlueSprite> how do I make it sticky? Sorry to bother

<RainTurtle> Blue: it’s the “cobweb” thing. If it isn’t “sticky” it actually doesn’t matter much

<tinny> done

<RainTurtle> 🙂

<RainTurtle> That is one of many versions of the ubiquitous “psiball”…..You can chuck ’em at the wall, to relieve stress

<BlueSprite> think its done

<tinny> to relieve stress :p

<RainTurtle> The sending a “move” command to part of your body, then countermanding it, is one of the basic ways to make the “nervous byproduct” kind of psi

<RainTurtle> When doing a “visualisation” method of psionics, put a bunch of this “cobwebby” stuff into the “daydream”, to give it oomph

<RainTurtle> A similar approach is to use the abs. Tell the abdominal muscles to “crunch” as for a situp, and countermand the movement-order,….repeatedly

<RainTurtle> You’ll get more “oomph” with the abs than with the fist

*tinny raises hand

<RainTurtle> And, it can be sent straight out from there, if you want to send a puff or stream

<Sparke> I feel that already

<RainTurtle> (It will feel like you’ve been doing situps…)

<RainTurtle> Tinny?

<tinny> Is it common for the ball to attempt to draw itself back into your forearm with that method?

<RainTurtle> It isn’t unheard-of. I’m not entirely sure whether “common” is the right word

<BlueSprite> I dont know if Ive over expended myself rapidly so Ive stopped but is it normal for a build up of energy to cause one to feel like they are shaking, or the room they are in is doing that?

*Dan raises hand.

<RainTurtle> because the cobweb stuff can be used to send a Ping or to bop a small object and move it around, it is therefore psi

<RainTurtle> Blue: it means, loosely, that you’ve stripped the available sugars from your blood. Have a snack

<RainTurtle> Dan?

<BlueSprite> am drinking coca cola

<BlueSprite> afk putting head down

<Dan> It sounds like tinny was taking a “bit” of field – thus the “draw back” effect?

<RainTurtle> Blue: real coca cola, rather than diet, I trust? (nutrasweet is worse than useless)

<RainTurtle> Dan: that could be so. With so much of the mechanism unknown it is difficult to prove or disprove why the field pulls it back

<tinny> Dan – what do you mean by field?

<BlueSprite> real of course

<Dan> The body of energy that permiates YOU.

<BlueSprite> and Im feeling much better now

<RainTurtle> Blue: good stuff

*Aphanas raises hand…

<RainTurtle> The field includes heat, and electrical stuff, and psi, and so on

<RainTurtle> Aphanas?

<Aphanas> Think I know the answer to this, but… If one doesn’t collect and use the “cobwebs,” are they generally still there and available for later use, or do they tend dissipate after a while (and would need to be regenerated)?

<RainTurtle> They tend to accumulate in the field for a while, but they eventually dissipate, and apparently degrade into something else

<Aphanas> *nods* Which then requires cleaning…

<RainTurtle> mmhmm

<Aphanas> OK, that’s what I was wanting to make sure. Thanks.

<RainTurtle> The field also picks up other “energetic” stuff, debris and assorted “dirt”…..cleaning the field is a good thing

<Sparke> Cleaning, now that’s good stuff

<RainTurtle> Any other questions?

<BlueSprite> so you scrape the junk into the sticky ball so to say basically?

<Sparke> Not here

<BlueSprite> in cleaning I mean

<tinny> None here

<RainTurtle> (one of the simplest cleaning methods is to shake a rattle around your body, then push psi through the whole thing and ground it to earth)

<RainTurtle> Blue: yep

<RainTurtle> Ah, yes, that is a popular method in some “traditions”

*Aphanas raises hand…

<RainTurtle> You can also make a little “brush” like a horse’s curry comb out of the stuff, and brush out your field. Feels very nice, and neatens the field considerably

<RainTurtle> Aphanas?

*Jael has a somewhat unrelated question

<Aphanas> If one needs to generate a lot of psi quickly, I presume one could do the “fake clenching” method with one’s entire body… is there any part of you that it would be a *bad* idea to generate psi using?

*Aphanas is wondering about the head, specifically…

<RainTurtle> There is some debate on this subject, but to be (relatively) safe, avoid using the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord)

<RainTurtle> ie, avoid the head and spine

<Aphanas> *nods* OK, thanks.

<tinny> Rain – do you mind a PM?

*Sparke raises hand

<RainTurtle> Jael?

<Jael> Do tornados affect psi use? I’ve thought of them as super-big thunderstorms, and don’t normal thunderstorms affect psi use a teeny bit?

<RainTurtle> Tinny: go ahead *shrugs*

<Jael> (rather unrelated…except for where Blue is and his reaction)

<BlueSprite> I have experienced shakeyness for no reason a few other times thought not as bad to be honest

<BlueSprite> while the storm system has been in

<BlueSprite> not shakeyness perse but like I was slightly bouncing up and down on a trampoline

<RainTurtle> I don’t know. I haven’t read any literature about tornadoes specifically, although yes, thunderstorms do affect folk

<RainTurtle> I personnally have experienced a grand total of one tornado, and it was a fairly small one

<BlueSprite> can it cause an unadvertant use of energy or a build of?

<RainTurtle> Sparke?

<Jael> Okay. Thanks.

<BlueSprite> build up

<RainTurtle> The “I don’t know” still stands, Blue

<BlueSprite> kk

<Sparke> Kinda piggybacking off of someone’s question, but I know you said that the shaking that occurs is loosely caused by that sapping of bloods sugar, now is it that the shaking of the hands come from extracting psi, of just holding it in a certain place? I have countless times “drawn” energy, but still experienced the shaking, so I always thought this was a effect of pooling psi

<RainTurtle> Using psi affects the blood chemistry. How severe the effect is, varies with several factors. IF you are shaking, there is probably a problem

<BlueSprite> My body wasnt shaking perse but it was my field of vision that was doing so

<BlueSprite> sort of like I was being bounced around

<RainTurtle> Blue: that definitely sounds like a blood-chemistry issue

<Dan> *nods*

<BlueSprite> probably is, I drank more coca-cola and ate cookies

<RainTurtle> Psionics is a physical activity, with physical consequences

<BlueSprite> I noticed

<Sparke> Well, I have only trembled, but it couldn’t have been because of low blood sugar considering I’m always eating SOME sweet

<BlueSprite> well at least I know Im doing something right

<RainTurtle> Sparke: “always”? Unless you are in the habit of checking your blood sugar regularly, I would not trust such a judgement

<RainTurtle> Any further questions?

<Aphanas> *shakes head* No more here.

<Jael> none here

<tinny> None here

<Sparke> Having a family of diabetics I do check it quite regularly and it is usually a little over normal, but nothing is wrong with me

<RainTurtle> Fair enough…

<RainTurtle> Next week’s seminar topic is “Orgotek Conference”….“messing with electricity”

<RainTurtle> be well, all

*Aphanas notes that always eating some sweet isn’t terribly good practice in a family full of diabetics though…

<Aphanas> Thanks for the seminar, Rain. Twas cool…

<Jael> Thanks for the class, Rain.

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