Rudimentary Healing

Instructor: RainTurtle
Date: March 3, 2007 (Saturday)

<RainTurtle> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

<Aphanas> Evening, Rain.

<Jael> Good evening, Rain

<Jael> Thanks for teaching

<RainTurtle> The topic this evening is rudimentary healing, by psionic means.

<Firestorm> RT: are we talking about healing the physical body, or otherwise?

<RainTurtle> By rudimentary, I mean that only a basic knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is required to avoid mucking things up too badly

<Echo> that’s good

<RainTurtle> *blinks* Yes, of the physical body

<Firestorm> ok

<RainTurtle> Before we start, by way of introduction, I was putting together some notes for the use of someone else, and figured that since I was working out how to explain it anyway, I might as well offer a class in it.

<RainTurtle> This is complicated by the fact that the “someone else” has some skill in psionics.

<RainTurtle> Does anyone here _not_ know how to clean his/her field _and_ produce a construct?

<Echo> ehehe…..

<Kitsune> I think I am good, there

<Echo> I don’t

<Echo> I think I’m good for the constructs

<Echo> but not for the cleaning of the field

<RainTurtle> No worries, Echo. In this case, I will explain the basic field-cleaning first

<RainTurtle> One of the common, and simplest, methods of cleaning the debris from your field is to tense your field around one hand (or both) and run it along your body as though scraping mud off of it.

<RainTurtle> “Tense” = make it more dense….Or, I suppose you could charge it, if you prefer.

<RainTurtle> If your field is particularly messy, you might want to shake a rattle through it first, to break things up.

<RainTurtle> Any questions so far?

<Firestorm> i’m good with the questions

<Jael> no questions here.

<Echo> I have to go

<RainTurtle> be well

<Jael> take care.

<Echo> sorry for wasting your time

<Jael> you weren’t wasting time.

<Echo> Even so

<Jael> The info is on the website as well.

<Echo> k

<Aphanas> No questions here.

<Kitsune> no questions

<Vulcanis> No questions here

<RainTurtle> Alright then…moving right along.

<RainTurtle> Using a Colour Construct to Soothe Pain

<RainTurtle> This is exactly what it sounds like, and is a fairly simple application of psi.

<RainTurtle> It is used primarily for headaches; in fact, this is the approach aught to migraine sufferers for whom drugs do not work or are contraindicated, in a rural hospital in Nova Scotia.

<Firestorm> interesting

<RainTurtle> Length of effect varies from “just while actually doing this” to several hours or longer. The average seems to be roughly twenty minutes.

<RainTurtle> How well it works varies the same way any other treatment does…

<RainTurtle> Pretend that the painful area is red or orange.

<RainTurtle> Usually it is also useful to pretend it is hot or warm, also, but if this makes whatever is hurting hurt more, don’t do it.

<RainTurtle> Make a little ball of psi, to be held in one hand. The exact shape does not matter, but it needs to keep together and be more-or-less round. Pretend that it is blue.

<RainTurtle> You can actually make it blue, if you want to. It does not need to be visible in any way.

<RainTurtle> Add a feeling of “cool and soothing” to it.

<RainTurtle> If you need a concrete example, to bring this sort of feeling to mind, common examples are cool-lukewarm water and a fresh breeze.

<RainTurtle> Put that feeling into the blob of psi.

<RainTurtle> (Same way you program a shape or colour, etc)

<RainTurtle> Hold the blob against the area that hurts, and let the colours mingle.

<RainTurtle> The blue is “Stronger” and will gradually turn the area purple, then blue, taking away all the redness.

<RainTurtle> I often find it helpful to direct the psi-stuff in the glob to circle through the red bits, actively, instead of letting it just expand into the red, the way milk diffuses in water. Try both ways, and see which suits you better.

<RainTurtle> Slight variation: substitute a feeling of gradual numbness, getting rid of the sensation entirely. This can be useful for toothaches, minor injuries, etc. It seems to be easier to do if you can recall actually going numb in some part of your body or another.

<RainTurtle> Questions?

<Vulcanis> nope

<Kitsune> how do we know the difference between psi and biofeedback here?

<Firestorm> good question

<RainTurtle> IF you do this on yourself, it could be biofeedback, and there’s no good way to know for sure.

<RainTurtle> If you do it to someone else, generally it is considered to be psi

<Kitsune> thanks

<RainTurtle> No problem.

<RainTurtle> No further questions? Moving on then….


<RainTurtle> Smoothing the Field

<RainTurtle> Here again, the description is unimaginative.

<RainTurtle> The bioelectrical field/aura/whatever gets prickly and/or dense and/or icky sometimes.

<RainTurtle> Aside from noticing a thick or warm part of the field when doing something else, you may suspect that soothing the field might be helpful if there is an achy, tense, sore, or itchy area of the body.

<RainTurtle> Also, generally feeling unaccountably jumpy or irritable can result from (or at least be symptomatic of) a prickly field.

<RainTurtle> I use this “soothing” for headaches more often than the colour construct method, if I am working on someone else.

<RainTurtle> It is very similar to what the Therapeutic Touch people call “Unruffling the Field”. Similar is to be read as “So close to identical as makes no difference” for the basic version.

<RainTurtle> (The Therapeutic Touch is an excellent book, as long as you bear in mind that the author and her co-developer are Theosophists, which affects their beliefs about how this works.)

<Kitsune> this is how she fixes my headaches. It really really works.


<Kitsune> also it gets me uberchilled.

<RainTurtle> Make the field around your hand more dense. Typically, your dominant hand is used for this, but you can use either hand or both.

<RainTurtle> Tensing the muscles of the hand is often all it takes to get the field dense enough for this purpose.

<RainTurtle> Brush or sweep your hand through the field in the affected area. Sometimes, this is all that is required to clear the blockage/ickiness.

<RainTurtle> More often, you’ll need to push through the area in question, the same way you would when doing a general cleaning of your field.

<RainTurtle> Either way, you will probably feel an urge to shake the stuff off your hands, or to wipe them on something. Doing so will actually help get the stuff off. Washing your hands also works.

<RainTurtle> It should be noted that the brushing and pushing is done quite close to the body. Keep it within four inches or so, for most purposes. If you “feel” that a different distance makes more sense, from time to time, go for it. There is some variation here, too.

<RainTurtle> A particularly dense spot may need several passes before it will break up, even with pretty stiff pushing. Shaking a rattle through it will help to break up the denseness, making the cleaning easier to accomplish.

<RainTurtle> Occasionally, you may find that it is necessary to pull stuff loose. Hook a finger underneath the stuff and carefully dislodge any tendrils, then pull it off.

<RainTurtle> Any questions?

<Aphanas> None here.

<RainTurtle> *is reminded of the high-school teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off* “Anyone? Anyone?”

<Kitsune> no questions, sorry

<Jael> *shakes head* none here.

<Firestorm> nothing from my end

<RainTurtle> Okay then…continuing on…

<RainTurtle> Running Energy Through Something

<RainTurtle> Do you detect a pattern here in the naming of procedures…?


<Kitsune> yes, yes I do

<RainTurtle> Running psi-stuff through the affected area is handy for such problems as the cramping that can result from lactose intolerance or a sorbitol allergy (mild, obviously…the allergy, that is, not the pain). It provides temporary relief in cases like that, and we’ll use that as an example here.

<RainTurtle> Put your hands on either side of the person’s body, with your dominant hand in front of the torso and your off hand behind his shoulders, for pain above the stomach. For problems further along the digestive system, put your dominant hand in front of the hips and your off hand behind the small of the back.

<RainTurtle> Push a stream of psi-stuff from your dominant hand, through the person’s body, and back into your off hand. Hold onto the intention to heal/soothe/comfort while doing so. It will generally seem like there is a loop going out one hand into the other, and around your shoulders. Stop every few minutes to ground and clean your own field.

<RainTurtle> Kit and Jael have done this to good effect, also, by the way.

<RainTurtle> It isn’t Jael’s usual method, by any means

<RainTurtle> Any questions?

<Kitsune> no. But this totally works on me too, and that is awesome.

<Jael> (it is extremely useful though, when needing something quick and simple)

<Kitsune> (I like it when things remove pain)

<RainTurtle> It also works on plants.

<Jael> Are there any cautions for this type of healing?

<RainTurtle> This one? As long as you’re just using it for relief of pain and such, it is reasonably safe.

<RainTurtle> If you use it to re-knit bones, and fix lacerations, and such, you need to know what the various parts are supposed to be like, in considerable detail,

<Firestorm> it could, in theory, be used for those other purposes?

<RainTurtle> which is why a solid grounding in Anatomy and Physiology is required to do serious healings safely.

<RainTurtle> Yes, FS, it has been used for such things.

<RainTurtle> Likewise, the colour construct thing can be used for more serious purposes. But it is easy to mess up. For example, making “healing/growing/green/happy” constructs to hold against a tumour to “cure” cancer tends to make the tumour grow faster

<RainTurtle> By the way, I am being reminded that Aphanas also does the running-psi-through-things thing.

<Jael> (*nods* He took away my headaches for years.)

<RainTurtle> The usual warnings apply to these workings as to any others, of course. If you feel faint, light-headed, sick, heart-pounding, et al, stop and have a snack

<RainTurtle> Any other questions?

<RainTurtle> (Apparently, beer can produce the same effects…)

<Vulcanis> rofl

<Kitsune> do you have to change anything to knit bones etc with this stuff, or does it just need more, you know… oomph?

<Solet> beer can produce the same effects as a snack or as aforementioned burnout?

<Solet> XD

<RainTurtle> It takes a decent amount of oomph, but not necessarily more than the above use requires

<RainTurtle> (Solet: as the aforementioned burnout)

<Kitsune> oh, ok

<RainTurtle> Generally, for knitting bones and such, visualizing the proper structure is useful as a sort of template for your “oomph”.

<RainTurtle> There are other approaches, of course/

<RainTurtle> If there are no further questions, I think we will call it a night.

<RainTurtle> Good evening, all.

<Kitsune> byes

<Jael> Thanks much for teaching, Rain

<Kitsune> ty

<Vulcanis> have fun, raine

<Aphanas> Thanks, Rain. Have a good night.

<Vulcanis> rain*

<RainTurtle> you’re welcome.

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