Instructor: Rainsong
Date: October 24, 2009 (Saturday)

Rainsong Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Aphanas Evening, Rain.

Rainsong Welcome to the Psionic Social Club seminar series. We will be discussing real-world psionics, rather than a role-playing game…

Rainsong …so, if you came here seeking an RPG, you might want to wander elsewhere before you get too weirded out.

Rainsong glances around the room

Rainsong Nah, none of you would get too weirded out.

Rainsong As mentioned in the room’s topic line (which you may or may not be able to see, depending on your chat client thing), tonight we will be looking at a topic that involves psiwheels.

Rainsong I am presuming that you are all familiar with psiwheels. If not, please let me know.

Rainsong For our purposes tonight, the term includes the paper origami waterbomb-base on a thumbtack, the short length of drinking straw on a sewing needle, various foil-on-pin contraptions, and any of the commercial psiwheels and energy wheels available.

Rainsong Yes, there are commercial psiwheels for sale. Some of them run $80 a pop.

Rainsong As usual for a hands-on seminar, you are free to participate or not, as you like. If you will be trying tonight’s approach, you will need a psiwheel and a snack.

Rainsong Tonight we are going to take a look at an approach for psychokinesis, based loosely on some comments made by G. Harry Stine in his “Mind Machines You Can Build” book.

Rainsong pp 61-82

Rainsong Top of the Mountain Publishing, Largo, Florida. 1992

Rainsong An excellent book, by the way. If you come across it in the library, or at a reasonable price second-hand, do give it a read.

Rainsong It is not currently in print, as far as I can tell.

Rainsong Are there any questions so far?

Raven None from me.

ShadowRain nope

thais no

Aphanas *shakes head*

Rainsong Alright…For those of you familiar with energy work already, feel free to adapt this to your own style, as always.

Rainsong That said, this one acts a little oddly, so you might like to give it a try as described at least once or twice.

Rainsong First pick a hand. I’d suggest the hand you generally write with.

Rainsong Send energy/oomph to the hand, and to specific spots in the hand….alternating between heel of the hand and the front of the knuckles. Swish it back and forth.

Rainsong Some of you might even feel something similar to water sloshing back and forth in a bucket… At least, that’s the sensation I get.

Rainsong (Front of knuckles = the bumps on the inside/palm-side of the hand, at the base of the fingers.)

Rainsong Please let me know when you are ready to continue.

thais ready

ShadowRain ready

Aphanas Good here.

Raven *nods*

Rainsong To anyone giving it a try: did you feel/see/grok anything? (And as always, “no” is a perfectly valid answer).

thais yes

ShadowRain Just the usual feeling of energy moving.

thais The same

Rainsong Alright. Good stuff.

Rainsong The next step, is to move that hand relatively close to your psiwheel and move the energy/oomph in much the same way. Aim at one of the corners; and let some of the oomph spill out of your hand and against the corner/end.

Rainsong Not trying to rush anyone, no hurry, but once you are ready to continue, let me know.

ShadowRain is ready

Aphanas Ready here.

thais Don’t wait on me.

Rainsong Not to worry.

thais Just gonna read from here on out.

Rainsong Are there any comments or questions?

thais no

ShadowRain no

Raven nope

Aphanas Only observation I have is that the actual energy movement seems less important to me than the rhythm for the “sloshing” or oscillating. I have a particular little trick I use to get past an internal barrier of sorts with PK, and it involves pulsing energy/attention in a rhythm at the target. (cont.)

Aphanas This method seems to reinforce the rhythmic pattern, and thus it helps, but only as much as any other method of setting that rhythm. It doesn’t seem to matter how I move the energy, as long as it’s in the right timing. So… method does work, but by reinforcing a timing for attention/energy focus, in my case.

Rainsong Nifty. (He’s sitting right beside me, and I can stand witness to the fact that he had the thing moving.)

Rainsong I found, when I’ve been experimenting with this, that oomph was only moving while the actual sloshing sensation was present, and not otherwise. I would be surprised if everyone’s experience were identical, however.

Rainsong Mr. Stine commented that he didn’t think it would work on a round psiwheel, because he was reasonably confident that the corners were important for whatever process was going on.

thais Interesting

Rainsong So, of course, I tried it on a round psiwheel. The round psiwheel spun, slower than a smaller square, and faster than a bigger one.

Rainsong By making one “end” of the slosh (heel vs knuckle) a little stronger than the other, you can determine which direction the wheel will turn…or stop a radiometer.

*ShadowRain has a question

Rainsong ShadowRain?

ShadowRain Does oomph == energy? Or some other concept?

Rainsong Hmmm. Excellent question.

Rainsong Energy = the capacity to do work. Work = ….force times distance, I think?

Rainsong “Oomph” is whatever “psi” is. Most of us often think of it in terms of “energy”, but it has not yet really been determined what it actually _is_.

ShadowRain *nods* ok.

ShadowRain That’s basically what I was asking anyway.

Rainsong Sometimes it acts like a fluid/liquid/plasma. Sometimes it doesn’t. And, it doesn’t act _quite_ like any of the normal Physics bits.

Raven The physics bit doesn’t act quite like the physics bits most of the time.

Rainsong But yes, you can replace the word “oomph” with “energy” or “psi”, and it would be the same description.

Rainsong Raven: good point.

Rainsong Any other questions or commentary?

thais negatory

Aphanas None here, at the moment.

Raven not from me

thais I sort of do, but I don’t understand what other people say about PK enough to rephrase it.

thais The science-based people say it is changing probabilities or some such.

thais It’s confusing.

Raven That’d be microPK I believe.

thais What is the difference?

Raven PK affects things you can observe, microPK requires statistics to “observe”.

Rainsong For those who might be interested, Mr. Stine is very much a science-based guy. He is an engineer who had been working at White Sands Testing Grounds when he was doing his research for his book as a hobby.

Rainsong In any case, the question of “what PK is” and how it works and what makes it happen is very much of interest to many science people and to many engineers. Both micro and macro are of interest, because both can affect computers.

Rainsong The more delicate and/or advanced the computer, the more easily it is affected.

thais Do micro and macro affect them in different ways?

* thais is still trying to grok the difference

Rainsong Yes. Or at least, it appears that they do. The same end-result _can_ happen, but it appears to get there different ways, triggered by different things.

Rainsong For some purposes, it doesn’t matter, other than the fact that the thing happens.

Rainsong For others (such as preventing a pilot from accidentally killing the computers in his cockpit), the type matters, because the cause is important.

thais I have seen the online pk games, those are micro?

Rainsong Most of the online PK games are micro, yes.

thais And healing?

thais I mean the pk aspects of healing… are they one or the other?

Rainsong For healing, again, it depends on the method used. You _can_ get the same results with both.

thais Urgh. I am too dense, I guess.

Rainsong But some types of things favor the one or the other. For example, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki would tend to be on the micro side.

Rainsong Quantum Touch might be, but sometimes also wanders into macro.

thais Those are pk? O_O

Rainsong When put to some purposes, yes.

thais Oh, ok.

Rainsong If it causes a physical change (as QT usually does) it would be PK.

thais Ok.

thais If it’s observable, macro?

Rainsong Pretty much, yes.

thais Observable includes imaging, lab test results?

Rainsong If it is observable without needing to resort to statistical analysis, basically.

thais 🙂 I think I may be understanding a little better.

Rainsong Yep, includes lab results, such as blood counts, pH, electrolytes, bone structure/condition.

Rainsong 🙂

thais Yay, it’s starting to make sense.

Rainsong Pain relief and the like is a little trickier to quantify.

thais Right. May or may not be due to physical change.

Rainsong And, it is not necessarily PK, in any case, as it is possible to block pain using mental techniques which would be closer to telepathy…

Rainsong Exactly.

thais *nods*

thais thanks for class Rainsong

Rainsong thanks for participating

Rainsong be well

Aphanas Thanks, Rain.

ShadowRain thank you Rainsong 🙂

Rainsong Thank you 🙂

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