Welcome to our new blog, here at the Psionic Social Club

In case you didn’t come here via the website or chatroom, please allow me to introduce ourselves. We’re an online social club, consisting of various hobbyist-parapsychology types.

Curious folks trying to figure out what “psionics” means, and even gamers looking for a campaign are welcome. You’ll find that many of us are gamers, too. That said, this is a real-world psionics site, rather than a gaming site. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to tell the difference at first glance, I find.

Sceptics are welcome, too. In fact, discussions about scepticism are encouraged, both in terms of philosophy and practical “non-proven” issues.

The social club has been around for several years, and we’ve acquired a bit of a reputation for not being fluff-friendly. Let me reassure you that “newbie” does not mean “fluffy.” Generally, a fluff-bunny is someone who clearly has no clue, but pretends to be an expert, to the point of being stupid about it.

Newbies are welcome. Fluffs are not.

There’s usually a chat going on in our IRC chatroom (#psionic_social_club) on the Otherworlders server on Saturday nights. Times are stated using New York City as the location, because that is an easy time-zone conversion to find online. Sometimes, there are chats at other times during the week. The general chat topics include but are not limited to psionics and parapsychology, politics, world events, video games, Ren Faires, cooking, books, cats, and the lolcat website. Hence “social club”, not “research centre.” We also have an annex chatroom (#psc_annex) for classes, seminars, and psionics practice/games.

Our main website is here. We have an assortment of articles, logs, book reviews, links, and so on, as would be expected of a psionics website.

The idea here, for our blog, is to have little check-ins, notes, short how-tos, and reviews of sites and books, in addition to the occasional rant or commentary. In other words, it’s a blog. If it is something that could be an article or seminar, its shorter form might end up here. As a result, some of the folks who do not like the length or complexity of our essays might prefer the blog.

I was joking with Raven and Jael about intending to keep this up more regularly than my class-log postings. That’s a pretty low bar, of course. The class-logs are something like two years behind at this point.

Who’ll be posting? Not just me. This is the “Psionic Social Club” blog, not the “Rainsong” blog. Various of the site moderators will toss in blog posts as the mood strikes them.

Comments are welcome, of course, but please keep it PG-13. There are minors who frequent this site.

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