ARV and/or Pendling Lottery Experiment?

I’m on a number of email lists of various states of inactivity. A week or two back, an email came in on one of these, from Paul Smith, PhD. Yes, that Paul Smith.

He’s cool.

Anyway, he and some other folks down in Texas were going to try a little experiment in ARV (Associate Remote Viewing). The idea was that all the participants were going to try to predict the winning numbers for a specific lottery in the Lone Star State, and then everybody would buy tickets based on the numbers that came up most often in everybody’s results.

The basic concept has been done before with various degrees of success ranging from “none” to “pretty good.” It is likely to be done again.

…which brings me to the topic of today’s post.

Summer is the slow season here at the social club (or Winter, if you’re down South). But for those who are around this coming month or so, is anyone interested in a similar project here?

If so, leave a comment below.

I can set up the targets, and provide feedback for the ARV folks. Pendling is another option, either the long way or with a chart.

Because of how scattered we are, geographically, there would need to be several sub-projects. We have a couple of national lottery-type games here in Canada, but those are restricted to people who live in this country. If you’re interested but live outside Canada, please suggest a suitable lottery for your area, along with the days on which it runs.

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