Book Review: The Psionic Generator Pattern Book

This one is a cut-and-paste book of fun psionic toys to play with. It is long since out of print, but is sometimes found on eBay and from other used-book sellers. If you find a copy and it is selling for a reasonable price, you’ll want to buy it.

The book is printed on heavy paper, with the intention that the reader will cut out the shapes and assemble the various devices. They are great fun to play with, and they make a nice change from the now-ubiquitous psiwheel. There is also a text section with quite a bit of interesting information about dowsing, speculation about the nature of psi, and some historical documentation.

This is not a fashion how-to book for Psion Guild members. 🙂

Title: The Psionic Generator Pattern Book
Author: John P. Boyle
Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Year: 1975
ISBN: 0-13-736975-1
Binding: workbook printed on thick paper

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