Book Review: Energy Medicine

We’ll start with the nutshell version: buy, read, and study this book.


Unlike many energy-healing textbooks, this one goes into considerable detail about how to clean, maintain, and repair your field. There are several approaches, and some of them look as stupid as any other psionic healing does. (Ever watch someone rattle his or her field, and then scrape the debris off? Does that look like an activity that any sane adult would admit to?)

Most of the instructions are very close to idiot-proof, which is useful, and the illustrations fill in most of the remaining blanks.

Many, but not all, of the methods in Energy Medicine are connected to the points and meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Don’t panic, though. She explains them pretty well, and there are helpful pictures to point out where the points and meridians are. Therefore, you don’t need to be familiar with the meridian system to use this book.

In fact, you could use this book with no prior exposure of any kind to any sort of energy work. The first edition was written with the presumption that the reader had never encountered energy work before. And in 1998, that was a reasonable assumption for readers in many parts of the world.

Aside from its thorough treatment of field hygiene, this book has useful things to do about the sorts of illnesses which seem to plague psionicists particularly (weird immune disorders, chronic fatigue, etc).

Title: Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality
Author: Donna Eden, with David Feinstein
Publisher: Jeremy P. Tarcher / Penguin
City: NewYork
Year: 1998, updated 2008
ISBN – 10: 1585426504
ISBN – 13: 978-1585426508
Available as trade paperback and as ebook (Kindle, at least)

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