A Warning

Yes, I know…it’s been pretty bare here, lately.

Today, there’s just a quick note: if you have kidney problems, be extra careful in watching for any untoward symptoms while you’re practicing.

One of the things that they tell people on dialysis is to limit potassium intake as much as possible. The kidneys are pretty heavily involved in regulating blood levels of potassium, to keep said levels from going too high.

Why do you care if they get too high? Potassium is lethal in high doses.

Lethal –> Deadness

Deadness = Unshiny

One of several useful kidney-related links is: http://dpc.convio.net/site/DocServer/potassiumarticle060717_000.pdf?docID=202

Does this mean that everyone with kidney issues needs to be extra-careful? Probably. It’s not that different from the extra care required if you have diabetes.

Does this mean that everyone with kidney issues needs to avoid extra potassium in his/her diet? Probably not. In fact, sometimes folks with kidney problems need to add more potassium to their diets. The opposite problem is simply more common.

If you have kidney problems, or anything other health issues that affect your metabolism or biochemical balances, you might want to consider checking with your friendly neighbourhood health-care professional concerning the safety of your practices and the types of snacks that are safest for re-fueling afterward.

Be well.

(No, I’m not on dialysis. How did I come across this bit today? That’s a longer story.)

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