The Usual Disclaimers

As you know, we have a seminar in the #psc_annex chatroom on most Saturdays at 6:30pm New York time. I’m not actually in New York, by the way, but that’s an easy city to find the current time for, on practically any online time-zone checker.

Most seminars start with something like:

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another psionics seminar here at the social club annex. The usual disclaimers apply.”

For those who are interested, and who haven’t been around since the beginning of PsiPog, these are the “usual disclaimers” for our online classes:

  • Yes, we are discussing real-world psionics;
  • Yes, quite a few of us are gamers, but that is not relevant to this class;
  • No, we won’t be debating whether or not “psi” is real, but feel free to do so in the main chatroom or after class;
  • No, this isn’t a channel aimed at children. The average age of the regulars in the group is somewhere in the 25-40 range…teenagers are permitted, but please do not reveal your legal name or location more precisely than country _or_ time zone: This room is open to the public, most of the seminars are posted on the website, and there are some dangerous people out there;
  • Yes, you are welcome to be here even if you’d never even heard of “psionics” before tonight (much less have any experience in it) as long as you act in a reasonably polite manner; and
  • No, you are not required to do any of the activities at any time during class (you’re welcome to, but anyone can sit out at any time for any reason).
  • Yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah blah.

Sometimes, there’s a “closed” series of classes. These have a registration before the beginning of the series of classes, and generally no-one is added once it starts. This is for convenience: each successive class builds on the one before, and this avoids the necessity of repeating stuff before continuing on. We haven’t done one of those in a while, and they probably wouldn’t be scheduled in the usual Saturday-evening slot.

Clear as mud, eh?

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