Stone Tower Shields, and About Shielding Generally

Psionic Shielding is the practice of constructing defenses with psi-stuff.

The defenses in question can counter several different kinds of threats.

* Empathic overload is a common one.

* Shielding can also be set up to defend against psychic attacks. Such things are not very common, outside of sparring sessions, but when they happen they are not fun at all.

* Basic Shielding can even help to keep you from being upset or stressed by the thoughts and emotions of other people around you. This is surprisingly useful when doing public speaking, writing (sitting for) exams at school, and speaking up at meetings at work.

* Telepaths do not need to be told what Shielding is for, once they encounter the concept: other people’s thoughts are loud and chaotic.

* If you mess up electronics, Shielding can even help stop or control that.

* Shields can be placed around objects, such as houses, also.

These are just a smattering of the endless possibilities.

Why would such things be important? Here again, empaths and telepaths don’t need much imagination to figure this out, although many empaths are reluctant to use any defenses. They and various kinds of healers will find it easier to maintain their own health and sense of self if they are not being constantly bombarded and flooded by other people’s feelings, sensations, and symptoms.

Shielding is a fairly basic skill, and any competent energy worker should be familiar with a couple methods of defense. In fact, even if you’re “head-blind” (unable to perceive incoming psychic data), if you value your privacy, Shielding is not a bad idea.

This brings us to the “how to do it” stage. Most websites and books on psychic development, psionics, radionics, and/or magic tend to have a section on Shields of some kind. Most types are usable, with some kinds being more effective for some purposes than others. Also, there’s a pretty broad range of difficulty.

In this post, we’re looking at a simple but time-consuming method. It doesn’t take much in the way of strength. Concentration is required, but nothing too intense. And, best of all, there is very little skill needed. All these factors make the Stone-Tower Shield a great choice to start with.

A well-made Stone Tower is pretty strong, and is especially good for basic anti-flooding defenses. By “flooding,” in this context, I mean the empathic and telepathic kinds, not the literal water types. If you want to hold back water you need a force-bubble, which uses PK, and I’ve never seen it used against more water than perhaps a gallon or two.

To make a Stone Tower, close your eyes and concentrate on building an imaginary wall around yourself. Make the wall out of bricks or stone, with or without mortar. For most people, “with mortar” is better. Picture each rock or brick individually, and carefully place each one. It is useful to make some clear (plexiglass?) bricks or stones to position in front of your face. Expect it to take ten minutes or more –possibly 45 or more—to make the basic tower around you. Close off the top with an arch. It is a nice, strong shape for the roof. Tell it to stay put for a set amount of time, and then let it sit. Observe what –if anything- you feel.

Each brick or stone is likely to take ten or twenty seconds to put together and place. It isn’t unheard-of to take a few minutes per brick. Don’t worry about being slow. The “building” part is crucial to this Shield, so don’t take short-cuts.

Some people find it a little “claustrophobic.” It often feels close or stuffy…and very, very quiet.

Hint: if you are using imaginary bricks, it takes less skill to use the rounded decorative bricks made for garden borders than to place regular bricks correctly.

If you’re not concerned about it falling over or being damaged, you can modify this Shield to be just a filter. This variation is slightly more complicated, in that you need to concentrate on what and how it will filter. Instead of bricks, imagine making a frame of sticks, lumber, PVC tubes or the like, and drape imaginary screening around the frame. If you are “filtering out” electrical interference, I expect that copper screen would be the imaginary material of choice. For just random debris at the mall, mosquito netting is fine. This one should be faster to build than the stone construction.

Try it and compare the results.

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