Telepathic Pulse-Sending & Force-Bubbles

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 7, 2015 (Saturday)

<Lionell> I’ve been toying with PK lately

<Lionell> it’s not work

<Lionell> *working

<Lionell> the “program the shell to push out” part, either I don’t understand it properly or I’m doing it wrong

<Lionell> or both

<Rainsong> Many people find that it takes time to get it to work, even if they _are_ doing it “right”.

<Rainsong> I imagine that it would be difficult to evaluate if you have trouble feeling the construct that is the base for the project.

<Lionell> I’m not sure I exactly have trouble feeling the construct

<Lionell> I can usually feel my constructs

<Lionell> I can definitely sap energy or let energy flow to them

<Lionell> it’s like them being in a certain place not in our geometry, but that I can remember as a specific direction

<Rainsong> Fair enough.

<Rainsong> How much “oomph” are you putting into them? And how big are you making them at this point? (them = force-bubbles)

<Lionell> oomph, as much as I can, quantifying energy is difficult

<Lionell> since it doesn’t really seem to obey conservation of energy either

<Lionell> how big, I’ve tried pea-sized and rugby-ball sized

<Lionell> and two or three things in between

<Rainsong> Hmm. Next time you make one rugby-ball-size,… once you’ve got it constructed, try condensing it down to a ping-pong ball as though you were packing a snowball, and keep concentrating on making it push back against your hands while you do so

<Lionell> the push-back should be done while filling it

<Lionell> ?

<Lionell> also, how do I involve the innards? Somehow it always seems like only the edges really do anything, the rest just flows inside

<Rainsong> Yes. But also through the whole procedure.

<Lionell> is this just conceptual issue that I have to visualize away?

<Lionell> ah

<Rainsong> The middle can be hollow. Just make a thick shell.

<Rainsong> Having the middle just flowing around is fine, too.

<Lionell> ok

<Lionell> so it should push back but not become bigger?

<Rainsong> Yes.


<Lionell> I mean, if it pushes back and there’s nothing, it should become bigger, else it’s countering its own force

<Lionell> no?

<Rainsong> It’s alright if pushing on it makes a temporary “dent”, too

<Lionell> ah

<Lionell> so I can make it not push back, and only if dented?

<Rainsong> Do you know what baliistic gelatine is?

<Rainsong> Ballistic, rather

<Rainsong> If there’s “nothing”, the bubble doesn’t push. It only pushes in response to a contact with it.

<Lionell> ah

<Lionell> ok

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<Rainsong> wb

<Rainsong> vilkommen tilbaka

<Rainsong> Is anyone interested in a seminar tonight?

<Lionell> sure

<Rainsong> Any further questions about force bubbles, or would you like a different topic?

<Lionell> I don’t really have a particular topic atm, I know what I need to practice

<Lionell> so if anyone else has any kind of wish, I’ll let them take precedence here

<Rainsong> Not sure that anyone other than you, ShadowRain, and me are active in here at the moment.

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<Rainsong> Hi, Excentric

<Rainsong> I could pull a semi-random topic out of one of my handy-dandy notebooks of lesson-plans, if nobody has a topic in mind.

<ShadowRain> (hi Excentric )

<Excentric> Hey you two :).

<Rainsong> ALright, random lesson plan it is.

<Rainsong> (How are you doing, Excentric?)

<Excentric> (I’m doing good, how are you?)

<Rainsong> (Doing alright here, thanks.)

<Rainsong> And our topic is….

<Rainsong> “Sending Information in a Psiball”

<Rainsong> Obviously, this is an application of telepathy.

<Rainsong> As usual, the first thing to do is to decide precisely what you want to send…

<Rainsong> That is to say, figure out what you want to convey and whether you want it conveyed in words…and if so, whether in your voice, the recipient’s voice, as printed words, or whatever,…

<Rainsong> …whether you want any emotions or sensory data sent along with it, or indeed whether the emotions or sensory data _are_ the information

<Rainsong> You also need to decide whether you want the recipient to know they received it

<Rainsong> It is generally easier for the recipient if you include the deliberate instruction to hear the sent stuff consciously.

<Rainsong> Any questions or comments, so far?

<Lionell> what happens if you omit this stuff?

<Lionell> can you spoof the sender?

<Rainsong> I

<Rainsong> I’m not sure what “spoof the sender” means

<Lionell> can I send a message to ShadowRain in such a way to make him/her think it’s from you, including psionically?

<Lionell> (aka no backtrace or any such thing)

<Rainsong> Yes, if you’re good enough. She’s experienced enough that I think you’d need to be very good indeed.

<Lionell> right, so it scales with experience

<Rainsong> It’s also possible to “hack” someone else’s communications, and redirect or corrupt/alter them.

<Rainsong> It does, yes.

<Lionell> ok

<Lionell> last question, how ..receptive does the receiver have to be?

<Lionell> especially if one can send messages without them knowing i

<Lionell> t

<Rainsong> A fun variation of “guess the fruit” is to deliberately “hack” the sending.

<Lionell> wait brb

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<Rainsong> wb

<ShadowRain> oh sorry was away for a minute

<Rainsong> there are many variables that influence the answer to how sensitive the receiver has to be… Obviously, the more receptive the more likely detailed data will be picked up accurately and consciously. At close range and with emotion being used as a booster, the majority of people can pick up at least very basic data, but may have trouble interpreting it.

<Rainsong> There are studies in which the receiver’s body responds to a sending without the receiver being consciously aware.

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<Lionell> yeah I’ve heard of them

<Lionell> one is famous because two experimenters got different results

<Lionell> with the same setup, subjects and protocols

<Rainsong> (As to your earlier, “what if you omit these things” question, the more of them you omit, the less likely you’ll have a successful Sending.)

<Rainsong> *nods*

<Rainsong> ANy other questions, comments, and so on before we proceed?

<ShadowRain> comment

<Rainsong> mmhmm?

<ShadowRain> there can be a bit of a trace of you even if you’re *involved* with the message, like if you ask someone else to send something…so good luck with truly spoofing unless you’ve got a lot of practice/skill :p

<ShadowRain> (@lionell)

<Lionell> ok

<Rainsong> True enough, but it still can be done. 😀

<ShadowRain> hehe yeah

<Rainsong> True, rather.

<Rainsong> For people who are fond of somewhat evil practical jokes, it’s also possible to impersonate a “spirit” at one of those seance/medium/talking-to-the-dead performances.

Rainsong whistles innocently

<ShadowRain> xD

<Lionell> I see the possibilities

<Rainsong> Can also confuse a public speaker, cause someone’s emotional response to change, and so on. (The emotional change thing can be useful if you need to deal with a panicked horse, for example.)

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<Rainsong> wb

<Excentric> ty 🙂

<Rainsong> So, having figured out what you want to send…

<Rainsong> Focus on this intention, and construct a psiball while _also_ concentrating on the block of information (“block” as in “bunch”, “body”, “set”…) you want to send, thus imprinting the energy-stuff that makes up the construct

<Rainsong> Lock the information within the psiball with instructions to release only when it has contacted your intended recipient. (DO you notice a similarity to the programming for a force-bubble here?)

<Rainsong> Release the psiball from your grip, and float/toss/otherwise-convey the construct to the recipient.

<Rainsong> For most purposes, you want the ball to splat into or melt into the person’s field.

<Rainsong> Questions? Commentary?

<Lionell> does it matter where in the field?

<Rainsong> For standard purposes, no. If you really want it to be easy to interpret, it seems to be easiest to pick up on the front of the body or around the head, for many people.

<Rainsong> If you’re trying to be sneaky, the lower back is a good target.

<Rainsong> If memory serves, some of the Guild folk favour the tummy for emotional stuff. (I recall a fun exercise with Muffin, using that approach)

<Rainsong> Any other questions or comments?

<Lionell> how easy is it to train to do reliably?

<Rainsong> Presuming you have some practice partners of unknown aptitude, it seems to be one of the easier psionic abilities to learn. I believe that the Russian-style pulse-sending is *probably* easier to get reliable results quickly

<Lionell> more elaboration on that russian-style pulse-sending?

<Rainsong> Here again, choose your recipient and a short message.

<Rainsong> And when I say “short”, I mean 1-3 syllables. Single words, basically.

<Rainsong> Time your pulse. It’s easy to find at your carotid artery in your neck, for example.

<Rainsong> (Also choose an emotion, and fake it)

<Rainsong> Puff out some psi-stuff with each pulse, while thinking the word and concentrating on sending it to your recipient-person. Repeat in time with the pulse for 30 seconds to a minute.

<Rainsong> We (or many of us, anyway) refer to it as “Russian-style” in this community, because it is one of the things described in “Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain” as a Russian research method. It is described as being used for experimental communications with submarines under ice.

<Rainsong> (There are also some slightly more reliable documents that back up the claim about the research.)

<Rainsong> Questions? Commentary?

<Rainsong> (Being able to communicate with a sub under the ice, without the boat needing to surface, is a *huge* technical advantage for whichever navy can do it…. no matter how short and primitive the messages)

<Lionell> yeah, if it can be done reliably

<Lionell> slightly more reliable documents about russion psionics?

<Rainsong> Official American reports released in response to Freedom of Information requests.

<Lionell> ah

<Lionell> *russian

<Rainsong> However, bear in mind that the USA and Russia were both trolled by a hoax in Canada, so even official government documentation might be viewed with suspicion

<Lionell> really?

<Lionell> details?

<Rainsong> That said, friends and I have used this method over the years. It does work. I cannot speak to how well it works with sub-ice submarine boats, however, nor the actual extent of Russian experiments to that end. It’s pretty much a certainty that they have at least attempted it.

<Lionell> ok

<Lionell> you and your friends seem scarily proficient though

<Rainsong This incident. (I have not read this specific report, but it looks like it describes the hoax, more or less.)

<Rainsong> Hmm, this has the report being published in France, not Canada

<Rainsong> Never mind. This was the one in response to the hoax.


<Rainsong> p13

<Rainsong> The Nautilus affair _was_ the hoax

<Rainsong> Anyway, the Russians heard about it, and started their own research in that field, because of the obvious military usefulness…

<Rainsong> And then the Americans found out about the Russian research in progress, and didn’t want to be left behind…

<Lionell> lol

<Lionell> so repetition can help

<Lionell> ok

<Lionell> (from the pulsing)

<Lionell> does celestial events have any significance on psionics?

<Lionell> eclipses and the like

<Rainsong> There was some research into sidereal time’s possible effect. I’m not sure if it was ever firmly established whether the effect was real or imagined. If it is real, perceptive stuff is supposed to work better at around 1300 local sidereal time.

<Rainsong> Also, solar winds are believed to affect psionics. Low solar winds are favoured for perceptive stuff, and higher ones _might_ be favourable for PK.

<Rainsong> Solar weather reports are available online. Aurora forecasts are connected to them.


<Lionell> ok

<Rainsong> It’s often advised to include moon phase, biosphere weather, and the like in your notes, just to see if there _is_ a correlation.

<Lionell> ok

<Rainsong> When I was taking part in a remote viewing experiment, we were asked to do the viewing at 1300hr local sidereal time.

<Rainsong> And to record weather and solar data.

<Rainsong> It was a bit tricky timing, because I was also doing field work in the woods during that period of time.

<Rainsong> Cell reception was not available, so I had to have someone else (my father, in this case) retrieve the solar weather data for me).

<Rainsong> Then the “feedback” stage was conducted when I was back in town.

<Lionell> did it work well?

<Rainsong> Reasonably so. RV isn’t really my forte. And it was too small a sample size of people in that research group to really establish it, one way or the other. (We were looking at a different variable at the time, anyway, but the early observations about sidereal time prompted the research lead to request we time each of our viewing sessions thusly.)

<Rainsong> We were scattered all over the world. It was fun.

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