Q & A: Psychokinesis, Visualization, Projection, Scrying, & Directing Oomph

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 14, 2015 (Saturday)

<Rainsong> Does anyone have a topic they’d like to see covered? It’s about five to the hour now. The seminar would normally start at half past (so 35 minutes or so from now). A good amount of time to choose a topic.

<Rainsong> Felis: Sounds like something basic would be helpful?

<Felis> I’m unsure where psionics links up with what I know

<Rainsong> Fair enough. What sorts of fields are you familiar with?

<Felis> tiny baby ammounts of hermeticism, general chakra stuff but no spesific name for what I do for “chakra stuff”

<Felis> whats generally discussed her?

<Felis> here*

<Rainsong> A few of the regulars here practice or have studied various forms of magic, in addition to what’s “usually” considered psionics (i.e., deliberate psychic phenomena, psychokinesis, radionics, dowsing). Some use chakra stuff, and some don’t. I’m trained in chakra things, but don’t use that model much.

<Lionell> To vote on a topic, I have a few more questions on PK

<Felis> I dont think I have anything thats worth a topic in and of itself

<Felis> not that I know a lot, I mean it just as I dont know any topic that’d be considered big or important to talk about

<Rainsong> Doesn’t need to be big or important.

<Lionell> maybe standard basic psiball stuff?

<Rainsong> Lionell: what are your PK questions?

<Lionell> a) Is there anything special about psywheels that makes them good?

<Rainsong> They might or might not be seminar topic things, but might be able to answer them, anyway

<Rainsong> a) psiwheels are small, relatively easy to use, and cheap

<Lionell> easier to use than something else

<Lionell> ?

<Lionell> or rather, do they have some property that makes them especially good for PK training?

<Rainsong> Not necessarily, no. Hang a thread from a desk or table, with a small weight on it, and push that with PK. Or blow some soap bubbles in the air, and direct their movement.

<Lionell> b) How difficult is doing PK that isn’t easy to represent as colliding with a solid psyball? (Shaping stuff, for instance)

<Lionell> alright

<Rainsong> *shakes head* No, they aren’t really conspicuously good for training. They’re just easy to get.

<Lionell> c) Should I feel my psiball (tactile-ly) when making it, if I’m doing the pushing out properly?

<Rainsong> b) *shrugs* I’d been doing PK for thirty years or so before it occurred to me that psiballs were anything but a children’s toy.

<Lionell> d) Are there other symbolisms that might be used?

<Felis> My interests aren’t so much with manipulating of the world around me as a bit of soul searching, and seeking visualization and all of that

<Felis> Simple things ( I hope )

<Rainsong> c) If a force-bubble’s pushing out properly, you should feel it, by the time you’re finished constructing it. Not necessarily _while_ you’re constructing it.

<Lionell> alright then I don’t even need a thread yet

<Lionell> e) Completely unrelated, what’s your take on astral travel/projection?

<Rainsong> d) simple one is to pretend to shape or push the thing with your hands, but at a distance. For example, roll a ball away from you, and make pushing motions to one side or the other.

<Ashlynn> I personally only recommend one focus on tactile sense of a psiball as an example of what energy feels like in the beginning

<Ashlynn> I don’t use a sense of touch for working with energy, I work with the nonphysical feelings i get

<Rainsong> Felis: by seeking visualization, do you mean seeking clairvoyant or shamanic visions, or working on visualization itself?

<Ashlynn> I feel like the focus is too much on the physical, since it’s a nonphysical energy

<Felis> Visualization itself

<Lionell> (afk, will read logs; Thank you for the answers, they’re helpful. Ashlynn, in this case, I’m trying to affect the physical, so it’s a good test.)

<Felis> I guess my biggest goal is projection if its a thing

<Rainsong> e) I’ve used projection – if not necessarily into the astral as such – for a number of purposes. Hard to say whether a given “place” is really in the astral or not, however

<Rainsong> (Lionell: be well, and you’re welcome. 😀 )

<Felis> Maybe it’d be better to say I seek projection as a whole

<Ashlynn> the other thing is that a lot of measures of energy work seem to focus on the side effects of it. For example, sudden energy flows, electronic glitches/breaking, etc. Those’re more signs of not having your energy under control

<Rainsong> *grins evilly* Unless of course the electronic glitch is deliberate.

<Ashlynn> 😛

<Ashlynn> true enough

<Felis> Odd story that may? be related

<Felis> My computer only BSOD’s when Im playing games and remember that its BSOD’d before when playing games

<Felis> so long as the thought never crosses my mind it won’t crash

<Felis> I’ve been chalking it up to coincidence though

<Rainsong> The more “advanced” a computer system is, the more susceptible it is to psychokinetic influence…deliberate and otherwise.

<Felis> I chalk it up to concidence because I can’t imagine I’d be capable of doing that

<Rainsong> And it might be coincidence. But what a person can do deliberately is usually more restricted than what their bodies can do “accidentally”

<Felis> Do the dead linger by any chance or is that a taboo topic

<Felis> I know some people treat those who’ve passed on as a topic of personal interpretation

<Felis> or some channels, I guess

<Felis> because that is about the only spooky experiences I have ever taken seriously and the only thing that keeps me from straying away

<Rainsong> When I used to be a church organist, the deceased regularly showed up at their own funerals. I wasn’t the only one who saw them, either

<Felis> Well, I haven’t “Seen” dead people perse

<Felis> but people close to me who have died in the family have a

<Felis> Need to use me to convey really stupid sounding messages

<Felis> to specsific people in the family

<Rainsong> Did they tend to have stupid-sounding thoughts/comments when they were alive? Folks don’t seem to change much when they die.

<Felis> it gets spoopy because they generally are relevant in the week and are to some extent spesific

<Felis> the most notable one is

<Felis> my grandmother always promised my mother that, when she passed, she’d come visit her

<Felis> and there was this nagging feeling in my head

<Felis> Very annoying nagging, like losing sleep kind of nagging

<Felis> I needed to tell mom something about “Pauls Room and my little cousin, Mackenzie”

<Felis> And that gram is wanting me to tell her

<Felis> So I gave in, and told her, she looked at me like I was crazy

<Felis> the next week my uncle got divorced, moved in with grandpa with his daughter, my little cousin Mackenzie

<Felis> and her new room is in paul’s old room

<Felis> felt spoopy when that all fell into place

<Felis> I never would of guessed my uncle would get divorced

<Rainsong> That kind of thing can come as quite a shock. It sounds like Gram wanted to provide some kind of evidence that she was there.

<Felis> Yeah that was why she wanted me to tell mom

<Felis> there was a few others but they weren’t anywhere near as spesific

<Rainsong> (And for the record, yes, talking of death stuff and other religious-y things is allowed in here, as long as nobody tries to convert anyone else, and as long as it stays moderately polite. There _are_ usually kids in here, after all.)

<Felis> ah

<Felis> I’m not someone who wants to talk to the dead though, or tell the future, or use PK

<Rainsong> That’s fine, too.

<Felis> I just want certainty in my soul, or at least theres something beyond physical death

<Felis> and projection

<Felis> Oh and I apologize I’ve been kind of ranting

<Rainsong> Projection we can help you with. My personal experience is such that I have no doubt of the soul’s existence or of “something beyond physical death” but I’m not sure that it’s something I can usefully convey to anyone else… other than anecdotes of personal experience. And, on the Internet, you have no way of knowing if anything I say is truth, lies, or delusion.

<Rainsong> Ranting? *grins* By the standards of this community, I haven’t seen any ranting yet tonight.

<Felis> hahaha

<Rainsong> So, do you have any questions about visualization and/or projection?

<Rainsong> (I could lecture at length on either topic, but why not cut to the chase, as it were?)

<Felis> How do I do it

<Rainsong> Alright..

<Rainsong> Visualization is just “picturing something in your imagination”. It’s useful for directing energetic/magical/psionic activity, but isn’t magical or psionic on its own.

<Rainsong> The more clearly you can focus your imagination/visualization, the fewer errors there are likely to be in the magical/psionic activity it is being used to direct.

<Rainsong> That said, visualization is also useful for some kinds of meditation, an assortment of games, refreshing yourself during a long workday/study session/exam/travel, and for improving physical fitness and physical skills.

<Felis> How does visualization improve phsyical fitness?

<Rainsong> The words “visualization” and “picturing” imply that sight is the only imagined sense being used, but adding sound, touch, smell and so on is helpful.

<Lionell> back

<Rainsong> There have been studies that show that visualizing the practice of a physical skill (shooting an arrow into a target, skiing down a mountain, doing chinups…), while keeping the body still and relaxed, increases both muscle strength and muscle memory, improving the skill.

<Rainsong> wb, Lionell

<Rainsong> In some studies, “pretending” to exercise in this manner, regularly for three months improved the participants’ fitness almost as much as the more conventional exercise that the control group was doing improved theirs

<Rainsong> High-level athletes take advantage of this in preparation for competition, and it’s also used during recovery after an accident if the athlete is bed-ridden by multiple fractures and the like.

<Rainsong> In theory, the activity is simple enough:

<Rainsong> 1) Lie down or sit down and relax your body

<Rainsong> 2) Close your eyes and imagine that you are performing the exercise perfectly (you can pretend to watch yourself as in a movie or pretend to feel the movements directly, just as long as you don’t actually move)

<Rainsong> 3) Repeat for five or ten minutes, and then relax.

<Rainsong> 4) Do this once or twice a day for several weeks.

<Felis> I have a problem on the rare occasion I am able to “imagine” these actions

<Rainsong> Questions or commentary so far?

<Rainsong> And the problem is…?

<Felis> Well, generally being able to “feel” these things happening in my imagination – that is, imagine them happening

<Felis> and whenever I do manage to do this, my imagination body always acts like its over exhuasted and sickened, stumbling about

<Rainsong> It does take practice. I’d suggest starting with easy, non-complicated movements. Like chinups.

<Lionell> Rainsong, do you know anything about scrying?

<Lionell> particularly with black mirrors and similar?

<Rainsong> Lionell: yes

<Lionell> How does one do it?

<Lionell> is the usual advice of “just stare in it for long enough” good?

<Rainsong> The black mirrors, crystal balls, and so on are to distract the conscious mind (and provide the ambiance your clients want, if you do such things professionally)

<Lionell> (brb, need to reconnect a cable)

* Lionell Quit (Quit: Leaving)

* Lionell has joined #psc_annex

<Rainsong> Felis: pretending to play video games is also a useful skill to cultivate, strange as that might sound.

<Rainsong> wb, Lionell

<Lionell> distract the conscious mind?

<Felis> Im back

<Rainsong> Lionell: yes, because in clairvoyant activities, the conscious mind uses the imagination to actually get in the way. It likes to be “in charge”

<Rainsong> wb, Felis

<Lionell> so how do you even get input?

<Lionell> do you actually -see- stuff in the mirror/crystal ball/whatever?

<Felis> I guess that alls I can ask thats left(assuming most other things are just practice) is projection how to

<Felis> er, not to interupt sorry my vision is kind of poor I didnt see the text move haha

<Rainsong> Felis: not to worry

<Rainsong> Lionell: we’ll come back to the scrying question after the projection bit that was already in progress. Trying to do both at once will confuse everybody

<Lionell> don’t worry, at least I can deal with several conversations at once, colored nicknames are useful for that

<Lionell> ok

<Rainsong> To project, first decide where/when you want to project _to_

<Rainsong> The spacetime continuum is pretty big.

<Rainsong> Once you’ve decided, find a nice and comfy place to put your body. A chair or a bed or something in a reasonably safe spot is a good idea.

<Rainsong> Never try this while driving or operating machinery.

<Rainsong> Take some nice slow, deep breaths to calm yourself.

<Rainsong> Concentrate on where/when you’re planning to go to, while you focus your consciousness into as small a point as possible (aim for the size of a grapefruit)

<Rainsong> Then, the way I do it is to “throw” my consciousness clear of my body, kind of like a cat hacking (vomiting) up a furball. A few sharp breaths outward normally get the job done.

<Rainsong> Some people prefer to “pull” themselves out by pretending to climb an imaginary rope.

<Rainsong> I’m no good at all at rope climbing, so that approach doesn’t work well for me.

<Felis> >cat hacking up a furball

<Felis> I shall use this, this is apropriate

<Rainsong> Once you’re out, pretend to fly or swim or walk to wherever you’re going.

<Rainsong> Don’t be surprised if it seems pretty foggy, in between where your body is and where you’re going

<Rainsong> Questions? Commentary?

<Felis> does projection senses exist entirely within the imagination

<Felis> or there going to be some funky dual body or dream like state

<Rainsong> Interesting question. And, I’m not really sure of the answer. However, I _can_ say that when I projected to Chicago during an experimental usage of projection, some of the people who were at the Chicago site saw me there.

<Rainsong> I was a little over 1500 miles away at the time.

<Rainsong> So that seems to imply some kind of funky dual body

<Felis> I mean

<Felis> Are you still able to move/awareness of your physical body

<Rainsong> Most people cannot, no. Some can.

<Rainsong> If you’re asking about me personally, I usually cannot. There have been some exceptions. There have also been some times that I was so disconnected that my body “forgot” to maintain some basic functions.

<Rainsong> Like breathing.

<Rainsong> I’ve always been _doing_ something intensive at the target site in addition to projecting, in the latter cases. So be aware that there are risks to combining projection with psychokinesis.

<Rainsong> Any other comments, questions, or whatever?

<Rainsong> (concerning projection, that is)

<Ashlynn> There are several kinds of projections. The ones done while still conscious tend to have the aforementioned issues with the conscious mind interjecting itself. I get that all the damn time

<Rainsong> Ashlynn: For clarification… Do you mean that when you project, but maintain awareness of your body, the input from the two places interferes with itself?

<Lionell> I wonder whether certain drugs could help with that

<Ashlynn> That plus the conscious mind/imagination

<Rainsong> In other words, data from the body’s senses conflicts with data from your mind’s “senses”

<Ashlynn> less so the physical body but the imagination mostly

<Rainsong> Lionell: yes, there are some that do. They are experimental and dangerous. There are also some less risky ones that _might_ help but that have considerably less evidence. Caffeine is one of these.

<Rainsong> From what little I know of the drugs used in some Shamanic traditions, those are not effective – or even intended – to help keep the imagination out of the data.

<Felis> I’d like to aks more questions but I gotta take a break, I apologize

<Rainsong> It’s all good, Felis. No worries. Be well 😀

<Lionell> Rainsong, I’d like some more advice on PK, if you have time and energy

<Lionell> it’s not working

<Rainsong> Let’s finish up projection, and then scrying first. Then sure.

<Rainsong> Any other comments about projection?

<Rainsong> Ashlynn: do you notice any difference in the interference from one “destination” to another? Or do you generally project to the same place or type of place all the time?

<Rainsong> Alright… scrying, then. 🙂

<Rainsong> <Lionell> so how do you even get input?

<Rainsong> <Lionell> do you actually -see- stuff in the mirror/crystal ball/whatever?

<Rainsong> Most people don’t actually -see- anything in the mirror/ball, no. Some of us do, but it is unusual, and not necessarily useful.

<Rainsong> Many very, _very_ talented and skillful clairvoyants see absolutely nothing in the mirror-thing.

<Rainsong> Crystal balls are cool in and of themselves. Real crystal balls are expensive, though.

<Rainsong> A black mirror is simply a bowl that is painted black on the inside. Or a bowl containing water to which some ink has been added.

<Rainsong> As for input, it *can* show up as images and sounds, but imagination will often corrupt this data.

<Rainsong> It also shows up as impressions or just grokking.

<Rainsong> IT’s tricky to tease the real data from the imaginary stuff. In fact, that is the reason for quite a lot of the “meat” of the protocols used in Remote Viewing.

<Rainsong> Avoidance of “front-loading”, declaring “AOL” (analytical overlay), and so on are mostly to get rid of the “noise”

<Rainsong> Any other questions or commentary about scrying?

<Ashlynn> Rainsong: Just differences in the local energy feelings. It’s the same concept as you were mentioning with scrying – Imagination corrupting or obscuring the data

<Ashlynn> AOL/frontloading/expectation etc

<Rainsong> Ahh, I see.

<Rainsong> PK questions and/or comments?

<Lionell> well

<Lionell> how do I do the pushing part

<Rainsong> Is there something like a wall that is convenient for you to push against with your hands?

<Rainsong> Anything you can push hard against, without injuring yourself or damaging the item?

<Rainsong> Try pushing against it a few times, and pay close attention to how that feels.

<Lionell> ok

<Rainsong> Then, move half a metre or so away from it, and “pretend” to push it again. Use your own muscles to provide the resistance, as though you were doing isometric exercises. (In fact, this _is_ an isometric exercise, at this point)

<Rainsong> Pay very close attention to how this feels.

<Rainsong> Practice it until you can “visualise” that feeling without moving your arms.

<Rainsong> Try using a combination of this “pretending to push” and pushing motions with your hands, while sending “oomph”/psi-stuff outward toward whatever you’re pushing.

<Rainsong> Some people find that sending the stuff from a particular part of their body is helpful. Some of them send it through the palms of their hands, some from their sternum, some from their tummy, and a few from their eyes or forehead.

<Rainsong> Using the eyes or forehead seems risky to me, because it is possible to damage nerves by running too much psi-stuff through or across them.

<Rainsong> And your head has lots of nerves in it.

<Rainsong> Questions? Commentary?

<Lionell> hmm

<Lionell> wait brb

<Lionell> problem is, pushing sensation is in large part skin that gets compressed

<Lionell> and I’m not sure how to simulate that with muscles

<Rainsong> Push against the wall or whatever hard enough that you can feel it in the muscles of your arms.

<Lionell> yeah I can feel that

<Lionell> it’s just not the feeling of pressing against something

<Lionell> it’s missing the palm of my hand getting compressed

<Rainsong> Try tensing the hands when you do it

<Lionell> ok

<Lionell> alright now I can concentrate again

<Lionell> sorry, was only half-online

<Lionell> isometric exercise?

<Lionell> does “pushing hard” mean “push” or “try to move the wall by sheer strength”?

<Lionell> hmm

<Lionell> could you maybe look?

<Ashlynn> probably push hard enough to be able to be aware of the exertion

<Rainsong> Ashlynn’s bascially right. The idea here is to observe what your muscles feel like when they are being used to push on something. So go ahead and push on the wall as though you’re trying to move it…but not enough to hurt yourself or the wall.

<Lionell> I got the feeling

<Lionell> trying to pump energy in it

<Lionell> but after relaxing, I don’t feel anything anymore (and smashing the psiball at things doesn’t make them budge)

<Rainsong> Leave the psiball out of it for now. Just push directly.

<Lionell> ok

<Lionell> so tense hand + push energy out?

<Rainsong> Also, feel the “pushing”/effort sensation in the arms

<Lionell> yeah I’m even moving the arm a bit

<Rainsong> ok

<Lionell> the thing I’m trying to move is a half-folded sheet of paper, sensitive enough that wind from moving arm fast enough makes it wobble noticeably

<Rainsong> Alright. That’s a good target to practice with at this stage.

<Lionell> still not working though

<Lionell> does the energy have to be in a certain form?

<Lionell> idk this feels like just pushing with the hand, and then jettisoning energy as an afterthough

<Rainsong> Generally speaking, I think the psi-stuff usually feels fairly dense, but it isn’t _always_ that way. I’m not sure whether there is a constant in the “way the energy is” across macroPK.

<Rainsong> However, psistuff needs to be in use _while_ you’re directing it. Not before or after.

<Rainsong> Otherwise, you’re just wasting effort.

<Rainsong> Also, be aware that most people do _not_ get this to work immediately. It can take weeks or months… or even more.

<Lionell> ok

<Lionell> would it be possible for you to take a look to know whether my energy is not dense enough or whether the intent isn’t programmed correctly, or both?

<Rainsong> I can look, but I would be surprised if we get useful data for this purpose.

<Rainsong> Let me know when you’re ready to try again and I’ll watch.

<Lionell> ok now

<Lionell> stopping

<Lionell> was that enough to pick something up?

<Rainsong> It might be useful for you to pull your field in closer to your body. It’s very wide and loose. And, at the same time, the amount of psi-stuff moving in any kind of line was relatively small. The shape/structure/pattern looked alright, but it needs more oomph

<Lionell> more focusing of the psi-stuff?

<Lionell> alright

<Lionell> is the body-field better?

<Rainsong> Pull the bottom in, too.

<Lionell> ahhhh

<Rainsong> It’s like a big puddle around your feet

<Lionell> you’re right

<Lionell> better?

<Rainsong> Yes, that’s better

<Lionell> thank you

<Lionell> so more oomph, for the push?

<Rainsong> yes

<Lionell> I guess that means more practicing of just bundling psiballs

<Ashlynn> Could you have a quick look at my field?

<Ashlynn> note: I’m not trying to move anything

<Rainsong> Sure

<Lionell> you told me about the “shrink large psiball to a small one” trick, which was very helpful; are there other such useful tips?

<Rainsong> Ashlynn: You seem to have a large dent in the top right-hand side of your field. BAsically where the top-right of your face is. Also a bit of puddling near the bottom. Otherwise, looks decently smooth and of an even pale-peige colour

<Ashlynn> I have no idea what color that is XD

<Rainsong> beige, rather…. a kind of light brown

<Lionell> skin color?

<Ashlynn> hmm

<Rainsong> hmmm…. skin colour of someone from Sicily or Greece.

<Ashlynn> I have had a headache centered there for a while

<Rainsong> Do you have a rattle handy? Rattling and brushing through it might help

<Lionell> oh right

<Lionell> I had a totally different question

<Lionell> @ the black mirror thing

<Lionell> so I was searching around for ways to make one, when I got the idea that my cellphone is essentially just that; a black mirror

<Lionell> is it a good idea to charge it as described and then use it as such?

<Lionell> or are there reasons why it’s not? (Charge depletes because use, electronics break, idk)

<Rainsong> _I_ wouldn’t charge a cell phone, unless it belonged to someone I disliked….

<Rainsong> It can do all kinds of interesting (usually bad) things to electronic devices

<Felis> Rainsong, when you refer to an energy field

<Felis> what do you mean

<Rainsong> It’s risky just to hack or operate an electronic device psionically. Outright charging it can destroy it… or at least severely compromise any data stored on it.

<Rainsong> wb Felis.

<Felis> gtbb, but not back for long

<Felis> eyes still ache but I just looked back and a lil

<Rainsong> In most cases, in the context of psionics, when I refer to an energy field, I’m talking about the bioelectrical/bioplasmic field that surrounds and includes the body. This also includes what various groups call an “aura”, but isn’t _just_ the aura.

<Felis> Is there any chance I could get you to take a look at mine?

<Rainsong> Sure, why not.

<Felis> Anything I need to do on my end?

<Ashlynn> Can you have one more quick look?

<Rainsong> Felis: nope

<Felis> Kk

<Rainsong> It’s a bit dark around your shoulders and back. Overall, the shape of the main field is pretty good, following your approximate body shape roughly eight inches/ 20cm from your skin. The colour is mottled and changing, mostly blues, greens, and golds.

<Rainsong> (That’s Felis)

<Rainsong> Now another look at Ashlynn….

<Felis> inderesting

<Rainsong> Ashlynn: still have some pooling around your feet, but less. Do you know what a mermaid dress is? It’s a bit like that shape.

<Rainsong> The denting isn’t as distinct this time, but I’m not seeing that area as clearly this time, either

<Rainsong> (Yes, sometimes I don’t get useful information…)

<Ashlynn> I know how it goes, totally cool

<Ashlynn> i was trying to gather my energy and also do some self healing

<Ashlynn> head feels better now. Go figure.

<Lionell> hmm what happens if one of you two sends some healing energy to Felis’s eyes?

<Felis> Im curious as to what all that means in regards to my energy field

<Lionell> (I would, but idk how to make reiki or similar energy)

<Rainsong> Felis: do you know what’s causing your eyes to ache?

<Felis> A combination of lazy eye and some form of lense deformation

<Felis> it makes me strain my eyes to see

<Rainsong> So, a strain/fatigue kind of situation.

<Felis> yeah

<Felis> Gives me migranes

<Rainsong> Sometimes I can do something about that. Want me to try?

<Felis> I’m always willing to try anything, its robbed me of a lot

<Felis> though I haven’t a migrane right now

<Felis> just feeling the strain

<Rainsong> Make sure you’ll be sitting down for the next several minutes.

<Rainsong> Is that making any difference? (“No” is a perfectly acceptable answer…)

<Felis> no

* &Rainsong tries next possibility

<Felis> feels like someones rubbing a cotton swab on the inside of my eyeball

<Felis> not sure if thats you or me

<Rainsong> That sounds like a very bizarre sensation.

<Rainsong> Is it still there?

<Felis> yes

<Felis> yes it is

<Felis> to both statements

<Rainsong> Hmm. I’ll move “stuff” farther out, and see if that helps.

<Rainsong> How about now?

<Felis> nothing :<

<Lionell> swabbing feeling gone?

<Felis> its probably something Im going ot have to get surgery for, its gotten p bad over the years

<Felis> yeah swabbing feeling is gone

<Rainsong> So, if we both changed what we were doing, it’s inconclusive whether the swabbing was you or me. I’m working on a different set of muscles, at this point.

<Rainsong> (They’re all connected to the ones that control the eyes)

<Felis> its my left eye, btw

<Rainsong> Good to know

<Rainsong> Happens to be the side I was concentrating on, conveniently enough

<Felis> would explain why I felt it spesifically in that eye if swabby feel is you

<Rainsong> You seem to hold a bit of tension at the back of your head on that side, too. Just above where the big tendon is

<Felis> probably because I learn it and hold my head up a lot ot read

<Ashlynn> I can’t get nearly that amount of detail XD

<Rainsong> Does it feel any different now? (“No” is still perfectly acceptable. When I’m working on , uh, one of my clients’ migraines, it can take trying six or seven different approaches before something works, sometimes. There’s one that normally does, but if it doesn’t…trial and error time)

<Felis> oh, I dont have a migrane atm

<Felis> and no, if we’re still on the same page

<Rainsong> Okay…trying something else, now (and yes, you’d mentioned that you didn’t have a migraine at the moment)

<Rainsong> Let me know if you feel anything, positive _or_ negative. It won’t cause any damage, but it could be uncomfortable.

<Felis> eyelid is throbbing

<Rainsong> *stops*

<Rainsong> I’m going to do a bit of rattling and brushing

<Felis> wot

<Rainsong> And I have no idea if you can feel rattling or brushing from that distance

<Rainsong> Come to think of it, I have no idea if you can feel rattling or brushing up close, either. Not everybody does.

<Felis> can I get up to get a drink

<Rainsong> Yes.

<Rainsong> Just be careful if there are stairs.

<Rainsong> Sometimes this kind of thing can have produce a sedative side effect

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