Psychokinesis (Class 1)

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 11, 2017 (Saturday)

<Rainsong> hi, Dakaran

<Rainsong> Anyone interested in a seminar this evening?

<Dakaran> Yes.

<Rainsong> I was thinking of doing something on macroPK.

<Rainsong> Is that suitable, or do you have a different topic you want to discuss?

<Dakaran> That’s perfectly fine with me. I would have no suggestions without that.

<Rainsong> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another seminar here at the social club.

<Rainsong> Our topic for the evening is psychokinesis. I imagine it will be the first of a short series.

<Rainsong> The usual disclaimers apply: we’ll be talking about real-world psionics. This isn’t a role-playing game channel.

<Rainsong> Psychokinesis is the movement or alteration of physical substances, by using “psi”/force of will/invisible bunnies… some means other than those seen as “conventional”

<Rainsong> There are basically two kinds of psychokinesis:

<Rainsong> Micro-psychokinesis is the kind that can only be detected by using statistical analysis, and

<Rainsong> Macro-psychokinesis is the kind that can be detected without the use of stats.

<Rainsong> Questions or commentary before we start?

<Dakaran> none here.

<Rainsong> Some examples of microPK include: forcing dice rolls when playing Warhammer 40K, trying to adjust the trajectory of one of those pointy ball-like things when it’s thrown toward a “goal” in an American football game, and messing with random number generators of various levels of sophistication such as those seen in pk research and an assortment of online pk games

<Rainsong> Some examples of macroPK include: spinning a psiwheel, stopping the spin of a radiometer, lifting random objects, and chasing the saltshaker around the dinner table by staring at it.

<Rainsong> They are approached slightly differently from each other, and the factors that seem to favour success in one tend to seem to result in failure in the other…

<Rainsong> And just to make things confusing, there are many pk activities that can be accomplished both ways.

<Rainsong> As I’m sure you know, pk practice carries some risk… even if you don’t seem to be accomplishing anything.

<Rainsong> If you can feel your heart pounding (especially if the rhythm seems weird), if you get a sudden headache, if you feel light-headed, if the skin on your fingers feels too tight – heck, if there’s something strange suddenly happening in your body – stop and have a snack.

<Rainsong> The snack should be low in salt, and high in potassium. If sugar is safe for you, go with a high-sugar and high-potassium snack…such as orange juice, a banana, a glass of chocolate milk. Something like that.

<Rainsong> If you have diabetes or a similar condition, be extra careful

<Rainsong> Intense PK practice has been shown to affect the blood sugar and blood potassium levels. The body has a mechanism that prevents potassium levels from going too high. It does not have one to prevent it from dropping. Blood levels of glucose/sugar, potassium, and insulin all interact with each other.

<Rainsong> You know the kind of hangover-like headache you get after studying hard all night before an exam? PK practice can cause the same thing in minutes… and it’s a potassium problem.

<Rainsong> So far so froody?

<Dakaran> I’m good so far.

<Rainsong> (And, of course, that also tells you how to prevent and/or deal with a study hang-over, doesn’t it…)

<Rainsong> Quite a few years back, an interesting phenomenon was discovered almost by accident by Peebs and JoeT: some PK practice can be picked up on a Geiger Counter.

<Rainsong> Further experimentation seems to indicate that it is specifically the practices when “emotional boosts” are used, that are picked up. And the emotional poof registers as a spike on the Geiger Counter even if the actual PK part fails to work.

<Rainsong> The specific model of Geiger Counter used for the initial work, and for the follow-up trials up here in Canada, was the Black Cat GM-10, in case you want to attempt to duplicate or disprove the findings.

<Rainsong> Now to the actually “how to do it” part…

<Rainsong> MacroPK requires a decent amount of oomph/psi/invisible-bunnies.

<Rainsong> However, it doesn’t require huge amounts if you focus the “area” you’re moving or altering…

<Rainsong> especially if the item is small

<Rainsong> (Incidentally, volume seems to matter more than mass… unless of course you’re one of those people for whom the size and distance of the item doesn’t matter. I hear that’s the case for some folks.) When I want to push a large item –say, to stop a stage door from slamming—I use a thick, dense tendril extended from the tummy. By thick, I mean roughly the size of my wrist. And by dense, you would have the impression of a cable or a rolled-up piece of carpeting. For what it’s worth, the colour of it is usually pretty dark, but what colour _I_ see and what colour anyone else sees may not have any connection at all.

<Rainsong> In the psi-arcade over at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, there’s a tile game. I use the same kind of dense tendril to whap at the tile, like the tendril were a baseball bat. It can be fun to see how many times you can get the tile to go in the _wrong_ direction, just to reassure yourself that it doesn’t always resolve quickly.

<Rainsong> Here’s the address of the arcade:

<Rainsong> Questions or commentary at this point? (Don’t worry…there’s more how-to bits to come)

<Dakaran> No, sorry.

<Rainsong> It’s all good.

<Rainsong> For moving small objects, such as mucking around with psiwheels and radiometers, it can be handy to get psi-stuff moving in your dominant hand, so that it “sloshes” or seiches like water flowing back and forth in a basin, but around the heel of your hand from the base of your thumb to the base of your pinky and back.

<Rainsong> Once you get the psi-stuff moving there, it’ll feel like it actually has a goodly amount of weight seiching back and forth.

<Rainsong> That’s when you move in close to the pinwheel and move the paper around.

<Rainsong> Gesturing with your hands can also be helpful, for larger items far enough away that you don’t need to worry about wind currents…for example, to push a bowling ball back on track.

<Rainsong> To pull or lift an item, use a tendril again, but a more flexible one. It’ll feel more like a rubbery extension, instead of a carpet.

<Rainsong> Extend it to the item, wrap the end of the tendril around the thing, and pull. the end of the tendril can split into several branches to help grab, and it will still work pretty well.

<Rainsong> Some hints:

<Rainsong> For pointy items, push a small corner, compressing all the oomph into one tiny spot.

<Rainsong> For those of us to whom distance matters, it seems to change in stages: feet/metres, line of sight, longer ranges…

<Rainsong> It can help to “pretend” the item is closer than it really is. And the line-of-sight thing can sometimes include a webcam.

<Rainsong> And yes, performance anxiety is real.

<Rainsong> Stuff to move?

<Rainsong> It seems like it should be easy to come up with objects to muck with, but this tends to stump people, for some reason. Try some of these:

<Rainsong> -psiwheel (has many faults, but it’s small and cheap)

<Rainsong> -radiometer – stop the spinning, rather than starting it

<Rainsong> -plastic mazes such as are found in the children’s party favour section of party stores and the like… chase the ball bearing through the tiny plastic hallways

<Rainsong> -pingpong ball – it’s small and light, and it rolls easily

<Rainsong> -floating objects such as rubber duckies, toothpicks, toy boats

<Rainsong> -tray of sand or salt – draw patterns in it or with it

<Rainsong> -pencils, pens, drinking straws, dowels, quarterstaves – roll them

<Rainsong> -soap bubbles – blow bubbles into the air and then make them go where you want them to – some people find it easier to change the trajectory of a moving object than to get the thing moving in the first place

<Rainsong> -balls in ball-related games – see soap bubbles

<Rainsong> -the little wire balance-toy/sculptures that are popular as desk ornaments sometimes -rotate or swing as appropriate

<Rainsong> -paper airplane or small toy aircraft… or toy cars, dolls, etc

<Rainsong> And those are just standard small objects to play with by moving them around.

<Rainsong> There’s other stuff you can do with PK, too.

<Rainsong> Questions or commentary at this point?

<Rainsong> It’s the bottom of the hour already, so I think we’ll cover the next bunch of “other stuff you can do with PK” in future seminars.

<Dakaran> Would it be a bad idea to try pk on tarot cards? I heard they can cling to bad energy.

<Rainsong> You mean to move the tarot cards around? Or to shuffle them? Or something else?

<Dakaran> Just to move a single tarot card, not for shuffling or randomization.

<Rainsong> Shouldn’t be any problem with that.

<Rainsong> Whatever it is that makes macroPK work doesn’t tend to “stick” to stuff afterwards. I have absolutely no idea why

<Dakaran> Ok, I’m going to make this knight dance. 🙂

<Rainsong> Dakaran: cool. Sounds like fun 😀

<Rainsong> Any other questions or commentary?

<Rainsong> I’ll remind people that, as usual, my methods are only one of many workable approaches for stuff. It’s not necessarily the best approach, and it certainly isn’t the only valid approach.

<Dakaran> I think I may have just gotten it to slide a little. (>^.^)> (>^.^)> ^(^.^)^ ^(^.^)^ <(^.^<) <(^.^<)

<Rainsong> Congrats. 🙂

<Rainsong> If it’s the first time you’ve done it, you might need to regain your composure before trying again. 😉

<Dakaran> Thanks for the lesson.

<Rainsong> Thank you for participating.

<Rainsong> And congrats on the card movement. 🙂

<Dakaran> I’m glad to. Thank you. Tbh, I’m not sure if I didn’t just accidentally move it with my sleeve when I reached for my keyboard. I can’t seem to move it again.

<Rainsong> Give it half an hour or so and then try again… or tomorrow.

<Rainsong> Obviously, it’s good to acknowledge when/if something else might have caused the movement. We’re dealing with reality here. But pushing again immediately tends not to give the best results, and increases the chances of hurting yourself.

<Dakaran> Ok, I suppose it is break time for me then.

<Rainsong> You can do other psionic stuff, if you want to. But pk is best approached in short bits.

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