Psychokinesis (Class 2)

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 18, 2017 (Saturday)

<Rainsong> Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

<Rainsong> Welcome to another psionics seminar here at the social club.

<Rainsong> As usual, we are discussing real-world psionics, and not role-playing games… If you’ve somehow managed to overlook that fact for the past fifteen years, you might want to try a different channel.

<Rainsong> Our topic for the evening is Psychokinesis, continuing on from last week’s seminar.

<Rainsong> Are there any questions before we get started?

<Rainsong> Apparently not…

<Rainsong> Still on the topic of MacroPK…

<Rainsong> Last week, we briefly touched on basic “things” to practice on, for pushing and pulling…standard-issue, mark-1 mod-0 macroPK

<Rainsong> This evening, we’re going to take a look at some of the less obvious applications.

<Rainsong> You’ve heard of most – or possible all – of them, I expect.

<Rainsong> First up: charging batteries.

<Rainsong> Ever have the battery for your camera flash give out, just when you’re going to want to take some pics on vacation? And after the shops are shut?

<Rainsong> Take the battery out of the device, and hold it between your hands.

<Rainsong> Push energy into it.

<Rainsong> Put the battery back in the device.

<Rainsong> Use device.

<Rainsong> Nice and easy, yea?

<Dakaran> It sounds simple enough.

<Rainsong> For larger batteries – and for any battery that might leak bad stuff on your skin – “hover” your hands around it, or stand back and hold your palms out toward it.

<Rainsong> And yes, this will do bad stuff to some kinds… If it comes in a package that basically says “Do not under any circumstances recharge this battery” you might not want to do this to it.

<Rainsong> And re-charging a car battery while it is in the car runs the risk of some pretty spectacular (and expensive) damage to the vehicle.

<Rainsong> Questions? Comments?

<Dakaran> So, don’t charge batteries while they are in use?

<Rainsong> Not unless the device is designed to be used that way. And probably not even then, for your first try.

<Rainsong> If it’s an item that is designed to be recharged while still in use, it’s probably okay to do.

<Rainsong> Most aren’t.

<Rainsong> Incidentally, a variation of this is to push energy-stuff into the cord of a plug-in type of device.

<Rainsong> While it’s not plugged in, obviously.

<Rainsong> The fact that this works (I’ve done it, and other people have also done it) is evidence that points to psi-stuff being able to be converted into something like electricity. How or why? Insufficient data. Electricity can be used to add “oomph” to psionic activity, which is (part of) why some kinds of radionic devices are plugged in or battery-powered.

<Rainsong> Psionic trivia for the day, I guess

<Rainsong> Any other questions or comments for this one?

<Dakaran> That’s interesting. I didn’t think of converting psi to electricity or the reciprocal.

<Rainsong> 🙂 Something new to play with.

<Rainsong> Our second bit is related to the first:

<Rainsong> Disrupting magnetism

<Rainsong> I’m not sure if this has many practical uses, other than a party trick.

<Rainsong> Nab a couple magnets off the fridge. You won’t be damaging them, so there shouldn’t be any problem other than where to put the recycle-schedule and the grocery list in the meantime…

<Rainsong> If you position two magnets near each other, they tend to do one of two things: pull together or push apart.

<Rainsong> Arrange two of them so they are pushing apart. With small fridge magnets, it’ll feel quite a bit like there’s a strong smooshy ball between them, around which they are rolling in a slightly unstable manner.

<Rainsong> Watch between the magnets as though you were scanning someone’s field. It can look pretty interesting.

<Rainsong> But we want to disrupt the pushing…

<Rainsong> Have you ever seen torpedo counter-measures in a movie? Or a snowfall heavy enough to be hard to see through? Or, the old “snowstorm” non-pattern on an old television set that wasn’t tuned to an available broadcast station if you’re as old as I am

Rainsong shakes her cane

<Dakaran> I remember those. 🙂

<Rainsong> Excellent. That’s the impression/visualisation you want to imprint on the psi-stuff as you run it between the magnets …or you can just engulf the magnets in it. It doesn’t need to be only between them.

<Rainsong> For a slightly less difficult task, use one magnet, and a small piece of iron (such as a sewing needle) suspended on a thread. Arrange the two items so the sewing needle is pulled toward the magnet, instead of hanging straight down. Use the same method of disruption to “free” it from the magnet’s grasp.

<Rainsong> Questions? Comments?

<Dakaran> No, it seems relatively straightforward.

<Rainsong> Alright, next up: Imprinting data onto computer things.

<Rainsong> The same warning applies here, as for batteries: For your first few attempts, I strongly suggest using objects that are not terribly expensive to replace.

<Rainsong> I have not personally tried this with a CD or DVD disk. It’s been speculated that doing so is more difficult than the old floppy disks, modern “thumb drives”, and the actual “computer” part of a computer.

<Rainsong> So, choose an item to imprint.

<Rainsong> And something to imprint on it.

<Rainsong> I suggest starting small.

<Rainsong> Really small.

<Rainsong> 16-lines-of-BASIC-took-me-an-hour small

<Rainsong> Hold the item in your hands. Taking it a line – or even a character – at a time, “pretend” to type the code into an “imaginary” computer to which the item is connected. Push lots of psi-stuff through it at the same time.

<Rainsong> I’d recommend holding it right in front of your tummy, personally. Can’t guarantee that it _actually_ makes a difference, though.

<Rainsong> Once you’ve got all the code in, add a puff more to “save” it.

<Rainsong> Then, try it out.

<Rainsong> In the 16-lines-of-BASIC example, I tested it by putting the floppy disk in the computer and running the program. It was a simple “horse-race” animation from an old book on BASIC programming.

<Rainsong> Questions? Commentary?

<Rainsong> (The same kind of “disrupting” pattern we discussed for the magnets can also be used to erase or corrupt something already on a computer or data storage device, by the way.)

<Dakaran> Would you recommend starting the file before writing it? like “cat blankfile.txt > psionic-program.txt”

<Rainsong> What do you mean by “Starting” it?

<Dakaran> Making the file, and just writing it psionically. In windows I mean right clicking and clicking make file→text file

<Dakaran> So the drive already has something started.

<Rainsong> Sure, why not?

<Rainsong> It’s not necessary, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be done.

<Rainsong> You can also psionically “copy-paste” files, but that’s a little trickier to explain.

<Dakaran> Also, I will have to practice the data erasing technique. It seems like a useful technique. I will have to start with near disposable items like a flash drive or my math teacher’s alienware.

<Rainsong> It can indeed be very useful.

<Rainsong> Be aware that sometimes one might potentially (ehem) accidentally cause damage to the device when ridding the thing of certain files.

<Dakaran> I will be careful. I will try to only delete half of sys32 when I need something gone.

<Rainsong> One more before we adjourn for the evening?

<Dakaran> Yes please. 🙂

<Rainsong> Bah, I have a list here, but trying to decide the best one to do next…Heating and cooling water it is.

<Rainsong> To do this well, you’ll want to fill several cups/mugs/bowls/jars with water and let them sit for at least twelve hours, to get to a nice stable ambient temperature.

<Rainsong> At least, for early practice.

<Rainsong> A candy thermometer, or an aquarium thermometer, will also be useful, for seeing whether there are small incremental increases.

<Rainsong> Yes, you can boil or freeze water this way, from room temperature, but in early attempts it is more likely that you’ll only move the temperature a relatively small amount. A thermometer can be very encouraging when you see that there is _some_ change.

<Rainsong> As usual, run energy through the water. It’s normally easiest to do it through the sides, but there’s no reason you can’t send the psi-stuff down from over-top the cup.

<Rainsong> Concentrate on heating up the water in just that one cup.

<Rainsong> Pretend to see the water molecules moving faster.

<Rainsong> If you happen to feel like it, recite the “Double double, toil and trouble” poem while pantomiming stirring the water in the cup as though it were a cauldron. In some moods, it helps.

<Rainsong> In other moods, cussing at it helps.

<Rainsong> For cooling the water down, “pretend to see” the molecules slowing down in their “pinball game”

<Rainsong> Questions? Comments?

<Dakaran> Only funny mental images of ill-tempered witches in funny collars.

<Rainsong> 🙂 hehe

<Dakaran> Thanks for the information. Lots of new things to try.

<Rainsong> You’re welcome. 🙂

<Rainsong> Thanks for participating.

<Rainsong> Part 3 next week?

<Rainsong> By the way, if anything isn’t clear, please let me know. PK is a difficult one for me to teach, because I didn’t have to actually “learn” it. Only to control and use it usefully.

<Dakaran> I will do that, but you normally explain it in a way that I can understand it very easily. Or at least I Feel like I understand it well.

<Rainsong> But I would like the seminars to provide _usable_ information, instead of just “Yea, this is a thing. It looks like this. So copy what it looks like.” Had way too many useless sports coaches.

<Rainsong> 🙂 Thanks. If you’re understanding the how-to stuff, then it’s going well

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