Compound Constructs

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 31, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Compound Constructs (because some people have been asking) – Saturday, 31March, 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time – text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) – Instructor: Rainsong – Search LECTURE19

Rainsong – Alrighty then. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and other folk who may or may not be around Welcome to this evening’s seminar here at the social club. Our topic for the evening, as posted, is “Compound Constructs” It wasn’t exactly requested, as such, but enough questions had been asked about it lately that it seemed like a good idea to add it to the queue

As usual, for the record, we’ll be discussing real-world psionics. Any questions or comments before we get started?

Scelana – I have none atm

Konii – Nope.

Desolus – I’m sure at this point no one has anything to ask that you won’t be answering immediately to follow anyway

Rainsong – Possibly true. But sometimes, folks have a specific angle they’d like to know about on a topic. As we often do, we’re going to start with a Friendly Definition, so we’re all on the same page. Our field of practice doesn’t exactly have a standardized vocabulary across the communities, after all, even among the professional parapsychology and paranormal operations people.

We’ll be discussing “constructs” in the psionic sense of the word (big surprise there, yea?): clumps of oomph/energy-stuff that are programmed to do something “Compound constructs” have two basic groups: “constructs that have several distinct kinds of programming in the same ‘item’” and “constructs that, although separate items, fit or act together…. or that produce more constructs themselves”

Pretty simple concept, yes?

Konii – I agree. Well, actually, that second part has me confuzzled a bit. The end part where you say they produce more constructs themselves?

Rainsong – Konii: It’s possible to make a construct that makes constructs. For example, it is possible to make a psionic paintball gun that is programmed to produce its own ammunition. The more complex the construct, the more likely it is that something will go wrong, so I don’t necessarily advise this usage. But it exists, and we might as well have the basic knowledge out in the open

Tempest – I need that

Konii – Oh, I see. So I can make myself a paintball gun if I ever want to volunarily spar with someone? But said paintball gun could also create its own manifestation and turn into a mechanoid or something, and… well… I’m getting off the point here – it’s basically risky, right?

Rainsong – You’ve got the idea, yes. It’s risky mostly because of the increased probability that something will go buggy in the programming. Really ridiculously complex compound constructs were popular with beginners, back at the turn of the century. More often than not, they simply failed to function.

Konii – I see… would you say it’s sort of like in actual programming? If one thing goes wrong, everything breaks?

Rainsong – Pretty much. It doesn’t always fail completely, but that’s basically the case most of the time. “Oops. I guess I should have closed that bracket back on line 6…”

Konii – Accurate depiction of a programmer’s daily life. Right then… Rainsong, continue?

Rainsong – One of the common forms – quite possibly the most common form – of compound construct is the Shield. Many folks who use Shielding routinely, also routinely use several Shield formats at once. Some people, like the aforementioned beginners 15-18 years ago, liked to have all the bits in one single layer, even for their mock-combat shields for sparring matches. So, they’d have a mash-up of marshmallows and mirrors, and filters, and so on. All in one layer.

Aside from the possibility of a bug in the program rendering the whole thing rubbish… What else could possibly go wrong?


One bit of the Shield fails, and the whole thing falls.

For most purposes, it’ll make more sense to give each function its own layer, in carefully thought-out order. That way, you’re not sitting their defenseless on the paintball field, if your mirror cracks. It’s also easier to do in separate layers. The fact that it’s easier is, in fact, why the noobs preferred not to do it.

Questions or comments so far?

Scelana – I have none so far I can kinda relate to the bracket part, though it was more in the syntax of qbasic for me hehe

Rainsong – Qbasic uses brackets, so it would fit in that example.

Scelana – True hehe

Rainsong – Another thing that “compound constructs” are used for is to modify other constructs. In fact, sometimes they are used to modify a person’s field or mind directly. Both uses can be very effective. Be aware of the possible “bug” issue, though, and make sure you have a way to shut it down if something goes wrong… before you discover that something has gone wrong.

Sooo, we’ve taken a brief sketch of a look at what they are and what they are used for.


Konii – I was going to say, if I was in that particular situation I would say to myself: “dang, so much for all that meditation and hard work.” Very interesting subject though. I thought constructs were rather simple up to this point. Regarding the other topic, I mean. Haha. I missed a portion of the chat, my bad. I do have one question.

Rainsong – mmhmm?

Konii – Is it possible that compound constructs could be used to hide away depressive thoughts? You know, since it can directly modify a person’s mind.

Rainsong – Technically, yes, it’s possible to block a section of “thoughts”. However — Massively big caveat here – clinical depression is complex and involves an upset in the neurotransmitters. It’s entirely possible that blocking the obvious depressive thoughts might make the illness worse

Konii – Sounds about right.

Silkysky – Yes possible but I would recommend radionics for that. I’ve had some great success with more symbolic radionics type methods for that purpose. Something that sets your subconscious to running a program towards the end goal. Then your unconscious is free to handle it the most efficient way possible for the solution you want. Just specify in your thoughts a permanent solution. Bit off topic but what I found effective. You could add in compound constructs to monitor progress though and block interference.

Rainsong – I’d suggest specifying the “permanent solution” not involve death…

Konii – I am on proper medication now, so do not fear, Rainsong. Was just curious though.

Rainsong – And I’m very glad of that, Konii. It’s a legitimate question. Such a block has been used as a temporary emergency stop-gap to prevent a suicide. The ethics are questionable, but the guy’s still alive…

Xero’och – I tried that I got a permamint solution and now everything smells like spearmint

Scelana – Hehe Lutasi

Silkysky – Permanent solution to me means the gradual alteration to fix the physical cause while managing the thoughts to a manageable feed. Takes a while though.

Rainsong – As long as you’re clear on the intention. The subconscious has a tendency to take things very literally. (It also tends not to register negative constructions, so “not involve death” would not be the way to do it, in any case…)

Any further questions or comments on the “what it is” and “what it can be used for”?

Scelana – I’m good so far

Silkysky – I’m good. Just thought I’d add in what I use in that situation. It is bit simpler.

Rainsong – Thanks for sharing it.

How to make a compound construct? Pretty much like any other construct. It’s not exactly rocket science. We’ll walk through one.

Desolus – More similar to rocket surgery

Rainsong – (Incidentally, although it’s not impossible to make a construct that can do something you can’t do directly, it is much _much_ less likely to work.) Heh Let’s pretend that you’re heading into town and there’s someone there you want to avoid. And you’re likely to encounter that someone. So, you put together a cloaking/invisibility/Hedge Shield, so they won’t see you. No problem, right? Well, um, driving cloaked in heavy traffic is a pretty stupid thing to do, actually….

Konii – lol, well I mean at the very least you could win the lawsuit by saying they slammed right into you and you did nothing out of the ordinary.

Rainsong – But you want to make sure that you have the Hedge in place before that person sees you. What if you don’t see them first? Here’s where a tripwire Shield comes in handy.

Desolus – Unless of course you also have a cat like reflexes construct for your car…

Rainsong – Granted… but even then, it’s an accident waiting to happen when you startle another driver… or go unseen when that semi changes lanes…

Silkysky – Or you can tune the shield to their signature and have it project the cloak to only affect their perception. Also could go for another face in the crowd type deal. They see you but do not register who you are or that you are unique but only see another of an endless stream of people you forget about seconds later.

Rainsong – So, first, make a tripwire or mesh, that will stay up until you’re home again after your trip into town. Its format is not important – pick whatever one you like: looped wire? Antenna? Bubble shield? It’s all good. And program it to detect the presence of the person-to-be-avoided and to activate the hedge shield. Make a small construct -shape unimportant- and stick it onto your person somewhere. It may or may not be attached to a piece of jewellery or clothing.

Desolus – The face has always been my favorite

Rainsong – Make a Hedge Shield, key it to conceal you from person-to-be-avoided, and then temporarily “store it” in the small construct. Program it to re-activate when the tripwire detects person-to-be-avoided All three are connected, and interactive You could also start with the hedge, and program it directly to “contract” into a tripwire until it detects person-to-be-avoided That would be the all-in-one approach Both versions assume that you know how to make a tripwire and a hedge shield, of course. The connect-y bits are just small bits of programming, added the same way you’d add a shape or a colour to it.

Questions or comments?

Silkysky – Something that might help some conceptualize or visualize it is Minecraft especially with mods where you would use connected systems of machines to produce a factory or crude farming or defense setup. Each construct being its own machine linked with pipes abd cables for example. That helps me at times

Rainsong – *nods* Good idea Any other questions? Comments?

Scelana – I think I’m good for now hehe

Rainsong – Thanks for participating, everyone.

Konii – Yup. I’m good. No problem, Rainy.

Scelana – Thxies for the lecture

Rainsong – As noted in the Announcements section, I won’t be teaching next week nor the week after, on account of stuff happening here.

Tempest – Ok

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