Psionic Signatures

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: March 24, 2018 (Saturday)

Rainsong – Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our Saturday-night seminar here at the social club The usual disclaimers apply: we’ll be discussing real-world psionics, rather than role-playing and video game stuff. Our topic for the evening is “Psionic Signatures”, at the request of Dr Strange Stuff, who appears not to be online at the moment. No matter, he can read the log later, if he feels like it. Are there any questions or comments before we start?

Scelana – I don’t have any atm

Silkysky – None from me.

Rainsong – As we often do, we’ll start with a Friendly Definition, because terminology isn’t exactly standardized across communities in psionics… much less the wider magic-using community

Tempest – pokes her head in

Rainsong – I borrowed the concept of the “Friendly Definition” from a Statistics and Probabilities textbook. The idea is that we agree on a term for sake of discussion, during this discussion, with the understanding that there are other words that describe the same thing, and that in some contexts, this term might mean something different Hi, Tempest. Pull up a virtual chair

Tempest – Hey

Rainsong – For our purposes, a “psionic signature” is the set of identifying features of a specific person’s mind and field. The means by which you can track, back-trail, or locate someone It’s also used if you want to make a construct react to the contact of a specific person or group of people. That said, there are other ways to “home in on” someone. For example, in the chatroom, if you’re attempting a scan or a Sending practice, you could just open a private chat / direct message window, and use the window and the person’s online alias as the focus Obviously, chat windows and aliases are not the person’s signature, however. Clear and froody so far?

Scelana – Yep

Silkysky – Yep

Rainsong – Good stuff. I imagine that both have you have looked at other people’s fields at least once or twice, yea?

Silkysky – Quite a bit actually on my end.

Rose – hi!

Rainsong – Hi, Rose

Rose – I’m present for this one too.

Scelana – Don’t know if I’ve directly looked at another’s field but I have noticed things that differ between individuals who have interacted with me

Rainsong – Scelana: Close enough

Scelana – Glad you could make it Rose

Rose – this interests me a great deal because i do this a lot but i don’t know what’s actually happening when i home in on someone

Rainsong – Each person’s mind feels a little different from every other person’s mind. Even identical twins on the one hand, and folks who’ve merged into hive-mind arrangements on the other. It isn’t a static thing – It can change over time. Someone’s mind at three years old is likely to feel different from the same person’s at eighty. However they feel pretty much the same after they’ve passed on as they did in the time leading up to their deaths, so at least part of it stays pretty constant most of the time. Merging into a hive-mind, or other drastic changes, will change the signature – sometimes radically (The topic came up recently, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have thought of that particular caveat) How you perceive the main part of a person’s identity is going to vary from person to person. In my case, it’s largely visual, combined with some tactile and temperature sensation In your case, it could be entirely scent-based or musical notes or “just knowing” type impressions Not much of a surprise there, seeing as much of psychic activity has that kind of variance, eh? Questions or comments so far?

Rose – I have a fairly long question… relevant to the topic but not sure if it’s relevant to the information you just wrote

Rainsong – Rose: Go ahead and ask, and if it seems like it should wait until later in the seminar, we’ll just table it for a few minutes. No problem

Silkysky – For me it is largely just knowing things about them and their feel and “texture”.

Rainsong – (These “Questions? Comments” pauses are the time to do it)

Rose – When i home in on someone, i focus on anything that indicates them, such as their (screen)name, a memory of them, or anything that refers to them.. and i focus on their.. being, their existence within the world, them as a being, not a name or picture.. just simply, them, like how you would focus on a person in front of you. When someone’s in front of you, you’re not focusing on their name or a picture.. but on them. It’s hard to put into words.. I’ve come to assume that this “being” or “existence” that i focus on is actually their energy signature. So what’s actually happening here? i tried my best to describe that…

Rainsong – Silky: That works

Scelana – Not surprised bout the variance part. I’m kinda a mixture of visual, stuff i feel, traits and some just knowing atm Curious if how i pick up on who is who will expand and such as I work with it and practice more

Rainsong – Rose: That’s it in a nutshell. As long as you are getting enough detail to tell people, what you’ve described is what we’re talking about here. Scelana: It might, but it might not. In fact, it might even “tighten up” more within those categories

Scelana – Ahh i see

Silkysky – Well in my experience if you have interacted with them in any way you have unconsciously picked up their signature. We are always broadcasting on some wavelength so we leave our signature even in words we type. Our avatars link to us similarly because to us they are personal in some way and so get some energy on them as well. Like psychic dust just as we physically leave hair and skin cells everywhere.

Rainsong – *nods* That’s a good summation The trick is that so many people don’t notice those details. It’s a bit like learning to track, conventionally, in the woods The signs are there for anyone to see, and but not everyone has paid enough attention to read them.

Rose – so my subconscious is somehow picking that bit of signature out of the text and using that to target?

Rainsong – Rose: Presumably so.

Rose – for me it’s usually focusing on a name or something identifying.. then somehow automatically it jumps to the actual person but not always and that’s why i want to understand. because sometimes it fails

Silkysky – Yep. Your subconscious notices thousands of details even physical ones that we just aren’t consciously aware of until we have some way to bring that up.

Rainsong – Occasionally, a single detail is enough for the purpose at hand.

Silkysky – Hence why hypnosis can bring out memories and extra detail on something we never consciously noticed.

Rainsong – For example, I see colours in people’s fields. And in one case, a colour that was predominant in a guy’s field was unusual enough that I could track him using that and nothing else.

Rose – so i guess my next question is.. when focusing on something identifying, how is that jumping over to the actual being/entity?

Rainsong – If you are just using the alias or chat window (as mentioned above), you’re using it as a focus in itself, rather than looking for the signature. It’s the same concept as using a bloodspot or a hair clipping. If you are looking at the being in the same was as if you were face to face (as you seemed to describe earlier), then you’re looking at their fields and/or minds.

Rose – then.. how do i know where their fields or minds are simply by focusing on their presence in-chat?

Rainsong – Are you asking why that works or are you asking how to get to the signature from just “contact”?

Rose – why and how that works. it’s an automatic process for me that tends to work, but sometimes it doesn’t, and I’m not quite sure what’s making it fail

Rainsong – Using the chat alias is a focal point – like using a bloodspot or a photograph. It’s a weaker attachment than either of those, but it focuses your mind and intention on the appropriate person and acts as a sort of “sign-post” It’s a relatively weak focus point, and so it fails more often than blood samples do.(edited) On the other hand, it’s easier to get than a blood sample

Xero’och – must be pretty easy with a blood sample then XP

Silkysky – It sounds like it is largely an unconscious reaction for you. I have to consciously will myself to reach out to make a connection else I’m just thinking about the person in my own sectioned off mind space. While you think of them and tend to automatically latch on. Tendrils and mental fields tend to not obey space and time very well depending on what you want to do with them. So linking lightly to someone through a signature is very easy regardless of distance from what I have experienced. Now pinpointing their physical location is harder.

Rainsong – Xero’och: As close to automatic as this stuff gets, even for noobs doing their first weekend radionics seminar.

Rose – So it’s a subconscious process that i shouldn’t overthink, of which the success rate depends on the quality of what i use as the focal point?

Rainsong – Exactly that.

Rose – okay!

Silkysky – Yep and skill in sensing and telepathy helps out. If you don’t seem to be making a connection you want, picture a couple tendrils reaching out to them to give yourself a little nudge.(edited)

Rainsong – Further commentary or questions at this stage?

Scelana – I’m good so far hehe

Silkysky – I’m good.

Rose – I’m good as well

Rainsong – With the understanding that you might not need this information, we’ll get to the “finding and taking note of the signature” part now. And a large part of this will be practice, taking notes, and comparing. When you look at someone, there are some aspects of their appearance that stay the same for the most part and other parts that change frequently. In terms of “normal” non-psychic appearance, an example of the “stays the same” part is the shape of the face. An example of something that changes frequently, is the clothing the person wears. Even someone who wears the same uniform to flip burgers every day probably changes out of it for sleeping. Unfortunate folks on the street who only have one set of clothes, still wrap themselves as best they can with whatever is available for extra warmth when they sit or lie down, in cold areas: blankets, newspapers, or whatever. (So, not a perfect example, but you get the idea?) In the same way, parts of a person’s field change frequently. Unless the person deliberately masks it, the outside of the field ripples and changes “feel/colour/thickness” with changes in mood and health and energy-level (in the sense of tiredness). The general shape will also change – sometimes – left to its own devices. Here again, the person can maintain a specific field shape, given the skill and motivation to do so. The more people you “look at”, and the more people you have the opportunity to look at more than once, the easier this will be to see/grok/feel You’ll also feel/grok/see some things that are more constant about the person. What parts you’ll notice about most people will vary as much as how you perceive it. Some people are particularly good at noticing other people’s talents: intelligence, aptitude for maths, sportiness, latent telepathic ability, and so on. Some people can’t determine this when adjudicating sporting events and IQ tests. Other people pick up on general personal attributes: kindness, arrogance, and the like. And motivations. What you’re looking for in a psionic signature (“sig” or “psi-sig”, if you like the short versions), is the stuff that doesn’t change much. Usually. Sometimes, for short-term use, a snap-shot of whatever impressions you can get about the person’s field and mind are enough. Obviously, to get a more detailed impression of the mind normally requires more than a surface scan. The better you know a person, the more you’ll know their non-changy bits, anyway. So, it’s easier to get a good hold of someone’s sig if you’ve been friends or intimate partners or intense enemies over a long period of time than if the person is a random acquaintance you just met at the online chess gamespark Questions? Commentary?

Silkysky – Nope I’m good.

Scelana – I’ve noticed the mood thing myself with at least a couple individuals as well as the tiredness too

Rose – all this time i thought i was reading inside a person, but from this, it seems like most information I’m getting is actually coming from their field.. Rainsong, is a below-surface scan of their emotions, their field, or inside them? And when focusing on someone and feeling around without going deep, without connecting fully, is that scanning their field? are surface scans field scans?

Rainsong – Rose: Surface scans are of the field, and/or of active thoughts in the mind (the stuff at the surface of the mind… hence “surface scan”). The emotions are mostly at the surface. Some aren’t.

Scelana – I can already tell difference between a couple specific moods just in their energy changes alone in at least one person i know, i imagine I’ll get better with more experience and practice with that

Rainsong – Deep scans are invasive and get into the very private parts of the mind. Scelana: Yes, that improves with practice.

Scelana – Memory dives would count as deep scans right?

Rainsong – Normally, yes. About the only exception would be if the person being scanned deliberately pulls up the memory and “displays it” for you

Scelana – Ahh

Silkysky – A lot of people tend to wear deep things on the outside. Especially trauma. It shines out thriugh the layers at times.

Rainsong – That rather makes them non-deep, yes? Serious and severe, certainly, but not concealed deep in the mind

Silkysky – Many times they seem to be. Like when someone’s behavior is the result of past trauma that they don’t even remember or think about but it is shining through still. To the point it seems everyone but them are aware of it.

Rainsong – Ahh, true Any further questions or commentary?

Scelana – I have none

Rose – neither do i actually, one more when scanning deeper, are you entering their mind, or their energy/astral/etheric/(what’s the proper term?) body?

Rainsong – Ahhh, and here we get into philosophy. In my opinion, a deep scan is of the mind. I could easily be wrong, though.

Silkysky – Could be either one depending what you are focusing on. You could searching the energy body for defects that cause problems or their mind for memories etc.

Rainsong – Fair point. Thanks for participating, everyone.

Scelana – Thxies for the lecture

Silkysky – Mmmh yep. This was fun.

Rose – thank you for the lecture ^^

Rainsong – Too long; didn’t read version: The psionic signature is the part of the field and mind that stays basically constant in a person and forms a sort of identity. To learn to identify them, look at people and notice what parts don’t change much.

Next week’s seminar will be about compound constructs

Also, I’d suggest that anyone interested in tonight’s topic try to get in some scanning practice, to take a look at the difference between the “stuff that stays the same” and the “stuff that doesn’t” It’s often easier to get people to allow you to do a surface scan, than to get them to go to the effort of giving one.

Silkysky – Poker is good practice

Rainsong – Poker is good practice for many things, in fact. So are Roulette and Blackjack

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