Aeon Trinity Series: Aesculapian Conference: Healing… and Not

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: October 6, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: “Aeon Trinity” Series – Conference of the Aesculapians – healing… and not (real world psionics, in spite of the game-inspired topic) -Saturday, 6 October 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE43

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Rainsong: Welcome to another seminar in the Aeon Trinity Conference series, here at the social club.

Rainsong: Our theme tonight is based on the Aesculapians.

Rainsong: As their name suggests, these characters are healers, physicians and the like. Their equally fictional leader was a bit of a nerd, which is why he chose the name he did.

Rainsong: It refers to Aeculapius, a Greek God of Healing and Medicine.

Rainsong: You’ve probably seen pictures of His staff, as it’s used as a symbol for medicine

Rainsong: Therefore, we’ll be covering some healing-related things, and -depending on mood and interest – possibly things that are very much the opposite of healing.

Rainsong: Questions or commentary before we dive into it?

Scelana: I have none so far

ceahhettan: Nope, but I am gonna switch to my iPad so I can have a real keyboard. I wasn’t winning that level of candy crush anyway.

ceahhettan: There we go.

Rainsong: Seeing as you’ve been experiencing pain that aspirin wasn’t solving, perhaps we should start a review of the very simple methods of dealing with pain

Rainsong: (Sorry… small delay in feeding the short, round people in convincing raccoon costumes)

ceahhettan: (Hee, fair.)

Scelana: Sounds like a very cute delay

ceahhettan: Yeah.

Rainsong: The easiest of these is of course the good ol’ blue psiball approach.

Rainsong: It’s so simple that people tend to forget about it.

ceahhettan: >_> <_<

ceahhettan: (Guilty of forgetting about it, in fact.)

ceahhettan: (Numerous times over the years.)

Rainsong: Make a psiball, and add impressions of coolness, blueness, and soothing-ness…. or outright numbness, if the situation seems to warrant it

Rainsong: Hold the psiball against whatever’s hurting

Rainsong: As it’s usually taught, you also pretend the hurt area is red or orange, and watching it turn purple as the psiball affects it

Rainsong: Some people find this makes the pain worse, though.

Rainsong: If you’re one of the people that finds the pain gets worse if you imagine the area as red or orange… Don’t imagine it as red or orange

Rainsong: It sounds like something that shouldn’t need saying, but, well, you know how those stupid-sounding warnings about not using handheld hair dryers while sleeping and not using your electric/corded lawnmower underwater are there because someone somewhere did it? Same idea.

Rainsong: For some people, the blue psiball works better if you spin it than if you just have it sitting there.

Rainsong: Most of the time, relief happens or begins within the first couple minutes. It may last for twenty minutes – at which point you need to do it again. Or it may last longer.

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

ceahhettan: (No, but at least I just made my toothache way less, lol.)

ceahhettan: Because you know, as usual, I’d forgotten that it was a method that actually works.

Rainsong: I’d used it for dental surgery. It can work that well

Rainsong: Try adding some oomph to it.

Rainsong: And if you can call to mind the “feeling” of the area around and including the tooth going entirely numb, it may be helpful

ceahhettan: Yeah. I’ve got a few teeth that need… work, but that’s a while off from actually being able to happen. So.

Rainsong: Not fun πŸ™

Scelana: Does the blue psiball technique work for nerve pain or are there other methods better suited for that? And are there ways to help with pain when the pain is so bad that it interferes with one’s focus?

Rainsong: By “nerve pain”, you mean like neuropathy?

Scelana: Does a very cranky nerve count?

Scelana: But for either would be nice to know just in case

Rainsong: You asked if it works for “nerve pain”. In order to answer, I need to know what you mean by “nerve pain”…

ceahhettan: It’s worked for fibromyalgia nerve pain for me in the past, although I’ve always changed the focus to more of a blue general field than a blue psiball, in that case.

Rainsong: When I had Shingles, which is an inflammation of a nerve – and trust me, that hurts – this worked for numbing it, for a while

Scelana: I am at risk for shingles so I’m definitely concerned bout the nerve pain I could get from that and I have pinched nerves in my lower back before which can send pain all the way down thru my leg to my foot on the affected side

Scelana: Not sure if last night’s pain included nerve pain or not

Rainsong: The short answer to the second part of your question is that it depends on how much interference it causes and how much focus you need to make a psiball.

Rainsong: If you don’t have the focus for a psiball, you probably don’t have the focus to do any of the other pain-relieving methods

Rainsong: At that point, you pretty much need someone else to do it for you…

Rainsong: …Unless of course you’ve set one of these methods up as a cantrip and are functional enough to remember to set off the trigger

Scelana: Ah kk Last night definitely was a time where I struggled to have any focus

ceahhettan: Making the trigger simple helps with that.

Scelana: I probably should setup a cantrip for that at some point

Scelana: Well I probably should 1st get decent enough with the technique(s) I’d want to cantrip

Wayfarer: Yeaaah

Rainsong: Indeed. A cantrip (shortcut) is pretty useless if you can’t produce the effect consistently to start with

ceahhettan: I mean, true.

ceahhettan: Hey there Cousin, how goes?

Rainsong: waves to Wayfarer Hey

Rainsong: Of course, “cool, blue, and soothing” is not the only effect you can tie to a psiball, with or without a cantrip.

Rainsong: And, of course, you don’t have to hold the psiball in your hand – or indeed against a part of your own body – for it to be effective. It works even better on someone else.

Rainsong: And it works at a distance, either by simply sending the psiball to the other person, stuffing it into a cotton ball and sending in the post by Snail Express, or by “imagining” the person in front of you and applying the psiball by proxy.

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Scelana: I have none atm

Rainsong: Alrighty then… Next topic

Rainsong: … and the topic that had come to mind would be better placed in the NORCA conference …

Rainsong: No matter.

Rainsong: PK is pretty handy for healing

Rainsong: However, be sure you have a pretty good handle on what you’re trying to accomplish, what the risks inherent in “what you want to accomplish” are, and that you have enough pk to do it… Also have snacks handy because you can really run yourself down fast doing pk on living systems

Rainsong: For the record, it’s much – much- easier to cause harm that to heal with pk

Chirotractor: I mean… that’s true for pretty much everything

ceahhettan: Bananas and orange juice are nifty.

Rainsong: And anyone who says that the Universe or Whoever will keep you from getting pk to work if you either try to hurt someone or just are being stupid (“Of course, I can rebuild this leg using pk. without causing the body to self-cannibalize or overwhelming the function of the kidneys and liver….!”) is… misinformed

Rainsong: Speeding up a re-knit of a simple fracture in an otherwise healthy person? Probably okay, and not very difficult.

Rainsong: Reconstructing a limb that is missing? If everything goes really well, you make no mistakes at all, and you get the patient on dialysis immediately, they might survive the experience.

Rainsong: For simple, semi-safe things, you’re going to generally be better off concentrating on the desired final result than micro-managing the process.

Rainsong: For difficult, dangerous things: micro-manage, and work in stages.

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

ceahhettan: Nope.

Scelana: I have none

Rainsong: And just to clarify, the “they might survive” part is meant to convey a fairly low probability of survival.

Rainsong: I may not have made this clear enough.

Rainsong: Next up?

Rainsong: Hmm. Big disclaimer for this one.

Rainsong: What I’m about to describe is meant as an adjunct, complementary treatment.

Rainsong: It is not intended to replace normal, conventional Western Medicine, or whatever the standard-of-care is in your part of the world

ceahhettan: nods.

ceahhettan: (Neither are blue psiballs, for that matter.)

Rainsong: (True, although, they are “prescribed” in place of opiods for some people, at the hospitals here, in cases where either the opiod didn’t work and was the last conventional option, or when the drugs are contraindicated for any of several reasons)

ceahhettan: (True.)

Rainsong: Radionics in the treatment of cancers.

Rainsong: The style of radionics box doesn’t make any apparent difference to the end result. However, it will determine how you figure or look up the rate to use.

Rainsong: The “rate” is the set of numbers you set the dials on the box to.

Rainsong: Like most radionic treatments, you’ll want to have some kind of “witness” or navigational-aid to point to box to the person (feline or otherwise) you’re treating

Rainsong: A picture works pretty well.

Rainsong: A tuft of fur/hair or a spot of blood is better.

Rainsong: If all else fails, write the person’s name and description on an index card.

Rainsong: There are few things you can use radionics for:

Rainsong: shrink the tumour (probably the most obvious) -> find the rate of the tumour, by using a pendulum or a stickpad, and dial the neutralizing rate onto the box

Rainsong: If your dials are 0-to-10, subtract each number in the rate from 10 to reach the neutralizing rate. For example, let’s say the rate for Spot’s main melanoma is 4.6 – 3.9 – 2.9

Rainsong: If I haven’t fluffed the math, the neutralizing rate would be 5.4 (10-4.6) – 6.1 (10 – 3.9) – 7.1 (10 – 2.9)

Rainsong: Trying to get rid of nausea from chemo? Find the rate for the nausea in question, and neutralize it the same way

Rainsong: Remember: this is supposed to support conventional medicine, rather than replacing it.

Rainsong: If you or your loved one has or suspects cancer, get to a doctor if it’s at all possible

Rainsong: (And if it isn’t possible? Well, there’s not much to lose in trying this, then… πŸ™ )

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Chirotractor: Sounds like it’d be useful for less serious conditions. Like a hangover or uncomfortable amount of recreational chemicals of your choice.

Rainsong: This is true.

Rainsong: It can counter the effects of such things.

Rainsong: I strongly recommend not relying on it to sober you up, though. Beer and other intoxicants mess up your judgement, so you won’t be in a position to determine whether or not it was entirely successful.

Rainsong: It can accomplish a number of highly implausible-sounding effects, in fact. The problem is that – like everything else in medicine, conventional or otherwise – it doesn’t always work for everyone.

Chirotractor: But can you use it to get yourself drunk? πŸ˜›

ceahhettan: Quite possibly, yes.

Rainsong: If you’re expecting to have a splitting headache via hangover the morning after, for example, a big party, I’d suggest setting up the radionics box in advance for an “anti-headache” effect, and then turn it on either before you head out to the party or when you stumble home… or stagger out of bed

Rainsong: Yes, that’s easy.

Rainsong: It can be used to duplicate all sorts of intoxicants, if really want to.

Rainsong: Be careful about how you set the rates for that… indicate the dosage you’re trying to duplicate. Or you can in fact overdose

Nevyn: Just peeking in, so a related aside, making water get you drunk is fun

Rainsong: Hi, Nevyn

Rainsong: Place some water in a clean glass receptacle of some kind (carafe, for example, or a jug) and place it on the “output” section of the box… set the rate for the effect in question, turn on the box, leave it there… Dowse the number of minutes/hours, if you want to keep it precise

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Scelana: I have none so far

ceahhettan: None from me.

Rainsong: Froody. Does anyone have any questions about psionic healing (or not-healing) more broadly?

Rainsong: Apparently not.

Rainsong: In that case, we’ll call it a night.

Rainsong: Thanks for participating, everyone.

Scelana: Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Rainsong: πŸ˜€

ceahhettan: Indeed!

Rainsong: :cat:

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