Aeon Trinity Series: Chitra Bhanu Conference: Constructs & MicroPK

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: November 3, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: “Aeon Trinity” Series – Conference of the Chitra Bhanu – uhh, this one’s a little harder to explain, but think in terms of microPK, practical constructs, and the like (real world psionics, in spite of the game-inspired topic) -Saturday, 3 November 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE47

Rainsong: Welcome to this evening’s seminar.

Rainsong: It’s another of our Aeon Trinity series. The Chitra Bhanu “were” the fictional Order that dealt with the usual run-of-the-mill energy work. In that game universe, it’s a mysterious and exceedingly powerful speciality.

Rainsong: In the real world, it’s the standard array of basic skills. But most people do not have the strength to do the earth-shattering stuff the characters in question could.

Rainsong: Nothing new there… How many real world telepaths are in “Professor X”‘s league?

Rainsong: Sooo, energy manipulation and probability alteration (microPK)

Rainsong: Is there anything in that sphere that is of interest to you?

Chirotractor: I’m always into micro pk

Rainsong: Alright, MicroPK it is

Scelana: I think I used to dabble in micropk, though it’s been a good while Other than constructs what is some things that would be considered energy manipulation? Brain is a little slow and off atm, going to eat and be here at the same time hehe

Rainsong: Energy manipulation aside from constructs? Moving it around, using it to move other energy around, sending it places, attaching it to stuff… The usual stuff.

Scelana: Ah kk

Rainsong: We can cover some of that, too, if you like.

Rainsong: We’ll start on the microPK side, because Chiro was faster on the keyboard-draw.

Scelana: Attaching it to stuff, sending it places and using it to move other energy round are things I don’t really have much to any experience in

Rainsong: You both already know what it is, but for the benefit of new folks reading the logs later, the “micro” part of “microPK” does not mean that the “thing that has been moved or changed” is necessarily small. You can use microPK to get rid of a sizable tumour, for example. (More correctly, there are people who can demonstrate this effect. Not everyone is good at it.)

Rainsong: You can use MicroPK to affect what light will be active at a give intersection. You can also go about it directly, and use macroPK.

Rainsong: The approach is often different. The end result may well be the same.

Rainsong: To be fair, there are many approaches to both. And they might overlap. So it’s hard to say for sure that they are actually different things.

Rainsong: Fun part of psionics is all the overlap. It might just come down to affective and perceptive categories

Rainsong: In any case…

Rainsong: There are a few main things to remember when doing microPK:
1) You are attempting to change reality with your thoughts.
1a) Therefore, your thoughts ought to be aligned with what you actually want to happen.
If you’re trying to stop a car from sliding off the edge of a sandstone cliff, for example, you do not want to be imagining it plunging into the rocks below while thinking “Oh shit oh shit oh shit it’s going to fall!”
2) For at least some people, trying too hard will backfire, and push the opposite of the result you want. Be light and calm.
3) If you want to make something happen, it’s generally best to decide what you want to have happen … preferably before you start working on it.
3a) Bonus points for being clear and precise with the “what you want to happen”
I’m sure you’ve heard to fairy tales about “genies” – or encountered “wishes” in RPGs – and read/heard about how a wish was granted but it wasn’t quite what the person had in mind.

Rainsong: There’s a one-frame comic from the back of a Dragon magazine when I was in high school (so, yea, they were pretty much chiselled into stone tablets… 😛 )

Rainsong: The picture was of a reindeer-herder and a second person in the foreground, and a herd of reindeer in the background.

Rainsong: The caption read, “Actually, I was a thief, until I made a wish for a million bucks.”

Rainsong: Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.

Rainsong: It applies to microPK in the real world, in much the same way as it applies to wishes in fiction.

Rainsong: Questions and/or commentary, so far?

Scelana: I have none so far

Rainsong: MicroPk is normally associated with statistics and probability – mostly because you need to use stats to figure out whether you actually did what you wanted to do

Rainsong: So we’ll take an example that also uses probability: games of chance

Rainsong: Dice and cards are popular targets for practice games.

Rainsong: The same approach would apply to slot machines, roulette, and so on.

Rainsong: If there is chance around, you can fluff with it

Rainsong: Probably the easiest way to do it is this:
Decide on the exact result you want
Picture that end result as clearly as you can in your mind
Hold that visualization
Lightly send a small stream or series of puffs of oomph at the thing you’re trying to affect – without watching it
Check your result

Rainsong: Example:

Rainsong: You’re playing Go Fish with your buddies

Rainsong: You’re about to draw and your hand needs the Two of Hearts

Rainsong: So you pause for a moment, put together a nice clear picture of the face of the Two of Hearts card, send some oomph at the deck, and draw.

Rainsong: If all goes well, you pull the Two of Hearts

Rainsong: It’s easier to accomplish if the Two of Hearts was still in the pile at the time, of course…

Rainsong: Things start getting weird when you push a stray card to “accidentally” be dealt into a deck.

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Archaeus: Have you done a statistical test on this yourself?

Chirotractor: I will say that it works better for me if i just assune a certain outcome will happen

Rainsong: Archaeus: on the probability of a spare Two of Hearts turning up in a Go Fish game? 😀

Rainsong: Chiro: That’s a good, calm formation of intention.

Rainsong: Another friend makes his intentions in what amount to Venn diagrams and sets

Archaeus: It doesn’t have to be that example. But have you collected data on your micropk?

Rainsong: Some, but only sporadically. It’s not my primary area of interest.

Scelana: What weird can happen when you push a stray card to “accidentally” be dealt into a deck?

Rainsong: For one thing, the other player will probably assume you cheated.

Rainsong: And if it’s poker or something else with money on the line, they might take violent offence, depending on their individual proclivities

Archaeus: Do you think pro poker players do this?

Chirotractor: Seems like it’d be more usefull to just look at other peoples cards

Rainsong: I presume that at least a few do, and I expect that some do it without realising they are really performing PK — they might not even believe PK exists

Rainsong: I’ve never played poker, personally, and I don’t follow the professional league at all. I only know enough about it to include semi-plausible scenes in crime novels

Rainsong: and military thrillers

Rainsong: Chiro: could be

Rainsong: On the other hand, whether it’s more useful is going to depend on which you can do more dependably. Some of us are better at affecting some things than detecting them. And some are better at the reverse

Rainsong: There are a number of ways to cheat at cards, if a person is so inclined.

Rainsong: For example, projective telepathy can interfere with the opponent’s concentration enough to result in errors… or even to force a specific choice or move.

Rainsong: If both players agree to it, it can be quite a fun variant on chess, to force the opponent to make stupid moves and conceal awareness of important pieces on the board

Rainsong: That’s a different topic, though… 😀

Rainsong: Any other comments or questions?

Rainsong: Apparently not.

Rainsong: Alright…

Rainsong: Sticking energy-stuff to… stuff.

Rainsong: This is the basis of charging and enchanting things, for example.

Rainsong: Some substances hold on to energy-stuff better than others: cotton, quartz, silver… diamond and salt hold it well, but they don’t like to let it out again, so not useful except for just “sinking” stuff into the crystal to get rid of it

Rainsong: How?

Rainsong: Simple.

Rainsong: Hold the item between your hands – or put your hands over or above the thing, with your palms facing it – and run energy-stuff into it.

Rainsong: To make this exercise useful, hold an intention in mind while doing so

Rainsong: For example, the intention could be to produce a feeling of being hugged, when the item is touched

Rainsong: You’ll want to keep the feeling of being hugged and of hugging, along with some kind of affectionate emotion, in mind at the same time, in that case

Rainsong: If you’re gifting a plushy to a small child during the holidays, adding a hug can be a nice touch

Rainsong: Or you could stuff some “healing energy-stuff” into a plushy and give it to someone who’s sick or injured.

Rainsong: Questions? Comments?

Chirotractor: How long does this tend to last?

Rainsong: In cotton, it can last several weeks. Sometimes a few months.

Rainsong: We had one plushy hold it’s hugs – and continue to convey hugs – for a couple years

Rainsong: I’ve only tested it at any kind of length in cotton and quartz, for that purpose.

Rainsong: Quartz holds it for years

Rainsong: I don’t see any reason that a wool or polyester plushy wouldn’t work… but no evidence one way or the other

Scelana: Is the process similar when a construct of some sort is involved? Does linking energy/constructs/etc to text count as a form of attaching to stuff and does the method used for that differ than for physical objects? Is Kyanite useable for attaching energy/constructs to it?

Rainsong: Stuffing a construct into a physical object is pretty-much the same thing

Rainsong: I have no experience with kyanite. If you have a piece, try it and find out?

Rainsong: Most stones are usable for attaching energy-stuff. Some will hold it more firmly than others.

Scelana: I don’t have any yet, but I hear it’s rather useful so I’m thinking of acquiring some in its various colors

Scelana: Would Selenite be useable enough? It’s another one I plan on acquiring some of soon

Scelana: Ahh I see, I could work trying out some different ones as I acquire more kinds over time

Rainsong: Selenite’s quite usable. It’s also very fragile, so be careful about how you hold and store it

Rainsong: There are quite a few kinds of stone native to your area. Try playing with random pebbles and cobbles in your area

Scelana: That’s good to know, I plan on having one piece or two be for at least one or two specific uses

Scelana: I live in a residential area with little access to open non home areas, I would have to look around to see where I could actually go do some good stone hunting

Rainsong: While we’re still on stones, quartz doesn’t have to be the clear kind. The much cheaper and more common milky quartz works just as well

Rainsong: So do amethyst and citrine, of course, but those are expensive

Scelana: I know a shop that sells tiny Amethyst for $1 each

Scelana: They’re not too small but small enough I guess

Scelana: Does size matter?

Rainsong: Mostly for convenience. And sometimes for other practical reasons. For most purposes, something an inch or two in length is ideal.

Scelana: Ahh, the ones I found for a dollar are well under an inch in length

Scelana: Maybe half inch at most?

Rainsong: Not surprising, but those are still usable. For some things, they are inconvenient for handling or wrapping

Rainsong: For other things, they are better than the bigger pieces.

Rainsong: For just shoving a construct into? They’re fine, as long as you have something to put the stone in so you don’t lose it

Scelana: Ahh kk

ceahhettan: Evening, folks.

Rainsong: Hi, Ceah

Scelana: Hello ceahhettan

ceahhettan: Still reading back up.

ceahhettan: Rainsong: For the record, I find that polyester tends to not hold on to energy. wool does so quite well though.

Rainsong: Excellent. Thanks, Ceah

ceahhettan: Of course I don’t tend to have much that’s polyester. sometimes poly-blend fabrics, but not often.

Rainsong: Some popular plushies are made of polyester fabrics, not to mention the fill.

ceahhettan: true

Rainsong: Any further questions or comments? Or shall we call it a night?

ceahhettan: nah, I’m too tired to think of anything else much useful to say.

Scelana: I don’t have anymore for now

Rainsong: Thanks for participating, everyone.

Rainsong: Next week is another in the remote viewing series

Scelana: Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Rainsong: 😀

silton2: ‘ reading through really great!

Rainsong: Thanks 😀

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