Remote Viewing Series Part 7: Health & Hypergraphia

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: January 12, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Remote Viewing Series – Part 7 -Saturday, 12 January, 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE57

Rainsong: The Remote Series is open to everyone – as all the publicly posted seminars are – but if you’re participating, you are presumed to have read through the previous classes in the series. They are cumulative, for the most part.

ceahhettan: Lemme see if I can get my iPad to be happy with the internet, if so I’ll at least lurk.

Rainsong: hi, Ceah. How’re the travels?

ceahhettan: Eh. Stuck in Salt Lake City for breakdown… again.

Rainsong: πŸ™

ceahhettan: Outside air temperature sensor on the truck is malfunctioning, which is super not good in the uh. Winter. Lol.

Rainsong: Doesn’t sound fun.

Rainsong: We appear to be at the bottom of the hour.

Rainsong: Is Ceah the only one sort-of here?

Rainsong: Given that this is the second time RV seminars have gone splat, I think we may safely say this series has pittered out

ceahhettan: Entirely fair, maybe revisit it in a few months?

ceahhettan: For myself, I’ve got some work I want to do before I attempt too much more with RV type stuff, about five to ten pages of journal probably working on control so to speak of the less controlled clairvoyance shit.

Rainsong: That’s also entirely fair.

Rainsong: RV is not something a person learns quickly, no matter how much time they have available to devote to it

ceahhettan: Protocols are well and useful for control but I’m feeling like I’m missing a few of the stepping stones that possibly wouldn’t actually matter as much if I didn’t have the other clairvoyance shit going on?

Rainsong: Do you want to discuss those?

Rainsong: The “other clairvoyance shit” and/or the stepping stones?

Leander: woops, I’m here too

Leander: hello

Rainsong: Hi, Leander

Leander: evening rain

Leander: remote viewing right?

Rainsong: Yep.

Leander: cool

Rainsong: We had five classes building on each other, a discussion in lieu of a class, and now… Well,… gestures vaguely around the classroom

ceahhettan: Sure. Lemme get the keyboard set up.

ceahhettan: And grab my book, that might be useful.

Leander: we could have another topic if this one builds on others and it’s just us?

Rainsong: We’ll be taking a look at related clairvoyance things… hence Ceah grabbing a book and setting up keyboard.

ceahhettan: Alright, and maybe my glasses. I forgot how damned small the text on my iPad on discord is.

Rainsong: If you have any questions, toss ’em in the pot, too

Leander: shrugs totally different topic so, nothing to add to this one

Leander: no worries

ceahhettan: I mean, we can do multiple topics, I wouldn’t mind.

Rainsong: And I don’t mind, either.

Leander: er, okay, well it’s foundational. I’d like to know more about diet and exercise in support of a magical lifestyle. I know willwork and energy work require certain nutrients

Leander: totally seperate topic

ceahhettan: That’s entirely a good topic though. And to be fair it’s one that never stops being relevant– even having been doing this for um (counts) seventeen plus years now? I still appreciate and need the reminders.

ceahhettan: Still looking for the book, not sure where the fuck I put it when we redid the organization of the truck. Did find some scratch paper, but that doesn’t help me with regard to sorting through some of the random hypergraphia scribbling shit.

Rainsong: While you’re looking, I’ll answer Leander’s question, then?

ceahhettan: And that’s the biggest thing. So far, I haven’t actually been able to sort out when doing RV exercises whatever bit it is inside my head, and so even ideogram type exercises (which I’ve found useful otherwise) still turn into hypergraphic floooooosh all over the page.

ceahhettan: Which, while useful for the root causes of hypergraphia and dealing with what the fuck am I seeing this time, not as useful for RV itself.

ceahhettan: And sure.

Leander: sounds good to me

Rainsong: I tend to go on at length about sugar and potassium, because it’s pretty well established by simple clinical tests that attempting to do psionic stuff messes with the blood levels of glucose and potassium (and, therefore, of insulin, because the three levels are interconnected).

Rainsong: The body doesn’t have a means of preventing blood potassium from dropping to dangerously low levels, so it’s important to be aware of and watch for the symptoms. In psionics, the drop happens much faster than, say, when cramming for an exam.

Chirotractor: Obvious wisdom from that but do not do heavy psi stuff if you’ve eaten nothing but icecream all day

Leander: oh, I should point out that I work with primarily with willwork and I’m working on physical magic at the moment

Chirotractor: not a fun time

Rainsong: (That hungover feeling you get the day after cramming hard for an exam? That’s also an imbalance of glucose and potassium…)

ceahhettan: Chiropractor: Learned that the hard way?

Leander: … done that :sweatsmile:

Leander: mhm, I have a little pot of jelly beans on my desk. awesome for a glucose spike for magic work

Leander: apparently they were designed orignially for diabetics

Rainsong: You can’t stockpile potassium in the body. It gets rid of the excess quite efficiently (unless you have one of the few fairly specific disorders that messes that up, of course).

Rainsong: So have a low-salt, high-potassium, high-sugar snack handy and ready to go, when you work.

ceahhettan: Bananas.

Rainsong: If you have a sudden enough drop, you won’t be able to stand, much less get to the kitchen

Rainsong: Yep, bananas are your friends

Rainsong: Orange juice is another good one

Leander: I’ve had moments when trying to make a candle light that i struggled to get in a breath the fallout was so severe

Rainsong: Exactly

ceahhettan: I actually like the Body Armor drinks, when I can afford them. 350mg potassium and only 20mg sodium per serving on the one I grab.

ceahhettan: (Bananas are sometimes texture nope for me, or actually chewing and swallowing is distracting enough that eh.)

Rainsong: And it can happen even when you’re not accomplishing anything. It’s not connected to the results. It’s connected to the amount of effort (and possibly the emotional involvement) you’re putting into it

ceahhettan: (Found the book, by the way.)

Leander: that’s a cool idea. i like the idea of things that keep, I like to go on trips outside and do magic thing, but crashing happens way too often and bananas are hard to carry or just stash for whenever i need them

Rainsong: As far as exercise, the only thing I know for sure is directly helpful is breathing exercise in which you are deliberately using your whole lungs. The same kinds of exercises singers and wind-instrument players do. If your tum-tum doesn’t move when you breathe, you’re doing it wrong

ceahhettan: They’re a little more expensive than gatorade is at the store, but the flavour is significantly better overall imo.

Rainsong: Juice boxes are good, too.

ceahhettan: Whether they’re carried or not probably depends a lot on region, and what store. Although I do tend to find them at Walmart, so.

Leander: really? I was expecting general exercise to be important because health seems to be connected to how well you can focus and will

Leander: I didn’t know if muscle mass would also be a factor

Rainsong: The healthier you are, the better, overall, of course.

Rainsong: For any number of reasons.

Rainsong: But I’ve been sick all my life.

Rainsong: Nothing that can be fixed.

ceahhettan: And what’s “healthy” for one person often is bad for another.

ceahhettan: Or would be someone else’s stay in bed sick day. These things are subjective. (And I’m physically disabled, nothing that can be fixed, with various fatigue and pain issues to boot. Have been most of my life.)

ceahhettan: Rainsong: Although one’s personal health scale can be connected. It’s not like going and doing psi things on our bad days is a terribly great idea.

Rainsong: Ceah: true.

Rainsong: So yea, exercise is great, and if you have the option, do it.

Leander: I’m guessing a junk food diet is still going to have horrible effects on anybody’s ability to function though

Leander: as is scurvy

ceahhettan: Eh. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

ceahhettan: (And junk food.)

Rainsong: It is. Too much sugar relative to other foods interferes with concentration and memory. And if your body’s already running on “empty”, you’re at higher risk for a dangerous crash in the blood chemistry

ceahhettan: I eat “junk food” a lot more often than I’d necessarily like while we’re over the road, and it’s not as huge a deal as one might think. One of the things that a friend of mine on Twitter constantly reinforces is that it’s a good idea to divorce ourselves from the ideas about good food and bad food, at some level. As long as you are making sure that your body’s nutritional needs are met, food is food.

Leander: maybe it’s just me. I can’t handle it at all

ceahhettan: And recognising that is good. πŸ™‚

Leander: the more artificial the more it negatively impacts my abilities

Leander: I guess :sweatsmile:

Rainsong: As far as possible, eat what works well for you

ceahhettan: ^ That.

ceahhettan: And again back to the whole individualisation thing, what works well for one person won’t work well for another. Rainsong’s allergic to red meat. I pretty much live on the stuff.

Rainsong: Exactly.

Leander: I never realised quite how diverse health was

Leander: diet books lied to me

ceahhettan: Diet books lie.

ceahhettan: Hey there Cousin.

Wayfarer: Diet books make a lot of money doing that.

Rainsong: Hi, Wayfarer

Wayfarer: You didn’t think they were about helping people be healthy, did you? lmao

Rainsong: Leander: If your magic – of any kind – makes you sick or hurts or causes worrisome symptoms, stop and rest and have a snack.

Leander: well.. the ones with titles like ‘healthy diet?’ yeah kind of

Rainsong: Unless what you’re doing is time-sensitive and important enough that you’re willing to die to accomplish it

ceahhettan: Lol, yeah nope. Healthy is different for different people.

Leander: heh, I just had to shut down for a day because I basically ingested raw sunshine

Rainsong: And I mean “die” in the literal sense. Not hyperbole or poetic shit

Leander: yeah, I know. magic is more likely to kill you than most things, largely because you start of totally ignorant about the danger

Wayfarer: That and the pervasive cultural idea that it’s “not real” cuts both ways.

Rainsong: And don’t get me started on the “the universe will protect you” cow-pucky

ceahhettan: Also, damn. I think I left the last book (the one that I finished) at home, so all I have to work with tonight is the one with exactly two pages filled so far.

Leander: you mean love and white light won’t save me? :scream:

Rainsong: Love can do some amazing things, and white light shields can actually work in some situations, but no, they won’t save you

ceahhettan: Ah well. It’ll do, either way. I suppose I ought to go find us a friendly definition for hypergraphia if we’re going to discuss that and the other rambling at some point.

Leander: eh, no more than the ocean will save me from terrorist attacks

Leander: and frankly love alone is more than enough to kill you

ceahhettan: For fucking serious, love makes people do really dumb things, a lot of the time.


Leander: but also as a raw thing all it’s own it can kill you

ceahhettan: Heh.

Rainsong: And of course, there are those who will tell you that magic is perfectly safe, as long as you know what you’re doing.

ceahhettan: Anyway. Rainsong, Wayfarer: As I mentioned previously, stuff like ideogram exercises tend to devolve into hypergraphic nonsense and sometimes trance nonsense, and I’m still kind of maybe thinking/working on ways to remain grounded and present enough to actually stay within the exercise?

Rainsong: Same people who told me phasing wouldn’t hurt if I knew what I was doing, when it happened. Maybe so, but a) they had never done it, and b) no shit, Sherlock, the whole point was that I didn’t know how to do deliberately what was happening semi-randomly

Leander: it kind of is safe if you stick to the shallows, the deeper you go the wilder it gets

Rainsong: Ceah: when you were doing the ideogram exercise, were you trying to “feel” ideograms, or just drawing them in response to a word like “mountain” or “manmade” and such

ceahhettan: I tried both. I found one of those things that’ll repeat the word, and it STILL ended up devolving into words stuff after three or four repetitions.

ceahhettan: It happens a lot FASTER if I was trying to “feel” it, though.

Rainsong: Possibly because your File Clerk Dude was thinking you wanted to do automatic writing, in the latter case

ceahhettan: Right. It’s very… close? And I think it may possibly be too close.

ceahhettan: I mean, I also use the automatic writing to deal with the random unasked for clairvoyant shit that sometimes happens, as well as it being a thing all by itself, so there’s that. There’s a pattern there that I’ve already made and trying to make a new pattern is very, very close to it.

Rainsong: nods

Rainsong: As a result of the combination of factors, I think you might need a bit of a workaround, for the initial contact / ideogram part.

Rainsong: There’s more than one entirely workable and correct way to approach them.

Rainsong: Having something that can be interpreted is useful, but not required.

ceahhettan: nods.

ceahhettan: The other thing that happens, is my brain latches onto a particular word and the rest of a page ends up in that word.

ceahhettan: Which is particularly obnoxious, and sometimes I need to just let myself do a few pages of that to get it out of my system so to speak before trying to get anything meaningful?

Rainsong: Just a really long AOL, that is

ceahhettan: Okay, right.

ceahhettan: Yeah.

ceahhettan: And I mean, a lot of the work I’ve done in the past has worked on narrowing and focusing the impulse-driven writing to get anything from it, so this is just kind of another fork in the path. It’s just a harder one.

Rainsong: As for the ideogram, if you haven’t already tried this, when you do a practice session, say “idiogram” aloud immediately after writing in the cooridinates, and then let your hand only make a squiggle during the sound of that word. Then stop, set down the pen, as though it’s an AOL break, before going to the A and B parts of S1

ceahhettan: Okay, that makes sense.

ceahhettan: Putting down the pen is the hard part there. :p

Rainsong: I know

ceahhettan: (Friendly definition for everyone else, since I apparently managed to forget it up above. Hypergraphia is, in all technicality, a behavioural condition with the very intense desire to write or draw, to the point where it is an impulse that cannot be ignored. In this case it also ends up similar to automatic writing, in that for me there’s little processing going on of what I write BEFORE I write it. Hypergraphia is separated from normal creative impulse in terms of quantity and compulsivity, as well as potentially having some weird brain involvement, but that is probably a discussion for some other time.)

ceahhettan: (Basically, very extreme free writing, plus annoying brain if you don’t.)

Rainsong: S2 and S3 might not be a huge problem for you, other than the AOL breaks. Won’t know for sure until you’ve done a few. Or have you, already?

ceahhettan: I’ve done a few off of internet-generated targets, not… unsuccessfully although usually still af ew steps off from dead-on.

ceahhettan: *a few.

ceahhettan: I mean, other than the AOL break where I ended up scribbling RED all over the page, and then the next page.

ceahhettan: (In my defense, IT WAS RED.)

ceahhettan: But “red” is one of those words my brain hooks on.

Rainsong: So you might need some more pages than other people, but that’s okay

ceahhettan: nods.

Rainsong: Expect 30-100 sessions before basic competency, on average, so “a few steps off of dead-on” so early on is nothing to be ashamed of

ceahhettan: I’m a perfectionist okay? I like to be right. >:3

Rainsong: With RV, you’re “right” by staying in structure.

ceahhettan: Which is probably another important thing to remind myself lol.

Rainsong: yep πŸ™‚

ceahhettan: Thank you. Those are all useful points, and most of which are things I was just a step or two off of grasping onto because augh it’s hard when I’m stuck behind this sheet of paper with nothing but the word RED all over it lolol.

Rainsong: It doesn’t look the way you expect it’s “supposed to”… but there’s actually nothing wrong with it

ceahhettan: nods.

ceahhettan: The other thing I’m wondering is if I can manage to get to the point using that as a way to learn how to pick up the pen? Is if I can then pull that back onto the other side and learn to pick up the pen a bit more in the rest of it.

ceahhettan: Since honestly my goal isn’t so much RV itself as using this as a tool towards dealing with the hypergraphia?

ceahhettan: (I mean, being right is a bonus, but.)

Rainsong: pick up between words, you mean?

ceahhettan: Yeah.

ceahhettan: Between words, between sentences, etc.

ceahhettan: Between points and during AOL breaks, in the case of RV stuff.

ceahhettan: going inside to dinner but will have my phone to continue

Rainsong: Enjoy your meal.

Rainsong: And yea, you can use it for that sort of practice.

Rainsong: I don’t have enough data to know how effective it will be for that purpose

ceahhettan: I mean, it’s worth trying, in any case.

Rainsong: Of course. It shouldn’t hurt anything, as far as I know

Rainsong: Disclaimer: Hypergraphia is not my area of expertise

ceahhettan: To be fair, it’s not really anyone’s? People like myself with it on a functional level seem to be more? I’ve got the few books ever written and such, but it’s also so very individual that a lot of shit just… eh.

ceahhettan: So.

ceahhettan: (My most recent therapist was all, “Well if it doesn’t help or hurts don’t try it again” usually.) Seriously though there’s not much out there on it.

Rainsong: Entirely fair. I just don’t want to risk sounding as though I think I’m an expert on it or something… because that can result in more of the “if you know what you’re doing, this won’t hurt you” kind of bullshit

ceahhettan: Fair. In this case it’s much more risk-aware etc–

ceahhettan: I know there are risks, and in general I sound things out mostly for total outrageousness rather than anything else.

ceahhettan: I wouldn’t advise this shit to anyone else dealin even with similar without significant caveat.

Rainsong: For your purposes, I’d suggest putting your S2 and S3 in single-word columns… Recognising that it won’t always be possible. But aiming for that might help with the separation and pen-lifting

ceahhettan: Nod.

Rainsong: Any other issues with the hypergraphia and/or clairvoyance shit you’d like to discuss tonight? (We can, of course, revisit the topic any time you want to)

ceahhettan: I think that’s most of it. I realise I didn’t really touch on the clairvoyance shit but I’m sure it’ll get there eventually. That’s a lot more Woo though and possibly easier as a side discussion all of its own.

Rainsong: Sure, no worries

Rainsong: Thanks for participating, all. Looks like we’ve come to the end of this one.

Rainsong: Have a great evening

ceahhettan: I’m now waiting for food. noms ahead. πŸ™‚

Rainsong: Whoo! Have a good one πŸ™‚

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