Beginning Constructs

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: May 11, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Constructs – Saturday, 11 May 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong– Search LECTURE74

Rainsong: Topic, by request of Borblezorb, is Constructs

Carmen: psionic?

Rainsong: Indeed

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen

Rainsong: Welcome to another seminar here at the social club

Rainsong: Our topic for the evening is psionic constructs.

Rainsong: More specifically, how to make such constructs and, time permitting, a few specific examples arising from the basic one

Rainsong: As usual, we’ll be discussing real-world psionics, rather than game mechanics. So if you’re looking for online gaming, you might want to try a different channel

Rainsong: Any questions or commentary before we dive in?

borblezorb: Nope.

Rainsong: Alrighty then.

Rainsong: Psionic constructs are clumps of psionic “stuff” programmed to do something.

Rainsong: That “something” can be as simply as holding together in a given shape, such as a handheld psiball. Or it can be a little more complex, such as a shield that takes in whatever oomph is thrown at it, repatterns that oomph to fuel itself, and hive off bits of itself into flying gargoyle shapes that proceed to knock pool/billiard balls off course

Rainsong: We will start with the basic handheld psiball.

Rainsong: I’ll point out, for the record, that there are many entirely valid ways to make constructs. I’ll be teaching ways that have worked for me.

Rainsong: Do you have the use of both hands?

Rainsong: Not everybody does…

borblezorb: I do.

Rainsong: Excellent. We’ll proceed with the one I had been thinking of starting with.

Rainsong: Hold your hands in front of your body, at a comfortable distance. Your elbows can be (and probably should be) bent, and the elbows can be leaning on your desk if you feel like it.

Rainsong: Arrange your hands so your palms are facing each other, at a distance roughly equal to the width of your face. The distance doesn’t need to be exact. Just somewhere around there.

Rainsong: Slowly move your hands toward each other until you feel something between them.

Rainsong: (That might mean that they come together in a very slow clap. Or it may mean they stop with a gap between them. It’s all good)

Rainsong: Move the hands away from heach other, and then bring them toward each other until you feel something.

Rainsong: Repeat this seven or eight times.

Rainsong: After that, repeat another seven or eight times, but move your hands as though you were packing together a snowball or a ball of cookie dough

Rainsong: When you’ve given that a try, let me know what (if anything) you experienced.

Rainsong: “nothing” is a perfectly acceptable answer, by the way

Rainsong: As mentioned, there’s more than one way to do this, and very few of them work for everyone. So we may need to try several

borblezorb: Well I did your way and It worked, but I did my method.

borblezorb: I just visualize energy coming out of my palms and put it how I need it.

borblezorb: Or I puff it out of my eyes.

Rainsong: Ahh. So you can already make a clump of stuff.

Rainsong: And did you pack it into a ball shape?

borblezorb: Yes, threw one at my cat…

Rainsong: And what did Kitty do about it?

borblezorb: He looked around and then looked at me.

Rainsong: Probably wondering why you threw it at him

borblezorb: And I also made a construct that made people not sit where it was.

borblezorb: And I used the “Eye puff method”

borblezorb: It works the best for me.

Rainsong: So, you weren’t loking for “how to make a construct”, after all?

borblezorb: Well a little more advanced…

borblezorb: Or no…

borblezorb: Ok well at least we got good information for the other people.

Rainsong: True, and it’ll eventually end up in the logs

borblezorb: No one probably thinks that “Eye puffs” work, but they work well.

borblezorb: For me at least.

Rainsong: If you can make a construct do what you want it to, and to sit there and do its thing when you aren’t holding it, you ought to be able to use the same methods to make any other constructs (other than psychokinetic hybrids), up to the limits of your skill, cleverness, and/or available oomph and concentration

Rainsong: Nah, “eye puffing” works well enough, but it can result in problems over the long term if you run too much oomph through your eyes. Damages the nerves, you see

Rainsong: Small amounts from time to time seem to be safe enough, however

Rainsong: The sheer number and variety of constructs that can be made beggar the imagination.

Rainsong: Do you have any idea of what type of constructs are of interest to you?

borblezorb: Fun constructs mostly.

Rainsong: Frisbees, and yoyos,and the like?

borblezorb: And prank constructs.

Rainsong: ALright, we can work with that.

Rainsong: A frisbee is just a flattened psiball. And a yoyo is a psiball with a tail pulled out from it.

Rainsong: Take a frisbee shape and add a program to “make a tactile impression of water/wetness on contact with a human body” and stick that on someone’s chair. Wait until they sit down….

Rainsong: The very definition of “sophomoric”, of course…

borblezorb: Or make a construct that makes whatever is in contact with it brown.

Rainsong: Indeed. To start with, work with “gives the impression of being brown”

Rainsong: Changing the physical colour is possible, but much more difficult. Get the other one working consistently first

Rainsong: A basic hedge shield: a ball programmed to influence observers to look anywhere else and ignore the ball, can be placed around whatever someone else might be looking for (glasses, keys, pen, buildings, cars….)

Rainsong: I strongly sugget not putting such a shield around a car that is being driven at the time, though. Don’t want to cause a smash

borblezorb: Yep.

borblezorb: Anything I can prank my cat with?

Rainsong: Float a construct that gives an impression of colour (any colour at all) at roughly head height a couple metres behind and a bit to the side of people.

Rainsong: It’s not nice to prank cats. Much better to provide cat toys: mouse shapes to skitter around the floor, “bugs” to fly around the room, and so on

borblezorb: Why would it not be nice to prank a cat?

borblezorb: And I will fly a bug

Rainsong: Housecats are nervous creatures. It comes from being prey species (as well as being predators themselves)

borblezorb: That makes sense.

borblezorb: How big should the bug be?

Rainsong: Can either be the size of a real bug, or a little bigger. One of my cats prefers about two centimetres across.

Rainsong: Try a few sizes and see what he prefers?

borblezorb: How can I attract my cat to a spot?

borblezorb: With a construct.

Rainsong: Put a construct there that is interesting to investigate. A skittery movement, or impression of squeaky or rustly sounds, should be of interest

borblezorb: My cat likes whacking things.

Rainsong: Make something for him to whack?

borblezorb: Yeah like a little bottle cap like object.

borblezorb: He likes things like that.

Rainsong: That should be fairly simple to duplicate, then, yes?

borblezorb: Yes.

Rainsong: If the bottle cap moves around, so much the better

Rainsong: He likes to play-hunt, after all

borblezorb: I visualize a frame of a construct and I puff at it.

Rainsong: Good way to make a shape 🙂

borblezorb: To make it.

borblezorb: \

borblezorb: Ooops

borblezorb: I’m jittery with my keyboard.

Rainsong: No problem

Rainsong: Any other questions or comments?

borblezorb: No.

borblezorb: But we got a good chunk of info.

Rainsong: Indeed

Rainsong: Thank you for participating 🙂

borblezorb: Thanks, your welcome.

borblezorb: I’m gonna go now.

Rainsong: Be well 🙂

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