Practical Uses for Constructs

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: June 1, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: Practical Uses for Constructs – Saturday, 1 June, 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE77

Rainsong: Topic: Practical Uses for Constructs

Rainsong: Thanks to Whisp for the suggestion

Chirotractor: ships
new name
it shall be done!

Rainsong: Hi, Chiro

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Rainsong: Welcome to another seminar here at the social club.

Rainsong: Our topic for the evening is “Practical Uses for Constructs”

Rainsong: Surprisingly enough, there are some.

Rainsong: Any questions or commentary before we dive into the discussion?

Rainsong: Apparently not.

Rainsong: Aside from the standard children’s toys and shielding, constructs can actually have practical uses in everyday life.

Rainsong: Actually, the “children’s toys” thing can in itself be a practical use. Ever been stranded at the airport with delayed flights or weather problems… or worse, stuck on the tarmac… and there are bored kids?

Rainsong: Getting them to make “pretend beach balls” can save everyone’s sanity…

Rainsong: Of course, force-bubbles have pretty obvious uses:

Rainsong: Most of you have heard about the car crash situation, where I tossed one around my car before going into the side of a hill

Rainsong: I wouldn’t recommend depending on them entirely – there isn’t much in this world that works 100% of the time – but it’s worth a shot

Scelana: I’m a little late to the lecture but it looks like I’m not too late hehe

Rainsong: Hi

Mia: Not at all. I am on time for this lecture but late for all previous lectures so you have me beat.

Whisp: every lil bit helps though

Whisp: Back in the dinosaur days, Dan made us do speed exercises (prob to keep it challenging). As you pass someone who is on the side of the road or a sidewalk, you have to surround them with ‘bubblewrap’

Mia: IMHO, there are less obvious practical uses for constructs. Training in forming and using clear intent, experimentation with different concepts observed in other practices, a lot of people would when driving project a force bubble to try to repel vehicles or be less visible to cops but how about broadcasting your presence to the subconsciousness in other drivers as something that is good for preventing accidents? Or, maybe using constructs when one has lack of control over abilities due to developing them without knowledge and wisdom as a means to gain control over them, for example, if somebody starts manifesting strongly, a construct set that redirects the manifestations to desired areas and blocks any projections and formation of constructs from negative thought and emotion from oneself while allowing positive thought and emotion projections and manifestations in order to help people who self sabotage by thinking negatively and then wonder why things tend to backfire?

Mia: just a few ideas off the top of my head

Scelana: That’s quite a few interesting ideas

Whisp: sweet mother of gods….spacing

Scelana: Hehe

Mia: Or, for defense, a lot of people create constructs that repel detrimental entitiues but why not also use constructs that attract beneficial entities? Like attracts like and if the space is filled with stuff that is good instead of being kept empty then the bad stuff is less likely tu return.

Rainsong: Nothing wrong with using constructs as supports or “crutches.” I’d suggest keeping each construct relatively simple, and perhaps making several complementary constructs, rather than a single complex one

Mia: IMHO, anything that becomes a crutch is no longer truly beneficial.

Whisp: “Training in forming and using clear intent” please elaborate ,

Mia: A master who puts all of his faith in his tools is broken when the tools break.

Rainsong: The situations you were describing didn’t involve a master, though.

Rainsong: Not even a journeyman

Whisp: and I wonder if constructs dont become a habit more than a crutch? 15 years later, I still ‘bubblewrap’ cars on the side of the road

Rainsong: They can, certainly, Whisp

Mia: IMHO constructs tend to perform better if you are more certain and clear in the intentions in forming them plus if you have trouble focusing on what you intend to accomplish a construct could adopt other traits that cause unintended things to happen which could be an indicator of a need for better mental focus.

Rainsong: As for the attracting beneficial entities, placing some nice tasty constructs around the place can be attractive to those entities that “eat” oomph

Whisp: nods

Mia: and not just entities, of course, why not try constructs that attract money to you? 😛

Mia: or whatever else one wants

Whisp: llots of facets to constructs. I tend to do it on the fly.

Whisp: of course mine are short lived, if I am even successful in the attempt

Scelana: Would it be possible to make a construct taste like something if you know know what that particular taste is like? Like for example a construct that looks and tastes like an apple?

Rainsong: Scelana: yes, of course.

Mia: Before i made a construct that would last I made constructs that created copies of themselves and linked together to do cluster computing and work as one while keeping their numbers up. I found that not only were they successful but they were able to as a group problem solve better than a single construct.

Rainsong: It’s done the same way as making one project any other physical sensation, normally on contact, but you could specify contact with tastebuds

Scelana: Ahh

Scelana: Makes sense

rhwelc: maybe outside the scope of this lecture, but whats a beneficial entity.

Mia: Sorry, I sometimes use the word entity but what I mean is spirit.

Chirotractor: a ghosty boi

Scelana: Hehe Lutasi

Mia: granted, i sometimes use the word entity because the term spirit does not necessarily encompass the idea of self aware constructs and various things that have some sentience and sapeince but do not fit the classification of either.

rhwelc: how can a spirit be beneficial

Mia: Outside the scope of the lecture

rhwelc: kk

Rainsong: Geese and sheep are beneficial to lawns: they mow and fertilize at the same time

Scelana: I’ll brb, i need to calm one my cats down before he overheats himself during it

Mia: But, from my perspective spirits are like otehr humans in the physical world. some are nice, some are mean, some are helpful, some prefer to use people, some are positive, some are the opposite of positive…well, you know humans 😛

Scelana: Back No idea why he was getting like that

Mia: They are not the same as humans since all humans in this world are are spirits having human experiences. All I mean is well, they are as diverse as creatures on this planet and nothing that special overall, just treat them like you would any sentient life form 😛

Rainsong: As for other everyday practical uses: tripwires can be handy, to alert you to… stuff. For example, if you want to know when someone has gone into a room, or close to an object

Rainsong: Or, in the other direction, “tracking devices” can be stuck to things, people, etc

Scelana: I ended up having to distract him in a way that wouldn’t make him get hot

Mia: why a trip wire when you can do a construct shaped like the room and anchored to it that will be able to detect every movement of the person allowing you to check on things in greater detail in addition to alerting you?

Mia: or just a camera construct

Rainsong: That’s another option. Personally, I’m a big fan of “efficiency” 🙂

Mia: While walking in the woods at night I have tried creating a construct that would observe the surroundings, convert them into a format my mind would understand and send me relevant data regarding surroundings where I was going, had partial success with that.

Rainsong: (Also a big fan of functional brakes on cars, but that’s a separate issue)

Mia: Understandable

Scelana: How about just a motion sensor construct of some sort? But more than just basic detection of motion?

Mia: by partial success i mean it worked but was not a substitute for a flashlight 😛

Scelana: Like adjust what size and such triggers it to react

Rainsong: Needed to be more clear as to what constituted “relevant”, Mia?

Rainsong: Scleana: Yep, that can work. Just remember to give it a way to alert you (or whomever)….

Rainsong: Oooh. That could make for a fun prank…

Scelana: Throw in a camera that activates on it’s triggering and you got the energetic equivalent to a motion activated trailcam or security camera thing. Kinda like them Ring doorbells too i guess hehe

Mia: What other uses for constructs can you think of, rainsong?

Mia: A better question would be, what are good practices for developing the creativity to expand one’s repetoire and creativity in construct creation?

Mia: O mean, besides asking people what techniques they use in creating constructs and then testing out the ideas in what they say they do.

Rainsong: Cat toys: small constructs that move around to be pounced on

Mia: chuckles how well does that work with cats?

Rainsong: Smashing many constructs against the wall in quick succession: letting off steam after dealing with a particularly slow employee of the Motor Vehicles registry

Rainsong: Most cats sense such things. If they are in the mood to play, it works quite well. If not, well… they’re cats, yea?

Mia: true

Mia: Can’t make a cat cat when the cat is not in the mood to cat.

Mia: 😛

Rainsong: They will often be very annoyed if you toss something to play with, and there isn’t anything there, though, so best reserved for after enough skill is obtained to be sure you’re throwing a construct

Mia: Good to know, i love trolling cats. evil grin

Mia: ok, half joking

Scelana: I’m still experimenting with a construct “base” of sorts. Main structures stays basically the same but has ability to be easily programmed for various functions and the programming is more able to stay intact in the structure it’s in and any damages to that structure seem easier to repair Least that’s my results so far. I’m currently testing for long term lack maintenance to see what occurs and how long it lasts with my current revision.

Mia: don’t troll cats. Cats hold grudges.

Rainsong: And don’t troll wolverines. Not only do they hold grudges, they will track you for hundreds of miles to exact revenge

Mia: For one who has not practiced constructs for months and then is starting up again as of recently, what types of constructs are best to start off with to shake the rust off?

Mia: I will not ask how you came to know that.

Rainsong: Small and simple is always good, when getting “back into the game” for just about any activity, really. Make some toys, attach a motion-detecting gargoyle to the house to swoop down on intruders, stick force-bubbles around the pockets of billiard tables,…. the usual stuff

Capcom: Hello everyone. Sorry I’m late.

Rainsong: Hi, Capcom

Capcom: Hi rainsong

Mia: ok, so, I will at first follow the KISS rule.

Rainsong: nods And then you can build on them, as time and inclination dictate

Capcom: Never troll a duck my friend says.

Mia: What is it gonna do, tell you to duck off?

Capcom: No.

Mia: I guess the amusement attained from that would not amount to duck all.

Mia: sorry, i will stop

Scelana: Lol

Capcom: What are we learning tonight.

Mia: Either what animals not to piss off or uses for constructs. Let’s get back on topic.

Rainsong: (I’ll be back in a moment)

Whisp: An old friend of mine had a favorite prank. Big cat construct to stand on you while you are sleeping. He never tired of that

Scelana: I can imagine some people’s reactions to that one lol

Mia: One less obvious use for constructs: imporoving overall health by improving our energetic and mental states.

Mia: What are good approaches for that?

Capcom: Good evening.

Mia: And, would i be correct in assuming that working on improving the state of initial constructs you create contribute toward improves self maintenance by teaching th subconscious levels of the mind to structure the energetic aspects in a manner that contains improvements that were found to work in constructs?

Rainsong: Mia: I don’t know. Haven’t found anything that’s consistently effective in that regard (re health)

Rainsong: Could you re-phrase that last one, please?

Mia: would i be correct in assuming that knowledge gained in making better constructs can translate to the subconscious improving one’s own energetic aspects by applying the knowledge to th energy system?

Rainsong: It’s possible, but it doesn’t necessarily follow.

Rainsong: Or rather, it doesn’t necessarily happen

Mia: And regarding construct health, a common complaint by people is constructs do not last as long as desired. Can you suggest ideas for making sure constructs last?

Rainsong: Many times, they have forgotten to add a duration to it. “Stay together/Do such-and-such until (time)/(trigger)/(event)”

Rainsong: And of course, sometimes their skill just isn’t quite up to maintaining it as long as they want to on one go, without active maintenance

Rainsong: Clear directions and a good amount of oomph are the main factors

Wayfarer: Anchoring them to physical objects or at least placing them in physical space and then reducing the depatterning factors of that space are also good practices for maintaining constructs. When we just kind of put them out there and try to hold them together on their own it’s not uncommon for them to be disrupted/dispersed/destroyed by some kind of chance thing.

Mia: Years ago I could not make a construct that stayed together for long after i stopped focusing on it. What hel[pd me was asking peopl about hat they do to make constructs, people develop different techniques so i did get several answers. then i examined teh answers to see what ideas were there and kept making the same construct repeatedly, adding ideas one at a time to see what improved the longevity of teh construct and what did not. In my case it turned out that the technique i was taught was not working for me but the tchnique I developed through testing of different ideas did work. This leads me to the idea that sometimes all one has tlo do is find out what work more naturally for oneself.

Mia: Most of the ideas I tried were just different ways of thinking.

Rainsong: For most psionic activities, there are several different methods that are effective. Some work better for some people, and other people have beeter results with other approaches

Rainsong: The same holds true for energy work and magic more broadly

Rainsong: Anyone who tells you they have The One and Only way that works? They’re wrong

Scelana: Would mimicking or replicating stable structures in nature in a construct’s strucures help with it’s stability?

Rainsong: Scelana: it often does, yes, because it makes a clear intention

Mia: It could, it worked in my case.

Wayfarer: Paradigm is a big deal in energy work yeah. Might be something for a lecture at some point. We had someone here for example having trouble with channels not flowing and so on – but channels aren’t a physical thing with properties like that which can be “jammed.” The problem comes from rigid thinking leading to us programming things to behave in certain ways. Being able to change paradigm on the fly is a tremendously useful skill – but also having a paradigm that works for “bread and butter” is important. Trying to go without a model before one has a model is bad.

Scelana: Like for example using a form of construct based dna of sorts to store the programming?

Scelana: Ahh i see Rainsong

Wayfarer: Generally speaking, for someone beginning, I suggest learning with a model, but we should think about it like crossing the river with a boat. When we get to the other side of the river, we need to leave the boat. Carrying it around holds us back unnecessarily. Similarly, using a model to learn fundamentals is very good (and it doesn’t matter what the model is, use the one that gets you results), but then eventually being able to work outside that model is also good. But trying to work outside a model prematurely will cause headaches.

Scelana: I’ve been experimenting with the construct dna idea with one my designs. I’m definitely curious bout how much versatility it’s going to overall have

Rainsong: Trial and error is a great way to learn, and also to invent new methods

Scelana: Yep

Scelana: Current revisions show much for potential so far As well as for the potential of decent stability especially during a period of time without any regular maintenance Repairs to it seem easier for me to repair so far as well.

Scelana: Hoping to improve it in further revisions

Rainsong: Looks like we’ve wound down for the evening.

Rainsong: Any further comments or questions?

Mia: nothing appropriate for this chat

Rainsong: Alright, then.

Rainsong: Thanks for participating, everyone

Scelana: Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

Whisp: Great chat

Whisp: Thanks for your time as always, Rainsong

Raggiedmon: Also Thank

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