Trash Pandas, Empathic Emissions, and Safe Practice

Instructor: Rainsong & Wayfarer
Date: September 21, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: trash pandas, empathic emissions, and safe practice — Saturday, 21 September, 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong and Wayfarer — Search LECTURE94

Rainsong: Hi, all.

Rainsong: Welcome to another psionics seminar here at the social club

Rainsong: One of our trash pandas has very young cubs, so we were putting some extra snacks out for her.

Rose Cinderfall: aaww

Rainsong: She has a month to get them to full size and fat, if they’re going to make it through the winter, normally. We’ll be extra careful to make sure food is available for them, and also contacting the wildlife rescue to see if there’s anything else we should be doing for them

Rainsong: We don’t actually have a scheduled topic for the evening… Any requests?

Rose Cinderfall: …tensing and oomph amount in PK? has that been covered before in a lecture?

Vampire of Death: Trash panda.

Vampire of Death: Nani.

Rainsong: Trash panda = North American Raccoon (also known as the long-tailed bear and the washbear)

Wayfarer: My spirit animal

Rose Cinderfall: i like the term trash panda

Chirotractor: adressing people with… not so great empathic emissions

Rose Cinderfall: anyone else have a suggestion for the lecture subject?

Rainsong: We can probably cover both of the suggestions so far. Anyone else?

PatchesTheCoydog: Safe psi practice might be good since been been brought up elsewhere… checked logs on psc site to see if any on that specifically, there are ones health issues and medical issues but none on how to practice safely specifically unless missed it(though sometimes mentioned in others). Not meaning pick on Rose by suggesting it either(would be hypocritical considering some stupid shit I’ve done in past and likely most here which why might be good lecture topic)

Rainsong: Sure thing. It’ll fit nicely with Rose’s suggestion

Rose Cinderfall: …didn’t used to be problematic when practicing on a psiwheel years ago, but i think i overdid the tensing this time….

Rainsong: Chiro: Could you please clarify exactly what you are meaning, just to be sure we aren’t at cross-purposes?

Chirotractor: Like folks who are being loud in … idk ways that harm the fabric they live in

Rainsong: If they are being loud in a way that is dangerous to others, and doing so in a malicious or ‘reckless endangerment’ manner, a temporary stop-gap measure is to put an inside-out mirror or absorption Shield around the person who is projecting. Absoprtion Shield won’t cause them problems… Mirror will

Chirotractor: Like someone who… needs security, so they’re projecting all around them ‘protect me’ and discovering opprotunities for people to do so.

Rainsong: If they simply don’t know what they’re doing and need help, teach them first to Shield and then to moderate their projection

Rainsong: Shielding is typically easier to learn quickly

Rose Cinderfall: .. chiro, do i happen to be the person doing that? >.<

Chirotractor: I’m thinking about a specific other person.

Rose Cinderfall: oh, okay, phwew

Kate Embers: What would one do if the power (that being raw force and skill) of that person is able to break your shields?

Kate Embers: (hello btw)

Rainsong: (Hi, Kate)

Rainsong: Ideally? Several separate layers, with an absorption layer inner-most, set to convert whatever they send out as ‘fuel’ to reinforce the Shield, if you can do something that complex.

Rainsong: And by separate layers, I mean separate Shields, nested like a set of Russian dolls

Wayfarer: Defense in depth.

Wayfarer: And don’t pick those fights.

Rainsong: Also, Shield yourself, too

Rainsong: Questions? Comments?

Chirotractor: Nope 😀

Rose Cinderfall: nope

Rainsong: Kate: if all else fails, use a Stone Tower Shield

Chirotractor: Or become as seaweed

Rainsong: ?

Kate Embers: Alright, makes sense. But what is a stone tower shield?

Chirotractor: Treat as water and sorta wigle with it while disallowing yourself to be swept away?


Rainsong: Hmm. Good idea, Chiro

Kate Embers: 2003, oh dear. I wasn’t even in school back then.

Rainsong: It’s come up a few times since then, but that’s a whole class entirely devoted to it

Rainsong: Alright, turning to the other topic for the evening: safe practice, particularly of PK but of psi in general

Rainsong: There are people who will tell you that psionics can’t hurt you.

Rainsong: They have many reasons for this idea, ranging from ‘it’s just energy work’ through to ‘the universe is benevolent and won’t let you get hurt’

Rainsong: Whatever their reasons, they are wrong

Rainsong: As mentioned in the main chatroom, after you’re dead, pk being dangerous is no longer a problem

Rainsong: But if you’d like to avoid becoming dead in the immediate future, practicing safely is a good idea

Rose Cinderfall: nods..

Rainsong: We’ll start with the really basic concepts here, which come up frequently:

Rainsong: If you’re doing a lot of RV (two or more full sessions in a day) or working on projection of your mind from your body’s location, do not drive a car or operate heavy machinery. Also, don’t fly planes, or take responsibility for the safe operation of a gun range, archery tournament, or other hazardous sport…

Rose Cinderfall: uhoh, didn’t expect this.. dinner’s ready. excuse me please.. brb

Rainsong: for that matter, don’t go snowboarding or alpine skiing or biking, either

Rainsong: The reason is that there is a relatively high probability of mentall ‘wandering off’ again, after those kinds of activities, and that can be a problem when driving, skiing and so on


Chirotractor: good luck skiing with less than your full attention

Rainsong: next, before projecting, or doing deep trance stuff, or anything where you’re not paying attention to your body, make sure said body is in a safe location and in a steady position; lying down, sitting in a sturdy chair, sitting lotus on the floor and such

Rainsong: Not suggested: sitting in a tree, perched on a ladder, rock climbing

Rainsong: Are we detecting a pattern here?

Chirotractor: scraps their plans for a mountain climbing AP club

Rainsong: Chiro: The danger is in your attention suddenly shifting to elsewhere

Rainsong: Questions? Comments?

Chirotractor: suddenly shifting attention puzzles me

Kate Embers: You’re exhausting your mind and that makes you prone to lack concentration afterwards afaik.

Rainsong: It’s possible for your mind to suddenly move back to where you were projecting to, especially when driving. It’s why the guys at Fort Meade weren’t allowed to drive themselves home from work if they did two or more sessions during the day

Rainsong: Let’s say I’d been projecting to Chicago earlier in the afternoon, and am driving into town to buy groceries tonight. Suddenly switching back to Chicago while the car is still barreling down the road at 70km/hr could be a problem

Kate Embers: (thanks for the lecture, heading to bed ^^ )

Rainsong: (Goodnight, Kate)

Chirotractor: :\

Rose Cinderfall: will be back in the lecture and after-practice when i finish dinner.. assuming i finish on time. sorry, didn’t expect this >.<

Rainsong: Enjoy

Rainsong: Mostly, the problem seems to be that you’re not as firmly seated in your body for a while, after doing that sort of projection. (It’s actually variable with RV, depending on methods, but best to err on the side of caution)

Rainsong: Also, for projection-related activities: to be safe, I suggest not targetting highly secure military installations. The people who maintain such places tend to take a dim view of intruders


Rainsong: When settling down to practice, have a snack ready where you are practicing. Not in another room, not on another floor. Where you are. If you mess up, you might not be able to stand.

Rainsong: For those without systeming metabolic issues, you want to start with something high in sugar and potassium, and low in salt, fat, and fibre. The idea is to have it start bbreaking down for digestion while still in your mouth, instead of further along the tract

Rainsong: Orange juice is the typical suggestion for this. Bananas are another possibility. Chocolate milk works, too. Most fruit juices are usable

Rainsong: Obviously, if you have any of the many forms of diabetes or something similar, adjust the snacking accordingly.

Rainsong: The reason for the low salt, is that the potassium level needs to be higher than the salt

Rainsong: Also, your body gets rid of excess potassium relatively quickly, so loading up on potassium earlier in the day won’t always be sufficient

Rainsong: After the fast snack, then have something more substantial, such as a sandwich to refuel.

Rainsong: But have the high sugar, high potassium thing right there with you

Chirotractor: summon demons while eating banannas

Rainsong: I’ll point out for the record that summoning demons is not widely regarded as safe. It’s also rude

Rose Cinderfall: back

Chirotractor: summon them to a chocolate treat and request for a simpler way to contact them

Rainsong: Fair enough.

Rainsong: Hi, Rose

Rose Cinderfall: hi

Rainsong: Pk isn’t the only thing that can drain you enough to need a sudden snack, so plan accordingly

Rose Cinderfall: … i ate a very high amount of food just now. Guess my body needed it… >.<

Rainsong: Incidentally, the ‘hangover’ you get after ‘cramming’ all night for an exam appears to be a milder form of the same problem, where the glucose and potassium levels drop

Rainsong: Nomming on sandwiches and high-potassium snacks will improve the results of late-night study sessions

Rose Cinderfall: what about fish? our meal was fish and white beans in tomato sauce and i ate a lot of it


Chirotractor: brain likes pot

Chirotractor: got it

Rainsong: 😀

Rainsong: Practicing PK safely requires paying careful attention.

Rainsong: If you’re working on major PK things, you should have a second person there as monitor to make sure you continue to maintain basic bodily functions such as breathing and heartbeat.

Rainsong: The person serving as monitor should be up-to-date on their CPR qualifications

Rainsong: For minor practice, such as pinwheels and videogames, pay attention to the body’s symptoms:
feeling tired?
heart racing?
galloping feeling of the heartbeat?
not sure you should do one more go, but really want to see results in this session?

Rose Cinderfall: >.<

Rose Cinderfall: whistles innocently

Rainsong: You’re not the first person to make that mistake, and likely won’t be the last

Rainsong: But the only time you should disregard those kinds of warning signs is if you are attempting something important enough that you’re willing to die to get the result you’re after.

Rainsong: And I mean willing to die right then

Rainsong: There is debate about whether size of the target object or distance from the object makes any difference to the difficulty.

Rainsong: The limits seem to vary wildly from one person to another. To be safe, I’d suggest learning on small close objects, before working with big, distant objects

Rainsong: Think you can single-handedly deflect that incoming meteor? Fill your boots, but that one comes back to being willing to die for the results. And, I suppose if a giant meteor is about to wipe out your city, you might as well give it a shot…

Rainsong: By the way, if you start feeling high while practicing, stop. If you’re going to practice while high, time it so you’re not changing mental states during the practice, or you might end up overlooking an unintended change that might get you hurt

Rainsong: I don’t recommend practicing while high, but we’re all adults here, right…?

Rainsong: Anyway, overdoing stuff can make you feel lightheaded and euphoric, and can mimic a chemical high

Rainsong: Don’t use it for that purpose, though

Rainsong: Because getting dead is inconvenient

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Chirotractor: am gud

Rose Cinderfall: “The person serving as monitor should be up-to-date on their CPR qualifications” what about those of us who don’t have access to such a friend?

Rainsong: Avoid major workings?

Rainsong: If you really must, videoconference with someone who knows your physical address and has the telephone number of your local emergency services /ambulance, and hope they get there in time?

Rainsong: (Also hope the emergency services aren’t needed, for that matter…)

Rose Cinderfall: what about a local friend that doesn’t have CPR qualifications, but is present during it?

Rainsong: Also workable. Both of you watch at least a basic CPR video. There are lots of good ones, so you both have some idea what’s involved

Rose Cinderfall: okay.


Rainsong: It’s a good skill to have, even if you’re not interested in pk

Vampire of Death: I guess there’s no theory as to why abilities come and go?

Rainsong: A friend of mine saved his wife’s life when she had a heart attack, by using just what he’d seen on TV dramas. She was dead if he didn’t do anything – ambulance too far away to get there in time without someone doing CPR — so he figured he might as well try it. She made a full recovery

Rainsong: En: physical health affects it. And if the skill is borderline to start with, it will be unstable, especially under stress, much like any other skill. Beyond that? Not that I’m aware of

Rainsong: With RV specifically, there’s a pattern that holds true for almost everyone: start off with surprisingly great results as a noob, then the results fall off a cliff for a while, and if the person sticks with it long enough they build up skill to reliable use.

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Rose Cinderfall: none from me so far

Rose Cinderfall: @Vampire of Death you?

Rose Cinderfall: (pinging him because he bounces between lots of servers constantly)


Rainsong: Obviously, substitute whatever your local emergency services number is for the 999 in the video. It’s 911 in most of North America, for example.

Rainsong: And if you are doing it right, there will almost certainly be broken ribs. It’s scary. And it’s exhausting

Vampire of Death: When it comes to psionics is it partly muscle memory?

Chirotractor: when is it alright to forgo medical stuff?

Rainsong: En: partly

Rainsong: Chiro: When what you’re doing is short and easy… especially if you don’t have any emotional stuff going on. Or, when the stakes are high enough that the risk is worth it

Rainsong: You can probably guess cards for an hour, if the boredom doesn’t get to you. And with enough practice, a game of paintball is workable… but if you’re still needing to concentrate and ‘add oomph’ then you have to be more careful

Rainsong: With PK effects, always presume there’s a risk involved

Rainsong: Any other questions or comments?

Rose Cinderfall: none from me.. anyone?

Chirotractor: No

Rainsong: Alright then. Thanks for participating, everybody.

Rainsong: We were planning to have a practice session following class tonight. Rose, you will not be participating in that, after the pk incident earlier today…give your body time to heal.

Rose Cinderfall: 🙁 even though it’s only sensing?

Rainsong: Sensing exercises are surprisingly active – especially since you tend to project to feel things.

Rose Cinderfall: okay.. it’s my own fault.. >.<

Rainsong: Mistakes happen. I just don’t want you to compound the problem and make it worse

Rose Cinderfall: can we do it another day?…

Rainsong: Yea, we can

Rose Cinderfall: okay.

Rainsong: Maybe even tomorrow, depending on how things go

Rose Cinderfall: okay!

Rose Cinderfall: welp.. i was so enthousiastic about practicing with you this evening that i practiced other things earlier on in the day, and ended up overdoing it. Bleh >.<

Rainsong: It’s disappointing, but survivable

Rose Cinderfall: yeah

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