Q & A and Feng Shui

Instructor: Wayfarer
Date: October 12, 2019 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: (tentative) Feng Shui — Saturday, 12 October, 2019 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Wayfarer (tentative) — Search LECTURE97

Wayfarer: @here Hello Internet, I am going to rant at you for a while now. I’ve got some options for y’all. If anyone is even here what wants to be ranted upon.

Rainsong: hihi… I’m “listening” 🙂

Wayfarer: 1) if you’re good at remote viewing and like, understand what it is, can follow a protocol, like you get out paper and know what I’m talking about if I say “stage 1” or “AOL Bk” then we can hit some of those RV targets up above. Obviously we should also not be the tasker but I can reassign coordinates if we are the tasker.

ThunderGladiator: The CIA wants to know your location.

Wayfarer: 2) if you don’t want to do any of those things, I’ve been studying the ancient mystical grifter art of feng shui lately, and everyone is bad except me. I am the only person who is good at this.

Wayfarer: The CIA should know already; my computer is broadcasting an IP address!!!!!

Wayfarer: So because I’m the only person who is good at this I am going to explain why I am saying that and then lay out the real shit. It will be extremely authentic and consistent and you will be able to clown on folks who think they know some shit.

Wayfarer: Secret Bonus Option: 3) I dunno, ask me questions and I’ll answer them. We doin’ a master class.

Vampire of Death: I have a question of sorts regarding practicing, but it’s a little complicated and requires a few relative examples.

Wayfarer: Secret bonus option 3 is a go for now. Go for it.

TehOldeSourcerer: Hi

Chirotractor: I’m good for hearing about your funk sway wayfarer

Wayfarer: Aight I’ll talk about that after the questions.

Vampire of Death: So, I was wondering if you know what is happening inside of our bodies over a consistent period of ‘gearing up’ ‘grounding / channeling’ energy in the sense that like: What is changing within? I hear a lot about people mentioning their immune system or their physical senses changing or improving and I don’t have any personal anecdotal evidence to prove this as factual. I’m curious about processes or if there’s any information / resources that get more intimate with this.

Wayfarer: Okay, so, there’s layers to this answer and it’s gonna depend a lot on traditions and so on.

Wayfarer: If you subscribe to some east Asian traditions, Trad Chinese Medicine, etc. then there are energies in play that will interact and have physical effects in your body.

Wayfarer: If you’re not doing that, then I’m gonna go with “wow those people are grifters.”

TehOldeSourcerer: Something I forgot to ask last week: in your experience how does strengthening the physical body affect your energy and how would it affect energy manipulation? I never found a clear response on the effects this can have on you. Say, would there be a large difference between a psi ball created after months of consistent physical exercise as compared to one made before doing that?

Vampire of Death: May I ask for an explanation of the terminology grifter?

ThunderGladiator: The scientific tradition is: “Placebo effect”
to the scientists its more mysterious than the big bang theory

Vampire of Death: I actually have had it happen to me in reverse. @TehOldeSourcerer

Wayfarer: As in, they are either just straight up making shit up for whatever reason, or they are feeling generally better and are finding specific ways they are feeling better.

Wayfarer: A grifter is someone who is just making shit up or lying to make money.

Vampire of Death: When I work on my energy system my physical body got stronger and I live a sedentary lifestyle so that doesn’t make sense to me outside of strengthening of the nerves.

Vampire of Death: Ah, grifter. Yes now I understand better.

Vampire of Death: I am a grifter, but I don’t actually like money itself. I got some off topic beliefs regarding making money with energy work that belong in #social-hall.

Wayfarer: What metric do you have to claim your physical body got stronger though? In theory, you might have just felt better and from this you feel stronger, yeah?

Wayfarer: I mean that’s awfully honest of you, but hopefully you’re not entirely a grifter lmao


Vampire of Death: The metric I have is moving the same object that is in storage twice within a period of roughly a week.

Wayfarer: If you know it’s weight the second time it may seem lighter just from that.

Vampire of Death: Not swindler type, I just tell people this: ‘The way I do things is my experience, it is not the only way to do it and I’m no expert or teacher’.

Vampire of Death: It’s just not standard information.

Wayfarer: That’s the opposite of grifting.

Vampire of Death: The opposite being?

Wayfarer: Not grifting.

Vampire of Death: Lol.

Wayfarer: You’re being very honest by telling people that.

Wayfarer: That’s okay.

Vampire of Death: Yeah, thanks.

Vampire of Death: Anyway, basically my energy system isn’t standard or traditional Chinese medicine by any stretch.

Vampire of Death: But I’m interested in learning more about it.

Wayfarer: There may be those associations. But as for what’s actually happening in the body, there’s not a lot people know.

Vampire of Death: But you had mentioned people were finding ways to feel better in alternative ways, which is interesting.

Wayfarer: For example if you’re grounding and centering your emotions will be more stable, your mind will be more stable.

Wayfarer: And that will lead to your body feeling better generally.

Wayfarer: Then we might say, “okay, I feel so much better, my digestion feels better, my breathing feels easier.” And this is from having less stress and being more emotionally and mentally and spiritually healthy, yeah? But we just assume it affects our physical body in some direct way.

Vampire of Death: I’m curious about how to increase ‘volume’ in telepathy? Because I can hardly hear a thing. It might as well be whispering in the back of my mind.

Wayfarer: Don’t try to increase volume. Try to pay more attention. Leave the idea of volume alone and just learn to pay attention to those quiet sounds.

Wayfarer: Think about the air conditioner in a building. You may not hear it at all, but once you know it’s there you can hear it very clearly.

Vampire of Death: Paying attention is how I figured out they were there to begin with.

Wayfarer: Just practice processing that information.

Wayfarer: Yeah, so it is like practicing listening.

Vampire of Death: Yeah.

Vampire of Death: It kinda hurts a bit.

Wayfarer: It takes some practice, don’t push it too hard, and give it time.

Vampire of Death: I’m actually in a vc with friends, is that a sign of their mindset?

Vampire of Death: Like mental anguish.

Wayfarer: It could be?

TehOldeSourcerer: That is something I have little experience in myself, when I’vd tried I’ve gotten fragments of emotions and some mental images. One person I noted this to some time ago said that was “telempathy” and not telepathy. Something for me to check later

Vampire of Death: What is it called when I feel what someone else feels like as if it’s happening to me?

Wayfarer: That word has been used different ways over time but I don’t distinguish between telepathy and empathy, they are both the same thing, just focusing on different information. We can use the fancy modern research term “anomalous cognition” and it works well.

Vampire of Death: Say you get flicked and I feel it in another place like I got flicked?

Wayfarer: Telepathy or empathy. :v

Wayfarer: At the top of the hour I’ll ramble a bit about feng shui etc.

Wayfarer: Or now, as the question bits have stopped. So, feng shui bullshit. This is a thing from China. New Agers sell it as interior design. Is it all dumb idiot stuff!?!?

Wayfarer: The answer may not surprise you: not entirely. There’s some merit to the principles. But there’s a tremendous amount of new age nonsense out there.

Wayfarer: So, the main idea here is pretty straight forward: you can affect the energy of a space by laying it out and manipulating objects in the environment.

Vampire of Death: Yeah, isn’t that obvious though?

Wayfarer: It’s super obvious yeah.

Vampire of Death: Everything is made up of energy, right?

Vampire of Death: I mean I like the idea of energy manipulation having a physical impact.

Wayfarer: The new agey bits are not entirely obvious, but they’re also not super good. That’s the “paint your room such and such color and bring such and such energy” stuff. There is such a thing as the psychology of color, but for the most part that’s what these things are leaning on, not ancient Chinese wisdom.

Wayfarer: Regarding ancient Chinese wisdom: originally feng shui was one aspect of broader Daoist sorcery stuff. As such, it was contained within lineages and carefully guarded and controlled by the imperial government. After all, if the layout of space can bring benefits or disasters, you don’t want your enemies to know how to lay out their space, or how your space is laid out.

Wayfarer: With the fall of the Qing dynasty, much of that information was lost. The Communists labeled that kind of sorcery as among the “four Olds” and much of it was lost or deliberately destroyed. There is, to the best of my ability to discover, exactly zero Actually Legit Ancient Chinese Feng Shui Secrets available in the West today. The Cultural Revolution was really good about suppressing it. It’s probably gone. Legitimate lineages would only be found in Taiwan or Malaysia – I haven’t been able to find ones that I could verify.

Wayfarer: There is one institute in the US run by Larry Sang that passes the smell test, but I can’t find their original source material.

Wayfarer: I have some problems with some of their stuff, too, but it’s the only thing I can verify that is at all anything resembling what an actual energetic-science of space should look like.

Wayfarer: The quick and dirty version: energy flows through spaces and exists in spaces. That energy can be characterized as either yang (ascending, active, energizing, masculine, light, bright, solar, etc), or yin (descending, passive, resting, feminine, dim, dark, lunar, etc.). That’s real basic stuff of yin and yang and I ain’t gonna get too in depth here.

Wayfarer: Energy also moves through an elemental cycle which I discussed before in the Tibetan Astrology talk a few weeks back. Those elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. When they come in that order, it’s called the “generating cycle.” When the come in the order of wood, earth, water, fire, metal, it’s called the “overpowering cycle.”

Wayfarer: Those cycles define the interactions of those five classical elements.

Wayfarer: The one other important piece is that of space, and specifically the arrangement of the ba gua. We talked in the Tibetan Astrology bit about the parkha circle. Parkha is how Tibetans pronounce ba gua. The ba gua are the eight trigrams of the i ching. They are derived out of the yin and yang bits.

Wayfarer: There are 8 trigrams and they relate to the 8 cardinal and ordinal directions.

Wayfarer: You can actually break those up further based on whether they are in the heaven, earth, or man sections of the trigrams but that’s too much detail for this lecture!!!!!

Wayfarer: So, the trigrams have characteristic elements. They are slightly different from the ones in Tibetan Astrology, but not a lot different. The cycle is basically East – Wood Southeast – Wood South – Fire Southwest – Earth West – Iron Northwest – Iron North – Water Northeast – Earth Center (Not A Direction) – Earth

Wayfarer: In Tibetan traditions, Southeast and Northwest are both Earth. That’s the only difference really.

Rainsong: :thumbsup:

Wayfarer: Okay, if we look at those directions, we pick up some elemental characteristics. There’s a whole thing about the relations, the Tibetan system yields the same results, so let me grab a chart and we’ll chat about it

Chirotractor: Whole lot of earth there

Wayfarer: It’s where we at, yo


Wayfarer: Okay this is a Tibetan table, the Chinese names for them are, clockwise from Li, Li, Kun, Dui, Qian, Kan, Gin, Zhen, Xun

Wayfarer: You can look at any direction on this table and see that some directions are good and some are not so good!!!

Wayfarer: For example, if we look at “Khon” / “Kun,” we can see that to the North is “Cutting Demon.”

Wayfarer: That ain’t great!!!

Wayfarer: Meanwhile to the Northeast is “Life-Nurturing.” We like that one!!!

Wayfarer: A house’s orientation determines the locations that are good for certain things in that house. There’s a bit more to it than just this but this is actually the big foundational main piece. It’s called the East-West school sometimes, because there are two “families” of relations here, and those are the East and West families. Khon, Dwa, Khen, and Kin all have their 4 good locations in the SW, W, NW, and NE. Those are the “West” houses.

Wayfarer: Kham, Li, Zin, and Zon have their good places in the East, Southeast, South, and North; those are the East houses.

Wayfarer: Just off the orientation of the house, we can determine which of these it will fall into. We can then lay the house out accordingly. You want to spend more time in the good places and less time in the bad places. Bedrooms are good in “life sustaining.” Old people or sick people should have their bedrooms in “sky medicine.”

Wayfarer: This is all pretty straightforward stuff. In modern feng shui parlance this is called the “compass school”

Wayfarer: There is another school where you just slap a map over any floor plan you like, and it’s bullshit and I don’t remember its name.

Wayfarer: There’s yet a third school called “Black Hat Sect Tibetan Feng Shui.” As far as I can tell it’s 100% bullshit. I can’t actually verify the bona fides of the grandmaster, but just in general the system itself is trash.

Wayfarer: You can’t just slap a diagram on a place and assume that all the places are the same, that’s violating the entire basic idea.

Wayfarer: Additionally, most places on the Internet tell you to take a measurement off the front door of a house.

Wayfarer: This is the “facing” of the house, and it’s not really … right? You’re not located where you’re facing. You’re located where you’re sitting. Taking the measurement off the facing is like saying you are where you’re looking at. It’s not reasonable. Instead, use the opposite of the facing. This is the sitting. You are where your ass is.

Wayfarer: But we shouldn’t be assuming the front door is the facing anyhow!!! In fact, a house’s face is its “yang.” If you have a front door that faces North, but to the South you have an ocean vista, your house’s “yang” is going to be where that giant ocean view is. The front door is in the “yin.”

Wayfarer: The front door is a big red herring basically.

Wayfarer: There are some other principles of what constitutes a house’s yin vs yang, such as big windows (the “qi mouth”) or near roads or the design of the building itself (the broadest side, with the facade and decorations). All those things make a “yang.” The yin is not those places, and it’s what we should actually use to determine a house’s energy.

Wayfarer: This comes from Larry Sang’s tradition, and it’s the only reasonably justified method of figuring it out. The front door method just doesn’t track.

Wayfarer: I’m big on having a justification within a system, and the sitting and facing rules make sense.

Wayfarer: Similarly, you want your bed oriented with your head towards a direction, like life sustaining. The “sitting” of the bed is where your head is pointed because when you sit up, it’s where your ass is, your bed’s “facing” is where your feet are pointing for the same reason.

Wayfarer: This all has to do with energy flows and so on, and how they impact our body. Notice I haven’t mentioned painting rooms colors even once!!!

Wayfarer: Well, except to call it dumb. But I’m a bit biased there.

Wayfarer: So, where does all that stuff come from?

Wayfarer: There are a couple levels of calculation and depth to determine the energies of a room. The location within the house relative to the sitting is one. The Flying Star system (Tibetans call this the “mewa”), which are magic number squares that rotate around, is another. Sometimes, we have areas that are dominated by particular elements.

Wayfarer: This can be disharmonious and so you might want to apply remedies. The color stuff seems to come from a really superficial reading of this.

Wayfarer: The colors are basically what you’d expect, in fact you can just look again on that chart but they are washed out colors to make it legible. Fire is red, Earth is yellow, Metal is white, Water is blue or black, Wood is green.

Wayfarer: The color school stuff would have you apply certain colors to reinforce deficient elements, or apply other colors to diminish overpowering colors.

Wayfarer: Both of these work off the generating cycle: you use the mother of an element to support an element. You use the element itself to give you more of the element. You use the child of an element to drain off an element without outright killing it.

Wayfarer: The color stuff is meant to support. You need wood in a room, so you add green. You need less fire in a room, so you add yellow.

Wayfarer: This is kinda dumb tho in my opinion. The colors are symbolic associations. We need the actual energies of those things.

Wayfarer: If you need water in a room, painting it blue ain’t gonna do it. Get a fish tank. If you need metal in a room, hang actual metal – mirrors used to be a good metal remedy, because they were polished bronze or other polished metals. Now they are silver dust on glass. Not great!

Wayfarer: If you need wood, add alive plants. Not wood furniture. Dead wood is earth.

Wayfarer: It just hasn’t decomposed yet.

Wayfarer: Add clay pots or rocks for earth energy. Add candles or actual fire for fire, or if that’s not safe, add red light. Red light, not red paint. The colors can help foster those elements if they invoke those elements in us, but then, we could do all of this stuff with constructs if we wanted.

Wayfarer: The whole point here is to be using natural remedies so we’re not having to run constructs all the time to achieve harmonious society. Yeah, we can just imprint a room with fire energy that needs fire energy and we’re off to the races, but “add a red lamp” or “light a candle” works for non-energy workers.

Wayfarer: As far as actual flow goes, angles make energy rush (why we sit upright in meditation and don’t lean). Nice smooth wavy lines let energy flow. Sharp angles create eddies just like air pockets form in a truck. It’s just flow dynamics. You don’t want stagnant areas. When you have stagnant areas, rattles or prayer wheels or chimes or a fan or so on can help.

Wayfarer: When you have areas that rush, like stairs or angled hallways or so on, you can use an alive plant to slow that down.

Wayfarer: Mirrors aren’t bad, they’re energy reflectors, but their application is way way way too much in modern Internet Western Grifter Feng Shui. They aren’t a magic bullet, and they can cause problems when placed, for example, opposite doors where they reflect all the energy out.

Wayfarer: You want energy to come in, that’s how you get money and visitors.

Wayfarer: Similarly, you don’t want doors that open to each other, because the energy just goes right on out. You want it to flow nicely through a room, not blast through.

Wayfarer: You don’t want your bed under a window or in front of a door for the same reasons, you’re just gettin’ blasted with energy all the time.

Wayfarer: Anyhow, those are my hot takes. This will formalize over time. Basically, I came up with six principles for myself to follow now, and these will be becoming A Thing:
1) discard the Chinese numbers fuckstein shit
2) find another derivation for determining parkha, either using kyepar or something else
3) base the home’s orientation based on the date construction started for internal factor analysis
4) use the person’s elemental factors as calculated using astrology for planning elemental remedies
5) lean into the established rules systems (5 element theory, ba gua trigram natures, yin & yang) and follow them with logical consistency rather than using weird fixed rules
6) use symbolic remedies only when those remedies are consistent with the above rules systems, rather than based on superstition

Wayfarer: Oh, right. Re: 1. The Chinese system calculates your personal trigram by adding up all the digits in your year of birth, dividing by 9, taking the remainder, then subtracting that from 11 if you’re male or adding it to 4 if you’re female.

Vampire of Death: Interesting.

TehOldeSourcerer: Indeed very interesting

Wayfarer: That’s really weird to me and I can’t figure out a justification for it. Especially because like, it’s 2019 right now, yeah? Except if you use other calendars, like the Tibetan calendar, it’s 2146.

Wayfarer: So is my personal trigram 1+9+8+6 = 24 / 9 = 2 r 6, 11-6 = 5 (center) male -> 2 Kun/Khon or is it 2+1+4+6 = 13 / 9 = 1 r 4 11-4 = 7 Dui?

Wayfarer: Does it depend on what culture I’m from? That’s insane.

Wayfarer: So since it doesn’t seem consistent, or if it is consistent it should be using the Chinese calendar, I gotta throw it out.

Wayfarer: The Tibetan system considers your birth parkha (bagua) to be your mother’s descending bagua on the year you were born, so it’s calculated by mother’s age – native’s age +1. That’s one system I am considering.

Wayfarer: Tibetans also just use their descending parkha for the ideas about where the five demons are and so on. That is, it changes every year.

Wayfarer: And it’s part of astrology at that point.

Wayfarer: 2 is related to 1. 3 is because the Chinese system uses movable gates that do have an astrological basis but the Western schools don’t use it anyhow except Sang’s school, whereas we can just calculate a parkha for a construction year rather than using 20 year epochs. This makes more sense for me to use because I calculate those things anyhow, and in the Tibetan tradition it’s best to compare like measures to like measures – i.e., my parkha to my house’s parkha.

Wayfarer: 4 is a whole different class: I get 16 measurements of elemental constitution when I do someone’s tshe tsis natal astrology in Tibetan. If I find that someone only has, say, 6.25% fire in their constitution, then I know they need fire. If they have 50% water, they need less water. So I can use wood to nurture fire and pull off the water, and that’s what we need in, say, a bedroom.

Wayfarer: Lots of wood.

Wayfarer: 5 is about those mirrors and shit, throw that out . We understand the five elements. We understand the ba guas. Stop throwing mirrors on everything!!!!

Wayfarer: And 6 is mostly about not using colors for any old thing unless it makes sense to (like red lights instead of fire in flammable places)

Wayfarer: And that’s a pretty good overview about what I’ve been doing with feng shui stuff lately and why everyone is fake but me. TY for coming to my TED talk.

Wayfarer: :v

Wayfarer: But for real that’s what I’ve got for tonight. I’ll be back to take any questions or just chat in a bit, gonna eat. Thanks for coming.

TehOldeSourcerer: Eh wifi is messing up for me, oh well

Chirotractor: Fwoosh

Wayfarer: yike

Rainsong: Thanks for the lecture 🙂

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