Remote Viewing

Instructor: Mistyck
Date: September 28, 2003 (Sunday)

<Mistyck> Welcome to the Remote Viewing Seminar

<Mistyck> as most of you know, Remote Viewing means “seeing things from a distance” and a way to use telepathy and clairvoyance

<Mistyck> The most well known and successful uses of RV were by the US and Soviet military and intelligence agencies such as KGB and CIA. However, the British made extensive use of RV against the Germans in WW II

<Mistyck> RV in military terms usually deals with being assigned random coordinates as targets. These coordinates are random number/letters assigned by someone who forwards them to the “Controller” to pass on to the “Viewer”

<Mistyck> ok, everyone who’s going to participate, please write at the top of your paper today’s date, time, the conditions outside.

<Mistyck> Conditions meaning is it daylight/dark, clear/cloudy/rainy, cold/hot/comfortable, breezy/calm

<Mistyck> Before I give you the coordinates of the target you will attempt to RV tonight, I want to give you some hints to making it work better

<Mistyck> adjectives are usually better than nouns in describing what you “see”. For example: “Barren, Mountain, Snow, Ridge, Blue Sky, Tang, Sharp” would be better than “no trees, land that is not flat, sky, ground” if you are describing a target such as this:


<Mistyck> both, sort of describe the target, but, the 1st set shows a more vivid picture

<Mistyck> I’ll give everyone a few minutes to check out the site

<Mistyck> for those on Java, you can “copy/paste” the URL to another browser window so you don’t get kicked out of here

<Mistyck> that was my first time RV’ing. The first set of descriptors is what I’d PM’d to my instructor.

<Joe> whoa, you did good

<Mistyck> we will be doing the results via PM here too. You will all take some time, ground, center, focus on the coordinates and then give me your answers in PM.

<Mistyck> ok, as I give you the coordinates, I want you all to write them down on the paper.

<Mistyck> the coordinates are: 88-53-2003

<Mistyck> write these down and ground and center and concentrate on them. You can enhance your concentration by making little dots with your pen under the coordinates

<Mistyck> now write down what comes to your mind. Remember adjectives are good!

<Mistyck> when you’re done, PM me with your answers.

<Mistyck> Ok, since we’re running out of time, we will stop with one viewing. I must say, you all did very well. Congratulations!

<Mistyck> and see, RV’ing isn’t as hard as it seems

* Aphanas raises hand…

<Mistyck> yes, Aphanas?

<Aphanas> When you are struck with a strong impression that is not an adjective, what is the best thing to do with that input? Still write it down?

<Mistyck> yes, especially if it is a noun

<RainTurtle> In fact, write down everything.

<Mistyck> you noticed that in my first viewing, I wrote down mountain and sky which are not adjectives

<Mistyck> adjectives are best, but nouns *IMO* are the next best

<Aphanas> OK, thanks. Means I should have written down “beach” during my first impressions – I was trying very hard not to because it wasn’t an adjective…

<Mistyck> sorry, that’s my bad. I should’ve told you folks that earlier

<Mistyck> and Rain is right. Write everything down, but try for the adjectives first

<RainTurtle> If you get a clear but static picture, describe it carefully, but label it as “AOL”

<Jayrok> i wrote blue water

<Aphanas> OK, that makes sense. I was a bit concerned about “reading into” my perceptions, so I wasn’t sure what to do with that.

<RainTurtle> Nicely done, Mistyck

<Aphanas> Thanks very much for the class, Mistyck.

<Mistyck> thanks all

<Mistyck> and thank you for attending

<Jael> Yes, thanks for the class!

<Jayrok> Yes thank you it helped me out alot

<Mistyck> you’re welcome Jay

<Mistyck> and that concludes the class

Aphanas PM

<Aphanas> Here’s my first attempt (written as the rows on the paper):

<Aphanas> leafy, fronds, green, curve, palm?

<Aphanas> brown, sandy, small, below

<Aphanas> blue, liquid, red overhead, ocean?

<Aphanas> done.

<Mistyck> not bad

<Mistyck> check out the site


<Aphanas> OK, cool. I added a few things, but the basic impression of a beach was correct (just not the palm tree I added…

<Mistyck> yep

<Mistyck> do you mind if I post your results on the PSC site?

<Aphanas> Not at all. Please do.

<Mistyck> thanks

Eebie PM

<Eebie> Hmm, I feel “off” tonight but

<Mistyck> that’s ok, go ahead

<Eebie> Cool or breezy “feeling”, green, seems open, round (hilly type of round, not so much “circular”), blue, possibly water, an obstruction/ line about 1/3 of the way up the page, and I think it has a few man-made aspects.

<Eebie> With my luck: it will be a stop sign

<Mistyck> very good….

<Eebie> I wasn’t getting as much specific info as I wanted *shrug*, but I did alright anyway?


<Eebie> hey not bad

<Mistyck> can we post your results on the log on the PSC site?

<Eebie> Sure

<Mistyck> thanks

Jael PM

<Jael> Round, concave, green, open, rough, white…nouns in my head were bowl, building, clouds.

<Mistyck> not bad..


<Mistyck> do you mind if I post your results on the PSC site?

<Jael> heh…If I’d told you my interpretation, I would’ve been wrong all around. With the adjectives, i was okay on a couple of them.

<Jael> No…that’ll be okay. First time RVing…

<Mistyck> hey, you did better than some of the other folks have done

<Jael> My expectations are always a tad high…thanks

Jayrok PM

<Jayrok> Blue water….. gold sand… green palm trees…

<Jayrok> i first got snow and then it all changed

<Mistyck> excellent

<Jayrok> was i right?


<Jayrok> AMAZInG

<Mistyck> can we paste your result on the PSC site?

<Jayrok> yeah sure

<Jayrok> 🙂

<Mistyck> thanks

Joe PM

<Joe> i think im getting round,blue,dark and some sort of wavy white

<Mistyck> good

<Joe> cool

<Joe> mabey even a different shade of blue somewhere in the mix

<Mistyck> 🙂

<Joe> hehe what was it?


<Joe> cool

<Joe> i should have said orange though

<Mistyck> that’s ok. Can we paste your results on the PSC site?

<Joe> why not hehe

<Mistyck> thanks

Kid_Energy PM

<Kid_Energy> I see a warm tropical place. No clouds are in the light blue sky. There is some tall tropical trees. A light warm breeze can be felt.

<Mistyck> not bad


<Kid_Energy> k

<Mistyck> can we post your results on the PSC website?

<Kid_Energy> sure

<Mistyck> thanks

<Kid_Energy> anytime

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