Remote Presence

Instructor: Yumper
Date: December 30, 2003 (Tuesday)

<Yumper> Tonight’s seminar, as you all know, is covering some of the subject, Remote Presence

<Yumper> Remote Presence is the ability to project your awareness away form your physical body. This awareness is then used to gather information.

<Yumper> The information is then sent back to the physical body, where we interpret it

<Yumper> Remote Presence (RP) is a fun skill to learn and develop however sometimes the over stimulation do give some ‘side effects’.

<Yumper> At any time if you feel dizzy, sick or have a head ache stop what you are doing and practice later when the feelings subside

<Yumper> I have a technique written down in an article, it can be found at, the article is titled ‘Remote Presence’ if you wish to read it for future reference

<Yumper> so to begin I relax myself, deep breaths in and deep breaths out. Then I relax all of the major muscles in my body, usually started from the bottom and working my way up.

<Yumper> now to actually perform RP, I find that visualization is key. In your head see your physical self as you normally would looking into a mirror.

<Yumper> Then picture another copy of yourself, only slightly translucent. Once both images are made overlap them

<Yumper> Now if you wish to move any part of yourself, visualize the translucent limb moving while the normal limb stays stationary.

<Strata> How do you relax your muscles?

<Strata> Do you tighten them up and let loose or what?

<Yumper> feet, hands, shoulders and neck – I roll around…others I tighten and loosen

<Strata> are you laying down? Do you have to be?

<Yumper> Lying down does help, but its possible sitting up too.

<Yumper> Now to move while performing RP just visualize your translucent body walking or flying or teleporting to the desired destination.

<Yumper> When RPing you gain information through you senses (Touch, taste, smell, sound and sight), although I haven’t tasted anything.

<Yumper> When practicing it is a good idea to write the information down as you gain it, this helps you to avoid Analytical Overlay.

<Strata> This sounds alot like remote viewing… but I’m told you can interact with what/wherever it is you’re projecting your consciousness to

<Strata> Have you even done this?

<Yumper> Sure, I’ve RP’ed to people before, who weren’t very sensitive, and I touched their shoulders. Many of them reported feeling a tingle where I touched them.

<peebrain> yeah, I’m always confused about how you see things… do you close your physical eyes? can you keep your physical eyes open? do you SEE things, or is it all in your head? Like… images in your head, or actual images perceived just like sight?

<Yumper> ok I need to close my eyes, if they are open I get over stimulated and can’t concentrate on the task at hand. The images I do receive are usually horrible quality, black/blue and blurry, so I have to later reflect on them and recall the images to see them properly

<Aphanas> To jump off of Peebrain’s question… In your article, you describe learning to “not to rely on my vision, but on my memory of the vision.” Could you elaborate a bit on learning to rely on your memory of the vision, and why relying directly on vision tends to be a problem?

<Yumper> alright, when I RP my vision is horribly blurred and sometimes spinning, this usually made me sick fast, also I wasn’t able to pick out any significant details of the location. Through trial and error I discovered that if I reflected on the location I could calmly bring back the images and they were almost crystal clear.

<Aphanas> Hmm. OK so it’s a way of filtering the information back a bit slower?

<Yumper> exactly

<Strata> Could you elaborate more on the separation?

<Yumper> any specific thing you don’t understand?

<Strata> your Mirroring technique is a bit confusing

<Strata> there’s a point where I BECOME the translucent reflection, right?

<Yumper> right, basically when the two overlap, your awareness is in the physical body, and when the translucent emerges, your awareness is elsewhere

<Strata> Elsewhere… but my consciousness IS the translucent one, right?

<Yumper> yep

<Jael> When you RP, how much ‘information’ can you learn from the location? For example, would I be able to RP to my friend’s house to see if I left my sweater there? Would I be able to RP to my mailbox and see if I have mail or maybe even read my mail?

<Yumper> I’ve had very successful RP’s where I’ve actually been able to read a note my mom left for me…so you are able to gather a lot of information.

<Jael> okay. thanks

<Yumper> Another time during a practice session, I RP’ed to someone’s house and was able to smell their freshly baked bread

<Xilon> When you read the note, was the image blurred during the RP and you recalled it latter, or was the writing clear in the RP

<Yumper> Xilon – It was a rare occurrence. The image was crystal clear at the time

<Strata> Can you perceive numerical information very accurately?

<Yumper> I haven’t tried but I’m sure its possible

<Aphanas> Theoretical question for you… Do you think that RP with your visualization creates a type of construct to be your “translucent body” or is there more likely some other mechanism?

<Yumper> not to sure on that one. I’m almost leaning towards construct because of the interaction you can have with other constructs

<Aphanas> OK, thanks.

<Yumper> Lets try a little exercise. I’d like everyone to try this and report the sensation’s they feel in the room.

<Yumper> I’d like you to reach out and touch an object that is within arm’s reach, with your RP-hand.

<Yumper> If you don’t feel anything the first time, try again, it may take a while for the feelings to register, or for you to perform properly

<peebrain> yeah… so is it a construct? Once I start visualizing the “mirror doubling transparent hand”, my body starts to create a construct… perhaps out of habit… should I say “try something else”, or should I go with the construct?

<Yumper> try it with the construct and see what you get

<Strata> This is a lot easier than I thought it was. I simply biofeedback my awareness out towards the object. I don’t think I have “RP hands” though

<Strata> Do you?

<Strata> I feel like I’m more of a mass of consciousness

<Yumper> for me, Biofeedback relates the sensations

<Raven> darn can’t feel it. I can sense the restriction the object puts on my movement, but I can’t feel it, like running up against a sensation free barrier.

<Xilon> I encounter the sensation of my upper body rocking back and forth when I visualize the solid body and the translucent body unite. I am not sure if I am physically rocking, or if it is an imagined sensation

<Yumper> Xilon – When I first started, what ever I did, it felt as if I was bending my beck to look behind me…when I opened my eyes I was still staring straight ahead

<peebrain> hehehe I get some weird feelings… tingling and … hard to figure out… *will be playing with this for a while*

<Aphanas> Hmm, interesting… Tried feeling my mountain dew, and then the monitor and the desk with a translucent arm. Got cold sensations in my fingertips when I brushed down through the ice in the mountain dew, but couldn’t feel the sides of the container really at all. The monitor felt a bit warm and staticy, and the desk made my fingers ache. Does pushing through more solid objects cause almost painful aches? Went back to the mountain dew and was able to feel the container sides a bit better though…

<Yumper> Aphanas – sometimes you can misjudge the distance, and your RP-hand actually passes through it, so you begin to feel with the inside of your hand

<Aphanas> Seems quite a bit like scanning, just turning the information into more concrete normal feelings in your physical body…

<peebrain> have you ever “flared” your “construct”-body?

<Yumper> no…but I’ve never tried, interesting

<Yumper> ok well I was going to explain how the vision works, but I’ve already done that…are there any questions about how you see during RP?

<Jammy_> sorry I meant the subjective perspective vision…I can visualize easy but not actually “see” it clear in my head… does this vision come when concentrated enough?

<Yumper> Jammy – works better for me when I’m passive, and calmly reflect

<Jammy_> so you get the images clear from memory after your experience?

<Yumper> That method seems to work best for me, yes, if I try to see them right away I get sick

<Jammy_> like do RP then wake up and go for a walk then sit down and reflect or right after the RP?

<Yumper> usually I’m awake when I perform the RP..actually I’m always awake when I do it

<Jammy_> so RP is similar to RV also then?

<Yumper> they have similarities yes, but when I RV, I cannot ‘feel’ the target

<Xilon> When you gain your RP sight, do you do it from opening your RP eyes, good visualization, or when you manage to get your RP head out?

<Yumper> as soon as my the head of my RP body is out, I have ‘RP vision’

<Aphanas> This may sound a bit odd, but do you have a problem seeing *through* objects when using RP vision?

<Yumper> like x-ray vision?

<Aphanas> Yeah, or if you’re looking for something, you see it, but you miss the object blocking it when you check with normal vision?

<Yumper> I’m not sure, sorry. I’ve never been able to see through anything

<Yumper> Unless my ‘RP-head’ was inside the container

<Yumper> Alright, since everyone seems to be understanding the Vision now, lets move on to another exercise

<Yumper> This one, I ask you to RP your entire self out of your body, and go for a walk around your house…experiment by walking through objects/walls

<Yumper> Remember if you feel sick or dizzy at all, just stop

<Jael> When your transparent self stands up, does it matter if the desk is in the way?

<Yumper> Not at all, you just might feel some uncomfortable feelings in you midsection

<peebrain> do you believe it’s possible to RP into the future/past? have you ever done it?

<Yumper> I have actually experimented with it, We tried going to the future, got good results, but who’s to tell us that it was actually the future and not the same time?

<Yumper> I’ve tried (Don’t Laugh) To RP to the moon, but how will I prove that I was actually on the moon? It’s my word against everyone else’s

<Strata> I feel like I’m being tugged back. What would account for this?

<Yumper> nerves perhaps? I’m not sure, I’ve never felt that before

<Jael> I had that problem with the first exercise…I had to tell myself to move my translucent self. I suspected it was the way my subconscious interpreted my instructions.

<Kingcob> When I’m walking around my house, it seems more like I am teleporting, or at least covering distance quickly, is that a normal occurrence?

<Yumper> sure (this sort of relates to the ‘construct theory’), you are able to send yourself all over the place in short amounts of time just like a construct

<Xilon> Have you ever tried RPing with someone at the same time, and if so, could you view each others translucent body?

<Yumper> Yes, but it did not work. We also tried to touch each other, but we didn’t get any results

<peebrain> that’s interesting

<Yumper> A little reminder – if you are going to practice with a friend, make sure their shields are down. You might get weird results or get a little hurt. I’ve bumped into them and gotten bad headaches.

<Xilon> good to know

<Yumper> OK well that concludes the seminar, feel free to stick around and ask me questions or to leave.

<Xilon> Have you noticed any problems/effects when RPing with your own shield? Also, when you RP, does your shield move with you?

<peebrain> thanks Yumper, my subconscious sends “his” regards

<Yumper> gladly

<Yumper> Xilon – I’ve never tried to RP with a shield up so I’m not sure

<Aphanas> I keep seeing myself in third person while trying to stand up and walk around the house, rather than sensing things in first person. Makes me wonder if I’m just visualizing it and not actually moving around. Do you know if that can be normal for beginners?

<Yumper> actually in the RP where I read the note, I saw myself from a third person and read over ‘my’ shoulder, its confusing but if you are picking up correct information you are not visualizing

<Aphanas> OK, that makes sense. Thanks.

<Jael> Have you ever tried moving things while in RP?

<Yumper> Jael – I’ve tried, but I think you may need to develop PK and actually create a force to move the object

<Strata> The reason I asked about numerical information is because it seems to be very difficult for anyone to pick it up.

<Aphanas> Excellent seminar, Yumper. Thanks very much for holding it…

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