Medical Issues

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: January 15, 2004 (Thursday)

RainTurtle Good evening, all. Tonight we are going to discuss some of the medical issues related to the practice of psionics

RainTurtle If you are not here to participate in a Psionics seminar, this would be a good time to leave

Aphanas Evening, Rain.

RainTurtle Tonight’s seminar will not have any practice segments. It is only discussion.

RainTurtle Any questions before we begin?

Aphanas None here.

GuardianX None here.

PsionJuggalo im fine

Jael No questions yet

RainTurtle Tonight we are going to discuss some of the medical issues related to the practice of psionics

RainTurtle Tonight’s seminar will not have any practice segments. It is only discussion.

RainTurtle In some ways, this is a follow-up on Andy’s seminar. In other ways, I’m doing the proverbial “preaching to the choir”.

RainTurtle I am not a medical doctor. My only medical training, beyond first-aid courses, is veterinary…and only at the assistant-level, at that, not a vet

RainTurtle Therefore, the sort of medical stuff we’ll be discussing is not “cool complicated stuff”, more of a “Mother-hen on over-drive”…

RainTurtle First of all, the obvious. The practice of psionics can kill you.

RainTurtle For reasons that are yet to be established, psionic activity lowers the blood levels of glucose (a kind of sugar that fuels the cells) and potassium (an electrolyte needed for nerve and muscle function)

RainTurtle It doesn’t make much difference whether your psionic practice is working, either, so don’t assume that you’re safe because the (insert expletive here) psiwheel is staring back at you, refusing to move

RainTurtle There does appear to be a connection to the intensity of the effort, and the length of time that effort spans.

RainTurtle Any of you care to guess the likely results of a sudden drop in blood glucose and potassium?

Aphanas Coma…

GuardianX Death…

Aphanas Or heart attack…

RainTurtle Very good, both of you

RainTurtle If any of you are familiar with Diabetes, you’ll recognise the basic concepts here

Dan Slug effect… Can’t walk, etc… Been there, done that. 🙁

RainTurtle Yup 🙁

Dan It does NOT have to be psi related!

RainTurtle Both conditions have a wide assortment of causes, although hypoglycemia (blood glucose too low) is generally associated with Diabetes

RainTurtle If you _have_ Diabetes, and choose to practice Psionics, be _very_ careful about your blood monitoring and so on

RainTurtle In psionic practice, these problems are most likely to occur with the practice of Psychokinesis in any form.

RainTurtle The following symptoms are signals that you really ought to stop and have a snack:

RainTurtle -irregular heartbeat

RainTurtle -weakness in the muscles

RainTurtle -cramps

RainTurtle -limpness

RainTurtle -thirst

RainTurtle -confusion

RainTurtle In the case of extended attempts at microPK games, one of the most common set of symptoms is dizziness and “heart pounding” as though you were just out shovelling snow after the season’s first blizzard

RainTurtle Questions, so far?

Raven none here

* Aphanas raises hand…

* Jael raises her hand

Andy_Hock Nope

psi-Sam Nope.

RainTurtle Aphanas?

GuardianX Nope.

Aphanas I was wondering how hard on glucose and potassium the “sensing” skills are (scanning, etc), or things like light trance states?

Andy_Hock Trance itself doesn’t affect them, does it? Just what you do in trance.

* Jael withdraws her question…Aphanas asked it 🙂

* psi-Sam raises hand

RainTurtle Trance itself is generally not a problem.

RainTurtle The sensing skills do affect the glucose and potassium, but it takes a longer session before problems show up

RainTurtle On the other hand…

RainTurtle when a problem _does_ show up, it is more easily missed until it has progressed to dangerous levels

psi-Sam Would having OBEs affect your potassium and glucose?

Aphanas Hmm… OK. Good to know, thanks. 🙂

Andy_Hock One thing to be concerned about while working psi in trance, though, is that you may not notice the “warning signs”.

* Aphanas raises hand for a comment on symptoms too…

RainTurtle If you intend to do “serious” scanning, and if you have a choice, having someone monitoring your condition is wise – either in person (preferable), or checking in with you, over the net

Aphanas *nods*

RainTurtle Psi_Sam: yes, it does

RainTurtle Aphanas?

Aphanas Another common symptom of low blood sugar can be tactile hallucinations (feeling like your skin is stretched too tight over the muscles, or little “prickly” feelings all over the skin, etc).

RainTurtle *nods* Thanks for bringing that one up

Aphanas NP.

PsionJuggalo about how long would it take an average person to get seriously damaged from doing pk like hwat youv been describing?

PsionJuggalo what*

RainTurtle Too many variables to answer that. Someone pushing really hard on an object _can_ get to the “cardiac arrest” stage in less than two minutes…..or they might “push” for hours and have nothing wrong except for a serious case of the munchies

RainTurtle In the latter case, I suspect that the person wasn’t accomplishing much

RainTurtle Arrrrg! I messed up. My list of symptoms was for the potassium, rather than glucose. Hypokalemia (blood potassium too low) tends to follow the glucose problem, but the time difference is close enough not to matter much

RainTurtle Since we’ve accidentally wandered across to the potassium situation, I’ll note here, that eating too much licorice can cause hypokalemia, according to one of the bits I was reading to review for this class

Dan 🙁

Dan Perhaps due to laxative effect.

RainTurtle Could be

* Aphanas raises hand with clarifying question…

RainTurtle mmhmm?

Aphanas Does that mean that laxative effects will dramatically reduce potassium counts?

RainTurtle Losing a lot of fluid will affect it, yes. And then, it cause further loss of fluid

* GuardianX raises hand.

Aphanas OK, good to know for people that are sick. Thanks. 🙂

RainTurtle GuardianX?

GuardianX As your body has adjusted to using energy to do it’s work. Is it possible for your body to adjust to the energy that is being used, ala Psychokinesis, after a amout of time of doing it?

RainTurtle Possible? Maybe. Never heard of it happening, even in people who practice regularly for decades, though

GuardianX Ok. Thanks. 🙂

RainTurtle Now, to correct my earlier mistep:

RainTurtle The symptoms for the _glucose_ being too low:

RainTurtle -hunger

RainTurtle -shakiness, nervousness, a sort of unexplained anxiety

RainTurtle -sweating

RainTurtle -dizziness, light-headedness

RainTurtle -feeling weak

RainTurtle -confusion, loss of fine motor skills, having trouble speaking

RainTurtle -sleepiness

RainTurtle Naps are good things. Comas are not.

RainTurtle We’ve gone over the symptoms of “something bad happening”.

RainTurtle Now, what to do about it.

RainTurtle This is where the ubiquitous Orange Juice comes in. A small snack of something high in both sugar and potassium.

RainTurtle Apple juice is also good. Even soda/pop/soft-drinks, as long as they are not the “diet” kind

RainTurtle You want to avoid fats or proteins, though, if at all possible. They slow down the digestion

RainTurtle Skim milk, fruit, sugar/hard candies….

RainTurtle Worry about the nutritional bits later, after the medical emergency has passed

RainTurtle Generally, the idea is to rest, and snack every fifteen minutes or so until recovered. If you are diabetic, you know all this…..

RainTurtle After the first snack, you can add things with protein and/or fat without problem

RainTurtle Questions?

Andy_Hock None here

Raven none here

GuardianX None here, all clear.

Aphanas None here at the moment.

Dan Nope

Jael No questions here

psi-Sam no

RainTurtle There have been cases on record in which the blood sugar spiked instead of lowering. In _that_ kind of case, call an ambulance.

RainTurtle Slight change of topic:

RainTurtle Other risks of the perceptive abilities, such as “scanning”

RainTurtle If you have been doing any extended scanning, Remote Viewing, or any other activity of that nature –especially if you do it in trance– don’t drive soon after doing so.

RainTurtle And don’t operate heavy machinery or go swimming, either

RainTurtle There is some risk of “going back into subspace” by accident.

RainTurtle It can be very inconvenient for your mind to suddenly be in Australia, while you body is driving a car down the 401 in Ontario at 120km/hr

RainTurtle (yes, I know that is above the speed limit, but it sure seems to be the normal speed there)

Dan 🙂

Aphanas Heh..

RainTurtle I’m told that the RVers who worked at Fort Meade were not allowed to drive themselves home from work if they worked more than one session in a day….for this reason

RainTurtle Questions?

Andy_Hock Nope

GuardianX None here.

* Aphanas raises hand…

RainTurtle The other more obvious risk to scanning, I have just been reminded, is that if you scan someone who does not wish to be scanned, and who can do something about it, you might get whapped upside the field

RainTurtle Aphanas?

Aphanas A curiosity… Rain, in cases where blood sugar has spiked, was there evidence as to whether the problem was due to the insulin glands not responding?

RainTurtle The only case I know of specifically was Ninel Kulagina…and I _think_ she had an underlying medical problem

Aphanas OK, so it may be due to medical complications in an individual then. Thanks.

RainTurtle *nods* No problem. good question

* Aphanas has another question, if no one else has any…

* Dan suggests that it is bet to not ASSUME it is due to other medical problems….

RainTurtle Go ahead

RainTurtle Dan: true. There are lots of variables that could account for the blip in the stats

Aphanas About how long should you give things after extended or involved use of perceptive abilities before using powered machinery, etc? Is there a recommended timeline, as in the drugs that have such warnings?

RainTurtle Unknown, as far as any certainty goes. Personally, I’d wait at least an hour, if it was a minor working….two, for regular stuff. And 24 for anything major

Aphanas *nods* OK, thanks. 🙂

RainTurtle And, I’d add time to all of those, for folks who are not overly experienced (say, a year or less of practice), so they have a better idea of their own body’s responses

RainTurtle Any other questions before we turn to the follow-up of the Healing seminar?

psi-Sam None here.

jaci not here

GuardianX None.

Raven none from me

Jael none here

Aphanas No more here.

Andy_Hock Nope.

RainTurtle The healing seminar seemed to have prompted some questions from various people who shall remain unnamed for the moment.

RainTurtle The range of possible effects in psionic healing is quite wide, really, but if you want to do anything beyond what was explained, you need to have knowledge of such subjects of Anatomy and Physiology.

RainTurtle For example, if you plan to mess around with Interferon production in your body (or someone else’s), you really should know what Interferon is…and what it does

RainTurtle As a related example, encouraging “growth” without specifying the details can result in some serious problems…including but not limited to increasing the size of a tumor

RainTurtle There is an idea floating around that Psi can only be used for “good” purposes, and so, if you mess up you won’t cause any harm.

RainTurtle Balony

RainTurtle If you have the ability to heal, you have the ability to kill. If you are going to mess around by trial and error, you would do well to bear that in mind.

RainTurtle Questions?

Andy_Hock None.

Aphanas Nope.

Jael None here.

* Raven shakes his head

jaci no

RainTurtle I guess that’s all for tonight, then. I apologise to all both for starting late and for going overtime.

RainTurtle Be well, and good evening

jaci Thankyou

Aphanas No problem, ’twas very interesting… thanks for taking the time to do it (disconnects and all). 🙂

Raven that’s cool. was a great class. 🙂 thanks

RainTurtle Thanks 🙂

Jael Very cool class, rain.

RainTurtle 🙂

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