Messing with Magnets

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: January 22, 2004 (Thursday)

RainTurtle Good evening, all. Tonight we are going to discuss fun ways of psionically messing around with magnetic fields. If you are not here for a class on psionics, this would be a good time to leave

RainTurtle This is not a gaming room

RainTurtle Does everyone have their equipment ready?

Aphanas Yep.

Psi-Sam yes

jaci yes

Jael yep

Jammy_ yep

RainTurtle What we’ll be playing with this evening is the ever-popular Psychokinesis.

RainTurtle For those of you unaware of the risks of this activity, I will warn you right now that if you start to feel dizzy, light-headed, tired, or if your heart starts “pounding” – anything like that –you ought to stop immediately, and have a rest, and a snack

RainTurtle That warning applies _even if you don’t seem to be getting any results_

RainTurtle Understood?

Aphanas *nods*

Jael Yes

Psi-Sam ya

jaci yes

Jammy_ yes

Andy_Hock Aye aye

RainTurtle For the record, using the magnet to stick your disks to the side of the CPU is not a good idea, nor is storing the magnets on the disks

Aphanas Hehe…

RainTurtle First off, thread your sewing needle with a shortish piece of thread…..6-12“/15-30cm is more than adequate

RainTurtle Double the thread and tie an overhand knot to secure the ends in a loop, if you don’t want to worry about the thread coming out while you’re playing with it

RainTurtle Questions so far?

jaci no

Aphanas Nope.

Psi-Sam no

Jael none here

Jammy_ no

Andy_Hock nope

RainTurtle When you have accomplished that task, set your magnet on a nice convenient flat surface –preferably one that the magnet will not damage–

RainTurtle Dangle the sewing needle over the magnet and notice what it does, if anything. For most small magnets the needle will need to be fairly close to the magnet

RainTurtle If you’re using a super-duper, gi-hugic industrial strength magnet, you can have the needle farther away….and should be sure that it is far away from puter things

RainTurtle (a thread looped through a paper clip will work well enough for this kind of stuff, too….assuming the paperclip is metal instead of plastic)

RainTurtle If the needle does not get repelled by the magnet, move the thread, so that the needle is dangling at a diagonal, attracted to the magnet (ie, the thread is not directly above the magnet)

RainTurtle Play around with the distance so that it is close enough to be secure in the pull to the magnet, but the thread is not vertical

RainTurtle So far so good?

Mistyck yep

Aphanas *nods*

Psi-Sam yeah

Jael yep

jaci yep

Jammy_ yes

Andy_Hock Aye aye

RainTurtle Now the fun part =D

RainTurtle Gather up a bunch of psi (I favour the use of the stuff already accumulated in the field, myself, but if you want to “generate” it as-needed, go ahead….both are valid conventions, and both work)

RainTurtle If you like to use visualisation to direct you psi, choose a picture that gets the idea of “disruptive” across….a bunch of kindergarteners running around and hollering during story-time, for example

RainTurtle If you prefer the sound version of “visualisation”, the use of a remembered bit of Punk or Heavy Metal can work well

RainTurtle Program that into the psi…intending, thinking about, and _willing_ the psi to be disruptive to the magnetic field

RainTurtle (picturing the field as one of those silly cartoon “3D blueprint things, white lines on blue background, can work well here)

RainTurtle Now, once the ideas for the programming are clear, puff the psi at the area around the magnet….

RainTurtle Puff, like you were blowing out birthday candles with psi instead of breath

RainTurtle Any questions? When you’ve given it a try, please report what happened in this channel (“nothing” is a legitimate answer)

jaci That’s quite cool. The needle starts to slope downwards then falls away from the magnet.

RainTurtle 🙂

Aphanas I can get it to fall away when I puff psi at it (with my elbow braced and no motion in my hand that I can see), but I have a question…

RainTurtle mmhmm?

Mistyck had the needle move away from the magnet when psi was applied directing it to move away

RainTurtle Mistyck: that works, too….but the idea is to mess with the magnetic field, rather than just push the thing with brute force 😀

Aphanas When I tie the thread to a metal candle holder that I have here, I don’t get the same effect any more (even though I can’t see anything moving when I do it while holding the thread).

RainTurtle Same distance from your body?

Aphanas Guess the question is, would that indicate that I’m subtly pulling on it? About the same distance.

RainTurtle That could be such an indication, yes….check to be sure that it is the same distance, both from your body, and magnet-to-needle, in both cases, though

* Jammy_ raises hand

RainTurtle In PK, distance _can_ make a big difference

Aphanas *nods*

RainTurtle Jammy?

Mistyck raises hand

Jammy_ Ii stuck my finger into the magnetic field right beside the needle and tried to disrupt psi trough the finger and the needle… I then saw a glimpse of a sparkle or a dot of light… but I’ve seen this before to and think those are optical illusions?

Jammy_ between the finger and the needle

RainTurtle Insufficient data. Sorry, I cannot answer that conclusively

RainTurtle Mistyck?

Mistyck when I just applied psi to the magnet, it moved the paperclip away to the left

Mistyck it swung away

RainTurtle (there sometimes are visible or quasi-visible effects when doing these things, but I don’t know whether that was one of them)

RainTurtle Good stuff, Mistyck.

RainTurtle Sometimes, in toy stores, you can get little magnet kits, with an assortment of magnets, and some paperclips, and a couple of little metal balls.

RainTurtle Chasing the metal balls around the rim of the round magnet can be fun 😀

RainTurtle Use a series of little puffs, or push it like Mistyck was doing

RainTurtle In similar vein, if you bring the thread back over the magnet, and puff carefully, it is possible to swing the needle in a circle around the outside of the magnet’s edges. If you are ambitious, and if the first try worked in puffing the needle away from the magnet, go ahead and try this

RainTurtle The idea is to get the point of the needle to swing in a circle

RainTurtle Use a series of little puffs, and push it around

RainTurtle Strange as it might sound, pretending to push it with “beams of psi” from your eyes can actually help. I’ve no idea why, unless it is more instruction to the subconscious, as a visualisation

Jael My needle is still holding steady with the first exercise 🙁

RainTurtle Try a little more oomph in the puff?

RainTurtle Carefully, of course

Jael 🙂

* Mistyck raises hand

RainTurtle Mistyck?

Mistyck when I put psi into the magnet to get the clip to move around in a circle, it did for the most part, i.e. it moved in a circle, but it didn’t quite cover the entire length of the magnet, but it did cover the breadth…

RainTurtle Close enough. Well done

Mistyck thank you

Jael I think mine wavered a bit with the extra oomphs…I’ll keep practicing (carefully 🙂 )

RainTurtle Excellent 🙂

RainTurtle Any questions?

Mistyck not yet

Aphanas I got it to go back and forth lengthwise on the second exercise, but only sideways about 2mm… not really a circle.

RainTurtle Great start, though…good stuff 🙂

* Aphanas raises hand…

RainTurtle Aphanas?

Jael no questions from me

Aphanas I’m having a bit of trouble with visualizing the programming part. Do you want to program a big collection of psi to disrupt, and then send it at the field, or can you stream out a disrupting flow of psi (not really programming much first)?

RainTurtle Can do either.

RainTurtle Usually, for beginners, using a careful visualisation is the easiest, because it tells the subconscious what to do, sort of

Aphanas OK. Thanks. The slip-streaming method is a bit easier for me (it’s how I normally do my shields). 🙂

RainTurtle If it works for you, run with it 😀

RainTurtle Anyone else?

jaci Can’t think of any questions at the moment

RainTurtle Thus endeth the lesson 😉

RainTurtle Thanks for logging, Bester

Mistyck thank you Rain

Aphanas Thanks very much for the seminar, Rain. 🙂

Psi-Sam Hehe Great seminar Rain.

RainTurtle You’re welcome. Glad if you liked it 🙂

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