The Use of Trance in Psionics (Class 1)

Instructors: RainTurtle and Andy_Hock
Date: January 29, 2004 (Thursday)

<RainTurtle> Good evening, all. Welcome to tonight’s seminar, part one of the use of trance in psionics. Andy and I are presenting it together.

<RainTurtle> If you are here looking for a game, you are in the wrong room and might want to leae before you get weirded out

<Andy_Hock> Good evening, all.

<RainTurtle> *glances around* No-one seems to be running away screaming and gibbering into the night, so we might as well get started

<Andy_Hock> Only ground rule I can think of is to indicate by “raising hand” or otherwise if you have a question, and wait to be acknowledged.

<Andy_Hock> Okay, then, we’re starting discussion of Trance. Anyone have an idea what it is?

<Float> Would by any chance it be a state of medetation?

<RainTurtle> That’s part of it.

<RainTurtle> Yumper?

<Yumper> A State of mind between Consciousness and unconsciousness

<RainTurtle> Interesting interpretation.

<RainTurtle> Highness?

* Psi-Sam raises hand

<PrinceSendai> an altered state of mind

<RainTurtle> 🙂 nice one

<RainTurtle> Psi-Sam?

<Psi-Sam> I think its a state kinda like Gnosis that you achieve by thinking of one goal.

<RainTurtle> 🙂 that’s part of it, too

<Andy_Hock> That could be one form of trance . . .

* Droshi raises hand

<Andy_Hock> Droshi?

<Droshi> I think of it as more of a complete relaxation while being somewhat focused at the end

<RainTurtle> That’s another form of it

<RainTurtle> Anyone else?

* Aphanas raises hand…

<RainTurtle> Aphanas?

<Aphanas> I think it’s a mental state of limited, but focused, awareness. Often a hypnotic, cataleptic, or ecstatic state…

<RainTurtle> Very good

<Andy_Hock> That sounds pretty comprehensive.

* Aphanas is mixing two definitions he’s seen…

<Andy_Hock> Everyone had a piece of it, however.

<RainTurtle> Quite so. Well done

<Andy_Hock> Any ideas why one might want to use trance on oneself?

<Mistyck> when one is going to be doing deep or complicated work such as certain types of remote viewing, telepathy, or healing, being in a trance is more beneficial

<Andy_Hock> Any idea why?

<Andy_Hock> Or just “because it works”?

<Mistyck> less distractions

<Mistyck> more focus, therefore more chance of success

<RainTurtle> alright Droshi?

<Droshi> To increase the ability to program energy by being in a more focused state of mind, basically using psi more efficently

<RainTurtle> mmhmm

<RainTurtle> Jael?

<Jael> At a basic level, to quiet their mind from the often-hectic stuff going on around them.

<RainTurtle> Indeed.

<Andy_Hock> That’s good.

<RainTurtle> Highness?

<PrinceSendai> to disconnect from real-life problems and eliminate stress

<RainTurtle> nice one, there

<Andy_Hock> That’s similar to Jael’s.

<RainTurtle> *nods*

<RainTurtle> Masterboy?

<Masterboy> to do one thing with more power than being in the normal state?

<RainTurtle> ok….any idea how or why?

<Float> Maybe, to make one’s goal or task at hand less of a hardship? or just overall make something more easy to do.

<RainTurtle> ok

<Andy_Hock> Again, ideas why or how?

<Float> Because they are in an alterd state of mind?

<Andy_Hock> Why would that help?

<Float> Maybe because… Well I dont know.

<RainTurtle> Psi_Sam?

<Andy_Hock> That’s acceptable.

<RainTurtle> “I don’t know” is a legitimate answer

<Float> 🙂

<Psi-Sam> The reason why is because if your doing like Telepathy your mind may wonder but if your in a trance your focused on one thing.

<Dan> To get conscious mind out of the way.

<RainTurtle> good one.

<RainTurtle> 🙂

<Dan> Put conscious to sleep – sub-c may be able to work un-hindered.

<RainTurtle> *nods*

<Andy_Hock> I see several patterns here.

<Andy_Hock> Focus and concentration, relaxation, and “because it works”.

<RainTurtle> With “cutting down on conscious distractions” a side-issue of focus

<Andy_Hock> “Because it works” is not a bad answer. We like to understand, but results are important, too.

<RainTurtle> Especially in psionics, where long and intense research still has not established _how_ we do what we do

<Andy_Hock> Very true!

<Andy_Hock> There are different levels of trance.

<Andy_Hock> A light trance is easy to work in, and is recommended for beginners.

<RainTurtle> It can feel much like a daydream

<RainTurtle> In fact, a daydream is a variety of trance…and “guided daydreams” are useful in some psionic activities

<Andy_Hock> Deep trances are geneally not recommended without a monitor present, and you’d need help functioning purposefully in them.

<Andy_Hock> Yes, or ‘guided meditations“.

<Yumper> hehe

<Andy_Hock> They are methods of inducing trance.

<Andy_Hock> So are the methods given in self-hypnosis books.

<RainTurtle> There are some varieties of _very_ deep trance, such as Esdail and hypnotic coma, but they are not useful in psionics except for research purposes

<RainTurtle> For most practical purposes, a light or medium trance is the way to go, beginner or otherwise

<Andy_Hock> In most cases, going into trance starts with a period of relaxation, though it is possible to program hypnotic triggers that can allow you to go into trance quite quickly.

<RainTurtle> In a very light trance, you might not notice any difference from whatever passes as your normal state of mind

<RainTurtle> So, don’t worry if you “don’t feel weird”

<RainTurtle> Usually there is a feeling of detachment, as though you are “observing” someone else

<RainTurtle> Sometimes, the emotions feel a bit flat and distant, too….but not always, by any means

<Andy_Hock> You can feel a bit lightheaded, too.

<PrinceSendai> sorry

<RainTurtle> Also, “relaxation” is often associated with trance, and trancing is often “relaxing”, but this is not _always_ the case, either

<RainTurtle> There are actually a few kinds of trance induced by extreme stress

<RainTurtle> We won’t be dealing with those in this seminar, but it is something to keep in mind

<RainTurtle> Any questions so far?

<Andy_Hock> One exception would be “trance dance music”.

* Yumper raises hand

<RainTurtle> Yumper?

* Kingcob raises hand

<Yumper> If you become ‘light headed’ would it be wise to immediately stop?

* Float Raises hand

<RainTurtle> Excellent question. The lightheadedness of the trance itself is not a danger signal

* Psi-Sam raises hand

<Andy_Hock> Not in this case, unless there are other warning symptoms.

<RainTurtle> If you are also doing something else _already_ when that symptom shows up, play it safe and assume it is from the other activity

<Andy_Hock> Any feeling of sickness is a warning to stop, however.

<RainTurtle> Kingcob?

<Kingcob> what are the dangers of deep trances?

<Kingcob> if any.

<RainTurtle> Don’t operate heavy machinery, firearms, cars or other things like that while in deep trance…..

<Andy_Hock> lol

<RainTurtle> They aren’t dangerous in themselves, but there is a fairly good chance that you’ll drop off to sleep

* Droshi raises hand also..

<Andy_Hock> In really deep trance, that would be well nigh impossible, anyway.

<RainTurtle> Avoid driving a car soon after coming out of deep trance, too, by the way….too easy to slip back in

* Masterboy rises two hands

<RainTurtle> Masterboy?

<RainTurtle> oops, missed someones

<Masterboy> OBE is like a trance too?

<RainTurtle> OBE is generally done in trance, but is not a trance itself

<Andy_Hock> Trance is often a precursor to OBE, but they are different.

<RainTurtle> Float?

<Float> When going into a trance, would it be better to go about it with closed or open eyes? And can you lets say, Read while in a trance state? seeing as how I have a test coming up….

<RainTurtle> (apologies to Float and Psi-Sam)

<Float> Tis ok Rain.

<RainTurtle> Can go either way. A lot of people find it easier to induce trance in themselves with their eyes closed, at first, but it depends on the method used. You can open your eyes again after such an induction…..

<Andy_Hock> Reading is possible in light trance.

<RainTurtle> ,,,,and yes, studying and even taking the test, in trance is entirely possible….not uncommon, either

<Float> Mkay

<Andy_Hock> Depending on the kind of trance, reading may be easier or more difficult.

<RainTurtle> Psi-Sam?

<Psi-Sam> While in a deep trance when you come out of it does it feel like you were sleeping?

<RainTurtle> Sometimes….

<Psi-Sam> Ok.

<Andy_Hock> Often when you awaken, you are in trance for a few minutes.

<RainTurtle> Droshi? Sorry….looks like we missed you, too

<Andy_Hock> So the feeling may be similar.

<Droshi> no problem, my question was answered

<RainTurtle> Aphanas?

<Andy_Hock> I’m inclined to finish here tonight unless we have questions and get into the “how to” next week, as our time is winding down.

<Aphanas> Do trances by themselves have any effect on biochemical systems (burning bloodsugar, lowering potassium, etc) as is seen with other psionic-type activities? And, what is the danger of not noticing those normal symptoms of over-extension when in a trance?

<Andy_Hock> Trance is not, in and of itself, a psi activity.

<Aphanas> *nods*

<RainTurtle> Any intense concentration over an extended period of time will deplete blood sugar….SO if you are studying in trance it will. If you are just “flaking out” in trance (yes, it can be done) it won’t

<RainTurtle> Highness?

<Aphanas> Heh… OK. Thanks.

<RainTurtle> 🙂

<PrinceSendai> can you trance in a hyper state of mind, instead of a relaxed one

<RainTurtle> yes

<Andy_Hock> Yes.

<Masterboy> wow

<Andy_Hock> That can be induced by anything from primitive religious rituals to techno music.

<RainTurtle> Anyone else?

* Droshi raises hand

<RainTurtle> Droshi?

<Droshi> is the hyper state of mind trance possibly called an overload trance?

<RainTurtle> That is one kind, yes

* Yumper raises hand

<RainTurtle> Yumper?

<Yumper> Can Trancing be a social activity?

<RainTurtle> It can be.

* Jael raises hand

<Andy_Hock> It can also be addictive.

<RainTurtle> Usually isn’t regarded that way, but we’ll probably get to some of that next time.

<RainTurtle> Very much so, Andy

<RainTurtle> Jael?

<Andy_Hock> Jael?

<Jael> Are trances more effective when induced by relaxation or by becoming hyper, or does it matter?

<Andy_Hock> Depends on the purpose.

<Jael> hehe…wondered about that after I asked…

<RainTurtle> We’ll discuss that further next week

<RainTurtle> Thank you, all….”see“ you next week. Same bat-time, same bat-channel, for the continuation

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