The Use of Trance in Psionics (Class 2)

Instructor: RainTurtle and Andy_Hock
Date: February 5, 2004 (Thursday)

<Andy_Hock> Good evening, all.

<RainTurtle> Welcome to part 2 of the trance-in-psionics seminar

<RainTurtle> If you are here for an RPG, you have the wrong room, and might want to leave before we weird you out

<Andy_Hock> Ground rules are same as last week. Please “raise hand” before asking questions.

<Andy_Hock> Has anyone tried trance this past week?

<Float> Yes

<Psi-Sam> I have.

<Yumper> yep

<Jael> some

<Aphanas> *nods* A bit…

<Andy_Hock> Good experiences?

<Float> YEP

<Jael> Yep

<Yumper> yep

<Aphanas> Seems to be…

<Psi-Sam> Ya.

<Andy_Hock> Any you want to talk about?

<Yumper> sure

<Float> Mkay.

<Andy_Hock> Anyone want to raise hand to share on their experiences?

* Yumper raises hand

<Andy_Hock> Yumps?

<Yumper> I tried trancing before I fell asleep. I had a very vivid precognative dream of my the next day.

* Float raises hand

<Yumper> The trance itself I don’t remember much of, but the dream has never happened before

<Andy_Hock> Your first precog dream?

<Yumper> not first, but first in a very long while

<Andy_Hock> Okay.

<Andy_Hock> Float?

<Float> Well I was in school, in about 7th period, was just sitting down and started to daze off into the voice of my treacher, I then started a daydream, this went on for a few minutes untill I wasint daydreaming anylonger, all I rember after that *about 20min later* was me breaking out of it with my teacher saying *did I anwser your question?*

<Float> Was very wild.

<Andy_Hock> You asked a question while in trance?

<Float> No, someone else had. sorry about that.

<Andy_Hock> How do you know you just didn’t fall asleep in class?

<Float> Because My eyes were not even closed, and I wasint asleep, if I had been im sure my teacher would have sent me to the office.

<Andy_Hock> Okay.

<Andy_Hock> Anyone else?

<Andy_Hock> Before we get into trance methods, I should emphasize a warning that was implied last week but not emphasized. Care MUST be taken when doing psi in trance, because the “warning signs” of psionic overexertion are likely to be overlooked in trance.

<Andy_Hock> Especially, DO NOT program any psi activity to continue if you lose consciousness.

<RainTurtle> Translation for the slow: messing up can kill you.

<RainTurtle> Some activities in deep trance are best attempted with a second person present to monitor your body’s functionning

<RainTurtle> That said,…

<Andy_Hock> There are many different methods of going into trance. We can cover only a few in the time we have tonight.

<RainTurtle> One of the easier ways to learn to induce and work in trance is to “cheat”. Record an induction, and a series of suggestions, and a sequence to bring yourself out of it again……

<RainTurtle> There are lots of scripts to play with available online. is one site that has several. there are many others

<Andy_Hock> I.e. Homemade self-hypnosis tapes.

<RainTurtle> Speak slowly, and leave three or four seconds between phrases. A monotone or a singsong tone of voice is helpful

<Andy_Hock> If practical, it’s good to put some relaxing music in the background, too.

<RainTurtle> Music of JS Bach’s era, of the Andante tempo (60 beats per minute) is ideal

<RainTurtle> There are several kinds of music known to induce trance, themselves, in fact: Baroque andantes are only one such genre.

<RainTurtle> Goa/Trance, obviously, and some drum music. These rely on rhythm and repetative harmonies

<RainTurtle> Lullabies are another obvious example

<RainTurtle> (Examples of Baroque andante: Pachelbel’s _Canon in D_, and Bach’s _Arioso_ from Cantata 156)

<RainTurtle> Techno is also effective, but you will find that the “feel” of the trance is more like Goa than Bach

<RainTurtle> Some of you may have heard of brainwave entrainment recordings and/or computer programs

<RainTurtle> These also are designed to induce assorted trance-like states

<RainTurtle> Some of them are more effective than others.

<RainTurtle> In any event, do not use them if you are prone to seizures, and _never_ operate heavy equipment, drive a car, or do anything else of that nature while under their influence

<RainTurtle> Most of the reputable ones bear such a warning on the package. It is serious.

<Andy_Hock> Yeah, playing trance music while driving is a questionable idea at best . . .

<RainTurtle> If you are interested in looking them up, there is a list of sites at this cheesy little spot:

<RainTurtle> The monotony of the road, and the flicking of the passing-lane paint in the peripheral vision often causes a trance in a driver….but it is not being forced. “Highway hypnosis” isn’t entirely safe either, common as it is.

<Andy_Hock> The types of trance created by different forms of music do have some different characteristics, too. We might get into that later if we do an ongoing group.

<Andy_Hock> Another trance method that I use a lot has to do with shifting the focus of my concentration. It feels like I’m “seeing” from a space a couple inches behind the eyes.

<Andy_Hock> We’re so accustomed to “seeing” the world from our eye-space that this change in perception tends to induce trance.

<Andy_Hock> It can be done with eyes open or closed, but it’s probably easier to begin with eyes closed.

<Andy_Hock> With eyes open, you may experience a bit of vertigo, similar to what is often experienced doing RP with eyes open.

<Andy_Hock> There are also some neat tings you can do with shifting the location of perception that we might get into next week, or else with a group later.

<Andy_Hock> Any questions on this?

* Psi-Sam raises

<RainTurtle> As Andy’s comment implied, this seminar is probably going to run an extra week

<Andy_Hock> Yes, Sam?

<Psi-Sam> Can you kinda explain more on the “from a space a couple inches behind the eyes”?

<Andy_Hock> Look at something and be conscious where you’re seeing it from.

<Psi-Sam> Oh ok.

<Andy_Hock> You’re seeing from where your eyes are, right?

<Psi-Sam> Yeah.

<Andy_Hock> Okay, close your eyes and visualize that you’re seeing from a place two to three inches behind your eyes.

<Andy_Hock> As you go deeper into this kind of trance, the location of perception tends to go farther back, too.

<Andy_Hock> Anyone else who wants to try it can do so for a minute or two now, too.

<Andy_Hock> Once you’re back, please let me know by saying whether or not you have any more questions.

* Jael raises hand

<Float> no questions here.

<Andy_Hock> We’ll wait on asking the questions, however, until we’re all back.

<Andy_Hock> So I’m not ignoring you, Jael.


<Andy_Hock> Okay, Jael, go ahead with your question, please.

<Jael> The trancing that I practiced (previously and just now) resulted in a bit of vertigo, but I had my eyes closed. I’m assuming that’s normal, but thought I should check. And does it go away after more practice?

<Andy_Hock> To both questions, usually yes.

<Jael> okay, thanks

<RainTurtle> A similar approach is to “imagine” yourself going down a stair case, or an escalator, or sinking slowly into water or clouds…

<RainTurtle> Some folks add colours to this, to indicate to themselves a change of “depth”

<RainTurtle> You’ll find that any such trance will help the usual psionic activities, such as precognition, clairvoyance, telepathy, even pk

<RainTurtle> Other interesting things you can do, include practicing sports and toning your muscles….

<RainTurtle> _while_ you are chilled out on the couch

* Aphanas raises hand…

<RainTurtle> Aphanas?

<Aphanas> At what point does one need to start watching “how far down” they go without a partner? Are there any sensory clues that you would notice that will tell you when you’re going too deep into a trance for psionic work without having someone to assist?

<Aphanas> Or would that be best decided before you enter the trance state?

<RainTurtle> Good question. IF you are likely to go too deep (as in some kinds of remote viewing, and most kinds of pk healing), decide ahead of time.

<Aphanas> *nods*

* Jael now has a question…

<Aphanas> That makes sense. If one is foolish and doesn’t decide ahead of time, anything to watch for in the trance state?

<RainTurtle> Otherwise, it is very easy to wander too far “down” and simply veg out….It is extraordinarily difficult to maintain voluntary control of your actions, below a certain depth. You just sort of float, unless directed

<RainTurtle> Once you are approaching it, you won’t take note of it….which is exactly the problem

* Mistyck raises hand too

<RainTurtle> Jael?

<Aphanas> *nods* OK, thanks.

<Jael> What types of things does a ‘spotter’ need to watch for or do if there is a concern?

<Andy_Hock> You might want to add a program that you’ll come back out if you feel at all sick.

<RainTurtle> A second change in heartbeat and breathing pattern, after the initial “glitch” ( a lot of people find that both speed up for a moment as they go into trance, and then they settle out to a slow even rhythm)

<RainTurtle> Twitching, paleness….anything that doesn’t look right, other than the expected symptoms of hypnotic trance: reddened eyes from the relaxed blood vessels, catalepsy, watery eyes, and such

<RainTurtle> Mistyck?

<Mistyck> what are the possible consequences of unintentional deep trancing?

<RainTurtle> The trance on its own is pretty harmless, assuming you aren’t cruising down the Interstate.

* Jael raises hand again

<Mistyck> I guess what I’m asking is would one just fall asleep or can they become unconscious or worse?

<RainTurtle> If you indulge in deep trances for more than an hour or so a day, every day for two weeks or more, you risk having your brainwaves level out in mild trance semi-permanently, until you stop that practice

<RainTurtle> I understood the question….having trouble typing fast tonight

<Mistyck> oh, sorry

<RainTurtle> You might easily fall asleep, or you would return to consciousness….Either way, not a problem

<RainTurtle> Jael?

<Jael> If you notice problems as a spotter, is there a proper way to help someone come out of the trance or is it just waking them up?

<RainTurtle> Depends on the nature of the problem. If their heart has stopped (not uncommon in psychokinetic healing, especially at a distance), do whatever it takes to get it going again.

<RainTurtle> If you often “spot”, arranging a signal to bring the person “out of it” is handy.

<RainTurtle> (we’ll get back to both “symptoms to watch for” and “signals” later….)

<Jael> Okay…thanks

<RainTurtle> Now, back to couch-potato fitness.


<RainTurtle> Any of you who have been following the Tuesday-night classes are aware of some nifty not-quite-psionic things to do that are pretty much self-hypnotic: sleep induction, pain-blocking, fatigue-banishing, and so on

<RainTurtle> The basis of all of these is a simple, and maintained, internal visualisation

<RainTurtle> A guided daydream, if you will

<RainTurtle> Take a simple physical exercise, such as chin-ups

<RainTurtle> Close your eyes, take a nice deep breath and let it out again, while letting all your muscles relax

<RainTurtle> Then imagine yourself doing chinups.

<RainTurtle> Don’t move or tense any muscles, and imagine that _you_ are doing them, not watching someone do it

<RainTurtle> Keep this up for a while, then take another deep breath, and open your eyes as you exhale

<RainTurtle> A short simple trance (all daydreams are)….and studies into such things have shown that it actually improves the strength of the muscles you are pretending to use, if you do it often and long enough

<RainTurtle> Practicing the same way with sports improves the physical game…._if_ you visualise the skill performed perfectly

<RainTurtle> I’ve used it for archery, myself, when I was unable to practice the normal way for about a year. entered and won a tourney the first day back with my bow….with a personal-best score.

<RainTurtle> And it’s a good way to waste time if you’re bored

<Andy_Hock> lol

<Aphanas> Heh…


<RainTurtle> Making up video games, and playing them, in the same kind of trance will improve your concentration and visualisation skills….handy for any psionicist

<RainTurtle> And, once those are comfy, try playing them with a friend, holding each other’s wrists, at first, and adding telepathy to the mix

<RainTurtle> (It can be started at a distance, too, but physical contact makes it easier)

<RainTurtle> I favour flight simulators, myself. Some people like road-races a la Super Mario Brothers. And some like games along the lines of Red Alert

<Andy_Hock> Doom is fun . . .

<RainTurtle> Start by building up the scenery, such as the cockpit, then put “yourself” in it, then start “moving”, then add other moving bits

<RainTurtle> Questions?

* Float raises hand.

<RainTurtle> (We will be continuing next week, by the way)

<RainTurtle> Float?

<Float> Yes, could this same method of incresing strength, be used also in psionics itsself? like for example, moving a chair? could one see them self doing this over and over, and it would have the same affect?

<RainTurtle> There have been no studies that I know of to establish that, one way or the other.

<Float> ok

* Aphanas raises hand…

<RainTurtle> Aphanas?

<Aphanas> For the sports in the head… I presume that if you practice flawed visualized exercises, you will end up with worse skills?

<RainTurtle> Or, at least, no better. The way you practice affects the results, in your head or on the field

<Aphanas> *nods* That makes sense. Thanks.

<RainTurtle> (or in the dojo….it is _very_ good for practicing martial arts)

<Andy_Hock> We WILL be meeting again next week for a third week. Next week we’ll be more specifically addressing the application of trance in psionics.

<RainTurtle> Thank you for participating, and good night

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