The Use of Trance in Psionics (Class 3)

Instructor: RainTurtle and Andy_Hock
Date: February 12, 2004 (Thursday)

<RainTurtle> Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the third installment of the seminar “The Use of Trance in Psionics”

<RainTurtle> As usual, this is not a game room. If you’re looking for the GM workshop, you’re in the wrong channel and may want to leave before we weird you out

<RainTurtle> And, as with the previous sections, Andy and I are presenting this seminar together.

<Andy_Hock> As usual, “raise hand” before asking a question.

<Andy_Hock> (GM Workshop is in #dnd3e, btw . . . )

<RainTurtle> 🙂

<RainTurtle> We touched on and hinted at the fact that the perceptive psionic abilities (ie “psychic” abilities) are improved in a trance state.

<RainTurtle> In fact, some of the experimental work concerning _hypnosis_, in the century before last, accidentally hit on the appearance of telepathic and clairvoyant ability when the subject is under hypnotic trance

<RainTurtle> This was sufficiently common to be considered one of the “signs” of a trance state

<RainTurtle> In answer to a question from last week, the following is a list of other signs of light trance:

<RainTurtle> (this list assembled at….ie, not my work)

<RainTurtle> – relaxing of muscle tone and posture

<RainTurtle> – visible change in facial expression

<RainTurtle> – slower rate of breathing

<RainTurtle> – fluttering of eyelids

<RainTurtle> – decrease in tempo of speech

<RainTurtle> – decrease in volume of voice

<RainTurtle> – shift in language use

<RainTurtle> Questions so far?

<Aphanas> None here at the moment.

<Jael> not yet

<SunTzu> perhaps later

<RainTurtle> In a light trance, most people will notice an improvement in their results, for both perceptive abilities, and for microPK

<RainTurtle> In deeper trances, this is also true. The problem is that the deeper the trance, the less likely you’ll be capable of maintaining the effort to do anything….

<RainTurtle> There is a sort of lethargy that stops you from doing anything….and at deeper levels, from saying or thinking anything, either

<RainTurtle> That can be gotten around, by having someone else guide your activity, but there are obvious problems with having to rely on the assistance of a third party

<RainTurtle> On the other hand, some careful timing can allow for such guidance to be pre-arranged and recorded on those self-hypnosis tape-cassettes we discussed (briefly) last week

<RainTurtle> For those, for whom the standard methods of trance inductions have proven ineffective, you might want to try the bass-ackwards “progressive relaxation” approach

<RainTurtle> It induces trance by faking the symptoms of one variety of trance

<RainTurtle> It is _very_ simple, if tedious

<RainTurtle> Arrange yourself comfortably in a chair or couch or whatever, where you can flake out

<RainTurtle> Close your eyes, take a nice slow breath…

<RainTurtle> Scrunch up your toes….tight as you can. Hold it for a moment, and then let them relax

<RainTurtle> Then, tense up your feet as much as you can, hold for a moment, and let them relax…

<RainTurtle> Tense the muscles of your calves, hold for a moment, and let them relax….

<RainTurtle> and so on…thighs, belly, fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, face….

<RainTurtle> Not much in the way of complicated procedures, there, ne?


<Aphanas> *nods*

<RainTurtle> Another simple and frankly mechanical method of inducing a trance, is to take a complicated picture, turn it upside down in relation to how you are looking at it, and copy it as precisely as you can with pencil and paper

<RainTurtle> The conscious mind will get disgusted with the task and go do something else, leaving the File Clerk Dude to get the job done

<RainTurtle> Admittedly, that method can be less than useful, for most purposes, but it is a good way to learn what a trance feels like, at least….and it can improve your sketching skill

<RainTurtle> If nothing else, it’s a way to while away a wait at the airport

<RainTurtle> If microPK appeals to you – for example, if you like playing the games at the PsiArcade, or the tests at Fourmilab – a very light trance is handy

<Andy_Hock> I do that.

<RainTurtle> Pick a method of induction, and calmly visualise the result you are wanting. Do _not_ push too hard; or you are more likely to get statistical significance in the wrong direction




<RainTurtle> 😉 Just in case any of you want the addies for places to play with microPK


<Andy_Hock> I often feel a connection to the virtual “object” I’m microPKing while in trance.

<RainTurtle> 🙂 And, for the moving-the-tiles game at the PsiArcade, “pretending” to whap the tile you want to move, with what feels like a psi-baseball-bat, hitting it in the direction you want it to move,….

<RainTurtle> both really help, and is a great way to work off steam….

<Aphanas> Heh…

<RainTurtle> Just imagine the tile is the annoying fluffbunny who just ticked you off

<Jael> hehe

<RainTurtle> For MacroPK, the sort of trance which appears to be useful are deeper

<RainTurtle> “Sorts”, I should say, as there is more than one

<RainTurtle> Probably the most-studied is the sort of trance associated with predominant “theta” brainwaves.

<Andy_Hock> True.

<RainTurtle> If you delve into that kind of stuff, expect to feel high and lethargic. And if you wander to the “delta” range, you aren’t likely to do much at all. You can, but you won’t want to

<Andy_Hock> The claims of the Silva people to teach you to function normally in Delta state are BS, imho . . .

<RainTurtle> On the other end of the scale, there are the sorts of trances _not_ associated with relaxation. The kinds characteristic of trance-dancing, techno music, and so on

<RainTurtle> Agreed, Andy

<Andy_Hock> They are more of Euphoric trances.

<RainTurtle> mmhmm It can be a little harder to maintain control, seeing as you seem to be letting yourself _lose_ control, but macroPK situations occur in that kind of trance, too

<Andy_Hock> Those have historically been used for precog “visons”, too.

<RainTurtle> I’m being informed that some of that kind of music facilitates microPK on video games….the background music for “Red Alert” for example, not only intensifies concentration (or drives you nuts), but also simplifies telekinetic cheating, according to the chap who is reading over my shoulder

<RainTurtle> I’ve never played the game in question, so I cannot comment on it, myself

<Aphanas> Hehe… have to try that with some other games.

<RainTurtle> 🙂

<Andy_Hock> On a related note, I was given a good source of a variety of kinds of trance music last night.


<Andy_Hock> It’s an online radio station with several different trance channels.

<RainTurtle> Usual warnings apply: don’t listen to them in the car

<Aphanas> *nods*

<RainTurtle> And of course, like most music, it sounds like cats in heat climbing balckboards, to some people

<Dan> 🙂

<Aphanas> 🙂

<RainTurtle> Some folks who do not like it, still find that it induces trance. Others do not

<RainTurtle> If you have a condition resulting in epilepsy, you probably shouldn’t listen to that kind of music, by the way

<Andy_Hock> Any questions?

<RainTurtle> The usual stereotype of the psionicist being “calm and contemplative” probably stems from our frequent use of trance….although there is also probably some “personal preference” there, too

<Aphanas> Hm… not at the moment, actually. Give me a bit and I’ll think of something.

<Jael> No questions here yet.

<RainTurtle> If you stay in trance for more than an hour or so every day, after two or three weeks, you’ll tend to stay in trance, between sessions.

<Aphanas> *nods* Good to know.

<RainTurtle> That may or may not be a good thing….

<Andy_Hock> I tend to stay in trance . . .

<RainTurtle> …but fore warned is farearmed

<RainTurtle> So do I

* Aphanas thought of a question…

<RainTurtle> Go for it, Aphanas

<Andy_Hock> Go for it!

<RainTurtle> lol

<RainTurtle> (Did we mention that Sending is facilitated by trance states?)

<Andy_Hock> lol

<Andy_Hock> That was NOT planned, btw.

<Aphanas> Hehe… what are the reasons you two primarily stay in trance? Long years of practice, like the feeling, don’t have a choice, etc?

* Jael has a question now too.

<Andy_Hock> Probably some of all of the above. It is definitely addictive. I feel I function better that way for the most part, though.

<RainTurtle> Combination of factors, in my case. It _does_ certainly feel good, and makes it easier to keep my emotions and my more erratic abilities in check…and he’s right, it’s addictive

<Aphanas> *nods*

<Aphanas> That’s good to know. Thanks.

<RainTurtle> No problem….It may be that telepaths _do_ simply function better this way…many of my acquaintance stay in trance pretty much all the time

<RainTurtle> Jael?

<Jael> Is driving/handling machinery a problem for either of you since you are in a light trance normally?

<Andy_Hock> I think you develop some “tolerance” after prolonged exposure, not unlike drugs. But I wouldn’t make a good professional truck driver, no.

<RainTurtle> *shakes head* All those sorts of things can be done is such a condition…but I learned to drive while already “like this”.

<RainTurtle> *hates driving, though* I wouldn’t be a good truck-driver, either.

<RainTurtle> And I _never_ listen to the radio when driving

<Jael> okay, thanks.

<RainTurtle> The head shake was in reply to JAel’s question; not a disagreement with Andy’s statement

<Aphanas> *nods*

<RainTurtle> Any other questions? Comments?

<Aphanas> None here… Thanks very much for the class, Rain & Andy. This subject is very interesting (and seems vital to our development). Very cool…

<Jael> This was very interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how trance states affect my practice

<SunTzu> agreed, thank you

<RainTurtle> You’re welcome.

* Jael has another question


<RainTurtle> Trance stuff is pretty much a required subject in the education of a well-rounded psionicist

<RainTurtle> Jael?

<Dan> 🙁

<Jael> Are there any general guidelines to how much trance should be used? In other words, is it something you can just jump in with both feet or do you need to work into it gradually?

<Andy_Hock> Well, if you jump in too fast, you’ll likely feel “tranqued out” for a while, but you’ll adjust eventually.

<RainTurtle> *wry grin* I think my instructors would favour the “jumping in which both feet” approach. I don’t see any advantage to working into it gradually, other than the “tranqued” feeling….

<RainTurtle> …_and_ use of trance is an acquired skill;

<Jael> okay…no serious negatives then other than unwise activities when tranced out.

<RainTurtle> it can take some time to learn to induce it in yourself in such a way for it to be useful

<RainTurtle> In some cases, you might feel as though you’d been sedated.

* Aphanas thinks he uses computer games to trance out… noticed that macroPK is easier afterward.

<Jael> Thanks, Rain and Andy

<Andy_Hock> I’m used to trance at work. I use it when I take phone calls to help read empathic signals and often to put the caller in a light receptive trance as well.

<RainTurtle> That’s entirely possible, Aphanas. Most of them can induce trance, and many of them do

<Aphanas> *nods* Have a good excuse for playing computer games then…


<RainTurtle> Anything further for Bester’s notes?

<Jael> I don’t think I have any other questions

<Andy_Hock> A potential follow-up seminar would be induction of trance in others, actually.

<Dan> *nods*

<Dan> Think hard on that one though…

<SunTzu> thank you again

<Andy_Hock> Thanks, all.

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