Instructor: Rainsong
Date: February 26, 2004 (Thursday)

RainTurtle Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to tonight’s seminar on the topic of “Precognition”

RainTurtle Usual disclaimers apply: This is not a gaming room. If you are looking for an RPG you might want to leave before you get too weirded out

RainTurtle However, if you are a gamer who is idly curious about the real-world application of this aspect of psionics, feel free to stick around

NekyuToi Thank you for what you are about to discuss rain.

RainTurtle You’re welcome.

RainTurtle If you have a question please type /me raises hand

RainTurtle Do not expect me or anyone else to prove the existence of psi. This is the internet after all, and any documents I might direct you to could be falsified (many are); I myself _could_ be lying through my teeth; and even if I chose to demonstrate, it is practically impossible to prove the efficacy of precognition in the space of one hour. There simply isn’t enough time to run enough trials to take it out of the realm of chance

RainTurtle For those who missed last Thursday’s seminar, yes, there is a reason for that notice….stems from some nonsense that happened then

Grael 🙂

RainTurtle Now, to the matter at hand.

RainTurtle “Precognition” is the ability to perceive events before they happen, without sufficient data to form a logical guess, presumably by psychical means

RainTurtle Knowing the results of a State Lottery, three weeks in advance, is either precognition, or an indication that the game is rigged

RainTurtle By contrast, “foreseeing” that your buddy is about to get his clothes ruined, when you are watching him walk under a ladder, and you also see a tray of paint falling from the top of that ladder…..that is _not_ precognition

RainTurtle The mechanism involved in Precognition is unknown. Calling something “psi” does not make it understood.

Grael lol

RainTurtle In fact, calling something “psi” pretty much states that it is _not_ understood

RainTurtle Understanding how Precognition functions is complicated by the obvious fact that it involves time…and we don’t understand the nature of “time” and more than we understand the nature of “psi” itself.

RainTurtle For philosophical individuals, the existence of precog presents questions not only about the nature of time, but also of predestination, fate, free will, etc.

Aphanas *nods*

RainTurtle Something to think about, but outside the scope of tonight’s class:

RainTurtle You See a scenario, act to prevent it, and later observe all but that part of the scenario you tried to prevent. Did you….

RainTurtle a) have an incorrect precog?

RainTurtle b) change the course of history?

RainTurtle c) act in a predetermined manner to maintain the fated course?

RainTurtle d) exercise your free will?

RainTurtle e) do something else?

RainTurtle Just something to consider next time you’re bored out of your skull in a meeting or study-hall

RainTurtle (and no, I don’t know the correct answer….or even if there _is_ a correct answer)

Grael 🙂

RainTurtle Questions so far?

HackerX nope

Float Yes

Jael none here

Aphanas raises hand…

RainTurtle Float?

Sam no

Float Receiving numbers seems to be hard in remote viewing, telepathy, etc… So is it just because its precog, that one can figure out numbers?

Grael None here

RainTurtle No, it’s equally “hard” for precog. There are ways around that, such as using the protocols of Associative Remote Viewing, though….and some people don’t have trouble with numbers

RainTurtle Aphanas?

Float K, thanks.

RainTurtle 🙂

Aphanas I think another alternative for the theoretical question above would be:

Aphanas f) create a “self-fulfilling prophecy” by changing circumstances based on your expectations.

RainTurtle 😀

Aphanas might have done that upon occasion… 😉

RainTurtle Quite possibly so… 🙂

RainTurtle *glances around*

RainTurtle Continuing, then…

Raven no questions here.

RainTurtle Precog is often reported in the context of dreams. Some – not all – dreams do appear to convey precognitive information. The trick is in figuring out which ones

RainTurtle If you are interested in this possibility, keep a notebook in which you record whatever you remember of the dreams of the night before.

RainTurtle Doesn’t matter how much or how little of it you remember the first few times; just write it down.

RainTurtle As soon as you wake up

RainTurtle Memory doesn’t always work well across the “divide” of sleep and wakefulness, and the dream that seems unforgettable on waking might be gone entirely an hour later

RainTurtle Periodically review this dream journal, the entries of which are dated, and check to see which –if any– “came true”

RainTurtle Notice details which might be “markers” of precognitive dreams, especially accurate-but-unlikely ones

RainTurtle A “marker” would be something common to all those dreams, and different from most of the regular ones…such as a certain colour of background, or the appearance of a Wolfhound….You might or might not have such a marker

Raven raises hand

RainTurtle Raven?

Raven you could ask your subconscious to create such a marker, right?

RainTurtle Indeed you could 🙂

Daimajin raises hand

RainTurtle And, again, dreaming of an elephant in a pink tutu and a feather boa walking down Main Street in your hometown in Delaware, and then actually _seeing_ that animal dressed that way, two months later, is more likely to be real precog than a vague dream about talking about an unspecified topic to the cute guy or gal who sits next to you in Chemistry class

RainTurtle Although _both_ might be

RainTurtle Daimajin?

Daimajin i have a question about the process of remembering a dream, is it possible that dreams can be recalled hours after waking if they are forgotten, perhaps by the same process where you try to remember where you last left your keys when you lose them ?

RainTurtle Possible, but less likely to work

Daimajin ok, thank you

RainTurtle No prob….bits of it might come back to you suddenly, though…and this probably explains _some_ incidents of “deja vu”

Daimajin ok

RainTurtle Any other questions at this point?

Aphanas *shakes head*

Jael not yet 🙂

Sam Nope.

RainTurtle Okay….so much for the passive approach

Daimajin raises hand

RainTurtle Still on dream precog, and still recording and checking dreams….

RainTurtle Dai?

Daimajin what is the difference between precognition and intuition ?

Daimajin or are they the same

RainTurtle Intuition is a more general term. Can include precog or not, depending on context

Daimajin ok

RainTurtle Can also include clairvoyance more generally, some telepathic effects, and the file-clerk dude trying to call your attention to something your regular senses picked up but your conscious mind failed to notice

Daimajin ok

RainTurtle Back to the dreaming bit…. Try asking your File-clerk Dude (ie Subconscious mind 😛 ) to make a dream that will tell you the answer to a problem or question.

Grael lol

RainTurtle Just as you are settling into bed, jot the question in your dream notebook, then talk to yourself:

RainTurtle “Okay, Self, here’s the deal… We need an idea I can present to the boss tomorrow about how to get this project going, or we’re both going to be up to our eyebrows in damp kitty-litter….

Jael hehe

Aphanas Heh… nice image. 🙂

RainTurtle I’ve thought about it, puzzled over it, and researched all possible angles….but I’m stumped. How about checking the ‘news’ out there in subspace, and seeing if there is an idea available? Then make a nice dream about it so I can understand the idea. Okay? Great. Thanks”

RainTurtle There’s a pretty good chance that, as you’re writing in the journal the next morning, the answer will be there. In this example, it might or might not be actual Precog….

RainTurtle Could just be putting together stuff you already know, could be telepathy, could be one of the other forms of clairvoyance….

RainTurtle On the other hand, if it works, who cares what it is?

RainTurtle (_Told_ you I wasn’t going to prove precog…)

Aphanas Hehe…

Jael 🙂

RainTurtle If you want to be more sure that you’re practicing precog, ask yourself for dreams showing you the news broadcast for the following evening. Write down details, such as what the news-dude was wearing, as well as what they say.

RainTurtle Look for detail.

Grael nods

RainTurtle “President makes announcement” or “Politician accused of doing something corrupt” or “Celebrity charged with crime” are too vague and predictable to “count”

RainTurtle Looking for a more immediate approach?

RainTurtle For example, for playing the key game at the PsiArcade?

RainTurtle That game is forced-choice, so there will always be contamination of data and an element of pure chance,…but it is fun, readily available, and easily scored

RainTurtle It’s the game at the “gate” of the Garden of Dreams:

RainTurtle The game is very simple: There are five possible keys with which to open the lock on the gate. The computer program-thing chooses the key on a pseudo-random basis.

Grael thinks it always picks the one you pick last

RainTurtle “click” on the key you choose, and “drag” it to the lock. If the lock opens, you chose the correct key

RainTurtle Graelb: of course. The game ends when you choose the right key…so it must be the one you choose last

Grael blinks

Grael Hehe

RainTurtle Pure chance should get you the correct key on the first try, one time in five. Therefore, it takes many game-runs, to establish your accuracy or lack thereof

RainTurtle Now….

RainTurtle One way to “precog” the key is to take a nice deep breath to calm yourself, ….

RainTurtle …close your eyes….and ask yourself which key it will be.

RainTurtle You might get an impression of the correct key’s colour, or a partial description (ex “short yellow”) or you might See the right one, or get a hunch about its position in the row of keys

RainTurtle Whatever form the information takes is fine. The test is in whether the key whose description you get, is the one that opens the lock

RainTurtle The oft-quoted idea that “when you are doing psychic things, all the information you get is correct” is bullshit

Grael lol

RainTurtle The same approach may be taken with a deck of Zener cards, if you are into that kind of thing

RainTurtle The usual problems with Zener cards apply: a) they are boring, and b) if you only get part of the shape you are likely to mistake the cross for the square, and the wavy lines for the circle…..and it’s still forced-choice

RainTurtle However, if you play a psionic character in ConspiracyX, your ability to precog the Zener cards makes the difference in how well your character does his or her thing because of quirk in the game rules.

RainTurtle Questions? The floor is now open

Grael What’s ConsipracyX?

Raven it’s a roleplaying game.

Raven conspiracy theories brought to life, and with psionics in it.

SunTzu Is it possible to train passive precognition? if so, how would you recommend going about training it?

Aphanas raises hand…

Grael Gotcha =P

RainTurtle SunTzu: train passive precog by doing it….either that or by using hypnosis, which is a topic I am not going to discuss other than to say it is effective for this purpose

RainTurtle Aphanas?

SunTzu ouch

Aphanas With the “all information is *not* correct information” problem… is learning to filter correct information from incorrect information just a matter of practice, and/or asking the sub-c to perhaps provide a marker?

RainTurtle That might help (it is unproven, as far as I know, for this purpose)

Aphanas *nods*

Raven Note: I’ve found a regular deck of cards to be very handy in playing a bit with precog. Keeping a tack of the “score” can be hard, but it gives you something with a lot of choices to work with.

Raven *track

RainTurtle Much as the case with pendling, if you can isolate the question somehow, such as on a deck of shuffled index cards, that will cut down on contamination of data

RainTurtle Good stuff, Raven 🙂

Aphanas That makes sense. Limit the possibilities a bit to help prevent AOL… Thanks. 🙂

RainTurtle 1-in-2 for colour, 1-in-4 for suit, 1-in-13 for rank(? in a poker deck….)…1-in-52 for the correct specific card

RainTurtle 🙂

RainTurtle For a zener deck to print onto a single page and cut out…

RainTurtle Makes for small cards, but they fit onto one sheet of 8 1/2 by 11“ cardstock….

RainTurtle Can probably adjust setting on most printers for other basic sheet sizes

Raven suggests using a professional “cutter”, to avoid edges that the subconscious might recognise.

Aphanas *nods*

RainTurtle any further comments or questions?

Grael none here

Aphanas notes there is also a Palm Pilot version of a Zener cards game, for folks with such a beast. Course, you do have to take microPK into account with that…

SunTzu bows

SunTzu I must away, excellent Seminar RainTurtle.

Jael has a question…

RainTurtle Jael?

Jael Seems like much of the difficulty is really in understanding what the subc is communicating to you, whether in dreams, pendling, RV, or psychometry. Does the subc have a ‘favorite’ method? If so, do you know of any nifty short-cut to figure out the most efficient way of communicating? Or is it a matter of trial and error?

RainTurtle There is considerable variation from one mind to another. Part of it, therefore, _is_ trial and error….hence the usefulness of note-keeping

RainTurtle For many people, if the impression is particularly vivid, without knocking the wind out of you, it’s probably AOL

Jael okay. Thanks…expected that’d be the answer, but thought I’d ask anyway 🙂

RainTurtle 🙂

Aphanas No more questions here, I did find the palm game link though…


Aphanas Thanks very much for the seminar, Rain. Was very interesting.

Jael Thanks for the seminar, Rain. 🙂

RainTurtle If “precoging” for someone else, and you can convince them not to tell you what the question is, life becomes easier….then you just relay whatever comes to you, no matter how disjointed, and let _them_ figure it out 😉

RainTurtle You’re very welcome 🙂

RainTurtle thanks, Bester, for scribbling…

Aphanas Hmm… interesting idea.

Daimajin thank you RT 🙂

Grael Thanks for the seminar rain

Grael Good one

RainTurtle you’re welcome 🙂

Grael 🙂

RainTurtle 😀

Raven *nods* good seminar 🙂

HackerX thanks Rain 🙂

RainTurtle 🙂

RainTurtle thanks for coming, everyone 🙂

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