Cryo-Psychokinesis, Crystals, & Orgonite

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: July 11, 2015 (Saturday)

<Lionell> for seminar topic, if nothing else comes up, I’d be interested in hearing whatever you know related to ice

<Rainsong> Sure…?

<Lionell> what it’s used with, whether ice-PK is a thing, uses for it, etc

<Lionell> ok

* Jael has joined #psc_annex

<Jael> Good evening

<Rainsong> hihi

<Rainsong> Apparently, our topic for the evening is ice – that cold, hard stuff that takes over the bays and inlets and lakes for the winter.

* gallifreyanEquine waves

<Rainsong> Hi, GE 🙂

<zhala> Brrrr

<gallifreyanEquine> Brbrbrbrbrrr

<Rainsong> Being July, and in southern Canada, we don’t have ice on the lakes and inlets at the moment.

<Lionell> Hello Jael

<Rainsong> Lionell asked if ice-PK was a thing. And, it is. Not that it’s necessarily useful for anything, as such, but cooling down water to the point that it freezes is good for showing off.

<Rainsong> In warmer areas, it might sometimes even be worthwhile for cooling stuff down… but the larger the quantity of water you’re dealing with, the more effort it will cost you.

<Rainsong> (And yes, I know that some people are not restricted by the size or volume of the stuff they are affecting. Or at least that’s what they say. Usually such people have never affected anything over 500g…)

<Rainsong> In my opinion, the simplest way to cool something down psychokinetically is to concentrate on slowing down the movement of the molecules.

* gallifreyanEquine nods

<Rainsong> It’s a handy thing for visualization purposes, because anyone who’s ever taken a chemistry class can come up with a cartoony visualization of water molecules doing molecule things.

<Rainsong> However, remember that – no matter how you’re accomplishing your goal – that heat has to go _somewhere_.

<Rainsong> Taking, for example, a litre of water from room temperature (~18-20C) down to the freezing point involves a lot of heat being removed.

<Rainsong> And, of course, the more water (or the warmer it is starting out… or both), the more heat transfer is involved.

<Rainsong> Consider where you’re going to put it.

<Rainsong> Physics is your friend. 😀

<Rainsong> Any questions or commentary so far?

* Jael raises her hand

<Rainsong> Mmhmm?

<Jael> Is removing the heat like grounding it out or maybe like pulling it away like when they spin cotton candy? I’m trying to get a mental image of what to do with the heat.

<Rainsong> Can ground it out, spin it out, diffuse it, or even “teleport the warmed air away” if you’re particularly skillful in that regard. The trick is to figure out _where_ it’s going to go. What are you going to put it in? Is there a convenient heat-sink?

<Lionell> Other question: I assume it helps to keep heat flow continuous and slow?

<Rainsong> (If memory serves, it’s one kilocalorie per litre per degree celcius…)

<Lionell> wait, you can convert to energy to something else?

<Lionell> *the

<Rainsong> Lionell: I believe that it’s generally easiest that way, yes. Your mileage may vary, as they say.

<Rainsong> Converting the energy? Yes, I believe so. Heat and light convert relatively easily, for example.

<Lionell> can you convert it back to “psi energy”?

<Lionell> *-back

<Lionell> or does that not work?

<Lionell> (I’d expect it not to work, but unsure

<Lionell> )

<Rainsong> It might? I haven’t tried it. I’m more accustomed to converting psi-stuff with electricity. But, I expect it could work.

<Lionell> ok, go on (from my side), then

<Jael> Good for me too 🙂

<Rainsong> Be careful, though. I certainly wouldn’t advise trying that until you’ve done this sort of PK with just leeching heat into the air around the object, or the ground, or some metal (use a small amount of water that’s been sitting out for several hours to stabilize the temperature, with a thermometer, so you can see progress even if you don’t get as far as freezing it)

<Rainsong> The reason for the warning is that pk is quite an intensive workout, and a sudden drop in your potassium or glucose levels can cause problems. (As can a sudden spike, which allegedly is also possible.)

<Rainsong> Cardiac arrest is not fun.

<gallifreyanEquine> Cardiac arrest is best avoided

<Lionell> hmm ok

<Rainsong> You’ll sometimes come across advice to do “cold conditioning” in order to learn this aspect of PK,… by becoming one with the cold, I guess?

<Rainsong> Ignore their advice.

<Rainsong> Not only does it not work, it courts hypothermia, which will kill you if you let it go too far.

<Lionell> it does not work?

<Lionell> ok

<Rainsong> Stage 1 hypothermia is easily recoverable, usually. Stage 2 or 3 can kill you up to a month after being “re-warmed”

<Rainsong> Stage 4 has only one sign/symptom: death

<Lionell> this cold conditioning usually goes all the way to hypothermia?

<Lionell> alright

<Rainsong> Yes, it does. Their methods deliberately induce hypothermia. It is stupid, dangerous, and useless besides.

<Lionell> ok

<Rainsong> Things like sitting in ice-water until you stop shivering… which is Stage 2 hypothermia.

<Jael> I suspect this is a bad idea, but since it popped into my head… If you are cold, is it a bad idea to pull the heat into yourself (the heat you’re removing from the water)?

<gallifreyanEquine> You could also just generate heat

<Rainsong> *waggles hand*

<Rainsong> Belay that

<Rainsong> *waggles entire body*

<Rainsong> If you’re too cold already, using up energy to do PK probably isn’t your best course of action.

* gallifreyanEquine was halfway reffering to starting a fire

<Rainsong> If you are out of other options, though, draw the heat slowly into your limbs, so if you’re going to accidentally cook yourself, you’ll only be damaging non-vital areas. (translation: yes, that’s probably a bad idea)

<Rainsong> GE: It can indeed be used to start a fire.

* gallifreyanEquine carries a lighter with him whenever he goes anywhere other than work, like a paranoid person

<Rainsong> If there’s no wind, and you’re in a fairly sheltered area without much in the way of flammable materials, you could also _slowly_ heat the air around yourself.

<Rainsong> Don’t try this at a gas station, near propane tanks, etc

<Rainsong> GE is smart

<Jael> Thanks. Just wanting to be sure I wasn’t be paranoid. I will avoid cooking myself. 🙂

<gallifreyanEquine> Even if it runs out of Butane, the ability to generate sparks is shiny

<Rainsong> Yep.

<Rainsong> I have a flint-and-steel for the same reason

<gallifreyanEquine> I also usually have a knife and a pocket flashlight, along with a mirror and a few other random tools

<gallifreyanEquine> Never know when you’ll need a screwdriver

<gallifreyanEquine> Anyway, sorry for derailing

<Rainsong> In this part of the world, that’s required by law, if you venture into the woods at all

<gallifreyanEquine> Wow

<Jael> My work frowns on sparks in the office space though. And the temp control for the building is… less than consistent. Wrapping up in both a sweater and wrap in the summer is a bit crazy.

<Rainsong> It’s resulted in more “rescues” following “searches.”

<Jael> Rescues are shiny

<gallifreyanEquine> Very good

<Lionell> (my questions to request ice stuff for seminar have been answered, if someone else wants to suggest something)

<Lionell> if not, we could try some practice of some sort

<Rainsong> Jael has heard me rant repeatedly about some idiots rescued by my turtle patrol and a warden, some years ago… They could have been arrested for their stupidity after they were released from hospital. Bloody morons…

<Jael> It’s true.

<Lionell> why? Didn’t bring anything with them in the winter?

<Rainsong> (We found them at around 10pm, long after dark, in two canoes, holding onto a navigational bouey in a large lake, and completely lost. No map, not even long-sleeved shirts. In June. In Canada. They were already hypothermic when we found them.)

<Rainsong> If they’d had even a road map with them, they’d have known they were close enough to their car that they’d have been able to see it if the sun were still up.

<Lionell> it’s that cold in june?

<Rainsong> The problem is that it is so variable. It ranges from just above freezing to 34C.

<Jael> It’s cold enough this evening that a light jacket now (at 8 pm) would be useful outside. It was nice and warm during the day though.

<Jael> Sun is still up at the moment.

<Rainsong> It had been hot during the day, when the morons had started out. I don’t recall the temp in the evening, but we were headed back to shore early because it was too cold for the turtles to be out. Below 10C for sure, probably below 7

<Rainsong> If you ever visit this country, always dress in or carry extra layers. The weather can change _radically_ at any time of year.

<Lionell> ok

<Rainsong> When I was still at school, there was one really bad storm. Dropped about five and a half feet of snow in less than 24 hours, along with blizzard conditions. The daytime temperatures had been 18-20C for the several days before the storm. (late January into February)

<Rainsong> Whole town looked like the set of a B-grade sci-fi flick afterward. Everything was shut down to get snow cleared from the roads and in front of buildings. The drifting snow (40-45 feet deep in places) meant that there were places that you had to crawl out of second-floor windows or use the fire escapes to get into or out of buildings

<Rainsong> Anyway, enough Canadian weather trivia….

<Rainsong> Any other psionics-related questions?

<Lionell> <Lionell> (my questions to request ice stuff for seminar have been answered, if someone else wants to suggest something)

<Lionell> <Lionell> if not, we could try some practice of some sort

<gallifreyanEquine> Can lead or gold plating make divination difficult

* gallifreyanEquine is half joking

<Rainsong> Gold doesn’t have any effect on it at all. It’s a popular metal for fancy pendulums, for example. Lead does not seem to.

<Rainsong> However, leather can interfere with incoming signals, clairvoyant and telepathic, both

* &Rainsong is not kidding at all

<Rainsong> It was a perfectly valid question

<gallifreyanEquine> Fair enough

<Lionell> iron?

<Rainsong> For some people, the crystallized form of iron oxide (hematite) will dampen incoming signals. For example, I use it that way, and was quite surprised the first time I encountered the effect.

<Rainsong> A friend of mine finds a similar effect with amber, which I do not.

<Rainsong> Onyx has been reported to do the same, to a lesser degree…sometimes.

<gallifreyanEquine> Interesting

<Rainsong> Having someone hold a nice big piece of hematite in their hands or otherwise against bare skin will often sedate them.

<gallifreyanEquine> That- I wonder how that works

<Rainsong> It pulls… something.

<Rainsong> How? No idea.

<Jael> I find hematite very calming if held for a bit. If I wear a necklace of it for any length of time though, it gives me a headache.

<Rainsong> Wearing a necklace of hematite (they are readily available out here) feels like it is burning my skin – although it isn’t in fact causing a burn – but it keeps me from falling over or having a seizure when we go to the cinema.

<gallifreyanEquine> Interesting…

<Lionell> you have seizures in the cinema?

<Rainsong> I’ve had seizures in crowded places in the past, although not within the past decade (I’m very careful now…)

<Rainsong> (So, not everything you’ll hear about crystals is complete fluff. I confess, I was shocked when I found out that the crystal stuff wasn’t entirely bull-cr@p)

<Jael> One of the last times we were there, the computer to get the tickets we’d preordered didn’t work, so then we had to go to the desk. Then we went to get snacks. So we’re placing/paying for our order, and all of the lights and everything dimmed and came back up. The person at the counter went “woah, that’d never happened before”. We just quietly went and sat down to watch the movie (and hoped

<Jael> that went well).

<Jael> Now, that could have been coincidence, but knowing Rain and computers, it made me wonder.

<Lionell> brb, afterwards, do any of you want to practice something?

<Rainsong> And there was the time the choir director at band camp put me in the middle of the ensemble. (“And one time, at band camp…”) That _did_ result in a grand mal seizure (more properly “clonic-tonic seizure” in modern nomenclature), and a huge “poltergeist” that one of the other woodwind players stopped by Shielding me

<Rainsong> fun stuff, eh?

<gallifreyanEquine> Very

<Lionell> how many people around you are psi-tuned to that point?

<Lionell> (also, back)

<Rainsong> wb

<Jael> wb

<Rainsong> Sorry. Re-phrase please? (the band camp thing was almost thirty years ago)

<Rainsong> ← is old 😀

<Lionell> ah right

<Rainsong> What was meant by “psi-tuned to that point”?

<Lionell> I’m just a bit surprised that many of these anecdotes involve lots of other bystanders with psi abilities and awareness

<ShadowRain> Rainsong: sorry a bit late, but have you tried jet?

<Jael> (The movie theatre people were clueless about us being clued in about psionics.)

<Rainsong> The other person in the band camp incident is a member of my extended family, and has similar training to mine… and we had the same instructor for a while

<Rainsong> At school, everyone was at least aware of psionics, although several of the students considered it something that “other people do”

<Rainsong> ShadowRain: no, I don’t think I have tried jet. Not sure I have any at the moment.

* ShadowRain nods. it absorbs energy as well, especially the gunky stuff. I’d be curious if it worked for you of if it also did the burning thing

<Rainsong> Is it as hard to clean as diamonds are? Those things absorb easily enough, but they sure lock it down.

<ShadowRain> no it’s not

<ShadowRain> it sends the energy… somewhere else.

<Rainsong> Cool

<ShadowRain> it’s crazy light feeling for its size too

<Rainsong> IT’s not very dense.

* ShadowRain nods

<gallifreyanEquine> Hey uh

<gallifreyanEquine> Out of curiousity, do rubies have any particular qualities?

<gallifreyanEquine> Or sapphires

<Rainsong> Rubies and sapphires are good general-purpose storage types, and can do a decent – although not brilliant – amplification. I mainly just use them for focus, when doing certain kinds of divination (a ruby is just a red sapphire)

* &Rainsong has a box of shinies

<gallifreyanEquine> Huh

<gallifreyanEquine> That explains a lot

<Rainsong> Ebay is a great place for buying in expensive stones: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and so on

<Lionell> I may have already asked this

<Lionell> but can glass store too?

<Rainsong> yep.

<Rainsong> It isn’t nearly as effective for psionics stuff as the crystaline form of silicon dioxide, but it stores reasonably well

<Lionell> does it have other properties?

<Lionell> (asking because I have a lot of it and the ability to carve it at hand)

<Rainsong> It’s technically a fluid

<gallifreyanEquine> I thought it was an amorphous solid

<Rainsong> Hmm. You’re right

<Rainsong> It makes lovely pendulums, and carved glass makes pretty storage things.

* Maeror has joined #psc_annex

<Rainsong> I’m not aware of any particular properties beyond that, but I only know the properties of a handful of chemicals, vis-a-vis psionics

<Rainsong> hi, Maeror 🙂

<Maeror> Hello

<gallifreyanEquine> I always liked Sapphires, and Rubies

<gallifreyanEquine> And shiny things in general

<gallifreyanEquine> Hum

<gallifreyanEquine> Do ceramics do anything interesting?

<Rainsong> Makes a good non-stick non-Teflon pan.

<Rainsong> Not sure of specific psionic properties, though

<Rainsong> Perhaps some experimentation is in order

<gallifreyanEquine> For science!

<Rainsong> Of course

<gallifreyanEquine> .I know that plastics have always felt pretty dead to me though

<gallifreyanEquine> Like, they can take charge, but they don’t really hold on to much

<Rainsong> *nods* But casein plastic (or fibreglass resin or spruce gum) combined with metal shavings and quartz does all sorts of interesting things

<gallifreyanEquine> Oh?

<Rainsong> So-called “orgonite” is a fascinating thing. It apparently filters psi-stuff, generates/moves it, and also works as a radar-absorptive coating for stealth vehicles

<Rainsong> The filter thing is supposed to convert “bad stuff” to “good stuff” (and vice versa, if you set it up wrong…), and the generate/move/whatever thing sends the stuff outward from the sides of a puck shape and the point of a cone or pyramid.

<Rainsong> The stuff it sends out is good for plants. I’ve been running an experiment with a Deiffenbachia plant at the office, because it was sick enough that there wasn’t any way the experiment would hurt the poor thing. It’s pretty healthy and leafy now.

<gallifreyanEquine> Neat!

<Lionell> is this orgonite thing possible to DIY?

<Rainsong> It’s reported to clean up hard radiation, but I don’t know if the report is true or not. It’s also been reported to cause rain in drought-stricken areas, but only in a very small area around the puck/other-shape (couple hectares at most)

<Rainsong> Lionell: certainly. Metal shavings (from a machine shop, or buy a copper pot-scrubbing pad and cut it up). Put the shavings in a mold-shape of some kind – not one that you’ll ever use for food again. Stick in some sand or quartz crystals. Pour in some fibreglas resin and hardener, or freshly-prepared casein plastic, or melted beeswax or melted spruce gum. Let it harden. done.

<gallifreyanEquine> Would powderized quartz work?

<Rainsong> Casein plastic can be made by boiling some milk or cream with vinegar until the milkfat curdles and forms a clump. Drain the excess liquid (I use a few sheet of paper towel lining a berry-strainer), and knead some more vinegar into it. It’ll take a few days to harden, and it will react with copper, so be aware that the end product will be toxic if you use copper (you’ll have verdigris in the mix).

<Rainsong> GE: probably, but larger particles such as sand or pieces of crystal seem to be better

<Rainsong> Some people like to put a coil of copper in orgonite shapes, too. I haven’t tried that yet, and as far as I know, the US military does not include copper coils in theirs either

<Rainsong> I thought it was hilarious, when I found out that this was what was used to coat the stealth bomber…

<Rainsong> In the American South, the spruce gum version is also used as a fishing lure

* ShadowRain wonders if it makes the bombers energetically “shiney” if the stuff produces psi…

<Rainsong> (In your opinion, do I make it clear enough when I’m describing something I’ve experienced myself as compared to second-hand information I read or heard from someone else?)

<Rainsong> ShadowRain: it probably does.

<ShadowRain> it’d be amusing if it were invisible to radar and a beacon for psychic senses 😛

<Lionell> so

<Rainsong> ShadowRain: it would be 😀

<ShadowRain> 🙂

<ShadowRain> 🙂

<Lionell> I’m going to make a few constructs, one at a time, for Rainsong to scan so that I can improve my technique. In case anyone else wants to scan to compare their results, I’ll be announcing it here too

<Lionell> go

<gallifreyanEquine> This is interesting

<gallifreyanEquine> Also

<gallifreyanEquine> As a sidenote

<gallifreyanEquine> Putting peanut butter and jelly on toasted english muffins was a great decision

<Rainsong> quite so

<gallifreyanEquine> They can hold a lot more peanut butter than bread

<gallifreyanEquine> At least bread of the same size

<Lionell> go#2

<gallifreyanEquine> Hum

<gallifreyanEquine> In your experience, how different is a CZ from a diamond?

<gallifreyanEquine> Or actually, as is something that apperently is more of a thing now

<gallifreyanEquine> Manmade gemstones from their natural counterparts

<Rainsong> CZ doesn’t feel much like diamond. Haven’t tried to use it for anything, though.

* PsionicGluon has joined #psc_annex

<Rainsong> Haven’t noticed any difference in effect between natural and manmade gems, that are otherwise chemically identical (sapphires, etc)

<Rainsong> hi, PsionicGluon

<PsionicGluon> Hello

<gallifreyanEquine> Thanks, Rain

<gallifreyanEquine> Personally, I turned a large pink CZ I had into an etching pen

<Lionell> thank you all, I think I should go

<gallifreyanEquine> It was in a brilliant cut, so it came to a proper point

<Lionell> goodbye

<gallifreyanEquine> Bye Lion

* Lionell Quit (Quit: Leaving)

<Rainsong> *waves to Lionell’s back*

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