Clairvoyance Q&A

Instructor: Rainsong
Date: July 14, 2018 (Saturday)

Seminar: Topic: “Clairvoyance” and the seminar will be in Q&A format (by request of Rose, prompted by the remote viewing recap) – Saturday, 14 July 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE32

Rainsong: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Rainsong: Welcome to another psionics seminar here at the social club.

Rainsong: Our topic for the evening is “clairvoyance” and we’ll be using a Q&A format.

Rainsong: … presuming, that is, that there are folks interested in participating.

Rose: present!

Chirotractor: Yo!

Scelana: I’m here!

Rainsong: Hi, Rose and Chiro and Scelana

Rainsong: Looks like we have quorum. Excellent.

Rainsong: The topic and format were requested, so I expect there are some questions? (edited for verb form)

Rose: hmm…

Rose: i had some back them, let me try to remember…

Kate Embers: I’m here ^^

Rainsong: Hi, Kate

Chirotractor: How do you get the skill from an ocasional annoyance to an actually useful capacity?

Rainsong: The obvious answer to that is “practice.” The more useful answer is to keep a notebook of some kind, and jot in any hunches…

Rainsong: … along with conditions/time/location and any feelings you notice. Later on, if the hunch is either proven out or disproven, write that in, too.

Rainsong: Each night, jot in three “predictions” of local news stories or headlines. Quiet your mind and ask yourself “What will tomorrow’s headlines be here/on-such-a-network?” and jot down whatever impressions you get.

Rainsong: Check them against the reality the next day, and then repeat…

Rainsong: Keep that up at least five times a week.

Rainsong: Practicing other perceptive-type psychic abilities also appears to help.

Rainsong: Dowsing, psychometry, “listening” to radio broadcast, and so on.

Rainsong: Questions, commentary?

Rose: this is a bit of a risky question, but… When using clairvoyance, I open myself to information from anywhere, wherever it may come from. How does the subconscious play in the chain of information transfer from outside -> conscious mind?

Rainsong: As far as I understand it, the subconscious receives all the incoming signals – psychic and otherwise – and the conscious mind picks up whatever is “loudest” or what it’s looking for.

Rose: so when i’m doing that, i’m simultaneously setting my subconscious to open up to all signals from outside, and setting my conscious mind to pick up the psychic signals only (what my conscious mind is looking for)?

Rainsong: For example, dowsing with a pendulum and using an idiomotor response in psychotherapy have no practical difference… which is why having a vested interest in the answer will skew the results

Rainsong: Your conscious mind wants nice neat patterns. You’ll almost never get only data of psychic/outside origin. At least some of it is internally “imaginary” generation, to fill in gaps and make the conscious mind happy.

Kate Embers: How do I even make it conscious? As of now, sometimes I get thoughts that somehow “feel” special in the sense of being predictive. Can be anything from seeing myself in a situation to just a feeling of somebody being in some situation. Those will happen randomly, or only when it’s major events that affect me somehow. But how do I trigger them voluntarily?

Kate Embers: (for later)

Rainsong: (Anyone who says that all “psychic” data is correct and in fact psychic is … misinformed)

Rose: But I only receive information of psychic/outside origin if I deliberately open myself up. It can also be received if I leave myself opened up… So how does that work? And second question: The imaginary generation, how do you properly filter that out? And is that frontloading or something else? I’ve heard it be called AOL in some places. (Analytic OverLay)

Rainsong: Kate: To trigger them voluntarily, try getting your mind as quiet as you can, and imagine something like a chalkboard or whiteboard for an image to form on, or a cell-phone if you tend to get sounds… then ask yourself a question.

Rainsong: There are other ways to do it, and this won’t work for everyone, but it’s a good place to start.

Kate Embers: Elaborating on Rose’s question: how exactly would you ID such faulty information, or seperate it from the proper ones?

Rainsong: Re filtering out imaginary data: Some of it will become clearer with practice. (That’s why it’s important to record and check impressions.) You’ll never filter all of it out, though.

Rainsong: Even with the physical senses, which are much “louder” and more reliable, you’ll still get corrupted data: optical illusions and the like.

Rainsong: Rose: “But I only receive information of psychic/outside origin if I deliberately open myself up. It can also be received if I leave myself opened up… So how does that work?” <– Could you rephrase this, please?

Rose: i’ll try

Rainsong: (If you mean that your conscious mind doesn’t fill in gaps in the information, then no, it’s not the case.)

Rose: You said the conscious mind almost never gets only data of psychic/outside origin. But the conscious mind doesn’t even get any data of psychic/outside origin if it’s switched off. If I’m not deliberately trying to sense something, or at least have myself passively opened up to information..

Rose: …now for the question itself

Rose: :thinking:

Rose: …where does that happen?

Rose: and.. what’s happening in the conscious mind when you’re not opened up, compared to when you are? the spots where psychic information would normally be, what’s there instead?

Rose: i’m overthinking this again aren’t I…

Rainsong: This would probably be better explained by someone with a more thorough education in Psychology than I have – not to mention a more recent one, seeing as I finished uni in 1994 – but the “conscious” mind may be thought of as the part of the mind doing the “thinking” and “interpretation.” It doesn’t sense stuff. It interprets stuff that has been sensed…

Rainsong: The “subconscious” mind is the part that “senses” and “picks up” stuff. Anything it deems important at the moment, it “sends through” to the conscious mind.

Rainsong: It chucks everything else into the files (round or otherwise). — “round file” = wastepaper basket/garbage

Rainsong: If you’re “opened up”, you have alerted your subconscious mind that you’re looking for psychic data, so it’s more likely to send those bits through.

Rainsong: When you’re not opened up, other stuff is deemed to be a higher priority, and goes through instead.

Rose: but when not opened up, the subconscious is still picking the psychic data up?

Rainsong: Yes

Rainsong: As far as I understand it, at any rate.

Rainsong: It can be blocked out, but otherwise, it just keeps being tossed into the proverbial file room.

Rose: so even those who have not practiced clairvoyance.. their subconscious mind is receiving psychic data too, just never sending it through?

Rainsong: Unless they are “head-blind”, yes.

Rainsong: It appears to be pretty rare to not pick up any psychic data at all.

Rainsong: On the other hand, exact statistics are a bit tricky to get. Probably non-existent.

Rainsong: Questions? Commentary?

Rose: how would one unblock the part of the subconscious that picks up psychic data, if that gets blocked?

Kate Embers: I have some more questions :thinking:

Kate Embers: Where does that information originate, and in what form? Is it a psychic/telepathic connection, or is it energy?

Scelana: I imagine meditation is rather useful in aiding one with clairvoyance as well as many other things if I’m understanding things correctly

Rainsong: Excellent question, Kate. Sadly, I do not have an equally excellent answer. Incoming telepathic and clairvoyant data are almost impossible to tell apart, unless you recognise the Sender of the telepathic input… and sometimes not even then. There are dozens of “ideas” about where the information comes from or is stored, and most of them work well enough as a “working model.” But, as far as I know, nobody knows “where” it actually is.

Rainsong: Or “what” it is, either.

Rainsong: Scelana: Yes, it’s useful, because it helps calm and quiet the mind.

Scelana: Would grounding before a session be a good idea?

Rainsong: Grounding is almost always a good idea.

Scelana: ahh kk

Kate Embers: Hmm, okay :thinking: I personally see it as imprints in energy for major, wide-spread incidents (such as natural disasters) and psychic/telepathic connections in secluded incidents (an accident). And my brain sorta deduces the most likely outcomes and hands me one of those :thinking:

Rainsong: Re imprints: could be

Rainsong: Re “deduces the most likely outcome”: That’s the more standard kind of “intuition”, yep

Rainsong: 😀

Kate Embers: most of my clairvoyance has been intuitive up to this point 😀

Kate Embers: It’s sometimes funny though. Thinking “maybe I should contact person X” or “person X hasn’t heard of me in a long time” and within the next 30 seconds getting a call/text/email from person X

Rose: Rose – Today at 1:12 AM how would one unblock the part of the subconscious that picks up psychic data, if that gets blocked?

Rainsong: Annnnnd, yep, that’s one of the most frequently reported forms of psychic impression received while awake. (As opposed to dream stuff)

Scelana: I’ve had similar incidents of intuition, one them just came true yesterday actually

Rainsong: Rose: Unblock the subconscious? Would depend on what’s causing the block. And whether there is in fact any block at all.

Scelana: though it was something i was hoping wouldn’t actually happen

Rainsong: If it’s Shielded against incoming data, remove or change the Shield. If it’s a post-hypnotic suggestion kind of thing, it would need to be countered or to wear off… And so on.

Kate Embers: Incidents with a lot of fear or suffering tend to be the strongest in my epxerience. Unfortunately.

Kate Embers: So you’ll hear it quite a lot more that people foresaw something bad as opposed to something good.

Rainsong: Strong emotions appear to add “oomph” to almost any psychic thing, so no surprise there.

Scelana: I’ve noticed that

Rose: is a seal the same thing as a Shield?

Rainsong: Pretty much

Rose: any difference?

Kate Embers: by my definition a seal is something to keep things inside and a shield something to keep stuff outside :thinking:

Rainsong: And some people consider Wards to be stationary Shields… and some consider Shields to be stationery Wards.

Rainsong: There’s not a whole lot of agreement on that across traditions.

Kate Embers: How would you deal with precognitions inside of dreams? They’re not as straight-forward and dreams are generally (obviously) a huge mess. Also by the time I notice (when waking up basically) the “message” is long gone and I haven’t ever really consciously picked up on it, so I can’t further investigate on it anymore.

Kate Embers: Like, when conscious I can meditate on the thought and I may get more information. But when it’s hidden symbolism within a dream that happened up to 8 hours ago? Not as much :sweatsmile:

Rose: ….that leads me to a question that’s still slightly related to clairvoyance but moreso to projection

Rainsong: First off all, you’ll lose most of most dreams within seconds of waking up. Keep a notebook and pencil or other recording device by your bed for immediate use. Record anything note-worthy.

Rainsong: Symbolism in dreams will normally be specific to you. Unless the data is telepathic… then it might be specific to the other person.

Kate Embers: Yep, keeping a dream-journal. The 2018 one is actually just approaching 100k characters :3

Rainsong: Recurring symbols may be able to be figured out. Some might not ever be. But if you have some guesses, you could try dowsing them.

Rainsong: Rose: From just that description, I can’t say whether you even did project, much less where.

Rainsong: Insufficient data.

Kate Embers: Hmm, not really. My dreams are completely random seemingly. Except some very, very, very vague traits they have nothing in common. Everything changes. I have yet to see a dream that is even remotely similar to another dream :joy: but we’re entering dream interpretation here :joy:

Rainsong: I don’t have much experience with dream interpretation. Mine tend to be pretty literal. And, while I’ve read a bunch of dream interpretation books, they all seem to contradict each other to various degrees.

Kate Embers: Yea, it’s a very individual topic. Mostly avoiding it with other people because of that s well :sweatsmile:

Rainsong: As an example, I had a dream once in which a friend came to the kitchen door and said she was getting a divorce. A few months later, she literally arrives on my doorstep, needing a place to stay because she’s going through a divorce. Not much interpretation needed there.

Rainsong: The projection one?

Scelana: My predictive dreams also tend to have the part that matters be very straight up in what that part is about, though at times I do notice the part I need to pay attention to sometimes quite sticks out like a sore thumb like it is trying to make sure i notice it. Thankfully my ability to remember dreams seems to be quite good so far

Rainsong: I think that would be okay. (Reply to a request to delete an off-topic question)

Kate Embers: How to determine how serious to take a precognition? I always have troubles estimating that. Sometimes I can take them 100% literal (as had happened with an accident 2 years ago) and sometimes they’re completely exaggerated (as with one recent relating to my mental health).

Rose: there

Rainsong: Kate: That’s largely an individual thing that comes with experience. Part of why recording and checking stuff is important.

Rainsong: When trying to make a call about how seriously to take something, there are a few things to take into account:

Rainsong: – Does it feel like you or someone else is in immediate danger? And if so, is there any indication about what to do about it?

Rainsong: – Have you been deliberately working on picking up psychic stuff lately? There’s a tendency for things to come in a bit more strongly for a while when doing that… unless you ignore them consistently. Then the subconscious seems to stop sending stuff through after a while.

Rainsong: – Is there anything you can do about the hunch other than recording it? There may or may not be enough data to act on. Or the most logical action isn’t possible or practical.

Kate Embers: That actually already answers me question as to deal with impactful/hevy precognitions. Those hit me quite hard >.>

Rainsong: It’s not different from acquiring and using obscure data of other kinds or from other sources. (Would you know what fast-growing aspen saplings indicate along the side of a road, for example? Or ridges running lengthwise on your fingernails?)

Kate Embers: (nope and nope)

Kate Embers: Is there any way to avoid seeing really bad things?

Kate Embers: I don’t really wanna see myself getting seriously hurt with precise date, time, and physical location ever again :sweatsmile:

Rainsong: (lots of water near the surface in rich soil, and a need to check with a doctor in the other)

Rainsong: It’s possible to use self-hypnosis to keep that from getting into the conscious. The success rate of such is… variable.

Rose: how can i actively work on learning to filter out imaginary information out of the pool of psychic and imaginary information when receiving data?

Mar: Usually if the subconscious deems that you should see something, it’s going to be hard to fully block it out – it is a part of your mind after all

Rainsong: Hi, Mar. Yes, that’s true. There are ways to get around the problem to some degree.

Kate Embers: Especially concerning myself and against self-preservation >.<

Rainsong: Rose: Record what comes through, and them verify the accuracy. Notice whether there are any differences between the accurate and inaccurate data. Make note of the differences.

Chirotractor: the corrolary follows too

Rose: i have a followup question queued for after this one

Mar: Hello. A conversation with the subconscious could lead to you seeing less precognitive dreams, possibly even all dreams that don’t deal with all but matters of life-threatening injury

Rose: so it’s about learning to recognise the differences between accurate and inaccurate data?

Rose: are there actually traits in inaccurate data that accurate data doesn’t have? that all inaccurate data does have?..

Mar: You’re the mind’s top priority though so matters involving keeping you alive will probably find their way to bleed through regardless if the file clerk dude thinks that information will keep you alive

Rainsong: On the other hand, if you suddenly have an urge to jump out of the road when walking. Go ahead and jump, and worry about “why” later… after the bus or speeding van goes past.

Chirotractor: One trait inaccurate data has that accurate data doesn’t is being wrong.

Rose: yeah, but, you only know that after you check if the data was correct..

Rainsong: That’s true. You might notice certain signs in your own impressions, after recording results for a long enough period, to get a general idea of what’s likely to be solid and what is likely to be imaginary.

Rainsong: Beyond that, no, not really.

Rose: in terms of how they feel?…

Rose: ugh… badly sleep deprived, so i’m bad with language right now

Mar: It’ll take a lot of trial and error, but people can learn to determine when something feels right and when something isn’t

Rose: okay so i have a question about that

Mar: It’ll feel differently depending on each individual

Rose: that used to work for me, but then

Kate Embers: Well, I’m through with my questions and it’s 2 am by now 😀 I’ll go to bed :3 Thanks a lot for the extensive Q&A interrogation session :3 finally gave me some insight on the topic 😀 See you!

Rainsong: And it might feel different. However, as far as I’m aware, nobody has ever entirely separated the two, with 100% accuracy. Some people have claimed to, but they’ve been demonstrated to be wrong.

Scelana: Sleep well Kate

Rose: i made the foolish mistake, encouraged by a teacher, of immediately acknowledging the data i received as accurate, as soon as i got it

Rose: and i did that for weeks

Rose: my accuracy went WAY down

Rainsong: Be well, Kate. Thanks for participating.

Rose: and that feeling of what was imaginary and what was real data, got hijacked

Rose: it no longer worked

Rose: i somehow got back up from that, but.. i still don’t exactly understand how

Rose: it creates a catch-22 situation

Rainsong: Yep, that approach is totally bogus and your teacher messed you up pretty badly in that regard.

Mar: Ah, well said. Something can feel right and something else could feel “less right”. Does that mean that that the second option is wrong or just that it may also happen, albeit it’s severity is lesser than the first

Rose: where you try to receive data, but most of it is inaccurate and you need that feeling to determine what’s accurate and what’s not

Rose: how do you recover from that?..

Rainsong: You start over, as though you were starting at the beginning. Because you are starting at the beginning again.

Rainsong: It’ll probably take longer to sort out than the first time around.

Rainsong: But it can be done.

Rose: So… basically practicing, comparing what’s accurate and what’s not… until that feeling starts developing a bit again?…

Rainsong: (And don’t worry. I know you’re working in a foreign language. You’re doing fine.)

Rainsong: nods Or until some other indicator is working well.

Rose: because… i didn’t remember because i’m sleep deprived, but i now remember what i did

Rose: i started practicing without any longer acknowledging stuff as correct the instant i received it

Rose: and gradually, my accuracy went up

Rose: i.. still don’t understand how, because somehow the data pool became more and more filled with accurate information and less and less with inaccurate information…

Rose: through simply trying to do it again over and over

Rainsong: If you’re not worried about whether it’s accurate, you’ll tend to get better results… Being worried about getting embarrassed, wanting to “show off”, and things like that can really get in the way. The conscious mind “tries” to take over the process by filling in logical guesses or flights of fancy, in order to keep your self-image safe.

Rainsong: “Not being worried about being accurate” is not the same as “assuming everything you get is accurate”, of course.

Rose: i’ve definitely noticed that.. it gets particularly bad when i claim i can do something, which sets up expectations towards everyone who hears it – and then i have to do what i claimed, i have to prove i can do it… the pressure from that interferes badly.

Rainsong: Being primarily telekinetic is an advantage in that regard: I don’t have much to prove to myself – or others – in clairvoyance. By contrast, when I’ve been worried about results – in some experiments, for example – I’ve gotten statistically significant bad results.

ceahhettan: Because there’s some truth to psyching yourself out, pretty much.

Rainsong: Yep. Walk across a 30cm-wide plank when it’s lying on the ground and it’s easy. Same plank four storeys up? Even with no wind? A very different experience.

Rose: yeah…

Rose: so about what i told about how i raised my accuracy back up… what happened there? how did the data pool change? how did the feeling that indicated whether something was real data or imaginary, get restored?

Rainsong: The data pool itself should not have changed. Only “how much of the pool” you’re getting access to.

Rainsong: Beyond that? I do not know. I’d guess you started paying attention to details, at some level.

Rose: okay…

Rose: i guess if it ever happens again, i should just practice it over and over and be mindful of verifying the data every time, until it improves again…

Rainsong: Yep.

Rose: also… i can imagine witnessing yourself perform telekinesis makes you far more confident in your ability than witnessing yourself get accurate data.

Rainsong: Run-of-the-mill telekinesis is easier to verify at the time, yea.

Rainsong: Either the thing moves or it doesn’t. Or it changes temperature, or it doesn’t.

Rainsong: Pretty simple stuff.

Rose: yup..

Rose: i think for now i’m out of questions. anyone else?

Scelana: I don’t think I have anymore at this current time

Rainsong: Alrighty then. Thanks for participating, everyone.

Rose: Thank you very much for the lecture, Rainsong 😀

Scelana: Thxies for the lecture Rainsong!

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