DMILS / Psychokinetic Alteration of Living Tissues Q&A

Rainsong – 07/21/2018
@everyone Seminar starts in a little more than an hour. Tonight’s topic: DMILS / Psychokinetic Alteration of Living Tissues Q&A (topic by request of Silton) -Saturday, 21 July 2018 at 6:30pm/1830hr New York Time — text format in the PSC #lecture room (Discord) — Instructor: Rainsong — Search LECTURE33

Rainsong – Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to this week’s psionics seminar here at the social club.
It’s another Q&A session this time, with the topic of psychokinetic influence on living systems/tissues
Hi, Turbo

Turbo – Hello! Looking forward to this one

Rainsong – So, it being a Question-and-Answer format… does anyone have any questions on this topic?

Turbo – Yup! To start, what sort of things could a ‘trained’ individual accomplish in this field?

Chirotractor – How much more likely are you to fuck your everything up doing this?

Scelana – Would things like reducing swelling and affecting body temperature be considered DMILS?

Flux – How much different technique-wise is it from doing pk?

Grand Elder Demo – What’s a general rule of thumb to prevent harm when practicing this?

Rainsong – Scelana: Yes.
Flux: It is pk, so “not at all”

Chirotractor – Can you give that one jerk across the hall cancer?

Grand Elder Demo – Lmao

Flux – Ah, good to hear.

Scelana – Ahh I see. I likely can guess the risks with affecting body temperature, but what risks can there be with trying to reduce swelling somewhere?

Rainsong – “To start, what sort of things could a ‘trained’ individual accomplish in this field?” It’s a pretty wide range, varying according to skill, training, motivation, and innate talent.
Examples I’m aware of include:
deliberately producing a visible tumour,
piercing the thing with a darning needle, and then re-absorbing it – all within a matter of minutes…
…re-knitting a compound fracture…
…increasing and decreasing hormone levels, interferon, helper-T cells, blood pressure, blood sugar
… “speed-healing” minor lacerations, contusions, and burns…
… speed-sprouting seeds, sometimes within minutes…
…getting rid of headaches, fatique, cramps…
That’s off the top of my head. I can do some of them, but not others. The ones I can’t do, I do know or know of people who can and have.

Flux – Is it easier to affect yourself than others?

Rainsong – “How much more likely are you to fuck your everything up doing this?” — It’s really very easy to fuck yourself up this way, and quite possible to fuck up whomever you’re working on.

“Is it easier to affect yourself than others?” No, not for most things.

“Can you give that one jerk across the hall cancer?” Yes.

“What’s a general rule of thumb to prevent harm when practicing this?” Be very, very careful. Know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. And if it’s anything more than the most basic things, have a good grounding in anatomy and physiology first

Turbo – Physiologically, what is happening on the cellular level? Have there been any papers on it? Studies? I’ve read the ones you sent a while back, to help treat tumors (and I’m a believer now)

Rainsong – “I likely can guess the risks with affecting body temperature, but what risks can there be with trying to reduce swelling somewhere?” Same as reducing it any other way, really: masking important diagnostic symptoms, allowing a virus to gain a foot-hold, or the like. If you know what’s causing the inflammation and you know that it’s an inflammation that can be safely gotten rid of, it’s pretty safe to use psionics to do it.

Scelana – That makes sense

Turbo – And part of the first question which I forgot to add – is the ‘woo’ just supercharging the bodies natural response?

Rainsong – “Physiologically, what is happening on the cellular level? Have there been any papers on it? Studies? I’ve read the ones you sent a while back, to help treat tumors (and I’m a believer now)” Hard to say what’s actually happening at the cellular level in that regard. There’re a set of effects that the medical research community hasn’t figured out the why or how of yet. For example, biofeedback is easier to do to someone else than to oneself.

The woo can cause responses that the body wouldn’t normally do on its own, so probably not just supercharging. However, “supercharging the body’s natural response” is the intention of some kinds of activities in this category.

And sometimes woo just is simply bizarre. The EFT I mentioned in the main chat has been used to charge batteries.

Chirotractor – gotta free those emotional electrons

Rainsong – That must be it

Archaeus – So what’s the technique to do this?

Rainsong – Which “this”?

Scelana – I pretty much use the swelling reduction and pain management for stuff I would usually take otc stuff for, so just for stuff that isn’t serious. Like waking up from sleeping in odd position type cranky stuffs, minor injuries, cranky joints, my usual headaches, etc
I can imagine at least some the risks of more complex/sensitive/etc processes being messed with though

Turbo – Reducing inflammation, and headaches is something I strive to get better with

Archaeus – 07/21/2018
I meant, how do you reduce headaches, fatigue and speed heal?

Scelana – It can be very useful to be good with

Grand Elder Demo – I want to get better in all ways I can in let’s call it Biokinesis for quick reference

Scelana – It definitely has reduced the frequency of me needing to take aspirin each month
And is usually more effective on my headaches if I have success than aspirin is for me

Rainsong – I had been going to include in the introductory remarks that “biokinesis” is a political theory. However, sometime in the past few years, the dictionaries have started acknowledging a secondary meaning of altering living tissues by “paranormal” means

Grand Elder Demo – Well great that you did now lol

Chirotractor – What’s the most flippant and irresponsible way you can imagine someone using DMILS?

Rainsong – Archaeus: Nutshell versions:

Headache: make a blue psiball programmed to be “cool and soothing” on contact. Hold it against the area of your head that hurts. (May need to move it around, and swirling the psiball itself can make it more effective)

Fatigue: Isolate the “fatigue” idea by imagining it as mud. Use a “water visualization” to ground, and let the grounding flow until it runs clear.

Or, quiet your mind and imagine yourself doing something moderately energetic – playing tennis, skydiving, going a few rounds of kickboxing – and finish up with a few nice deep breaths.

Also, pulling downward on the bottoms of your earlobes will help, weirdly enough.

Archaeus – By water visualisation, do you mean allowing rain to hit the mud and wash it away? For example

Rainsong – Speed-healing: run “psi-stuff” into the problem area through your palms, while holding your intention to help/heal the person/being/plant
That’s one way to approach it. I was thinking more of an internal “moving the stuff around the body by focusing the intention via visualization of water running through pipes” approach.
This is a quick-and-dirty Q&A session, though. Headache relief itself is a full seminar on its own. Next week?

Scelana – I’d like that as a lecture, see what else I can try adding to what I already do

Rainsong – “What’s the most flippant and irresponsible way you can imagine someone using DMILS?” Hmmmm. thinks

Flippant? Something along the lines of trying to make someone really have donkey ears, when calling them an “ass” or the like, I guess. I hasten to add that I’ve never heard of that being done in real life. I have heard of someone attempting it, however

Archaeus – What did you mean by “psi-stuff”?

Chirotractor – That’s downright shakspearean

Rainsong – Irresponsible? Mucking with interferon or insulin without understanding how they work in even general terms.

psi-stuff: whatever it is that actually makes psionics work. Some people think of it as “energy”… some as “particles”… some as invisible pink bunny rabbits… Lots of entirely workable models, but still no known mechanism

Grand Elder Demo – Tons of other names to describe it as well

Rainsong – Yep
Any other questions and/or comments?

Scelana – Would basically trying to use the intent of helping kill off bacteria of an infection be considered something better off done by someone more experienced? Just curious

Rainsong – What kind of bacteria? How serious of an infection?
And, is conventional medical attention being obtained?

Scelana – Just like a minor infection on a small wound, I’m not doing such things btw. Just actually curious
And yes it would be to aid medical attention if ever done

Rainsong – Killing off the microbes on a surface wound (skin, nails, etc) should be safe enough, if you are paying enough attention to differentiate between your own cells and the creatures you’re trying to kill.
By contrast, killing off microbes in the gut can make you really sick

Scelana – I can imagine so

Rainsong – Are there times when it’s worth a try anyway? Yes, but be aware that there are risks

Scelana – There are risks in all sorts of things

Rainsong – Example: someone’s got appendicitis and it’s ruptured, and you’re on a canoe trip down the Mackenzie River… Might as well try to hold off the massive infection by whatever means you can, while waiting for a medical evacuation flight.

Scelana – Ahh. I can see the reasoning in that example

Rainsong – As another example, a friend of mine had a bacterial pneumonia secondary to flu, and was American without insurance (disqualified by pre-existing condition, before ACA). Knocked down most of the bacterial infection psionically. Difficult, but possible, and didn’t have much else in the way of options so worth a try

Scelana – Lack of insurance especially decent insurance definitely can reduce available options
I’m in that boat myself, but hopefully I don’t end up in a similar example anytime soon

Rainsong – Yea, I hope you avoid that situation, too

Scelana – Unfortunately I’m still trying to get them labs setup

Rainsong – *nods*

Scelana – I’m not sure if I have any further questions atm, DMILS sounds like it is a pretty large area to cover though hehe

Rainsong – It’s a huge topic. It also includes things like agricultural radionics. And less legal things… Psionics isn’t all white lights and fluffy bunnies, after all

Grand Elder Demo – I’ve forgotten the meaning of DMILS AGAIN, could someone please refresh my memory?

Scelana – Affecting plants sounds very useful even for a home food garden setting

Chirotractor – Direct mental interaction with living systems

Rainsong – Thanks, Chiro.

Scelana: yes, it’s very handy for gardening, indoor plants, and farming

Grand Elder Demo – Thank you

Archaeus – Yes, thanks so much @Rainsong

Rainsong – You’re welcome. Thanks for participating, everyone.

Grand Elder Demo – Thanks for lecturing 🙂

Scelana – Thxies for the lecture, Rainsong

Rainsong – Next week’s topic is posted. If anyone has any requests, please let me know. There won’t be class on the weekend of August 19. We’ll be starting a once-a-month Remote Viewing series in Septempber

As a reminder: the class schedule is posted as announcement comments in #rules-announcements

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